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  • spoons looks like a lot of fun. I want to try it xD
    Are you allowed to fake a grab? Also if you have 4 of a kind, do you have to grab it immediately? :p
    Yeah, I was playing MKWii earlier today and the game still hates me xD (I still have my TC drama and such >__>) I had a lot of fun. Reason we did it was because it was community night on another forum and I haven't played MKWii in forever, so I decided to join lol
    I got so frustrated at times though.
    We really should play MKWii again though lol

    Clue was bleh. I was just saying random things when I made my suspicions lol
    What's spoons? Never heard of it. *puts up flame shield* :p

    On normal school nights, I stay up until 11 PM. But since my dad went on vacation, I've been sleeping in his room and staying up late. If he weren't on vacation he'd still make me go to bed early even though it's winter break and I couldn't be on late because my brother's room and my room are like connected so it'd wake up my brother. I sneak on the laptop at night, I was soooooo glad my friend got it for me before winter break. XD
    Oddly though, I've only started waking up at 11 AM since this winter break. I've usually woken up at 9 or 10 AM no matter what time I went to bed at lol
    That's nice to know. I got a new headset (hopefully that won't cause chewbacca again xD), a 32 GB SDHC card, Super Mario All-Stars (for SNES), a new school bag (there's a looooot of room in it though) and a pair of pants lol
    We ended up playing Clue after midnight but I didn't do so well lol (1st time I actually tried to play it :p)

    I don't want school to start, but thankfully I start on Tuesday and not Monday. School agenda originally said Monday but then the site says Tuesday so uh yay lol
    I'm gonna miss staying up until 3 AM and waking up at 11 AM though lol
    At least I won't have to do exams when I get back. :p
    Hey Box, how was your Christmas and your New Year's? :o
    Christmas was fun for me, though New Year's was a little boring lol
    Had alot of good food along the way. lol
    And yeah, I got a WiiU, Paper Mario Sticker Star, head phones, money, sugary sweets, mostly of the Candy variety, clothes and some other stuff. How about yourself how'd Santa treat you was your Christmas?
    Agreed, its not as easy as your parents made it out to be when you were a child. Same here, im starting to lean more toward the culinary field since its been the thing i've done the most and enjoyed the most out of all the jobs i've experimented with.
    Yeah, like you said it is pretty much a waste of time stress over things. Stress also comes with alot of unnecessary baggage
    (negative effects on both body and mind)
    that'll end up slowing us down, possibly halt us and maybe even crush us under its immense weight till we realize how unnecessary it actually is. That why its always valuably to be flexible and to have a adaptive coping strategy.
    Anywho, I had a pretty good Christmas although abit busy went to my grandparents on my dad's side in Mass, then to my Grandparents on my mom's side like right after on Dec 23. Then opened my presents from my parents then went over to my cousin's house at 6:00pmish on Dec 24. Then most of my family came over my place on Dec 25.
    Im really busy atm, so I doubt Ill have time to do anything (I havent even been able to open my copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which I got for xmas) until around a week or so into January. With work, the Holidays, family over, getting the flu (cuz I obv wasnt busy already), etc, Ive literally not had ANY free time whatsoever over the past week. I do wanna play some MTO, and im not trying to ignore you or anything, but I just cant atm. :/
    Well thats relieving, im more uncertain about my future/career choice than actual college but because they're somewhat hand and hand its kinda..yeah.
    Anywho, I'll try not to let it bother me like I rarely do and face it head on when it happens.
    Also I know what you mean, sometimes you just need to spice up your system sometimes either by getting new games on it, trying something new in/on the games or hacking it or something along those lines else it may become stale and uninteresting.
    Yeah, though on the bright side, i'll probably still see most of them, (for aleast a couple more years) just not as often.
    Yeah, I suppose to extent it is abit more lax such as having a more flexible scheduling, picking your own classes and go at your own pace kinda thing...probably just me feeling uncertain :/ and having the feeling that it'll be a harder, more rigorous journey than high school.
    I'd probably attempt to do it if I had a 2nd Wii just for experimenting with Mods/Hacks, really don't wanna screw up and/or bog down my primary/current wii with Mods and Hacks and such.
    Just the remainder of this year and im out as well. Gonna kinda miss it abit personally even if just for the individuals i've come to know and the overall familiarity and such. (that and its seems alot simpler, more easygoing and more 2nd nature than college) You know what im saying?
    Yeah, i've seen a couple of videos that involved Mario Kart Custom Tracks. They seem interesting and fun, definitely broadens the range of courses, just never attempted to do anything that involved doing anything to my Wii halfly do to inexperience with that sorta thing and being too cautious to even attempt it. lol
    Sup man. Havent seen you in so long so I thought I'd check in and see how things are going.

