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REVENGE: MW Regional


A Frost-Bitten Wolf
Feb 27, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
Eh, I think numbering tourneys, especially if they initially are well received, can help in future attendance.


ᗣᗣᗣᗣ ᗧ·····•·····
Sep 4, 2006
early shoutout to domo for blowing me up faster than anyone ever has before.

1:26 trying my hardest


Smash Lord
Aug 18, 2008
Man this tourney was great an all but...

F*** Fox's bad 80-20 mus....

I'm getting a secondary....

Shoutouts after work tonight.

Oh and f*** sheik. lol

Exceladon City

Smash Hero
Dec 2, 2008
The Lonesome Crowded Midwest
Fun tourney, good seeing everyone again and meeting some new people. Shoutout to the hardest pool ever

Ain't that the ****ing truth. Damn.

early shoutout to domo for blowing me up faster than anyone ever has before.

1:26 trying my hardest
I ****ing died.

Man this tourney was great an all but...

F*** Fox's bad 80-20 mus....

I'm getting a secondary....

Shoutouts after work tonight.

Oh and f*** sheik. lol
I don't know which brand of salt is funnier, this or the salt when you found out you had to play Judo. LMAO


Smash Ace
Jul 16, 2009
anywhere you want me ,OH
fun tourney i guess ill do shout-outs now since im bored.....
1/2: Lie=didnt really play but good stuff i thought you mained falco for the longest i donno why though..
1/2: Logic=your set vs fino was funny as **** to me for some reason lol
3: Fino=wasnt cool that you play MJG all the time just made me feel like ****....j/k good **** man.
4: Kain=man your set vs lie made me look at wolf in whole diff way good **** man.
5: Lain=we didnt really talk much here but it was funny that MI and NEOH got to the tourney at the same time lol.
5: Krystedez=man i wanted to mm that pit for a rematch from sooo long ago maybe next time.
7: Shugo=man i told man i get to tournies fast no matter how late we are it takes 30 mins to get to your house? i can make there in 15 lol.
7: Tubular Teddy=damn you taking 2 stocks of me in less than a minute and me not noticing lol.
9: Judo=didnt play maybe next time i wanna test ike vs sheik XD.
9: MJG=man TL is hard........
9: Seagull=i wanted to mm ya but i could nvr find you lol.
9: Infern=you werent making fun of me as much this tourney.....why not?
13: Zeton=chill dude definitely fun to hang out with and thx for helpin me out at IHOP lol.
13: Pink Fresh=you were here?! wow im so oblivious.
13: FAE=lol dude i couldnt find till too late i was kinda saddened when you beat quivo but good **** man.
13: Sago=hm hm hm hm hm hm ill still hold to that dollar for the runback mm XD.
17: Blue Rogue="ahhh im not good anymore plus i feel like **** today, i cant play, buy me a milkshake, gimme back my money".....im working on it man ;p
17: Clel=didnt talk much but a pretty chill dude thx for encouraging me to finish those pancakes XD.
17: Domo=yo yo yo yo this dude funny as **** man lol.
17: Kel=its fun watching you play DDR.
17: DLA=im sorry i nvr got to our mm next time for sure man.
17: Near=TL main #3 good **** man.
17: Ba-pow=didnt really see ;o
17: Warfie=i saw you once or twice we shoulda played man.
25: Ripple=shoulda played also.
25: Capem=shoulda played too **** lol.
25: Sorasin=***** my ike and made my TL work good **** man next time im comin for ya.
25: Legan=wtf we didnt play?! we gotta fix that man.
25: DtJ LadiesBlade=ike vs yoshi is fun lol
25: Hylian=that crew match was funny lol.
25: Y.b.M.=so man.......when you gonna give me that spot lol j/k ill show you why it deserves to be mine XD
25: Oro=didnt really see ya man.
33: Mister Eric=im kinda glad i didnt play ya this time i was not in the mood for camping games lol.
33: Roller=didnt play but then again ic's vs TL is gay and now i hate pika also lol.
33: Aposl=seen ya once or twice.
33: Sneaky Tako=fun hanging out with ya after the tourney you making fun of shugo was funny lol.
33: Frank Rizzle=if this is supposed to be fizzle then wtf i didnt get to play him this time lol
33: Capem=lol your on here twice.
33: Zwarm=lol at me thinking you were kappy.
33: Kero=man oli is hard!!!!!
41: WTP=didnt play ya this time around.
41: Tmacc=didnt see ya much.
41: KassandraNova=i leave the future of TL to you my run is over.
41: Ralph Cecil=told you random snake wasnt dead yet lol.
41: Champ=i think i only seen ya once that whole day.
41: Shadow Phoenix=didnt see ya.
41: Jinx=good stuff beating me and blue in dubs.
41: Links=your a ****ing srub drop TL already you not making him look any better.
49: Radium= nice seeing ya.
49: DtJ Ricardo el Defrientes III Esq of Camelot=if this supposed to be crash then isnt that fighting game crazy as ****??!?!?! lol
49: Tech Chase=didnt get to play this time but ddd vs tl isnt fun for me anyways lol.
49: Red Ryu=didnt see ya this time around.
49: Steep=dat mario and luigi looking good man keep it up.
49: King=lol man ppl forgetting stuff everywhere eh? lol
49: Quivo=dat 09 TL right there good seeing ya again man.
49: Hael Phael=man **** dat CG lol good **** though man.
57: Clowsui=awesome tourney man do more.
57: Excel=dat luigi campaign going good eh? also heelflips for days lol
57: DtJ Messy Melons=ok i dont know which on this is so imma just say this=?????
57: EagleEye=nice ness man.
57: Nomad=didnt meet i think.
57: Player 2=^
57: DtjxKoJ The Composer=nice suit man.
57: Xiivi=fun games man.
65: King of Hoboz=didnt meet.
65: Moose=wtf moose we didnt play.
65: Earl=didnt meet.
Hilt=cool suit too good job running stuff too man.
ill do more shout-outs when full results are up and junk.......also
i main ike now.............


