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REVENGE: MW Regional

Exceladon City

Smash Hero
Dec 2, 2008
The Lonesome Crowded Midwest
1/2: Lie - Good **** winning yo. GGs in our MM. I was so hoping to land that UpB on Brinstar.

1/2: Logic - Good seeing you again. Mad clutch against Lain.

3: Fino - I forgot to get that controller off you. Fino y?

4: Kain - Dubs friendlies while playing Wario on another control scheme too good.

5: Lain - Lain wtf is in your smokes? You took like 3 smoke breaks and then proceeded to give the D to Loser's Bracket. Gaaahdamn.

5: Krystedez - I unfortunately didn't get to see much of your matches.

7: Shugo - Good seeing you Shugs.

7: Tubular Teddy - You're lucky B- wasn't anywhere near by. You got to keep your cash. :lucas: will not spare you next time.

9: Judo - I don't understand your character. Sheik y?

9: MJG -
I've got all day. LMAO

9: Seagull - Jooooooooooooooooe!! Good meeting you. Too bad we couldn't kick it for a bit.

9: Infern - Good seeing you again.

13: Zeton - :pikachu2:/:popo:/:sheik: Da bess.

13: Pink Fresh - Lemme tell you about ya boy Pink Fresh. This dude comes all the way to the MW to be tired as **** during a tournament, takes a power nap and then blows up mad people. GGs in the MM. I still strongly believe that if we had played again, you'd body rock me.

13: FAE - You being good at DDR surprised me quite a bit. Mr. Modesty over here. FightModestEevee

13: Sago - Good seeing you Sam. I'll try to make it to one of your smashfests sometime in the future.

17: Blue Rogue - Shoutouts to :luigi2:

17: Clel - Never got to play you. :(

17: Domo - My dude Domo out here slaying people in pools for a bite to eat. Man had a sign that said "Will 3 stock you for food"

17: Kel - Good to see you again Kel.

17: DLA - Tom D'La goin hard in bracket. Good **** against Y.b.M.

17: Near - LOL TL dittos.

17: Bpow - I OFFICIALLY hate playing you. Goddamn it.

17: Warfie - Nice to see you again after a long while Warfie.

25: Ripple - Shoutouts to 5 Hour Energy.

25: Capem - Good seeing more Smashfield representatives.

25: Sorasin - Nice to see you again Sora bby.

25: Legan - I'm coming for that ZSS ***** next time.

25: DtJ LadiesBlade - 1st round Kain. :awesome:

25: Hylian - Nice seeing you again Jordan.

25: Oro - Hype set was hype. We should play again.

33: Roller - :popo: dittos aww yeah.

33: Aposl - Nice PT. Keep it up mangz.

33: Sneaky Tako - Good seeing you again Tako.

33: Frank Rizzle - Dat beard.

33: Luminoth - Loomi! CiCi's too good.

33: Zwarm - We never got to play. :( Sucks you got super sick.

33: Kero - Good seeing you again after so long Kero. I hope to see more of you at tournaments.


41: KassandraNova - Megaman swag.

41: Ralph Cecil - Good to see you again Ralph.

41: Champ - Smashfield needs to come back yo.

41: Shadow Phoenix - Good to see you again Casey.

41: Jinx - We should play more. I like playing against ZSS.

41: Links - You're lucky you wear a 10.5, you were about to short one pair of Stacks.

49: Radium - Always good to see you Rauleen. Loving the Kirbs.

49: DtJ Ricardo el Defrientes III Esq of Camelot - You beat my ICs. I'm hurt. Good **** though. You are always fun to be around.

49: Tech Chase - You would've loved my pool. 3 :wario: players.

49: Red Ryu - GGs. Thanks for the Lucario practice. Definitely learned some stuff.

49: Steep - Good seeing you man. Keep up that Mario. Also, there may be a possibility of you joining the crew.

49: King - I've seen you quite a bit, but I've never played against you.

49: Quivo - Kweevo! Your TL goes so hard.

49: Hael Phael - I see that Pika.

57: Clowsui - Good **** running this thing. Too bad S.T.I couldn't shut down the competition. They weren't ready for us. Also, :sonic: Sez "You're too slooooooow!"

57: Excel - :luigi2: swaggin easy.

57: DtJ Messy Melons - You should consider cleaning those melons.

57: EagleEye - Odd Smash Wolf Gang Kill Them All

57: DtjxKoJ The Composer - Jazzy Jake stayin classy.

57: Xiivi- Good to see the ever elusive Xiivi after 2.5 years.

65: King of Hoboz - Great to see you Kyle. Still rockin the mime Kirby.

Fun tournament; long shoutouts.

Hope to play you guys again soon.


