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  • I know I say this every Hobo, but let's get some friendlies. :)
    You wouldn't happen to have any video files of your MK, would you? I'd like to use some MK clips in my documentary I shot at HOBO 20.
    1. Since nothing meta related was in that paragraph, i agree with you. No one wants to hold events and LOTS of people do not travel. I wonder what you people will do when i leave in may?

    2. See this is where i get upset. I know for a FACT you dont treat every tournament fight serious. If you fought some random player named JIMBO and he went ganon vs your metaknkight, you would not play like you would when u played M2k. Am i right? You made a choice. This proves you made a choice to take it series vs m2k and you didnt vs "jimbo" Now take friendlies or MMs, you STILL have a choice when it comes to how serious you take the match. So in otherwords, NO MATCHES is serious/not serious untill YOU make it serious/not serious. The title of the match doesnt determine it(tourny match, MM match, no johns match). Change the way you think.

    3. He gets too big for his belt, and its good to remind him of his failures and letting him know hes not god yet.

    4. By allowing the "elite" to pick/play against metaknight means i am opening the door for players who are honestly not that good(esca/p4/bear/light and more) to steal wins from people just because of metaknight. Ive seen it happen(hell, its happened to me), you have seen it happen, theres stories and results to prove it. I will not allow people like trela(who is a good player who uses a legit haracter) get gayed out but a lesser player like esca just cause he went metaknight.

    Its happened to me and its not right.

    5. Im soooo glad you asked this.

    Larry/sk92=The first and 2nd best falcos of all time. Not only does this have NOTHING to do with metaknight or my ban it shows YOU still have lots to learn vs falco. Remember when you air camped DEHF(you won right?) then you playe dhim at AG and 2-0ed him right? Bu then you lost to sk92. I dont know how u lost and i dont care. You lost to a lesser player due to YOU and not me. Its that they wont travel here because metas banned its just they dont travel in general or they just dont wanna go to hobos.

    MikeHaze beat you at AG, right? Thats really sad cause IMO royr and neo and both better(you beat MH with a 4 tourney old diddy). But again, this has nothing to do with my choice to ban meta. You lost because YOU ****ed it up.

    Lain beats you? Wether he did or didnt it doesnt matter. ICs/DDD practice has nothing to do with meta and my banning of him. Maybe its your fault you lost cause god knows i wasnt there to mess you up.

    Candy beat you at Cot4 or was it apex? In any case he beat you and that is down right embarrassing. Not only is he a LESSER snake, hes a campy one! You mean to tell me you dont know how to fight a LESSER snake that refuses to be in your face(this means no f-tilts/u-tilts/motor slides/jabs)? WOW!!!!!!! Sounds like my meta ban is innocent AGAIN.

    Ok so what it boils down to is this: you lack exp vs the tip of the top characters at high level. Larry/sk92=top 2 falcos. MikeHaze=top 3 marth. Lain=top 2 DDD/ICs. So this means TEXAS didnt prepare you enough. Thats not my problem. YOU obviously dont do what it takes to win the matches(ledge stalling/air camping). YOU dont hunt down sethlon/ozz ad play them for long times o learn the falco match-up. YOU dont ask razer to sit down with you for a while play mega defensive with snake. YOU dont go play smoom or hylian for a while to get IC exp. DO NOT BLAME ME(meta ban) FOR YOUR **** UPS.

    Now that thats^ over with, lets move on to the part where no body can beat you here in tx. IMO its several things so be ready for more walls of text.

    A. You use the best character in the game! I not gonna go thru all the stats and results. Its obvious, metaknight far exceeds the rest of the cast and his only REAL problem is snake.

    B. Razer/Jerm/Gnes/Sethlon/UTD=the top players do NOT do what we did in melee and what you did wih infinity at bears fest. They do not come up to you and sit there for hours playing you. You go to nearly every hobo and play with these guys 2-3 times and laugh and have fun. THAT will not get you better. Remember Santi? Remember he was SUPER good vs meta(now im not sayin hes gonna beat m2k but he would beat a **** load of metas) i wonder why......OH YEA I REMEMBER NOW! You two fought day after day, week after week, month after month AND you teamed! Razer/Jerm/Gnes/Sethlon/UTD all wanna laugh and have fun and win money but NON of them are doing what it takes to truly get better(sitting for long hours playing you/each other).

