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  • Sorry about these extensively long delays. But now that my Summer's internship is over, I can have energy and motivation to do things again. When do you want me to teach you my tricks?
    My birthday is always at an unfortunate time of the year where all my friends are gone but I will be celebrating it on Sunday :D

    I hate when I forget to reply to something, I feel so bad. :/ Glad I'm not the only one who does it.
    Thanks Brickbox! <3

    When was your comment below posted... I don't remember it O__o Sorry about not replying ahh...
    It's just necessary files for recording and editing: VirtualDub, Xvid, Lagarith, and I think something else too?
    Just install these files and play with VirtualDub for now. I'll explain stuff when I have energy later tonight on Skype

    Heck yeah! now we need someone to have a Mio :p
    Surprisingly, not so much as I would expect, then again, we were in a quiet country town.
    And it's amusing how butthurt the companies sponsoring the Olympics are, apparently other shops and chains not associated with the Olympics aren't allowed to use words such as "2012" or "Summer". ಠ_ಠ

    Composite/s-video only transmits up to 480i. It can still be upscaled to 720p, which is what you'll want when you upload stuff to youtube. Youtube videos in 720p/1080p/1440p have higher bit rates per pixel than videos in 240/360/480. I'll be ready to answer anything when you have it
    Ah okay, just making sure. (My memory is pretty bad, I'm almost positive that I've also told you this before.) :urg:

    Oh? I never played with that stuff as a kid as I only rolled w/Legos. I remember I once built this giant military base out of Legos and other cool stuff! (This was before I was introduced to video games btw sometime in the '90s.) I do kinda miss the old days, life was simpler and things were generally better. (i.e. TV and music, unlike today's TV shows and music...) :urg:

    Yup! IMO, it's not like being a mod or admin is hard work. All it really takes is time and dedication. How bout you? You ever mod/admin a site/forum before? :tytypoo:

    It works most of the time...unless the host gets salty and dashboards thus, ruining the game for everyone. :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Ah, I have the GE remake on my Wii, it's pretty good but I haven't beat it yet. D: (I played it with one of my old GCN controllers. Speaking of GCN controllers, how many do you have? I have 2 purple ones and a silver wavebird, before they discontinued those things a while back.) D: (Also, back when I used to play Melee, I played best w/ the orange GCN controller. It's the mentality, okay!?!?!) :p

    And what are the differences for Black Ops on the Wii? Do they have zombies and theatre mode? How bout split-screen online for MP? (Too bad no DLC...) D:

    iunno but I do love to share funny/interesting YT videos with my friends on SWF! :)

    Is your luck better in other games? I've won the lottery (You get 100 coins) in Mario Party 4 a few times before. :awesome:

    Nice! I'm glad to see that you guys are still doing that! I'm glad that I was able to form a joint operation/partnership with Gatlin in terms of the old LHGNs. :)

    Alright, sounds good! The game isn't that expensive and it's so much fun! It's basically like Legos in terms of letting you build virtually anything that you want! One day I want to build a giant space station in the game out of glass! :awesome:

    Oh? From anyone in specific? The majority of people I watch on YT are CoD commentators. (i.e. Blametruth, xcal, 402thunder402 etc.) xD

    Here's a free tip for college: Don't buy the textbooks in first year, all my 1st year professors told me that "if you don't buy them, you'll fail" yet we rarely used them and they all cost me a lot of money!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: (The most expensive textbook I ever bought was close to $200 and we only read like 5 pages from it!!!) :mad: :mad: :mad:

    And that sucks, I only weigh like 150, is that normal for someone my age? 22? And that's good to hear, do you still play these days?

    I have an air hockey table in my basement, do you? And I also enjoy playing ping pong but I'm not very good at the game...:( )

    Nah, but my fav sport to watch on TV is def hockey! (Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm Canadian.) :smirk:

    Yeah, our winters over here are generally longer in duration and colder. It's great! I'd rather be freezing cold than sweating my *** off but that's just me! I don't mind the cold at all and I wish that it was winter over here 365/27/4! (I also prefer shoveling snow as opposed to moving the lawn but it hasn't really rained over here for the past 3 weeks so I haven't had to mow since then!) :awesome:

    Ah, okay. And has anyone ever told you that you have excellent taste when it comes to video games? :tytypoo:

    I've seen a few, have you seen the batman one and the law abiding engineer videos on YT? They're all professionally done if you ask me!!!

    Do you have a FB btw?

    (Also, sorry for asking you so many questions and the delayed response, it's the summer and I've been pretty lazy (more than usual) as of lately so it usually takes me a few days to respond to all of them. I usually respond to all of my VMs at once.) :p
    not yet, but there's this new pizza place about 10 minutes from where i live that's looking to hire, so i might check that place out today.

    Summer's going pretty fine, i just wish i could've gone to Bronycon a week ago.
    I guess, I really only check the site on a daily basis to reply to VMs. I rarely post anymore. Oh well. =/ (Pretty sure that I've already told you this, yes?)

    Haha really? And I remember Lego being the **** back when I used to play with that stuff as a kid. Wasn't there another brand? (Megablocks or something?) And that's good to hear, I've had a few other usernames before this one back when I used to admin this one site and when I used to be this gmod/smod for another popular forum back in 2003/2004. :p

    Haha yeah people sometimes do that, I'm lucky to have mine still above 50% :awesome:

    Nah man, a lot of people rage quit in Halo 3 and the CoD games. All the time. It feels great when you make someone go 0-40 :troll: (And it's the same thing for the CoD games on the Xbox, well, only for CoD4/WaW, the newer ones have in-game host migration.) (And which shooters? The Conduit or something?)