Smash Hero
Nov 9, 2008
Mount Prospect, IL
Since when do I live in Cincinnati?

Shoutouts to Illinois not knowing the geography of Ohio.
Yo, Oro isn't all of IL, I know the geography of Ohio pretty damn well, just sayin.

Wait...you are in Ohio and you are complaining??????

man...lol...I think IL drove just as long as we did (11 hours, 13 for the southern part of KS)...done with this looooooooooooool
Overall? Yeah, about 12 hours. Hunger and Red Ryu drove even longer because they had to go back up to Wisconsin too.


Smash Hero
Nov 9, 2008
Mount Prospect, IL
Oh, lmao. Cinci isn't that far from IL, it's pretty much just a straight shot through Indy. The trip was a little longer because our car stayed with Composer in Indiana, but nowhere near 22 hours. Hunger probably drove 20 hours overall though, since he's pretty far into Wisconsin.


Smash Champion
Apr 30, 2009
Shoutouts to Hunger doing the best in crews from MWW while whining about hating crews and wanting to go TL or not participating.

Mah ***** LMAO I'll do shoutouts later


Smash Champion
Feb 29, 2008
Chi-town, come at me
you know whats weird it takes like 5 1/2 hours to get to cinci from NEOH and Chicago

it takes 8 hours to get to Chicago from NEOH

screw geography

also anyone able to help me with my Wii problem, never got a response from anyone


Smash Champion
Mar 5, 2008
With the amount of entrants at this tournament, I think it's pretty far fetched to say that there was no rooming available, Clow. You're dancing around the simple fact that no one bothered to offer me anything.

Let's face it. I'm not that well known. I guarantee you that if I were a power ranked player, people would have jumped on the chance to offer me housing. That's just how this community works, and it's the same reason it's dying out.
that's because housing a well known player benefits them -.- they can get a lot of practice they normally wouldn't get, or... they know the well known player since they have hung out with them multiple times.
it's not others responsibility to help you attend events, if you want to make it you will whether or not someone spoon feeds you

tip: pm people next time and/or arrange to have your own room and ask others to join it


Smash Master
Mar 10, 2010
Allen, TX
1/2: Lie - GGs, see you at apex ;o
1/2: Logic - hope you learned some stuff about the ditto. I know I got some stuff to work on from our set. Btw, reason I CP'd you to SV both sets (despite it being my least favorite stage) is because for someone who hates camping, you are REALLY good at it. I wanted to bring the game to a Fsmash battle rather than a camp battle, b/c I knew I would do better that way. Hope to see you at apex.
3: Fino - l2p w/ headphones
4: Kain - :( wish we could've played. Nice seeing you again.
5: Lain - stay free :awesome:
7: Shugo - u so gay y lmao. funniest trollin I ever heard XD We'll play again sometime :p
9: Judo - **** zelda, lol.
9: MJG - salt
9: Seagull - ayo, we goin in @ apex still right? I got some shiz for ya, we can't be losing to your nerves no more ;o
9: Infern - chill dude, wish we could've played =/
13: Zeton - AYO, DON'T BE GETTIN SALTY ABOUT WHAT SHUGO DID TO YOU AIGHT! Real though, good ****. Olimar covers all those match-ups cept shiek if you wanna pick-up a char ;o
13: Pink Fresh - G&W hammer for left seat! Lmao, mad respect to ya though. I felt like our whole set we threw out all the gimmicks, but nothin worked, and it was just solid play from there. GGs
17: Clel - your logic blows my mind sometimes. XD
17: Domo - tie your shoelaces before you play lain mang, can't have you trippin into stocks, mad gay. Was fun kickin it w/ you and wichita again - might have to head down there one more time before apex. Thanks for the advice, Imma take it to heart.
25: Ripple - I seen sets with level 9s last longer vs domo than you @.@ Top midwest player!!! :troll:
25: DtJ LadiesBlade - gettin all the ladies
25: Hylian - SH iceblock -> land -> iceblock chaser = LD3.... if only I knew ;_;
25: Y.b.M. - mad chill as always, iHop was fun.
25: Oro - Where was that brawl minus set-up? I didn't see you at all after our first encounter, LOL
33: Sneaky Tako - one of the funniest men alive. GGs XD

57: EagleEye - Protip: don't talk **** if you're going to ***** out.

With the amount of entrants at this tournament, I think it's pretty far fetched to say that there was no rooming available, Clow. You're dancing around the simple fact that no one bothered to offer me anything.

Let's face it. I'm not that well known. I guarantee you that if I were a power ranked player, people would have jumped on the chance to offer me housing. That's just how this community works, and it's the same reason it's dying out.

I don't care if you're a high ranked player or not, but lemme tell you - you are well known. Stay off my ***, stop following me in threads, stop posting homo **** about me every time I get on smashboards, etc. MJ and I both saw your posts and were like "**** that".


