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  • what exactly is with all the x char is trash threads? is this some data gathering thing? cuz if so, sweeeeeet.
    Sorry i didn't get back to you sooner on the airport! I think I'm coming from Bush, but I'm pretty sure furbs is picking me up already :)
    I don't think it's very nice that you are challenging low tier characters and calling them trash. How do you know you're just not good? Or are you doing some sort of tier list data-gathering thing?
    Had you added for awhile now. 0044-2489-1662. Neutrals stages? Best of what?
    TGM! You prolly dont remember me at all but I go to every Gamelot tourny in san antonio. I was wondering if you were by any chance going to the one this next weekend. I bring a digital camera everytime I go now with 2 2Gigabyte memory cards. I was hoping (since you always bring your laptop) if when I fill one up that I could just simply upload it to your system, format it, then simply start recording again. And I planned on getting as many matches as i possibly can (including ray/alex $150 mm)

    Just let me know if you wanna help. thanks
    Your video makes me want to secondary samus.
    Especially the grab release on falco to the bomb on bridge of eldin followed up with a spike.
    I laughed throughout the entire thing cuz every kill was hilarious.
    Dude, remember to update your in-depth Samus match-up post. You're a day late! >:p
    hey Xyro77 i really do wanna play but i gotta check with my parents. sadly i kno that they are going to say no (im going to ask still) but is there anywhere else we could do it?
    Oh wow,Xyro! Your soooo amazing. I love your Samus. How did you get so good?!?!?!

    lol (what, everyone's doing it! PEER PRESSURE)
    TGM...you have been challenged...you must defend your position by this sunday night or you forfeit your spot. Riot has climbed to number 2
    Oh wow,Xyro! Your soooo amazing. I love your Samus. How did you get so good?!?!?!
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