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  • lmao, Zinoto and me may actually be teaming. If that doesn't happen, then I'd be down. :)
    I don't feel like driving a total of 8 hours for Phoenix Saga, and then a total of 18 hours for your tourney just two weeks after. There are other reasons too, just not as big. Like how much it would cost me since I'm driving 8 of those 19 hours by myself... and that's boring too.
    Ah, alright. Just wanted to check.

    Do you want me to see if I can help out with advertising this (ad in the paper, sponsorship, etc)?
    What is your status on housing?
    We're going to Athens March 3rd, I'll talk to 'em about it then. Probably 2-4 from my group, there's another group from Huber that we haven't met yet that may come too, hard to say.
    eh marth should be pressuring outside of upsmash oos range then and then he should flirt with it *shrug

    backwards SS fsmash anti-airs marth? wtf....weird game lol

    I'll have to check out those guides when I get the chance to play better Diddys.
    I already use only regular marth XD

    I think Marth beats Olimar too but I haven't played any of the top ones so I could be out of the loop, especially after seeing what Nieotono and friends are doing haha.

    Diddy is weird but I think he can be doable. I haven't played a top Diddy though so again I'll have to figure stuff out slowly. XD
    idunno, lol. I have to get a ride to go, it really really sounds like a blast. I'll keep an eye on it, I dunno if Sov is going or any other indy guy might be able to pick me up...

    I'd ask my dad, but the weekend right after that Im comin home for thanksgiving break so he might get tired of driving d:
    Did Nope talk to you about picking me up from his house for the tourney? He says he'll house me both days and pick me up and drive me to the airport, but can't drive me to or from the tourney. Help?
    I'll definitely think about it and see if TKO is willing to drive me up again. I with internet wasn't such *** though :/ The venue owner said something about having to pay and extra $200 a month for better internet or something. I'm just not buying that as true. I could be wrong though.
    Sorry for the late news, but it looks like me and Gnes won't be able to go to SiiS anymore. The moment we were ready to get the tickets they hit up to the 500s and only increased from there :(

    Oh well. Maybe next time....
    i dunno i may. it really depends on someone (not andrew).
    it's dumb.
    LOL that was mad cute. I haven't been peeping midwest vids recently though I occasionally watch Infern. Cool find.
    lol thats true I guess. Plus you can do utilt **** out of uthrow with marth too and he's way easier to get grabs with than B-Falco

    S'all good just learn uthrow-rest on fast fallers, and utilt rest on the rest of the cast. Or jab reset rest if you wanna be extra disrespectful. =P Wall of pain helps too for exta gay on the side lol.

    lol Sheik v. falcon matchup is S-Tier level ******** XD

    Dude I hear you on the brutal travel time johns. All the big tournies are yeah, like in Chi-town or like Ann Arbor. Soooo lame. >_< But yeah, gotta get back and involved in the central Ohio scene.
    lol @ implying free auto 50s isn't something a Brawl falco main should take for granted XP

    **** don't MM me ignore my brawl **** talk =P

    Haha fair enough, you could always try Sheik too ya know, or hell if you know how to space like MK in Brawl you could always give Puff a try lol

    Speaking of Cbus ****, I like just found this: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=295135

    Looks pretty legit and I know like Big R is really good and stuff, so there would def. be good competition. I'm probs gonna start trying to make it out to these.
    lolllllll nah bro you just gotta uptilt moar, laziest combo starter of all time. =P

    Or just like dash dance or something idk I heard that was pretty good hahaha

    Or hell, you can just switch to melee falco and practice your Bairs, you know that ****'s legit in both games XD
    lmfao, you are relentless :p I very much doubt that I will be coming :( It's just so close to christmas and I have a lot of other crap around that time of year. I'm going to be unveiling the Parent Portal that I've been designing for my school a day or two before that weekend, and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting some calls that weekend about it.
    Oh I intend to...so very much... >.<

    My singles performance in MI was whack. I'm going to save face here and now.

    God Kais!
    Don't worry, I've been gettin some legit Marth practice from Oro. Double 3 stock next time!! :colorful:
    Kain is pretty damn good vs Wolf, so you're gonna have a tough as hell time beating him! The one thing I'll tell you is to not fish for the grab. I wouldn't even try to grab him at low percents unless you're down by like 2 stocks. He's extremely good at staying away from grab range and punishing hard for missed attempts.
    Lol I did not know either of those two matchups damnit! Why can't everyone play MK or Wario!! :(
    Nah, I don't do MM's. I was feeling the DeDeDe though-- might put a little more work into him again.

    Kain raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaped my Falco first game when I played him in bracket. Then I 3-stocked him on Green Greens with DeDeDe (lol), then I almost beat him on Lylatt, but he killed me when he was at like 80% on his last stock. Really close and fun set :) I really HATE playing Falco against Fox / Wolf, lol.
    Good stuff!

    I used MK against Future's IC's, lol :p I actually only used Falco in one set, I beat Mushrooming's Sonic with him. Other than those two exceptions, I was 100% DeDeDe in both teams and singles at Brainshock.
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