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  • Tofer! Go make a Pony tier list in the PBR! You need to save Rarity! She's the only one of the mane 6 who isnt top 6! She's only barely behind, but still! You got this! Gogogogogo!
    Yeah, it's called the "Divine Rose" keyblade from the first KH game.
    The theme for that day was: "draw a pony with a bladed weapon".
    Roseluck was the next on the voting to-do list and that keyblade seemed perfect for her.
    Thought I'd show you this sketch I did since you're taking a liking to Roseluck ATM. Also it will be fixed up a bit, inked, and colored sometime in July.

    I still find it ridiculous Finn believed how she got pregnant. It was funny but still dumb.
    I remember with the pilot and first episode I really didn't know if Kurt was a guy or girl. I think it was his hair.

    Poor Tina gets even less screen time in Season 1 than 2.
    I need to rewatch that sometime.
    I can't imagine why, she seemed pretty unlikable to me the first half of the season.
    All the characters look so much younger and different. Kurt looks fat.
    I only know about 2 of those songs from memory. :p
    He sang a song with the other male cast members near the end. But it wasn't a song he was originally a part of.
    Ohrite. Him and the Warblers sang Teenage Dream, Raise Your Glass, and some other song I believe.
    I can't remember if he had any solos, no songs with Kurt, but he sang. :p
    Don't Stop Believing
    I'm a Slave 4 U
    Dog Days Are Over
    Safety Dance

    A Kurt and Rachel duet, Sam and Quinn duet, uhhhhh. Solos from Kurt, Rachel, Mercedes, Finn, and that one song Puck sang to Lauren where she got offended because it was about fat girls. There were others but those come to mind first.
    Kurt did the singles ladies dance. :D
    Mmm, it actually wasn't all about Rachel. Everyone had a chance to sing except Lauren, and Mike. But him and his dance crew danced for everyone before the concert actually started. It's amazing how they sound really good live. I'm jelly
    I figured it was a song by them but I don't remember how it goes lol.
    But no, these songs were different.
    They only sang like two original songs lol.
    The second faster paced one was the better of the two.
    Is your avatar Quinn?
    This episode felt extra long. It was okay. Just an average episode for me. :p
    I like how they didn't have them win. Although they've done that before already with the regionals I think last season. It was nice seeing Sunshine again. But I think her face got bigger lol. It was weird not seeing Sue. Thank god Finn and Rachel are finally together. If they dragged that plot out any longer I would've died. I don't think Sam and Mercede's relationship is omg omg exciting. I was just like "Oh.. okay. Are we supposed to get hyped or something?"

    Blaine looked so cute when he was just staring and Kurt when he was talking. :)
    Ahhh, that gives me hope.
    I think they're trying to steer clear from making the show really serious. Whenever they do have some kind of issue it usually gets resolved in the same episode. /:<
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