A Frost-Bitten Wolf
Feb 27, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
I mean, I haven't done that in a while, Fino. It was all in good fun.

Sorry. :(

And that doesn't mean I'm well known, rofl.


Smash Lord
Aug 18, 2008
Alright I'm home so

Domo: You traveled 13 hrs to trip into an IC's grab. I feel you dude. We both share the same pain from different ways lol.
MJG: I'll be honest with you, I would of rather fought you early in bracket than to deal with what I had to face at this tourney lol. Good MM set too btw.
You should use TL on me next time though :troll:<3
Clel: Hey Clel...When we get home let's hit the lab...hard.
Judo: Don't think I'm crazy but I'd like to get some friendlies with my Fox against your Sheik. Also good job in crew battle.
Legan: BEEF UP! GUTS UP! LETS GO! and Windjammers. Good times :cool:.
DLA: It's all good man, you did what you had to do. I'm going to **** you next time we meet for that though. Keep it up till then :).
Lain: Well...I did it again:awesome:. Thanks to our set though I realized what I was doing wrong with that MU. Let's get friendlies in next time:cool:.
Oh. And good job getting 3rd :).
Hylian: Good games in pools. I'll be ready for you next time :cool:.
Radium: It was nice seeing and chatting with you and Hylian again :). You two stay safe and happy till next time.
Logic: Our set in bracket was fun. I need more Olimar practice though it looks like. Lets get friendlies in sometime.
Bpow: Hey, mistakes happen. Don't let it bring you down and just do better next time.
Ripple: You need to calm down man. Don't feel like you're a terrible player just because of the results of just this one tourney. Just stay true and honest with yourself and you'll be fine :cool:.
Shugo: I'm upset we didn't get any friendlies in. Also, I'm telling you dude if you wash that shirt it'll shrink to the size you'll like.
Infern: We need to get some Snake vs Fox friendlies next time :).
Y.b.M: It was great to finally get a chance to meet and chill with you. IHOP was blast. Just don't be too rough on Shugo. Those pokes sounded like they hurt lol.
Roller: I couldn't find you let alone get our MM in. We'll have to get it done the next tourney we attend :).
KassandraNova: You got a good handle on this game. Don't feel like you did bad, because you didn't. You almost beat me to the 4th seating by like 1 point I think. Also, play Fox more or any character you feel the most comfortable with in each mu.
Tech Chase: Wtf is with all those power shields...? I swear you power shielded my ground laser rapid fire at one point...lol good matches man let's do it again next time :).
Sneaky: Windjammers. Too much fun:bee:! Thanks for teaching me the game and playing some sets, I'll be sure to be up to par with your skill(and mind games) the next time we play.
Krystedez: Both your Pit and your Wario are beastly. We need to have some friendlies next time :cool:.
Kain: aagh...did you have to deal with any of those 80-20 mus? Also, I'm sad we didn't get any friendlies in :(. Next time right?
Lie: Man, That diddy is fast! I wish we had some friendlies. I'd like to fight that one on one :).

Outside the bad mu experience, it was worth coming all this way to this event. I learned a lot and know how to prepare for the next tourney. I'm FINALLY forced to pick up a secondary. Not sure what it will be though. Thanks to all that has given me suggestions. I'll read into those choices later...for now..

Skyrim. Afk.


Smash Master
Jan 24, 2009
New York, NY
The payouts are just placeholders, in case clowsui doesn't put them up.

Could I get the character usage?

1/2: Lie :diddy: :metaknight: ($234.50)
1/2: Logic :olimar: ($234.50)
3: Fino :olimar: :popo: ($93.80)
4: Kain :wolf: ($53.60)
5: Lain :popo: :metaknight: ($26.80)
5: Krystedez :pit: :warioc: ($26.80)


Smash Legend
Feb 14, 2007
Chapel Hill, NC
getting the full TIO file today

i'm not sure about the top 3 since they have multiple good characters that they were using in pools and stuff but kain :wolf: lain :popo: krys :pit: :wario2:


Smash Master
Mar 10, 2010
Allen, TX
Fino went ICs in pools, but he didn't win a match with ICs in bracket... does that still count for ICs?

If so, I know logic went mk as well.

Mr. Doom

Smash Hero
Sep 25, 2008
I sd'd at 30 and fae sd'd at 50 first stock of our first tourney match. lol
You're already a member, but I sent FAE an invite.

I SD'ed game 2 in dubs with Wario at 0% against Judo/Kel.
Invitation sent.

i sd'ed at 0% with ike in dubs agaisnt hunger and sago lol
Invitation sent.

