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  • I wish. My dad's coming to visit me that Saturday, so not able to. =/

    Next Ohio regional tho. We in there. :yeahboi:
    I'm currently working on homura and then I want to do glaceon :) I'm going to auction both of those on my ebay account if I like them which I more than likely will :) I'm actually almost done with homura. You can also write me on aim which is lolilovesrain as well :)
    in regards to your shoutout to nickriddle about me~ No I don't do commissions YET~ I will be auctioning like 2 other plushies I want to finish and then I'm going to post my commission info. I don't mind taking a personal commission if you want though ^_ ^ LoliLovesRain.deviantart.com this is where I usually post my stuff~
    Sorry I missed you yesterday. I can play this afternoon; here's my FC: 2921 8779 7000. Send a message with a good time (or day) for you and your FC. Should we meet on the Wolf xat chat?
    Thanks for helping me out. [FONT=&quot]
    I feel like :pikachu2: is overated, but he hard counters :dedede: and :sheik: so he isn't exactly a bad choice. No :wario: can cg, but :pikachu2: DOES lose to him at least -1 even if Esam says he doesn't...It's a good decision, but :pikachu2: has a high learning curve.
    Yeah, I'll upload them. Just post who you were playing so I can label them correctly. Also, tell me if they were friendly or tourney. Do you have aim/skype?
    I'm not gonna say "Yes" definitively yet, but it'll probably be alright.

    I need to talk to my roommates and we need to get an idea of how many people we can fit, but I'm pretty sure we're gonna be good on room
    You wouldn't happen to be staying in a hotel for SiiS5, would you?
    I also like going Lucas in doubles, too. :3
    Hey, you entering doubles at the tourney this weekend? Do you need a partner?
    You're picking up Wario..? :(
    K cool. We can get a ditto set recorded too ;). I don't think we played at Dc? I remember playing Pane and Drock, but not you.
    Well, registration is being extended to being open till the 10th at the moment. There is housing threads you could probably find to get cheaper stuff. If not, then it's cool. Wolf reunion some other time.
    Hey, its Clyde_Ashmar/CT from MLGR, you were Lumi right?
    If so could I get the videos you recorded?
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