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Hero Dude
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  • Thanks for helping!

    Just type in whatever you want the link to say (Probably something along the lines of "Unofficial SSB4 Character Poll", in this case), highlight the text, and click the picture of the world with the chain next to it. A little box xhould pop up. Put the URL in the box, hit OK, and presto! Hyperlink!
    Ah, sorry. I meant to bring you up in the group when I got your first VM, but I got sidetracked. I have brought your admission up as a possibility, and the group is now discussing it. Hang tight :)
    Yeah, that thread's my most favorite here too, but I still enjoy some of the other discussion's here and lurking too. I still play brawl tho so I'm personally looking for ways on improving my lucas and whatnot. Plan on making a stage index thread so people can easily find links to each stages mechanics :)
    I actually use to post a lot before brawl, then I only lurked for tips with lucas, and now I'm back posting thanks to the stage discussion board and Smash 4. xD

    But yeah; I should add more people. Thanks for the comment!
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