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  • Hey hippo will you add me to the mario kart skype? I downloaded skype on my comp.

    Skype name: SWFBox
    Oh yeah, August 1st... my brother was being a ****ing idiot when he was making my account 3 years a go, and put his own birthday lol. x_x
    Your Peachy's brother from another mother state? :stupidleek:
    [SPOILER]kidding lol
    Anyway Happy Birthday King of 99 (and a half o.0) hippos! :D [/SPOILER]
    Dear Hippo,
    Please come to the castle, I have baked a cake for you. And I'll protect you from pedos like Gatlin. :)

    Yours truly-- SuperMetroid44 Peachy
    Happy birthday Hippo, I love you. Let's have some hot and sweaty birthday sex babe. I wanna go all the way with you tonight ♥♥
    finally, now maybe I can finally not have to deal with him and move on to others ;D
    Same old stuff lol. School, Smash, life.

    I still attend tournies(I'm flying to NJ for one in Aug) and keep up with smash. Pretty much the same as you remember me lol.


    I just can't do it. o_O I WISH it would let me set the frickin difficulty for it but it won't. r_r So what is a good money-making strategy for Abyss? It's easier for me
    Someone had suggested the uhh... Score attack mode, but the NPCs are so cheap in that mode and I can't get past Tager. r_r" I need a better way of getting money. If it isn't cheap NPCs in general, it's cheap Unlimited NPCs in arcade.
    Ragna Unlimited and Hakumen Unlimited seem to be the two that give me trouble so far. x_x I dunno how much I'll like Mu Unlimited, but it probably won't go well.

    What other bosses am I going to need to worry about, here? r_r
    ROFL, you can continue? The game has yet to let me continue from ANY point in ANY arcade. I've only won with Ragna and Tao.

    And sadly, I switched to Beginner a long time ago for Arcade Mode. x_x It didn't make much of a difference when it came to boss time.....
    Ohh rofl. After 100% story, I got enough for... a couple of things, and I was GIVEN a way to make money... Arcade Mode. However, I appear to be just bad enough with each character to be unable to defeat the Unlimited bosses... xD Crap... I need to get better somehow, or find something a bit better. =P
    Yeah. xD I just wish I had some way to actually practice efficiently so I can go through these modes quickly and more easily.
    Uhhh.... xD

    Well, whenever I do Abyss, I die and lose my prize and get something lower than what I get for doing story mode.

    And I'm...working on it. But I am not quite fast enough with button inputs, and it took me forever to get the input right for her Astral Finish. xD
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