I SD'd at like 20% on my second stock game 1 vs MJG.
Invitation sent.

I SD all the time but you already know that.... that is why I am in the group...
I tried sending an invite anyway, but it didn't work. :troll:

Any other SD's? Come on, don't be shy.



Smash Master
Jan 24, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio
What's this SD stuff about?

I SDed at 16% against Hylian in the crew battle. Does that count? Still took as many stocks as MJG!


Smash Master
Jan 24, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio
Man, I remember this one time I SDed by running straight across the stage into Ally's up tilt.

Actually, ALL of my stocks have been SDs. I've never actually lost a stock due to a person outplaying me; I just kill myself by running into their moves!


Smash Lord
Aug 3, 2008
3: Fino - ggs. Grats on third, I found it really amusing you went icies in crews.

4: Kain - Why do you have to be good and main a character that ***** mine? GGs again, I think I might have to take the time to learn ddd's infinite if I keep running into you in bracket (and probably still lose lool).

5: Krystedez - take my crews spot </3.

7: Tubular Teddy - idk why you don't go wario on me, but ggs anyway. Also I can't tech. At all LOL.

9: Seagull - we didn't play or even talk much but your plushie is too broken. My yoshi was trying to hide the whole tournament.

9: Infern - thanks for taking me to get food. xd

13: FAE - I'm sooo salty about our game 3. GG's though again...

13: Sago - i thought you weren't here at first cause I kept seeing bpow and thinking he was you, then getting closer and realizing he wasn't you. Also lain isn't a mk main :p

17: Blue Rogue - long time no honk

17: Domo - Really impressed by your mk, it has a very different style from other metaknights. GG's, definitely the most fun mk I've played against in a long time.

17: Kel - gg's in dubz again :p. Not really sure how that's happened twice at the last 2 tournaments but I find it amusing xD.

17: Bpow - shoutouts for looking like sago.

25: Ripple - I don't see how it's +1 dk. Also I got so much hate for that T_T. If you want to mm again and make it either 2 bans or 3/5 I'd be up for it so counterpicks aren't as big of an issue. Castle siege is too good lol. Also why did you strike to ps1 when theres walls?

25: Sorasin - Omg game 2.

25: DtJ LadiesBlade - hadesblade ..... at least your penguin is less bad even though terrible placement is terrible. Also seeing good players place the same/not make it out of pools means its not too bad.

25: Y.b.M. - Shoutouts for kicking me out of the crew battle. You took me to wendy's though so I didn't starve so its k.

33: Mister Eric - omg you ***** me in doubles T_T.

33: Roller - We'll try this again next tourney. Don't really know what else to say xD.

33: Frank Rizzle - teaming with you was fun, and you ****** with diddy was the best.

33: Luminoth - thanks for helping me make $2 :p. If you ever would be up for just grinding wolf vs yoshi or ddd with me for like an hour straight, it'd mean a lot to me, especially since I've lost to kain my last 2 tournaments ><.

33: Kero - ggs. Got my revenge from pools a while ago lol. You have to deal with DTJ now every time you go to the same tourney as them gl ;)

41: Tmacc - Tell hylian to stop being so heavy in random doubles. ;)

41: KassandraNova - I didn't know you were so good in doubles. GG's

41: Links - Up to this day I had never taken a tourney set off an ike main. I've lost to san, mineal, and chris forever. I don't consider you an ike main yet though so unfortunately that hasn't changed. GG's though, I hate that match up so much. If you really are going to main ike we should play a lot of friendlies next tournament because I need to work on that match up.

49: Tech Chase - How do you play ddd in doubles? LOL I always get ***** terribly when I try it in friendlies.

49: Red Ryu - I saw you watching me playin ddd with the dashy tag. ;)

49: Steep - ggs. Idk what advice I can really give you to help you get better, just know changing to a good character won't fix a lot of your problems, AND you have to go through learning a new character. Until you are literally far ahead of the second best mario, there is still plenty of room to improve. I still have a ways to go with yoshi, but I am picking up another character I enjoy playing and want to learn. Way back a while ago I tried to pick up falco, just because he was a good character, and I quickly lost interest in him, and he never got anywhere near the level of my yoshi. If you want to pick up a good character make sure you enjoy playing them first, because you will have to play them A LOT to get good with them.

57: Excel - shoutouts for saying you won't sleep then being asleep like 30 minutes down the road. Also I woke you up and you literally fell back asleep in seconds wtf.

57: EagleEye - Don't quit!! I don't know what I can really tell you either though =/. Being a low tier main is really an up hill battle. Also don't give me the ness is mid tier crap we allll know where he belongs ;).

57: DtjxKoJ The Composer - IM SORRY OKAY?!?

57: Xiivi - ggs mister god of smashboards.
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