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Eddie G
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  • ok i may be free 6-8 too, ill PM you my number in a sec so just text me or something when you're on.

    can't do ladder since i already have a partner, but we can do like dubs friendlies online (easier to find anyways).
    You know, I wasn't planning on doing doubles for Pound unless I got an offer from a player that I knew was really good, and I think I found him haha. Let's do it.

    We should definitely do some wi-fi dubs to kinda see how we are chemistry wise and work on combos and what not.

    I do verryy well teaming with MK so its good that you use him.
    No worries xD
    I mostly just want to upload vids of me, morehead crew, rest of ky if they're interested...and anything that i work on AT/strategy related
    I found Affinity's stuff! But thanks! Chibo's looks much better.

    I did it all by myself! It's working!
    Hey King Beef.

    Remember when you helped me with the Homebrew channel and hacking my wii that one night?

    Weelllll~ Donkey Kong Country Returns TOOK AWAY MY HOMEBREW.

    I had to redo homebrew all by myself, it was a hard task - but I pulled through.

    Now I just gotta find out how to get the BRAWL stuff on the actual SD card. I remember you giving me some "starter pack" of some sort that had everything I needed and I could just change the stage textures, character textures, or music hacks to whatever I pleased.

    Do you remember what it was called? If you do can I have the link?

    yep, not a problem!
    im the same, i would love to be able to spice up the vids a bit. i borrowed my friend's crappy capture card lol

    "this *** is on crack!"
    yeahh my apologies I should've linked ya still. Thanks for the compliment. I was happy to record them for you. Don't be afraid to come to me with more things sometime.

    Oooh I'll check it out then. I suppose it appears strange to people when they see I have two different, but very highly similar Rosie textures on default and blue lol.

    Thanks for telling me about it man. I'll probably grab it later when I'm hacking my melee iso.

    I don't think I've ever encountered that. I'm thinking you actually have to float at twice the normal height against Pika.

    Anyways, GGs. I think offline dittos between us would be raaape. Thinking Leon vs Zudenka quality. You going to Pound?

    I'm also gonna have to lay off wifi for awhile before my tournament. I'm collapsing back into my Toad and dair spam. Not good.
    If you can/want, please post your thoughts in the Peach Back Room's active topic. I haven't heard from a couple other people in there yet.

    hey, can you tell me what options olimar has against peach's float game and how/ if olimar can counter it? im really struggling in the MU lately >_<
    Mmm...I don't really know, kinda wish I did now. He's one of my favorite Ness mains lol.

    Well, he'll be unbanned sometime or other I assume so not to worry KB!

    Jiffyboob? I don't recall anything and I sure didn't ban him. I dunno what you mean KB. Honest. :c
    Team with me if you make it to hope. We got this.

    (Btw Im mk, some fox in teams)
    Hey send me a shout when some more of the good stuff happens in the NY/NJ PR thread. I just started looking at it today after remembering this one time you mentioned it on the boards. It's pretty lol.


    If you type "kbizzle" into Google image search, the #1 result is this:

    Followed by a line graph, a sports car, and then a seemingly endless stream of pictures of 20 something girls.

    Go figure.

    From what I've heard you don't apply for it, they just offer. I know Ill is gonna talk to some of his mod friends to see if mabey I can become one
    irgemini525: (3:29:44 PM) Your precious thread is unlocked. Celebrate
    octilleryclinton: (3:30:30 PM) thank you
    What tasty drama. But seriously, I can't believe he just closed the threads instead of discussing or even acting on the problem itself :/
    @ Thread related- I live in Cleveland, west Cleveland, it is cold, snow is on the ground. That is where I live. Just some reassurance for the OP. :cool:

    Worst cover-up ever.
    Hey KB, I feel like I done really poorly against you in our last MM. Want to try again at School is in Session 4?
    Ah, well the thread said to wait for 2-3 weeks for responses but if the latest batch was already put out it looks like I didn't get accepted :< o well next time I guess.
    Also, I'm so mad that I have to miss a MI tourney that you and Shugo are coming to. Hopefully you guys will come up here more :D
    I have friendly replays consistently if you ever wanna check them out. I take critique from anyone since apparently the pika boards are slow to critique
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