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Wario Wario Wario
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  • PewDiePie fans are angry over T-Series "cheating" by "using bots", but then they demand people who don't care for, or like, PewDiePie's content to subscribe to him without a single please or why? that's also cheating, y'know.
    A list of (almost) every non-playable 3rd party IP in Smash:

    James Bond
    Perfect Dark
    Shovel Knight
    Monster Hunter
    many Namco universes, most notably Tekken, Mappy, Tower of Druaga and Galaxian/Galaga
    Virtua Fighter
    assorted Mega Man spin-offs
    Tales of

    and here's some select crossovers they've been in:

    Tetris has crossed over with Mickey Mouse, Puyo Puyo and Cardcaptor Sakura
    Rayman has crossed over with Assassin's Creed, Beyond Good And Evil and Splinter Cell
    Bit.Trip has crossed over with No More Heroes and Bubsy
    Shovel Knight has crossed over with Yooka-Laylee, Octodad and VVVVVV
    Bomberman has crossed over with Transformers, Licca-Chan (the Japanese counterpart to Barbie) and Adventure Island
    Shantae has crossed over with Blaster Master
    Rabbids has crossed over with SpongeBob SquarePants, Fairly OddParents and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Tekken has crossed over with PaRappa the Rapper, God of War and InFamous
    You have no clue how many times I've tried and failed to explain to people IRL that nobody actually died in the World of Light trailer.
    beat WoL and got the good ending with Yoshi, Wario and Duck Hunt - but mostly Yoshi. seems he redeemed himself after the tax fraud incident.
    I feel that Smash needs some more non-waifu-y female characters. I honestly scratch my head when people suggest Shantae, Krystal, e.t.c. - like don't we have enough blue-eyed, slim, adult women?
    As a huge Bubsy fanatic, I want to clear up a common misconception about Paws on Fire following the Kickstarter trailer: it won't be rated M. that was clearly a mistake on Choice's part. if it was rated M there would be an "M" on the corner of the screen at the beginning, and the second shot of the box art would've still used the M as opposed to the fixed E. not to mention that the trailer would be over-all edgier.
    I have no clue where all the high praise for Tetris Effect is coming from. sure, it looks and sounds pretty and probably plays really well (it's very hard to mess up Tetris - through that has been done before, Tetris Worlds, anyone?) but there's no way it's GOTY material - it doesn't even have Tower Climber mode!
    I never got the whole "Genwunner" thing - why do people have such an issue with people enjoying just one portion of a game series? you can't dictate what other people like and dislike. the whole "genwunner tears" thing especially ticks me off - doesn't that defeat the whole point of Pokemon, and gaming in general?
    Primal Cookie
    Primal Cookie
    It’s similar to Melee elitists in the Smash community - we don’t care that they like gen 1 the best (nostalgia is a factor, but it is for all of us - I’d be a hypocrite if I said they only like it for that, because that’s really the only reason I like X/Y), but a lot of them will whine whenever a game isn’t just gen 1 HD. And even when it is gen 1 HD (Let’s Go), they still don’t like it because of the half mainstream/half Go mechanics (which is a valid reason, but the amount of complaining makes it seem like “I got all I wanted except for one thing, and it RUINS THE GAME!!! I want another Gen 1 remake that actually does it right!”, which just seems like whining to the rest of the community.
    I mean to be fair Let's Go wasn't what I wanted. I wanted a sequel to Crystal in Kanto, seeing old faces and new, and new environments. Thus no interest whatsoever in that title.
    generic Waddle Dee would make a way better Smash fighter than Bandana Waddle Dee. he could still be a spear user, but also float with an umbrella, swing from ropes, use a bow and arrows, throw snowballs and even chop with an axe. not to mention there's way more potential for alternate costumes.
    Guys, Prince Haru for Jump Force! he only appeared in the Mario OVA, therefore making him an anime character!
    Deleted member
    Who the **** is that
    Deleted member
    A better choice would be ash ketchum
    what if Joker's invitation was stolen from Duster, who in turn stole it from Jill Dozer, who in turn stole it from the Bonanza Bros, who in turn stole it from Carmen Sandiego, who in turn stole it from Nabbit, who in turn stole it from Nathan Drake, who in turn stole it from Sly Cooper, who in turn stole it from Rogue the Bat, who in turn... I can't think of any other thieves.
    the Bubsy Twitter recently promised a "big announcement", then "Bubsy" said he was writing his "acceptance speech" for something unspecified... Choice Provisions is developing the new Bubsy game and their mascot Commander Video was a trophy in Smash Wii U...

