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  • Hey! I'm new here, and I just wanted to introduce myself, since I heard you were pretty friendly! Brawl sometime?
    About 3 hrs, its a reasonable distance, about the same time to get to high point. I hope to start going to more tournaments, if you dont mind keep me posted on the VTech tourneys, you never know, i may show up at one.
    I heard that there is a tourney at Appalachian in October but thats all I've heard, no time or exact date yet.
    ok sorry it took so long to get this but heres my brawl FC
    0344-9150-6039 ill be waiting
    EDIT: 8/23/08-ill be on around 3:30-4:00 in our timezone
    ...no DR is still a problem, the most i have done is 10 in a row, but its really random still. and i swiched tap jump off so it makes it harder. but i can fight on saturday, maybe mid-dayish. once i get my FC on friday ill give it to ya.
    hey i might get ahold of some internet this weekend, you want to have some matches?, i want to show you my now freakin awsome yoshi.
    nice matches at the tourney man, your diddy and zelda are both pretty wild. that castle seige match was a hell of alota luck for me lol.
    Aha not the best...its online. Though most of the Best are yet to be played offline ^^.
    I didn't get a chance to say I don't have a Facebook :/
    But today was fun! we defiantly need to brawl some more.
    Have fun camping!
    well im not that good but im looking to get better... i may be able to meet at 4:30 but i think 7:30est would work better are you good with that?
    Thanks :)
    Your Diddy Kong was insane. You kept throwing all those bananas and then I would fall and then you would smash me! haha T_T Your good as him!
    We shall defiantly have to have a Zelda vs Zelda soon.
    Yes we do!
    I kinda feel like I do better with Zelda than my Peach. I have off days with Peach but I will still play as her :) haha
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