Smash Lord
Aug 3, 2008
Um...no? I had a ride. All that I asked is if anyone would let me room with them. I'd toss in my fair share of money to cut rooming costs, and nobody offered anything to me. I posted multiple times, and even Mister Eric posted in the thread asking if people would respond to my requests, and I got absolutely nothing. Rob is right in saying that this made me feel unwelcome if people weren't willing to let me stay with them.

Shoutouts to obviously nobody reading my posts.

Seriously, though...that's pretty bad, guys....:(
Once again, I'm sorry you couldn't come, but that isn't true. You planned on coming with sole didn't you? Anyway in your post, you said you needed to be picked up from where ever the transportation dropped you off at. You would also need a ride to the housing. Most carpools coming to this probably had a full car. I know mine did. We also housed over an hour away from the venue each night, because there isn't housing in cinci.

Again, I really am sorry you couldn't go, but the fact it was you and not some other player has NOTHING to do with it, and implying that it did is just rude to the community and brings unnecessary drama.

My last post on that topic.

gg's everybody, shoutouts soon if I can't find anyone to play a hon game with :p


Smash Lord
Aug 3, 2008
I sd'd at 30 and fae sd'd at 50 first stock of our first tourney match. lol


you're deadMEAT.
Feb 23, 2009
Bronx, NY
If anyone has anything from this that they want recorded (replays), let me know!

I'm free for a long time

/no life


"Their anguish was my nourishment."
Jun 28, 2008
Chicago, IL
Shoutouts to blue gatorade, it replenished my electrolytes every time I got salty