    C. You are one of the FEW that have the ability to learn/adapt. You see where you mess up and u correct it/see a situation and adapt to it. Royr/Gnes and MAYBE razer are the ONLY other ones that do that. This ALONE is why MANY MANY MANY people cant not beat you. you learn them and over. They dont change/adapt to you and thus they cant win.

    D. Traveling. Getting GOOD means u need to travel(you know that). Razer/Jerm/Gnes/Sethlon/UTD/Dojo/Bear/Xyro/Dphat all travel. NO ONE ELSE TRAVELS(wether they dont have cars or dont wanna go to an event ooc/oos). This is another reason why this state doesnt put up a fight vs you.

    6. HOBOs have been successful because you have a TO that has been doing not what HE wants but whats FAIR. I make this scene fair for the noobs while still allowing the elite to win thier money. He bans/Limits ******** **** as well as allowing some "questionable" tactics. I sometimes wonder what will happen in May when i leave.
    Xyro77 (11:17:32 PM): Dont john
    Xyro77 (11:17:34 PM): accept u suck
    UltimateRazer713 (11:17:45 PM): dude its my dads birthday weekend
    Xyro77 (11:17:50 PM): no no
    UltimateRazer713 (11:17:50 PM): and im taking him out for dinner
    Xyro77 (11:17:53 PM): not that
    UltimateRazer713 (11:17:54 PM): ?
    Xyro77 (11:17:56 PM): metaknight
    UltimateRazer713 (11:18:00 PM): dojo showed ya?
    UltimateRazer713 (11:18:02 PM): its true
    UltimateRazer713 (11:18:17 PM): if amaleplatypus and kosmos mk give me trouble
    Xyro77 (11:18:24 PM): its called, you cant adapt.
    UltimateRazer713 (11:18:25 PM): then its telling me something
    Xyro77 (11:18:29 PM): and metaknight is a beter char
    UltimateRazer713 (11:18:32 PM): uh huh
    UltimateRazer713 (11:18:34 PM): no
    UltimateRazer713 (11:18:39 PM): i dont know the match up anymore
    UltimateRazer713 (11:18:45 PM): ally knows it perfectly.
    Xyro77 (11:18:57 PM): then u dont play dojo enough. you dont play esca/bear/p4 enough
    Xyro77 (11:19:11 PM): u can sit down with them at any event and play them
    UltimateRazer713 (11:19:12 PM): exactly
    Xyro77 (11:19:12 PM): u dont
    UltimateRazer713 (11:19:14 PM): i do play dojo a lot
    UltimateRazer713 (11:19:22 PM): i played him in 2 tourney sets
    UltimateRazer713 (11:19:29 PM): but his mk doesnt prep me for the rest
    UltimateRazer713 (11:19:36 PM): it preps me for certain styles like m2k
    Xyro77 (11:19:37 PM): and u STILL cant beat lesser metas or u almost lose to lesser metas.
    Xyro77 (11:19:49 PM): thats your fault
    UltimateRazer713 (11:19:53 PM): nope
    UltimateRazer713 (11:19:56 PM): p4 is p4
    UltimateRazer713 (11:20:00 PM): beah and esca dont main mks
    Xyro77 (11:20:00 PM): u dint even camp right vs the people at nokost
    Xyro77 (11:20:09 PM): u got stuff to work on son
    UltimateRazer713 (11:20:10 PM): uhh wat
    UltimateRazer713 (11:20:15 PM): i literally just pulled grenades vs lain
    Xyro77 (11:20:25 PM): lee and others old me what happen
    UltimateRazer713 (11:20:26 PM): same with lee
    UltimateRazer713 (11:20:32 PM): i tried camping
    UltimateRazer713 (11:20:34 PM): he got the lead
    UltimateRazer713 (11:20:36 PM): i didnt get it back
    Xyro77 (11:20:44 PM): yea u got lots to owrk on
    Xyro77 (11:20:48 PM): but as for meta
    UltimateRazer713 (11:20:53 PM): umm
    UltimateRazer713 (11:20:58 PM): you realize lee beat me with mk right?
    Xyro77 (11:21:01 PM): no johns. u have plenty of people that use meta
    Xyro77 (11:21:04 PM): yep
    UltimateRazer713 (11:21:06 PM): no i dont
    UltimateRazer713 (11:21:06 PM): who
    UltimateRazer713 (11:21:10 PM): that actually main him
    UltimateRazer713 (11:21:12 PM): besides dojo
    UltimateRazer713 (11:22:55 PM): dude i got a mega cut on my thumb
    UltimateRazer713 (11:23:02 PM): it looks like something ate my flesh
