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  • Is your location up to date? You ever come out to Gwinnett Brawl?
    I go to GSU right now and live on campus. But yeah, I want to go to Gwinnett Brawl and more tournaments in gerenal. However, I don't have the transportation. Even if I did, I don't have the money. Also, I don't have the game, but I'd still go to tournaments just to play.
    If me and two friends got a ride to your place, do you think we could hitch a ride with you to tomorrow's tournament? We'd have gas money if necessary.:applejack:

    Edit: Might just be me and one friend instea, if possible.
    Sorry about not being as assertive with friendlies; I ended up drinking a little and trying to be attractive to certain people. A little silly, I know. :p

    I'll put those videos up and I'll let you know when they're up. If you are at Salty Spitoon, I'll make a point of sitting down and getting some friendlies with you.
    Hey bro, I'd like to talk to get to know you a little bit more and learn more about smash. Send me a text w/ your name & smash tag @ 937-694-3558.
    Reflex told me that there is a tourney on the 23rd (same day as RESE). Can a GA car still make it to Charlotte?
    Burger Kig hasn't sat right with me since an incident concerning Ronald McDonald and a Whopper. So no BK.:applejack:

    Friday's has some noteworthy choices. You will not be displeased.
    >Burger King
    AWWWWWWWWWW you den done doed it. Burger King is a no-no for me, in terms of burgers.:applejack:
    Admirable choice with Wendy's as an alternative, but yeah, wouldn't hurt to have some variety. How about Friday's? Ruby Tuesday's?
    You should bring it up to date and get one, like, nao. It's like heaven. I haven't left Wendy's without a Frosty since my first.:applejack:

    And where exactly were you intent on going for the burger raid?
    ......Yeah, I'm driving. Everyone knows that taking out other cars gets you stars that show alert the police of what you're doing. They chase you down until you outrun them.:applejack:
    Sounds like someone's gotten good. :o I'd play a few rounds with ya if I ever got out to anything. I'd use my car for small drives until I became confident with the feel. Still too apprehensive to even get behind the wheel of an actual car.:applejack:
    Lol, I just haven't felt compelled to get it at all since I don't really feel like I need it. Maybe later on, but I haven't felt like getting my permit since last year, when you initially threw out the buger idea.:applejack:
    I've been lazy about getting license, supposedly going in for the testing and whatnot this summer.
    I'm going to make the buger voyage my prime objective.:applejack:
    Conyers, pretty down south from where you are, if I'm recalling correctly/you still live in the same place.:applejack:
    I don't think I'm going back OoS for a while unless I can find a carpool or some shizz. As for the Salty Spitoon, I'm assuming that's in *******? I'll see about it, need to find a ride. Last time I went searching for a ride impromptu, mom was pretty agitated.:applejack:
    He's being protective, that's common and respectable. You're a youngster, it's only necessary, lol. XD My mom was like that for almost 3 years, only reason she's being more nonchalant nowadays is because I'm about to hit 17.

    We can do it any time, we just need to get it doooooone.:applejack:
    If it means keeping true to the burger spree, then yes, I will make a brief but remarkable return to the offline scene.:applejack:

    We need to get peeps in on this.
    What an understatement, it's been nearly a year. We need to get the burgers this summer.:applejack:
    if you feel like your D3 is missing something, watch some videos of CO18, Atomsk and Technical
    Chase. Also you can read the D3 guide on the forum. If it's specifics, try PM'ing Tech Chase or me.
    Alright, I'll be on tomorrow in the AiB Free Play chatroom. Just look out and we can find some dubs.
    I mean like, in general, we should team more. Whether it be on Aib or offline, I'd like to team up.
    I don't even have my learner's permit yet :x Besides, if I could drive, I could only legally drive my siblings and parents. We should team more. Those dubs were good.
    Nah, it's understood. My mom kept me from going to other smasher's houses when I was your age.
    I usually let my house be the spot whenever someone wants to smash, or host a mini-smashfest.
    Depends on what day the people want to play at my house, or if they even decide to come over. If they come over tomorrow, or not at all, I should be there.
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