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  • So I wanna ponder who might be developing this new Emio thing assuming the rumor about Bloober Team making it in collaboration with Nintendo isn't real.

    I at first was probably thinking Nintendo went bat**** crazy and decided to collab with Junji Ito, but I feel there would be a lot more spirals and body horror, so maybe not.

    Then I thought Remedy Entertainment, but I doubt that fits the general aesthetic of something like Alan Wake.

    I legitimately can't exactly pinpoint who's making this.
    I'm gonna get a weird idea out of the way for a Minecraft spinoff: a Minecraft arena fighter.

    The roster of characters consists of Specialties (Such as Redstoning, Griefing, Building, etc.), and a Mob to call upon as an Assist, and the Arenas are essentially the various biomes of the game.

    So lemme give an example of a match:
    • You're playing as a Builder character, capable of creating large structures in a near-instant, but thanks to you having a Silverfish as an Assist Mob, you can lace that structure with Monster Eggs as a trap.
    • Your opponent is playing a PvP'er with a wide variety of weapons, and has an Iron Golem to either act as a barrier for defense, launch you up for set-ups, or launch your foe up so they can exploit their mace attack.
    • The arena selected is a Woodland Mansion, and the gimmick of that stage is that you can knock foes into a party of Illagers camping out in a room to aggro them.
    It just kinda hit me that the origins of analog horror can be traced back to The Ring of all things. Sadako's tape is pretty much the first-ever instance of analog horror.
    • Recorded on analog hardware (A VHS tape)
    • Eerie, supernatural imagery
    • Tied to something not human and supernatural
    • Features a distorted humanoid figure (Sadako was born deformed)
    • Some premises are about something coming out of the screen to kill you (Something Sadako's Curse does)
    You know what would be fun? A Lethal Company-style co-op game...but it's in the style of something like Inscryption or Buckshot Roulette. An idea I had right now is that you and your friends are basically a TTRPG party and the guy in the position of Leshy/The Dealer is the Gamemaster with a cursed book where they write the story of the campaign. In between rounds you and your friends go and collect stuff to deck your characters out in. Of course, you and your friends lose on a total party wipe.
    Am I the only one here who thinks a Pokemon pirate/seafaring game would slap?

    Imagine, you're manning your own ship, your team of Pokemon essentially being your crew. You have naval battles that will test your crew's ability to fight other pirate crews before going into actual Pokemon battles when boarding.

    Probopass could get a nod to its PokeDex entry by being the best navigator you could, Dhelmise could have either a brighter-colored pre-sinking variant or a new evo that uses more ship parts, and you could have unique regional variants that're solely seabound.

    It'd be especially fun if it's a Pokemon Legends game in Galar that's based on the Age of Exploration.
    So random idea for Pokemon Legends: Z-A: we'll get Kalosian Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, mainly because the latter has a Mega Evolution and seems extremely important to Mega Evolution's lore. Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres got Galarian evolutions, so why not? Now how we go about it? Well, the Hoennese trio as is represents the more mythological creation of the Earth. Now I imagine a Kalosian version of the trio to represent the more cosmic creation of the Earth.
    • Kalosian Groudon: Ground/Psychic, representing the dust and gas from the sun that creates the core of the Earth.
    • Kalosian Kyogre: Water/Rock, representing the comets that have delivered water and ice to Earth.
    • Kalosian Rayquaza: Fire/Dragon or Fire/Flying, representing the gas released from volcanoes that created the Earth's atmosphere.
    Just had a random thought:

    Pokemon Legends: Arceus is basically waxing off Monster Hunter for its gameplay. Hell, the Noble Pokemon are basically like bigger monsters like Rathalos, Deviljho or Fatalis!

    So...Pokemon Legends: Z-A, with its being entirely set in Lumiose...what if it's basically Pokemon Yakuza? Like A Dragonite, if you will. This'd be the perfect "baby's first Yakuza", and I'm not talking about the Gondawara family either.
    So I'm predicting many things for Pokemon Legends Z-A Z-A (No, I did not typo LOL)

    • For the starters I'm predicting Empoleon because of course Napoleon, Meowscarada because one its bud looks like a fleur-de-lis from an angle and two it looks oddly French to me, and Charizard because Mega Evolutions are coming back and you just friggin' know it's going to have a Mega Charizard Z.
    • I got a hunch that Mega Zygarde is going to exist. I'm hoping they go full circle with its Ragnarok theming and model Mega Zygarde around Surtr the fire giant.
    • I get the feeling that Paradox Pokemon are going to be involved somehow, and there's going to be Paradox versions of the Kalos Legendary duo. Calling them Bloom Antler and Iron Reaper for the moment.
    • I get the feeling that it's going to take place directly after the war with the Ultimate Weapon.
    • I'm absolutely hoping it's a massive city-building storyline like with Colony 6 from XC1 or Tarrey Town from BotW.
    Hey, you ever just imagine how easily some character's monologues could be recontextualized if swapped around? For example:

    Like, remember when Yuji Itadori admits to Mahito that he was right and that he was him? That was a very bone-chilling monologue for him, really exemplifies the effects of the trauma that he was put through during the entire Shibuya Incident and his utter breaking of his old ideals.