Seagull Joe

Smash Legend
Sep 14, 2008

1/2: Lie (forced to split)- Good job Stephen. You've gotten so good.
1/2: Logic (forced to split)- Same comment as Lie's Anthony.
3: Fino- Was fun teaming with ya <3.
4: Kain- Nice meeting ya Kain.
5: Lain- Ggs and fun talking to you Lain.
5: Krystedez- Good games Krys.
7: Shugo- Nice seeing you shuggles.
7: Tubular Teddy- Good games Grimace :troll:.
9: Judo- Nice to meet you.
9: MJG- Good games Averill.
9: Seagull- Could've done better, but good placing nonetheless.
9: Infern- Nice to see you again.
13: Zeton- Nice to meet you.
13: Pink Fresh- ****** <3
13: FAE- Pink Fresh clone.
13: Sago- Good games.
17: Blue Rogue- Good games.
17: Clel- Nice to meet you.
17: Domo- Good games.
17: Kel- Nice seeing you again.
17: DLA- Nice to finally meet you Tom.
17: Near- Good games.
17: Ba-pow- Nice to meet you.
17: Warfie- Thanks for driving me :).
25: Ripple- Nice to meet ya.
25: Capem- Thanks for driving me :).
25: Sorasin- Didn't see you, but good placing.
25: Legan- Really fun meeting you. You're really hilarious lmao.
25: DtJ LadiesBlade- Get better son. I didn't train :yoshi2:s to get 25th!
25: Hylian- Nice seeing you again.
25: Y.b.M.- Nice seeing you again.
25: Oro- Nice to meet you.
33: Mister Eric- Nice to see you again.
33: Roller- Nice to see you again.
33: Aposl- Good to see ya Matt.
33: Sneaky Tako- Good games.
33: Frank Rizzle- Who?
33: Luminoth- Good seeing you again Brian.
41: WTP- Nice to see you again.
41: Tmacc- Nice to meet you.
41: KassandraNova- Nice to see you again Kassy.
41: Ralph Cecil- Good games.
41: Champ- Thanks for driving me :).
41: Shadow Phoenix- Nice to meet you.
49: Radium- Thank you so much for the pretzels Rauleen. I needed something to eat lol.
49: DtJ Ricardo el Defrientes III Esq of Camelot- What....
49: Tech Chase- Nice to meet you.
49: Red Ryu- Good games.
49: Steep- Good games. Your :mario2:/:luigi2: gonna be so good :).
49: King- Nice seeing you again.
49: Quivo- Saw you come in, but never introduced myself. Sorry brah.
49: Hael Phael- Good seeing you buddy.
57: Excel- Nice to finally meet you Dariel Mon mon Excel :luigi2:/:sonic: main Blakemore.
57: EagleEye- Good games.

Special shoutouts:

Hilt- You looked mad classy in your suit. Was great to see you again dude.

Chi- Good tourney. You da bess.

Anyone who played me in pools on my setup I have replays on my channel. Subscribe for future videos as well! www.youtube.com/user/jraucher

DtJ S2n

Stardog Champion
Nov 4, 2009
Project Justice is by far the best game. Also this was a cool tourney, nice seeing everyone. Glad I didn't enter, I was super tired and stuff.

Nobody informed me that I was supposed to be in a suit I was kinda mad.


Smash Hero
May 19, 2009
In Kokomo Circle Camping with Shadow1pj
Shout out timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...I usually wouldn't be so elaborate like I am now but I feel like a few people should hear this...

mjg for giving me the longest campiest set in a while game 3 last hit. best toon link
Lmao...good games man. Can't believe we played for 23 minutes LOL. Good sht winning...amazing diddy/player

Good games in dubz logic...pro olimar. Thanks for coming out.

Shoutout to kain for being one of the best teammates I have ever had. Good stuff in singles as well...one of the smartest players ive ever played. Continue to **** everything with wolf.

Shoutout to the people @ ihop...stayed out till 4:30 AM but it doesn't even matter...had a great time. Shoutout to the police over pullin up with 5+ black people present and sneakytaco saving the day....dip

Best troll goes to the best player in the MW...I hate you shugo lmfao. Nice seeing you again...ima be mad if I find a "Find my Averil" app on the market LMFAO

Ja'mel & Tony: Dallas boys... goood seeing yall again. Always have a good time with ya'll

QUIVO! We finally meet. Mad chill in person lmao. Reppin that 09 tink forever. Good stuff man

Kansas 5! Best trolls lmfao. Good seeing all of you (Especially wichita, whom I never get to see anymore). Clel...always so damn funny haha. Zeton...funniest sht ive gone through in a car ride ever. Stick with fox homie. Dom...our last shot @ apex...always keepin it real

Judo man...your comments that you make towards me always make my day lmfao...sorry for the almost time out LOL. You are such an amazing player and it is always fun playing you...best sheik for sure.