    Awwwww you're no fun. :3c

    I have a tendency to pick the mines. D:

    Do you guys still play MKW or MK7 btw?

    And you have Minecraft?!?!?!? If so, we should totes play one day!!! :) (And that'd be hilarious btw if you did that to your old computer.) :awesome:

    IMO, HS is basically day care for teenagers. College is where it's at IMO! :cool:

    And are you good at soccer? How bout any other sports?

    And I feel bad for you with those kind of temperatures. D: (Anything over 25 C is "hot" for me.)

    And that's pretty good! Are you gonna play lots of computer games on it when you get it?

    Yeah man, I'm addicted to getting all those hats and items for my classes. :tytypoo:

    Nice! Looking forward to playing with ya soon, buddy! :)
    So long as there's a yellow or s-video cable, you're fine no matter what decive it's connected to
    I like that username. And I don't blame him for never using SWF, I don't post anymore, I only check the site to reply to VMs. Btw, sorry if I already asked you this question before but how did you come up with the username "Brickbox"?

    And the only way to keep a 100% rep on XBL is to never play an online MP game. xD I agree, there are quite the number of tryhards on XBL who use the most OP guns/perks/whatever in games in hopes of beating you. Then before they lose they either dashboard or rage quit which makes me :smirk: then :troll:. The number of people who get butt devastated on XBL on a daily basis is...OVER 9,000!!!!!!!! :awesome:

    I'm glad that you enjoyed those links btw. :) Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5Izm1LQfw4 :tytypoo:


    I can only beat Minesweeper if I set up a custom game and change the rules to: 1000 empty blocks and only 1 bomb. :smirk:

    Do eet and film it. Then upload it to your YT channel and make dat YT MONAYYYYY!!!! (IMO.) :awesome:

    lol I agree

    How did you like HS btw if I may ask?

    And wouldn't 105 degrees/F be like 40 in C? If so then D:

    Nice! Got a link so I can look too? :3

    I've been pri good, playing iOS games on my old iPod Touch and I recently got back into TF2 on Steam. Do you have a Steam account btw? If so add me: F8AL09
    That's fine, and I meant, you said that one of the players here on SWF says "Jesus take the wheel", I was inquiring as to who says that. :3

    Nah, I'm pretty sure that no one on XBL actually cares about their rep and if anyone does, then that's pretty sad IMO. (Mine is currently 62% prefer me while 36% avoid me. I only deserve some of my negative rep for trash talking back in the Halo 3 days and camping in CoD4. The rest/majority of my negative rep is when you actually beat a clan and they all get butt hurt and mass file false complaints on your account in hopes of getting you banned. :troll: :awesome: :troll:)

    Good to know. :) (http://pokememes.memebase.com/) (http://memebase.cheezburger.com/videogames/)

    Does KIU have a "kill feed" or sorts? Just curious. (This would allow you to see who rage quits.) And are there any ways to troll/annoy other people in the game? :smirk:

    Good to hear. 2000?!?!? Remember Windows 95/98? I remember playing a lot of Minesweeper and Solitaire on my computer back in the '90s and Motorcross Madness. :smirk: (And when you say that you got rid of it, do you mean that you smashed it up or sold/gave it away to a friend or something?)

    I bet. And I've never sent a report before, cuz I doubt that anyone would read it and/or even care about it. D:

    Yeah, either Marketing or Advertising.

    What have you been up to lately btw?
    lol really? Who if I may ask?

    My rep on XBL continues to decline because people get butt devastated when I do stupid **** to them online. :troll:

    iunno, cause the Internet could always use more memes IMO!

    Really? That's surprising.

    10 seconds to right click? Is your computer from 1998 or something?!?! D: (Have you ever tried to send a report when a program crashes btw?)

    That's understandable.

    I used to use the mobile version of SWF but then I logged out a couple of months ago.

    You know, an optional unpaid four-week work experience within the advertising industry.

    Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it! :tytypoo:
    The graphics cards looks pretty good. Video capture taxes processors far more than video cards. Looks like you've got what you need, a quad-core i7. I think it's very capable for video capture and rendering. But personally, I would look for something with a higher resolution screen. 1366x768 feels so limiting after getting used to a 1920x1080 monitor
    Ya, I got a mic. I literally have nothing going on this week, so I can play our match anytime.

    And lol @ splitscreen team. Splitscreen on wifi is freakin terrible. So much lag.

    Sounds good, is that 5:00pm today or tomorrow?
    That'd be pretty cool if it was possible to send weapons over the net, you could help you're buddies who just started with decent/good weapons you've collected and trade weapons and such.
    And they're a nice combo together. lol @ you running laps around that one place with that castle and all those ruins.
    I really should experiment with more abilities, almost all of my sets have almost/or the same abilities just with a different weapon. lol
    Oh well, no way to change the past, the 3FA would have been a pretty cool change of pace though.
    So its like the staff equivalent of the angel bow except its damage output is actually destructive, charged shots are club status and its range is alot further (still can't believe it made it all the to the otherside of that one open large map and killed me. Dx lol).
    And Yeah but it is the Great Reaper Palm after all and like all of his attacks smack you like 100,000,000 yards (Great Reaper would be so OP in Home Run Contest) xP
    The Great Reaper Palm's natural weakening ablity is pretty nice too wish the giant Reapette wasn't turtle slow though because it movement as a projectile are really unique though its probably just the lack of range/melee stars and ablities on it, etc. lol :p
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