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  • Yeah, that'll be awesome. I'm sure that if I can get a few more people then the smashfests I tried to hold will be more popular. I'm pretty sure Dr. X and Big D will come. And then me you and Chi can always play some whenever we're free too without having a big smash fest. I'm down for some brawl too if you guys feel like playing.
    hey can i stay over at your place tomorrow? i feel like playing some singles the night b4 since i won't get to
    oh i'm thinking i'll get there around 1 btw, same with champ if he can get a ride

    still trying to find sai
    get an aim right now, i wanna talk about something but everybody is sleeping at my house lol
    yo so u going to lex on the 14th? lemme know because i'ma start reserving rides next weekend and ****
    idk if you're gonna read this before we meet up tonight or not

    but tyr's not coming (prob. so that he can pick up dan [pierce7d]) and maybe not infern for some reason or another.

    so we won't really have that many ppl at your house, i think..it'll be okay haha, we'll just train harder.
    lol i wanna win some of that $$$
    though it will be marth ditto finals GAYYY
    pierce is coaching me on how to win the ditto =D
    why is ur number not working lolll

    anyways idk about being able to go next saturday b/c senior pictures but if i get that out of the way i think we should team...bring out the penguin or something

    also the week after that at arcade legends i think we should go and beast it up, we have a clear shot so long as gk don't go
    lmao just go to athens instead
    i can't go this weekend
    so i might need someone just to train lol
    are u back yet? i'm gonna go to ed's on wednesday, wondering if u were gonna go too

    on another note mike v m2k and mike v ally are up, cutiecamille143 has mike v m2k and mike v ally is on hiyashaya both on yt
    Bring your Wii on Friday. If Sam has one, bring his too.
    Respond to me so that I know you got this.
    lol sorry about that message that was probably my little brother who was playing on the computer while i left this window open but yeah we will try to go to that tourney
    ,l ,lbk,;bl/lbmcbkmkbmlbkmn;m,n;l,vn;,;ln,;vln,;cl,npclvn;'lc';.'v;nl.[vcln';lcv;n,cl;n,l;cvn;vcplnl[pfl[pl;[;ngl;[gnp['g;[p;h'[;gh;g[hg['h][g\[l=[.;fbvkvfujefji90ewi90ewq0edo-0de-[o0sdao0-dsodeo-pdopkedpofdopdoprfplgtopgbftytyhioptyhoptrg[plrgtfpfrp[lfrglpfrplgrft[lpgtrflptgrfoptgpoghlghkl;hnl;p[nh;'[]hbgplyhtlp;[tyh;'[gtfl;'[phyt;l.yuh ;'[lpy7utopyt6plyth;l'ptgh;lrf;'[]
    i'll post them up sometime but i'm gonna have to ask you to NOT link them at all because it wasn't even close during any of the games and i honestly think that i'm still SOMEWHAT even with you despite my MM record against you ebing like....0-3 LOL
    i just need to get to a converter sometime
    I'm expecting people to show up at like 1-1:30

    I generally try to keep the OP updated, so it'll be in there most of the time.
    lol don't post those in the critique thread, i was NOT playing well at ALL
    for some reason i was playing much better vs dr x :(
    Meh it's not a big deal to me. I use my white one now anyway. We can just switch next time we're both at a tourney or smashfest.
    Someone picked up my gamecube controller and left theirs by mistake. Mine is purple with a clear back. I have a solid purple one that someone left. Wondering if it's yours and you got mine by mistake.
    Alright so it looks like as though it'll just be a regular Smashfest
    It's from 1:30-7:30 or so, you want the address/are you still coming?
    I'm not sure if GUNPUNCH and God Kais will be there...
    nah but it's the same distance from you, about 30 minutes or so
    i'll get his address and give you all the details as soon as everything is worked out
    tyr wants to do a mini-mini-tourney @ e_'s with 7-8 people on mlk monday
    we'd probably just do singles only and would be playing friendlies for the large part
    i'ma ask e_ for the time once we confirm
    $5 entry fee most likely
    how's mlk monday for you?
    i'm planning just to kinda chill out on that day after finishing my hw **** on sat/sun
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