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  • Over protective parents mostly =[

    Isn't it also like the day before Easter?
    Banana Oreos? How about Team Blasian? Yeah I'll be entering as Excel.

    BTW I have no problems with playing GW in some matches. If you play Sheik, I'm sure you have no problem handling Zelda. Dins Fire the bucket for quick KOs.
    I'm pretty much unable to go to any sort of tourney atm, I just have no way of getting there. I'll see what I can do though.
    Yeah I kinda missed that part of it. I thought it was general interview thread. BTW I will become a top Fox player one of these days. If not nationally, at least regionally. Since there aren't many Fox mains in this region that shouldn't be too hard to accomplish. Of course, I'm not gonna say it's an easy feat, I still have to (for myself anyway) place in the Top 20 in big OOS tournaments.
    Good games, and congrats winning that MM.

    (Lol @ tripping into Kirby Fsmash for the game >.< )

    Also, while you told me where to find Y.b.M's videos yesterday, I have completely forgotten. Any chance you could send me the link?
    I'm going to vegas tomorrow for a smash tournament. I'm going to mm sk92 for sure, lol free money for him but I hope to learn a few things. Four other utah guys are going with me. It's going to be so much fun.
    wasn't planning on it total sandbaggage lol
    But the one against Muldini was good, its uploading now, but taking forever:mad:
    I need info about tomorrow. Time, how many setups we need and who all is coming that you know of. Facebook, PM or whatever.
    heh we'll see. i have to see what's going on, but i'll know by tomorrow, we're supposed to get a storm up here in Cleveland so that's the determining factor.

    If I don't make it want to do some wifi friendlies whenever?
    hey, sorry but you should probably only bring one friend, because my parents are a little touchy about having 15 people over, and I'm going to see if Jacob can bring less than 5 people as well. 9-10 is probably the limit.


    good news though, we will be supplying drinks and pizza.
    we may want a few more set ups, but we should hopefully be fine with what we have, considering it's just 16 people.

    no doubles though, just singles and friendlies. Maybe a crew battle or random tourney. I don't think tyr's going to bring 5 people though, or at least I'll talk to him about 5.
    Hey, my parents are ok with it, I need a general time-line for the plans and abot who all is coming so I can find out if I need to move a TV or two.
    That would work for me
    Maybe I could get TheGreatMuldini to go too if thats cool.
    fill me in on the details whenever
    you should probably come over around 1-2, ill give you a follow up message on when works best
    it should work for me, I forwarded the message to jake hoping he'd respond, but he didn't.

    he said on facebook that he's open except for some dinner thing, so you can come over tomorrow and jake can come whenever
    Have you been able to figure anything out with venues? I know it was almost a month since you messaged me.
    I would really love to come play some melee, but it seems i've come down with mono, and am not fully up to it.
    What time does it start anyways?
    Ya I Will be coming down and I will be bringing at least 1 other right now I can bring a setup as well if you guys would like brawl/melee tv whatever you need
    Good job. Congrats.

    I need to go to some cincinnati event sometime soon. I'm pretty sure my Marth's rusty and my Lucario and Pokemon Trainer need work.
    Pretty good, but the sun kept getting in the way. How'd you guys place

    It's funny, because last Saturday I got out of the competition early and skipped awards... to write a 2000 word paper.

    We got second at that competition too...losing to first by one tenth of a point.
    I guess he probably could if he gets a note from his parents to the director or something? It's between him and our director.
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