    Xyro77 (11:24:18 PM): lee goes to every hobo. dojo/dphat goes to 90% of the hobos. esca/p4/bear all use meta(wether they main them or not). hell, even inui has went to 3 hobos a world hobo and says he will continue to go to hobos. My ban does not stop you from learning meta, there are plenty of people to practice thier meta. Its not my fault tx doesnt have defensive metas. meta is a superior character and you obviously cant adapt. IMO its more of apersonal problem. You cant beat havok or tyrnat.....BOTH are weaker than dojo regardless of style.
    UltimateRazer713 (11:24:25 PM): whoa mega text
    UltimateRazer713 (11:24:54 PM): let me put it like this
    UltimateRazer713 (11:25:09 PM): ally would do much better than me vs a normal mk than i would myself
    UltimateRazer713 (11:25:30 PM): he doesnt just play one style of mk
    UltimateRazer713 (11:25:34 PM): like m2k
    UltimateRazer713 (11:25:35 PM): how i play dojo
    UltimateRazer713 (11:25:39 PM): and i do play dphat a lot
    UltimateRazer713 (11:25:46 PM): i always win because his style is easier then the rest
    Xyro77 (11:26:22 PM): ally is probly a top 3 player in the WORLD not to mention the BEST snake. He wins because hes leagues higher than you. His meta exp has nothing to do with that.
    Xyro77 (11:26:37 PM): he came from ****ing
    Xyro77 (11:26:41 PM): no johns razer
    UltimateRazer713 (11:26:47 PM): ...
    Xyro77 (11:26:53 PM): im sick of u kids blaming me when u wont go out and learn ****
    UltimateRazer713 (11:26:54 PM): its not just being a world player
    UltimateRazer713 (11:27:01 PM): i didnt blame you for anything
    UltimateRazer713 (11:27:10 PM): i just think that i do worse vs mk OOS because of the ban
    UltimateRazer713 (11:27:18 PM): but i also think TX doesnt even really have enough mks
    Xyro77 (11:27:19 PM): what u said to dojo is indirectly blaming me
    UltimateRazer713 (11:27:20 PM): just people who cp it
    Xyro77 (11:27:27 PM): then thats Tx fault not mine
    UltimateRazer713 (11:27:32 PM): true
    UltimateRazer713 (11:27:40 PM): but banning chips it in a little bit
    UltimateRazer713 (11:27:56 PM): but maybe you're right
    UltimateRazer713 (11:28:00 PM): i dont play it right.
    UltimateRazer713 (11:28:09 PM): i just would like more practice with mk mains
    UltimateRazer713 (11:28:12 PM): of every level
    Xyro77 (11:28:13 PM): in HOBO, yes. but MMs, serious sets? non hobos?
    UltimateRazer713 (11:28:26 PM): non hobos
    UltimateRazer713 (11:28:29 PM): houston doesnt have squat
    UltimateRazer713 (11:28:41 PM): once again there arnt enough mk mains
    UltimateRazer713 (11:28:47 PM): i always mm dphat
    UltimateRazer713 (11:28:48 PM): i win
    Xyro77 (11:29:34 PM): i am the only organizer in t that bans him. ME ALONE does not hold this state back. if you people LET it hold you back, thats your fault. Dallas, austin, el paso, san antonio do not ban him. There are plenty of cities to get your "tourney exp vs meta"
    Xyro77 (11:29:36 PM): no johns
    Xyro77 (11:29:40 PM): man up and change
    Xyro77 (11:29:42 PM): all of you
    UltimateRazer713 (11:30:13 PM): but dont you think banning him doesnt bring mk mains from other cities?
    Xyro77 (11:30:23 PM): inui goes. lee goes.
    UltimateRazer713 (11:30:42 PM): lol you know inui is only on some love adventure and mk is legal in doubles
    UltimateRazer713 (11:30:58 PM): i consider lee a lulu main
    Xyro77 (11:31:06 PM): that does not stop u from sitting down and playing/MM him.
    Xyro77 (11:31:11 PM): lee uses meta VERY WELL
    Xyro77 (11:31:16 PM): and u know it
    Xyro77 (11:31:18 PM): he beat u
    Xyro77 (11:31:20 PM): co18
    Xyro77 (11:31:25 PM): plenty of othes
    UltimateRazer713 (11:31:34 PM): by planking and camping. but yes that would be good practice
