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    How Does Eyeheartlovetap...

    You have to input a Forward Air within the first 6 frames as soon as you input a Double Jump. Anything after that makes Yoshi turn around in his Jump.
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    Yoshi Social-20 years of Yoshi's Island!

    CRTs are only standard towards Melee and PM. Smash 4 uses monitors equivalent to what tradition FG requirements. Any normal HDTV will have lag because of processing times (separate from upscaling processing times). You can check the best ones here:
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    Yoshi Tech: Double-Jump Land and OOS options

    This is not the same parry that you all are referring to in Melee. Yoshi's shield & body becomes invincible during the first 6 frames of an instant digital press. That allows him to jump OoS and not take any shieldstun, which creates the functionality of a parry. The method you are describing...
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    Yoshi vs G&W

    You have to beat GDubs CC outright. His entire gameplan revolves around CCing your attacks to counter with Dtilt/Grab/Jab/etc. Most of the moves you were using weren't enforcing that you're not going to let your opportunity get beaten by CC. From the looks of it, a lot of the issues were from...
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    Yoshis going into Genesis 3

    I'm actually on Discord much more than Skype. Though, I mostly pay attention to mentions moreso than just sitting in chat.
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    Yoshis going into Genesis 3

    Then use Discord.
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    Yoshis going into Genesis 3

    Stop disappearing from the world Delta. =P
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    Yoshis going into Genesis 3

    Hmph. Some Brawl ppl picked up Yoshi in S4 now huh... Have fun Yoshis.
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    The Nebraska 9 (PM Singles Stagelist)

    I didn't say it was a perfect fit, nor am I trying to bring it back up. I just mentioned it because I see the attributes being closer than Delfino.
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    The Nebraska 9 (PM Singles Stagelist)

    Funny enough, Lylat could technically replace Dreamland and not be called a medium stage, but no one likes it due to the ledges.
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    Project M Recommended Ruleset

    Really hard to dig up some info in this thread. What's the consensus between stage/character first when counterpicking? And how many regions are using character first rules? GA is using Nebraska's list with DMG's DSR. I want to make sure I have consistency before making a change to...
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    Project M Recommended Ruleset

    Simplest way to make an argument is to bring a stage list that can prove your logic without causing controversy.
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    Project M Recommended Ruleset

    Kinda need to have bans change to accommodate for character changes, and I see no reason to force players to make decisions for the rest of the set after game 1.
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    Yoshi LedgeJump DJC Land

    It does still apply.
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    I really don't enjoy 3.6 Yoshi

    Play with what we have until the community as a whole comes to the decision.