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  • I meant that AOL has their own Internet Radio, but I'm not aware if AIM can do such a thing.
    Cross access? I don't even know what that is. I guess you should just make an AIM account. You also get access to Internet radio that has all sorts of genres, including VG music.
    Yeah, I'm on AIM. It should be accessible from any time I post, but the name is KumaOso.
    I play other games besides fighters. I've been playing Bayonetta, and I've only gotten into the fighting game scene since SFIV came out. By the way, that and other arcade sticks function essentially as classic controllers. You can play any games that do not require the analog sticks with them. In fact, I've play Symphony of the Night with my arcade stick.

    Maybe I should host tournaments, but not within the near future. Where would I host it? I should probably read on the Smash Directors handle it though. Shouldn't be too far off.
    Actually, they're getting cheaper now. Here's the Madcatz Arcade Stick for the Wii


    That runs for about $80. Another thing to note is that these can be modded so you can order parts to switch them out.

    As for SF's Fight Pad, I assume you're talking about the the six button controller, right? I can't comment because I never used those. I went from 360 Controller to Arcade Stick and haven't regretted my decision.
    Yeah, I want them out of my head. I don't want to be thinking of this stuff when SSFIV comes out.

    I remember that controller. It definitely looks like an improvement. I hope something like it is put out with the next console.

    As for playing it with TvC, if you want to go competitive, I strongly recommend getting the arcade stick of it. Trust me on this one. Anyway, come May, I hope to fight you in TvC. Maybe Phoenix Wright will be out then.
    I suppose so. If anything, these blog posts will be like a diary that I can bring up when the game is announced. I'm probably not going to bother with the thread any more. Now that's a lost cause.

    Like I mentioned in the post, enough copies sold of TvC can lead to Capcom making another Vs. title. Aside from that, it's great to have a more traditional fighter on the Wii. The videos I've seen of the game are rather appealing.

    What's the CCPro?
    College stuff. Other than that, I'm doing a series of SSB4 blog posts, playing Bayonetta, and looking forward to SSFIV.
    It's fine. Randomness can be good. It spices up the thread and honestly with characters we've debated just about everything. ;_;

    Having Square-Enix > Not Having Square-Enix, But I for sure hope that we can at least get some licensing on some of Chrono's Soundtrack. At least the DS Release opened up some people to CT. Great game; Just a chore to do all those endings. I still need to play Chrono Cross.
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