    thinking emoji
    Deleted member
    Bubsy isn't coming dumbass
    I doubt it's for Smash, but who knows? After Piranha Plant and Joker, anything can happen.
    I have mad respect for Arlo for using puppetry in all his videos, but also have overwhelming contempt for his selfish ungratefulness.
    when will Piranha Plant be released to the late buyers? I brought the game on launch day, but decided to pay for PP instead.
    a while back when the fake Gothitelle leak was going around, I misread Gothitelle as Growlithe (a much better Pokemon in all honesty) and made a Growlithe moveset

    INTRO: a Great Ball is thrown, releasing Growlithe into battle
    BOXING RING TITLE: Owner Protecting Hound
    B: Safeguard: a charging move that doesn't deal damage. once it's been fully charged, Growlithe will shine bright and restore to 0% and remove any negative status (Pikmin, Lip's Stick, Ramblin' Evil Mushroom, e.t.c.) from itself
    SIDE B: Flamethrower: similar to Charizard's move of the same name, but it's less powerful, lasts longer and Growlithe can turn while using it
    UP B: Burn Up: Growlithe covers itself in fire and spins upwards. on first use, this move is extremely powerful and great for recoveries, but if used within a minute of the last use, it will become weak and lack fire animation, but it's recovery will remain intact.
    DOWN B: Flame Wheel: a fireball circles around Growlithe. it works similar to Mega Man's Down B, but all other moves can be used while it is active and when Down B is pressed, instead of turning into a projectile, it explodes around Growlithe. it makes Growlithe's fire attacks weaker, but every other move stronger.
    FINAL SMASH: Fire Blast: Growlithe charges up a giant blast of fire, which creates a 大 shape across the screen which damages anyone touching it. very similar to Bowser Jr's Final Smash.
    UP TAUNT: Growlithe sits down and claps gleefully.
    SIDE TAUNT: Growlithe sniffs the air, and barks to indicate that it likes what it smells
    DOWN TAUNT: Growlithe growls
    fun fact: if you are to count him as a character, Reckless Safety Notice Man has appeared in the most video games of any fictional character who was created for a video game, with a total of 1529 games. (all retail Wii games + Go Vacation! on Switch)
    here's some things I do not like:

    smutty adult cartoons (not adult cartoons in general - huge classic Simpsons fan and I've been watching a bit of The Critic lately - just the smutty stuff like Family Guy, South Park, Rick and Morty, e.t.c.)

    blind patriotism

    10 minute long YouTube videos devoted to shaming artists and their fans for their fetishes and/or interests

    people getting "cult classic" and "hidden gem" mixed up

    people saying "hello" but not intending to start a conversation

    fictional characters created for the sole purpose of being eye-candy (classic Lola Bunny for example)

    people using adjectives as nouns (look at those idiotics calling trans people "transgenders"!)

    people calling their opinions "facts" (yeah, talking about those Double D memes)
    Kuru Kuru Kururin is a good game, but I can't really see it's protagonist, Kururin, being a good Smash fighter.
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    Deleted member
    Is it because it sounds like Krillin's name in japanese
    Splatoon, StarFox and Xenoblade have the worst songs in Smash Ultimate IMO - Splatoon's is obnoxious (Split & Splat and the Splattack remix are notable exceptions), StarFox's is bland and generic (Corneria (Brawl) is a jam through) and Xenoblade's is just ear-piercing. (Guar Plains and Guar Plains Night are nice, and You Will Know Our Names is tolerable)
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    The worst IMO is Pikmin, they had tracks like Ai no Uta, the French version for some reason, and Tane no Uta. Funnily enough, those were all removed. They still have Environmental Noises and a few other stinkers however. It's hard to choose a second place, but I guess WarioWare?
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    I love the No Uta trio and WarioWare IMO has some of the best songs in the game.
    This was fine until you went after Splatoon
    Honestly, I'd be fine with having 50 million Fire Emblem characters if they weren't all sword lords and other more popular series like DK and Zelda got higher priority
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    Deleted member
    You know that means 50 million anime characters, right?
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Fire Emblem isn't an anime... there was a Fire Emblem anime, but it is not an anime itself.

    also, the "50 million" part was complete exaggeration for comedic effect.
    Deleted member
    But it sure feels like a stereotypical anime
    Shadow in Smash over Tails, Knuckles or Eggman is a straight up felony to me.
    I personally believe that Spirits deconfirm fighters. I didn't believe this until I enhanced my Nipper Plant spirit into Petey Piranha.
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