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  • Well, I work 11:30 till 8 on thursday. Try to show up a little bit after 8.
    Well I work thursday but I don't know what time yet. I'll probably be off around 7 or 8. I'll find out today though and let you know.
    [Dojo] 10:44 am: Some random noob.
    [Lomo] 10:44 am: texas area i think
    [Dojo] 10:44 am: Don't mind me.
    [Lomo] 10:44 am: iunno its prolly kown pretending to be dojo..
    [Dojo] 10:44 am: Lol
    [Admiral Pit] 10:44 am: ugh a Metaknight
    [Admiral Pit] 10:44 am: where are my Centurions!?
    [Dojo] 10:45 am: Lol please. I'd destroy all those little Centurions
    [Lomo] 10:45 am: i think
    [Lomo] 10:45 am: he is underestimating our little ones
    [Admiral Pit] 10:45 am: Dont count me out
    [Lomo] 10:46 am: srsly dojo
    [Lomo] 10:46 am: who are you?
    [Lomo] 10:46 am: hello?
    [Dojo] 10:46 am: Mk main from Texas
    [Lomo] 10:46 am: ok that makes it easier

    is this you?
    Sorry dude, I can't do it. I mean, I don't even have the powers to or I would. Sorry man.
    What happened to your 'Let's take a new approach to this MK topic...' thread?
    Why was all of Dallas hanging out with you at 4AM? Where were you? Were you tired during the tournament?
    I've watched your videos with Santi, and I've talked to him a few times recently. Best MK player I've ever seen by far, and great matches between you two. I bet you can make your diddy just as good as your MK with practice, though. :P I think it's inevitable that he gets banned, but keep up the good work, and good luck. ^-^
    Dojo... I've heard of you. I also use Meta Knight. Want to fight? I think I could gain some serious experience by watching you fight.
    And by worse I mean your better at it. =P
    I wanna know if me or Santi has it worse.
    I wonder if you gimp worse then my Wario friend.
    I should play you sometime.
    i would love to brawl agaisnt u sometime cuz i need to play another metaknight such as urself so i can see how good i really am with meta knight. so if u wanna brawl sometime then here is my friend code : 0216-0735-1150
    want to trade brawl codes? i need someone to practice against whos meta knight. (meta vs. meta cause that way, i can pick up on some new techniques, etc.)
    I've been focusing on a big tourney coming up this saturday.
    So that's all i've been working toward.
    After this weekend though I'll get to it hard and I should have it done sometime by next weekend.
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