    Fraid I was playing something else where I could've played MKWii for a bit around 10:30pm CST, but I saw you were done when reading the skype group.
    Good stuff, I get till Dec 22nd-January 3rd off and go back January 4th I believe which is roughly 2 weeks.
    Also that cheeseball status of my school making us come back on a Friday after a long vacation instead of just starting on the next Monday. lol
    My sister's having a sleepover tonight, so she won't let me in her room, which is of course where the Wii is >_<

    This WILL happen at some point! (Saturday afternoon?)
    lol one year i should totally go to one in AZ if you go

    but if i did go i would have to bring Pyro and Bubba
    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok.

    Doesn't look like they're coming to Arkansas anytime soon. But it looks like they're coming to AZ November 30th.

    But anyway, Winter Jam is a kind of Christian conference like Acquire the Fire and it's coming to Arkansas. However, I looked and I would say the bands at Acquire the Fire kinda seem more my taste.
    I can't find it right now, but it's something you went to! You said so in some vm i just can't freaking seem to find!

    Winter Jam is this annual big concert/talk thing with a bunch of christian bands, artists, and speakers. Every year it goes around the US to different states and a bunch of artists and bands perform and speakers give sermons and stuff. You said you and some people from your church went to it, cuz me and you were talking about Thousand Foot Krutch one time, and you've said you've seen them live at Winter Jam, and you said Sanctus Real was there and that you love Sanctus Real and WHY CAN'T I FIND THIS VM CONVERSATION THAT WE HAD ABOUT IT
    so Winter Jam's coming to Arkansas in March :D

    Also, i looked and it said they're coming to Arizona in 6 days. IZ U GOINN?
    Brickbro! :D

    I've been good. went to a tournament yesterday, was good stuff. Apparently I've got potential with Mewtwo :D

    And honestly, I don't know why but I don't seem to care much about Halloween anymore. I mean, sure, festivities and whatnot, but I just don't seem to have time to care about it. However, there's gonna be a big game of Humans vs Zombies (week-long Halloweeny tag) next week on my college campus, and that'll be fun.

    Audio Adrenaline's getting back together? :O deeeewwwd, my church played their stuff all the time when I was a kid!
    Oh, in that case it's probably a good idea you didn't watch it, I'd hate to have them constantly going "OOOOHHHH" all night XD
    And if they did that it wouldn't be the saaame :c
    J.G's voice is amazing.
    But Regular show inspired dreams would be amazing :D
    Though yeah, some of the edits are plain stupid too, I think they changed "morons" to "idiots"
    Why? I have no idea.
    I just watch it online because when it reaches the UK it is edited to heck and makes it like, 70% less funny :c
    Of course I do!
    And you should catch up on it, there's a half hour special today :p
    Yep :)
    I don't have many other games on my PS3 and I'm working on 100%ing all 3 games as I never managed to as a kid :p
    Better than I was.
    I saw my sister today and she seems much better than she was last week :) but she's still not quite back to how she used to be.
    Also school has been okay so that's cool too I guess.
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