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  • [collapse=07.15.11][/collapse]
    Sorry about the delay haha, been sorta extra lazy.
    I smiled at Hair.
    I've recently become attached to "Smile". It's pretty good.

    But your chart will change completely next week so what's to savor. :p
    The last chart I did was over a month ago. I'm too lazy to do one of those late "update each week" thingy, so I'm just continuing where I last left off.

    I've been doing good man, had my first (real interview) last week on Wednesday. It went well and they said they'll call me back in a few weeks. I'm also going on a cruise on Friday and I'll be away for about a week.

    Let's play TF2 one day. :bee:
    Yeah, things are a little less rushed for me now, so I think I will :)

    Awesome, I think I'll do that haha CZ this skin feels way to weird to navigate with

    So how've you been?
    maybe I did? I'm really not sure, it's been so long haha

    Yeah, '08 was pretty great! I think I might be on every so often again (PC mostly)
    But even the layout changed, I feel lik a stranger now :p haha
    whoa! I just check-in on smashboards after about a year, and you're a mod?? haha
    your chart has slowly but surely gotten itself on the road to balancing out


    [collapse=2011 Midyear][IMG][/collapse]



    2 lazy to do midyear chart
    Oh goodness , no problem man! I actually kinda got a truckload of games throughout this sale. I got Portal 2 for the $24.99 (what a deal!) and some others (Just Cause 2, Audiosurf, Left 4 Dead 2, King's Bounty, Magicka). I can't wait to do some Co-op with you or something like that!

    And, unless I actually have to play Portal 1 to understand Portal 2, then I think I'm good....

    Be on AIM tonight!
    Blahhh, sorry about last night. Power kept going on/off due to storms. It's been storming all day here too -_- I'm home alone though for 6 days haha.
    I'll get on tonight.
    This song + Beat Hazard = .....no words.
    AMAZING. <--that word.
    [collapse=2011 Midyear][IMG][/collapse]
    Hey, can you get on AIM tonight? Something came up and I really need somebody to talk to.
    I originally didn't like LFN for the longest.
    But I've come to like it after recent experiences. :p
    Once again, it's like you have a random shuffle on your charts each week. :p
    I'm not too familiar with that much of them this week, but I do like Everytime a lot! :)
    [collapse=Week 18 - 06.17.11][/collapse]
    [collapse=Week 19 - 06.24.11][IMG][/collapse]
    I think they're pretty great. :)
    I haven't listened to everything by them, but I have a few songs of theirs.
    Your charts change so much each time. No songs stay in the same spot for a week!
    Hmm, I'm starting to really like Marry the Night. I think I'll add it to my chart for this week.
    Really? xD
    I honestly DON'T pay much attention to anything past #15 lol. Everything behind that just gets pushed/bumped depending on the numbers previous to them. :p

    But thank you.
    Hair will be there for a while probably.
    Haha, I definitely like them, but I'm doubting S&M will have another week at #1. I didn't really like Government Hooker the first time I heard it, it kind of grew on me I guess, hah.

    Nice #1 this week as well as a bunch of very good debuts, Breaking Benjamin is enjoyable to listen to
    OHHH nonononononono.
    I meant to say BREATH not Breathe. lol.

    I thought the song was called Breath but I think I had the two mixed up because they're so close together. I was talking about Breath by Breaking Benjamin. My bad. :p
    Is that another new song by Michelle? I need to listen, I haven't heard from her in ages.
    Woah, I JUST added Breathe on my Itunes like, 4 days ago. Good song. :)

    Ewww, Girlfriend. x:
    The one thing I'm wondering is ---- where the hell did DitD go???? #2 to not existing at all
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