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  • Hey dude, nice fights on that friday night, does that friend of your MAC, have an account on smashboards, if yes, what´s his name?
    hey dazn get a life dude its a game he can play it all he wants and its not his fault he has lag(if he really was him laggin not you) im guessing if he could he would have a really fast internet given the choice....uptight ******
    Sorry that I cut our match short. I had a little emergency. I'll look for you later.

    Still learning,
    dude you're really bad at this game, if there wasn't lag and you had something better than a wal-mart connection my counters and dodging would be working. there is no need to taunt all the time you are a homo straight up. you are only half way decent with sonic and i could counter every single time off wifi, i cant believe i beat you with anyone other than marth or g&w.
    good game dude! your sonic is pretty good but he is really predicable, try not to use your one combo too much.
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