    Now I can't help but imagine what it would feel like if other characters were saying it.

    For example, Medaka Kurokami from Medaka Box. She's this veritable force of nature at Hakoniwa Academy, trying her best to help others because she believes she was put on this Earth to do so...but there were times she's lapsed on it like with her battle with Unzen where we first see her activate War God mode. In a sense, I feel like the Unzen battle is somewhat close in tone to the final Mahito fight, so hearing Medaka doing this cold speech to this Cursed Spirit would be sort of chilling.

    Conversely, Yuji going against Unzen would kind of place him at a higher mental fortitude than he was back in Shibuya if he was speaking Medaka's "I'm Trying To Be Right" speech. Both Yuji & Medaka have an overlap in that they wanted to help others, and that drive gets challenged throughout their stories (though Medaka's a lot more dedicated and zealous to that ideal), but Medaka Box is an extremely different tone to JJK so while I am aware that some will think it betrays the purpose of both, it makes me wonder how much different the tones of their speeches would be based on their characters.
    Random thought/semi-science question: if Water-type Pokemon drank alcohol...would they be very light or very heavy drinkers?

    Because if you wanna drink something and not get drunk you water down your drink...hell, you can wait to let ice melt in some drinks before so it doesn't affect you as much. So with this in mind, would it be reasonable to see a Palafin not even get the slightest bit drunk after 5 whole barrels of booze?
    I think it depends on each specific Water-Type Pokemon.

    On the side that wouldn't be good drinkers, Psyduck already suffers from constant headaches as is. That last thing it needs is a hangover.

    Wash Form Rotom wouldn't do well with that stuff either. Last time I checked, Alcohol is not a good Laundry Detergent.

    But on the other side, Milotic is a very lady-like Pokemon. She'd probably drink a glass of fine wine here or there.

    And Suicune, well..................you tell me.
    Water will just keep you hydrated. 5 whole barrels of booze will have the same effect with or without the water. Watering down your drink, say a cup is half water half alcohol as opposed to 2 halves alcohol, will slow down the rate of alcohol intake but not if you're going from half cup of just alcohol to filling the other half with water.
    You know what I want?

    Imagine a monster-catcher game...but you can also train them to pilot giant super-robots. Like, not Gundam-giant robots, straight-up insane GaoGaiGar robots. Full-on Gurren Lagann mechas.

    Stats would not only determine how well they do in the typical monster battle, but also how skilled they would be as mecha pilots. Battles could have the typical "party of monsters" and "1-on-1 mecha" fights, but sometimes you can send your whole team out at once to fight a singular mecha. Wouldn't that be amazing to play?
    So I am aware Ted Woolsey was responsible for a metric ton of changes in writing across a lot of games that get localized from Japan, much of which are remembered favorably today, but it does make me wonder how the original writing was received over in Japan.

    Like, for example: we got a very sadistic and hateful Kefka in FF6 while Kefka in Japan is a lot more childish. Makes you wonder how we'd have perceived the story if they kept the Japanese version of Kefka instead of the more hate-fueled version we got.
    My fighting game brainrot's been acting up again and you know what I'm pissed off we don't have a Yu-Gi-Oh! Archetype fighting game yet.

    A lot of the YGO games I see are just different iterations of the card game, and the games that deviate from that are just Yugi appearing as a guest character. Lemme play a YGO game where I can form a team of Eldlich, Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Witchcrafter Madame Verre and fight Numeronious Numeronia as a secret boss.
    I've been thinking a little bit: between that first Atomic Breath Shin Godzilla released onto Tokyo and pretty much everything Sukuna did during the Shibuya Incident in his battles with Jogo and Mahoraga, I wonder which had more devastating consequences for Japan's future.
    I'd love to see a Demon King anime where said Demon King is smart enough to not use military might to conquer the world lest the Hero annihilate him, and so he decides to take a more economic approach to world domination. It'd be cool if they explored some tactics of economics from our world as well (maybe even shouting out the Silk Road too). Bonus points if the Demon King accidentally hires the Hero for some comedy.
    I kinda want there to be a Capcom vs. Shonen Jump someday. I doubt we'll be getting a new Marvel VS. Capcom anytime soon, so I think having them collaborate with Shonen Jump would be extra cool.
    I sooner expect Shonen Jump to have a crossover with Bandai Namco tbh, given the amount of games they collaborate for.

    MVC became a thing because of all the Capcom-developed Marvel fighting games, after all.
    Okay, hypothetical situation incoming:

    Say you have 2 people standing in front of a wall of 20 GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannons. One has extreme speed like the Flash, the other has god-like reflexes like Ultra Instinct. They can only dodge the incoming fire from the Avenger guns for as long as they're able. Who would go down first, the super-speed or the instinctual reflexes?