Tmacc my man...always fun seeing you as well. Stick with your school work. You seem like a pretty smart kid. Good luck in your future

Hunger man...hilarious lmao...nice meetin ya

I am salty @ what you told me Corey...it is too true though. Good seeing you as always player 2 *** negro :bee:

Brandon...the fastest player to improve in regards to me helping/watching over you...I hope you continue on this path in the future and progress as a player. Ill miss doing a lot of things with you *no homo of course.

SNEAKY TACO!!!! So damn funny LMAO. Glad I got to experience your humor at ihop...

Lain...you already know lmao. Good seeing you again and GGs.

Hylian...you on the rise again my friend.

Nice meeting you near...good stuff at this event.

Pink Fresh you are funny as hell lmfao...stick wit that lucas...best lucas.

Aposl man...I think the only time we spoke, you thought I was mad at you LOL...not even close. Keep doin your stuff homie

Shoutout to king as well...Usually don't get to hear you talk but when you did @ ihop, only funny sht came out of your mouth lmfao.

Oreo...such a patient player lmfao...ggs

Shoutout to DOmo finishing a BRAWL SET in under 5 minutes....dip

Hadesblade and fizzle...yall are both mad cool and you both had some weird synergy..I say that since ya'll had never teamed before haha. Keep it up

Seagull...yall did well in dubz...goood sheeeee

Good games oro...I ****ing hate marth LOL


Thanks for hosting a great even Chi and Hilt. Ya'll are damn good TOs.

SOrry if I missed anyone...pretty sure i didn't...said everything I wanted to ...Also, after looking @ the bracket, this sht seemed stacked as ****.

I am glad I got to see a lot of ya'll and I hope a lot of ya'll go out to Apex since I plan on making that my last tournament due to school/lack of interest in this game...ill be in Dallas, TX with my boys YbM and infern...MW <3 forever


A Frost-Bitten Wolf
Feb 27, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
^Damn...Southwest Kais.

@Hadesblade: the transportation center was 20 minutes from the venue. It's not that much of a haul. Even so, I would have given gas money.

And I don't mean to be rude to the community, but honestly, I just feel that it's very unfair to me that nobody responded to my posts, and the people who did were only encouraging others to do the same. We're a "community" and we should be helping each other, not ignoring them. It IS rude, no matter how you look at it.


Smash Master
Dec 3, 2005
Wow this Auspher dude needs to put his skirt down, I can smell that ***** from here. Smashers aren't your parents, no one has to care about you, if you get help you get it, if not oh well. I'd def never let you in my hotel room, you're annoying as hell.



Smash Hero
May 23, 2009
Geneva/Chicago, Illinois
I would think you should be more mad at people in Cincy for not helping than people who don't know you OOS since they should be your people. If they don't help you out, how can you even expect people like me/Hunger/Michigan to go out of our way.


A Frost-Bitten Wolf
Feb 27, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
I should have specified that. Sorry.

I did point it out earlier that it has been an issue in Cincinnati for a while.


Not even death can save you from me
Rankings Team
Sep 9, 2004
Switch FC
Auspher if you would have gone to the tournament and asked around I would have let you stay in our hotel room sat night. I didn't really keep up with the thread and our car was full so it would have been hard to pick you up as well :/.


A Frost-Bitten Wolf
Feb 27, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
Auspher if you would have gone to the tournament and asked around I would have let you stay in our hotel room sat night. I didn't really keep up with the thread and our car was full so it would have been hard to pick you up as well :/.
That was what Solecalibur told me to do, actually. But see above posts, and yeah, I just feared that something like that would happen and people wouldn't want to house me. It's a huge fear of mine to be left without housing for the night. If the venue were open for the whole night, it'd be a different story.

I really appreciate the offer though. Gives me some hope for the next tournament. :)
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