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  • I know more about this character than just about anyone and I'm still just a decent player. I never had a chance of hitting top level if it hasn't happened yet.
    His defensive style and survivability mainly. But I am completely over trying so hard with little return on my investment. Its too late to main someone else so **** it. Its not even fun anymore.
    You have no idea lol. JJ Wolf should never be doubted, ever. In both smash and real-life issues :p

    If he had more people to play with and didn't want to do serious things, I honestly think he'd be the best Wolf now.
    I saw that APEX qualifiers in GA and FL wanted to be MK banned but couldn't if they were APEX qualifiers.

    Just sayin', you have a good pool of TOs to help you out with your master plan ;D
    congrats on getting into bbr

    they should have a color for retired bbr members/known players
    Gonna have to find a better way to summon him, search function hasn't been working since July 3
    k. btw, so happy that RC and Brinstar are NOT banned. Sunday is gonna be a fun day for Puff.
    Yeah I'm going. Also bring Carls. Juu can't come and I'm still on the fence with MX. Also, wifi soo bad Q_Q
    Welp here's to making it there okay.

    If I see you there, awesome. Call me if you do. I sent you my phone number.
    I even called the front desk and asked them by the host's handle if they have reservations for him "Jon Christopher Adams"...

    I didn't get anything out of them; they had two rooms held for two different Adams. Worst come to worst I could ask them for those two's room numbers and try both but have a 50 or 100 percent chance of going through an akward moment . . .

    I don't know what the deal is. I really want to go to. I know quite a few people are going it seems, and SOMEONE will arrive there at 4 or so to get ready I guess (the tourney host) so I hope to catch him. The problem I'm trying to help everyone with is getting the damn room number so we're not all standing around like idiots :x
    dude do you know the guy running today's tournament? Im just askin because he didnt put a room number in the OP for the suite that he's holding this tournament in.
    it's all good man take your time lol i shall not come between you and your woman XD
    Hey Clowsui! So, summer is here again, which means I can attend tournaments (and we can finally play). Speaking of that, do you know of any tournaments that are happening in Ohio in the next two months or so?

    I would love to attend! Otherwise, I never get to play!
    are there any brawl meetups or anything happening around UC soon? I pretty much don't have anyone to play with offline, so that'd be awesome :D
    Nah, just do a big tournament in a couple months. People will come. They always do.
    Wow the enxt one isn't until september or october?! Just do it monthly/ bimonthly. The owner LOVES tournaments haha. And everyone wants more tournaments around. It's a win win
    Probably, only because Lex is 20 miles closer than columbus.

    BTW, when is the next arcade legacy tournament?
    I wish I could attend "Vengeance," but I just have too many research papers to write and a presentation to give that Monday (the 9th). The summer is when I will be able to go to more tournaments around Cincinnati.

    I'm sad I'm not going, though!
    going with bionic. im like 90 percent confirmed. looking for a good partner since i got dropped for ally
    na it doesn't have to do with money, I just can't get the time off of work. :( Ally was def messaging me about getting a carpool together, and I was all hyped and then work was like "no." and the dream was over.
    Doubtful at this point, seems like a waste of money to enter anyway, looking at who's going to be there. D:
    Yes, I believe it will be me =, Smile, and ForwardAirRAGE! We will most likely be carpooling with Mister Eric, and I can bring a Wii. I'll try and see if other Greenup people will be up for bringing Wiis as well.
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