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  • Well it's good to be challenged with a character no one loves/finds hard to play.

    I remember for brawl I used to be like one of the only people who researched the character lucas to such lengths.
    Same. Same.
    I mean, even if they keep recycling **** I'm sure I'll continue to watch it. It's pretty funny plus their covers for songs.
    I feel like they already started digging themselves a hole when the plots started becoming recycled.
    They just need to finally pair them up. I'm bored of this dragged out storyline lol.
    I liked Will and Terry because at least it was interesting. Now Terry just makes guest appearances. :(

    I honestly question how long this show will survive. It's a really good show but like, the format and structure and the characters graduating it just seems like one of those good shows that lasts only 3-4 seasons. Unless they add new characters.
    I used to really like Emma. But they're just so indecisive with her... Like, what is her purpose.
    It seems like this week's episode deals with her germophobe habits. Or was that last week?
    Nah he is saying to you asking if I'm gay that's it's not just him and some others who wonder. =p
    Hahaha, man, where's the fun in telling straight up ;)

    I like to keep people guessing. I remember I still have Praxis guessing xD

    And good for ya to feel special.
    Haha I agree to the sentiment. And wow how ironic. I just got this ava yesterday? (well now two days ago since it's like 2 am)

    And another thing, you are #100 on my friend list now =O Wow.
    Just saw your sig and haha Darren. (have them disabled while viewing)

    And lol your ava just wow.
    Ugh, the characters in that show are so one dimensional. It's like each one only faces ONE problem and storyline throughout the whole series. All of Kurt's storylines are gay related, Rachel is all about Finn/wanting to be a star, Will is all which girl will I pick, and Artie is all wheelchair business.

    .. It's just annoying. They need new material and issues to add to the characters. Sure this show might be aimed to be happy but add some drama!
    That's the name of the football player? Gross. :x
    I think it'd be out of character for Kurt to be with him. Maybe being with him will make him less annoying though. Blaine is just too agghh. :D
    no I missed that one somehow. I wonder how you met someone over double your age from across the continent though. hahah I mean that sounds like you got lucky with an exceptionally unlikely start to your relationship (lucky I hope I mean. You seem happy with him so I assume you're happy ^_^)
    well late lunch really. It was the only time when I'd be able to sneak into his apartment to surprise him with it.

    I also made him a dessert of pumpkin spice pudding with a ginger snap garnish. Oh and some nice, top shelf chardonay. it WAS delicious.... very delicious
    perhaps later. for now I'm making my boyfriend dinner:

    Roasted red pepper and basil whole wheat spaghetti with a side of homemade garlic bread and blanched asparagus with garlic, onion and herbs of my choosing.
    awwwwr. *blush*

    HAven't been on in forever. I used to use it all the time. I could get on if you want some time... I have that and skype.
    Hey what is your phone number and when will you be getting there on thursday? We will probably be getting there thursday at 10-12 pm. My phone number is 314-435-7487.
    Hm, just got done watching it. It was pretty nice actually. o:
    I related to Santana's situation sooo much in this episode it's crazy. Not the figuring out what I was but everything else. Emma is getting really repetitive in the show now. /: The writers just... don't know what to do with her I think lol.
    But there's also this one site that I went on the last time I was like 3 episodes behind. Nice quality and everything.
    So I missed Glee, but should be watching it sometime today. Idk too much, just something about Santana being a lesbian.....????

    We'll see. :)
    Hey what days do you have the hotels reserved for? Because the drive is like 15 hours for us so we are leaving thursday morning and will get there late thurs nite.
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