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  • It seems that this time, Super Smash Bros Ultimate really gets its name not only from being the game with having extensive variation and content, but also takes away a great deal of lesser or non-functional fluff so that everything is straightly tied to the core gameplay.

    -- Excessive "fluff" not included --
    Home Run
    Break The Targets
    Stage Maker
    Trophies and trophy stage room
    Drawing on game captures
    Long Action Platforming Levels
    Board Game mode (Smash Tour)
    Excessive cutscenes

    With almost all actions taking place on the battle field and stages plus an "adventure" that allows for more customized characters through 2D assets known as spirits, it is the ultimate entry in being straight to the action across all modes.

    On the side note, when I noticed several dialogues that features characters with 2D assets under dialogue text (spirit dojo, treasure hunt, etc.), I can exactly picture that it would be a very feasible model for future smash game that may focus more on continual updates without having to spend excess capital on features that will not serve its purpose. Therefore, Ultimate is the ultimate game for hardcore smashers thanks to adventure mode.
    Wow... I never expected to have a lucid dream about Smash Bros Ultimate, and it is a completely fake direct.

    I had a bizarre dream about Smash Bros for a very fake "direct" by a speaker who is convincingly dressed like Sakurai. That speaker showed us the real life tour of a salt processing factory and how it is equivalent to speculation by fakers. In the end, we received another winged character with a long samurai sword. I knew I had to change my dream channels quickly to not associate with that tainted type of speculation hype.

    Anyways, the video below always reminds me of speculation and fake "new info / leaks"
    Somehow, the only smash inspired games that seem to be distinct are the following:

    Rivals of Aether
    Earth Romancer
    Dimension VS
    Indie Pogo
    Slap City

    Any more originals not listed feel free to give them out.
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