    UltimateRazer713 (11:31:40 PM): when we did play at nokoast he didnt use mk in friendlies
    Xyro77 (11:31:54 PM): then ask
    UltimateRazer713 (11:32:40 PM): i just need more experience
    UltimateRazer713 (11:32:50 PM): imo. i feel like i dont know the character
    UltimateRazer713 (11:32:55 PM): i only know dojos mk
    Xyro77 (11:33:09 PM): and im sad to say it suck
    Xyro77 (11:33:16 PM): the 2nd best meta in the usa
    Xyro77 (11:34:18 PM): lets say i unban him tomorrow
    Xyro77 (11:34:43 PM): nothing changes except those ******* get to steal wins away from people
    UltimateRazer713 (11:35:00 PM): not completely
    Xyro77 (11:35:03 PM): so in return i get a **** load of people losing for no reason while 3 people get happy(you/dojo/dphat)
    Xyro77 (11:35:06 PM): not worth the trade
    Xyro77 (11:35:16 PM): f that
    Xyro77 (11:35:38 PM): u kids need to get your exp other ways....friendlies/mm/oos player that show up/oos players u travel too
    UltimateRazer713 (11:35:41 PM): but maybe you are right about the serious sets
    Xyro77 (11:35:46 PM): ok
    Xyro77 (11:35:49 PM): serious sets
    Xyro77 (11:35:55 PM): ive seen dojo and infinity
    UltimateRazer713 (11:35:56 PM): just that houston is garbage when it comes to mk
    Xyro77 (11:36:09 PM): they sit down and do a **** load of dittos
    UltimateRazer713 (11:36:10 PM): like i should be ****** affinitys mk and kosmos not trying to dis em
    UltimateRazer713 (11:36:20 PM): but i just dont know that match up anymore
    Xyro77 (11:36:22 PM): heres something
    Xyro77 (11:36:31 PM): u say infinity is a defensive meta
    UltimateRazer713 (11:36:38 PM): yea
    Xyro77 (11:36:43 PM): obviously not the levels of havok
    Xyro77 (11:36:48 PM): but its still defensive
    Xyro77 (11:36:52 PM): so
    Xyro77 (11:37:07 PM): the next time u go to dallas or the next time he comes down
    Xyro77 (11:37:11 PM): do what dojo did
    Xyro77 (11:37:23 PM): at bears fest
    UltimateRazer713 (11:37:28 PM): wat he do?
    Xyro77 (11:37:31 PM): spend 45min playin him
    Xyro77 (11:37:34 PM): no joke
    Xyro77 (11:37:38 PM): they were on my wii
    UltimateRazer713 (11:37:38 PM): that'd be nice
    Xyro77 (11:37:49 PM): i had like 500 extra KOs on meta from meta
    UltimateRazer713 (11:37:52 PM): me and dojo always try to do that but ppl always want next
    Xyro77 (11:38:06 PM): tell people its a "no johns match"
    Xyro77 (11:38:09 PM): first to 10=no johns match
    Xyro77 (11:38:16 PM): then u get at least 10 in
    Xyro77 (11:38:29 PM): btw
    Xyro77 (11:38:35 PM): royr 2nd meta now
    Xyro77 (11:38:38 PM): so play him when u can
    UltimateRazer713 (11:39:06 PM): im also on the verge of 2nding mk
    UltimateRazer713 (11:39:14 PM): for situations like nokoast
    UltimateRazer713 (11:39:21 PM): but hopefully my training for mk i wont need it
    Xyro77 (11:39:44 PM): thats what roy does when he doesnt know a matchup
    Xyro77 (11:39:52 PM): he learn that char so he can THINK like that char
    Birthdays son...mine is nov. 27...mine is more sexy. Every 4-6 years it lands on thanksgiving...yum
    Why is your birthday in november....ur sexyness rating has just went up
    You work this weekend? I would totally drive to SA to play with you all weekend :P.
    Got my schedules, hit me up anytime.
    I literally have like 1 one shift this whole week lmao
    Yeah I was just thinking Halberd, because G&W for 1 can bucket the laser apparently and the first part has a low play form where key can be deadly.
    Yo dojo, i dont wanna post over 1337 posts until viridian city is over so ill post here :)

    Should I try to strike to BF and if not, strike to smashville, and if i lose CP halberd? (MK + GW)

    I hate rainbow cruise, i hate gimmicks :)
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