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    (Holy crap I forgot there was a 10 character limit and we used to say 10char to remedy that. Nostalgia)
    I'm available any day. today at 7 E.T. would be fine with me. My time zone is mountain time.
    Just to let anyone know i am gonna be gone till sunday camping so don't excpect any immediat repies. Alright see ya.
    Sure man. You make a great use of B down and your hammer. You also space well and a lot of your attacks pull through, impressive kirby over all. Also, nice kirby sides haha.

    Ok, for critisism, I think you grabbed way too much, it left you a little vulnerable and it was easy to punish. Also, in corneria, you sat by the edge so you could wait to swallow me. I could also see that coming and a character with range like mine could get past it and could even use it as a gimp. If you and your opponent are both near the edge, it's a good call, but it's not good to just go out of your way IMO. Besides that, just take more advantage of your U - tilt and up smash. That's about all I have for now. I'd love to battle you again sometime, just name a time whenever.

    But once again, you were one of the better Kirby's I've seen, and I was impressed for sure.
    yeah man, ill be on at 7. we can do lylat cruise. and do you wanna ban delfino plaza? you didnt say lol.
    lol i know right...alright. we have till wednesday. We NEED some concrete plans, we've failed so much lol. Ok, ready?

    Today I can be free from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, then from 8:00 pm - the rest of the night. Tomorrow I will tell you my schedule if today doesnt work.
    no, i said i would be gone all day, and i would message you when i got back, which...isn't yet. my mom refuses to pick me up, so we cant do tonight...the stalling continues...lol
    ok, well I have to be gone all day. but when I get back, i will message you so hopefully we can brawl.
    it's almost 3 am....no wait it's 3:06 lol. i have no idea where you are, so one of us is gonna have to make a desicion on who forfeits or we NEED to fight tomorrow lol
    lol right. ok. i live in connecticut, so where are you, you're right, our time zones could indeed be different.
    i tried requesting for your FC but it failed somehow...I still need it lol. And wait...prez? i dont know why, but it isn't coming to me just yet...
    Ahhh im sorry....i had a running event today that lasted longer than i expected. its 2 am lol. I apologize though. When do you want to reschedule?
    hey, do you have DS wifi? would you like to battle?
    If so are these rules OK,
    *3-6 pokemon(level 100's)
    *single or double battle(whichever you choose)
    *no glitch pokemon(I don't want my game to get currupted)
    if these rules are ok PM me the time and date and the time you sent the PM
    Hey man, i'm pretty psyched also haha, i've been hoping to brawl someone soon. I believe we have the same time zone, so i'm okay for tomorrow at 7 if you are.
    blade i saw that deep someone luvs you thing and i want to say im gonna try it
    also are you good at smash and if you are who do you use the most kirby

    well i think i've written a long enough letter for someone i never met i mean talked to online but pm me if you get this so we can brawl

    if my wi-fi works
    blade i want to join your tourney group, could u invite me or do i have to prove myself first or what
    i have you added on my list and i'll be online for like the next 3 hours, joing the brawl i'm in if i'm in one, just know i'll be on if you wanna brawl really badly
    sure... hey can I let my bro play you? he is 13 and he uses zzs and it be fun cuz he is about your skill level and you could learn abit from eachother.
    Wait, you thought I was The Dinkoman? No, I'm Starwarrior27, but what did you think of my fighting skills?

    Anyways, BladeRadio0, those were some great matches! I learned some things from you, and I hope you learned a lot. Maybe we can do it again sometime!
    those were some nice matches right there... oh and whats with the teaming up on me!?!? and i THINK the dinkoman was helping you
    Hey blade, If you are a director, why don't you change your title to smash director?
    we can go now if you are still around
    its usually easier to catch me on aim that on this site : )
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