    My argument is that the super-speed guy would fall first. While he is fast, he still needs to think before he moves, his body needs time to recognize that he wants to move. Whereas the instinct guy doesn't need to think at all to dodge, it just happens.
    Personally, if I had either super speed or god-like reflexes, or even no superpowers whatsoever, my response would be to run the **** away (therefore winning by default)
    I feel like speed would win out here because automatic weapons aren't good because of accuracy but for the fact that they can pepper an entire area very quickly. Reaction time is all well and good but it doesn't mean much if your body can't move fast enough to escape the area entirely.
    Just thought of the most out-of-pocket fighting game in the world: a crossover fighting game, but it's only the top-of-the-meta characters. So Tekken 7 Leroy Smith, UMvC3 Vergil, Smash Ultimate Steve, Brawl Meta Knight, Kid Buu from DBFZ, Simpsons Wrestling Flanders, all those busted characters. Imagine how insane things would get.
    So I've wanted to ask anyone who's done datamining: how do the eyes on Smash Ultimate's characters, more particularly more "anime" characters like Pit, Cloud, and Pyra/Mythra work? Are the eyeballs separate meshes with textures on a UV map or are they just flat textures over an entirely blank face?
    Random thought: would a Ghostface Devil be somewhat powerful in the Chainsaw Man universe? IIRC, Ghostface is a title and multiple people have taken up the title of "Ghostface" in the Scream movies, so there's some logic in the Ghostface Devil being somewhat powerful.
    Question for everyone: if we were to get a new fighting game franchise in Smash, who would be more busted between Nightmare from SoulCalibur and Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear?
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    Easily nightmare. And if you are going to have nightmare as a fighter, have siegfried, maybe even cervantes, as a spirit, and maybe inferno as a boss for classic mode. :lucina:
    Doesn’t matter, Uncle Ben; Bridget is better than both of them.
    Hey, uh, anybody who's into coding/modding characters into RoA or Smash...I have a bit of a thought exercise for you.

    So, say I want to make this character, right? They have a slow command grab Neutral Special that's basically Thwack as a command grab...but this grab has a hard insta-KO percentage that's achieved with this method: if this character is selected at least once, the game will draw squares around each other fighter for a split-second, then calculate damage percentages based on the height and width of the hurtbox of each fighter. For Smash players, this means Pichu and Kirby will be instantly-killed the moment they get grappled while you need to put in the work to do so for Bowser & K. Rool. For you RoA players, characters like Ranno and Ori would be insta-KO'd at an earlier percentage than Etalus and Elliana.

    The formula in question is as follows: [((H * W) - b) / 2] (H = Height, W = Width, b = Empty space inside the square in units)

    In Smash, Kirby's hurtbox is 9 Units high and 10 Units wide (Units being one of the 100 squares in the 10x10 blocks on the Training stage), and there are 16 Units his hurtbox doesn't cover in the square drawn by the game, making him able to be instantly KO'd at 37%.

    If you were to go for a better formula than what I have right now, or at least some tweaks to make the formula I have seem balanced, what would you do?
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    Though I'm not by any means experienced with modding specifically, the first thought that occurs to me is that it could potentially be a lot simpler to simply calculate it based on the character's weight value.

    However, if it needs to be specifically related to size, it's also worth considering that you may need to also consider depth, given a lot of modern 2D games still use 3D-based engines for things like hitboxes and such - and Smash specifically is obviously in a 3D environment to begin with. (With that in mind, you'd probably need boxes instead of squares.)

    That said, the current formula feels like it'd be a little unbalanced. A character like Pichu getting K.O'd by a single attack at, like, 30% compared to K. Rool getting K.O'd at around 150% seems like it'd feel wildly unfair - maybe the formula might need a little work to make it a bit more balanced.

    As I say, though, I'm not exactly experienced with modding specifically, I only have a working knowledge of computer logic, so take what I say with a grain of salt.
    You know, I don't know why Batman never had a cheesy Japan-exclusive tokusatsu show the same way Spider-Man did back then. Dude's literally DC Comic's own version of Kamen Rider and the Adam West show proved that a premise like that could work. Was Japan on a Marvel kick at that time and just skipped over DC back then?
    We anime fans all know the classic isekai plot, right? The main protagonist gets hit by a truck and dies, a goddess says "Wake up in a new world and slay the Demon King, and I'll grant you my blessing to aid you" and the protag thinks he's about to set out on the adventure with a party using magic and swords and the power of friendship and save this new world and its kingdoms from the Demon King. Well, imagine there was an anime that has that same set-up except...the protagonist was never isekai'd: he was just hospitalized for a few months, and the "goddess" who gave him her blessing was actually a drafting agent who recruited him for a highly-eccentric Fantasy-LARP'ing Yakuza clan at war with other neurotic fantasy-LARP'ing Yakuza clans, including the family of the "Demon King", who's actually just the criminal underground's #1 Most Wanted. The protag has to survive getting roped along in these gang battles against the "Demon Clan" and pretty much come to terms with the fact he got roped into a war with a bunch of violent if a bit energetic cosplayers who look like they just got plucked out of a D&D convention. The "spells" are just random **** they throw at one another like in South Park: The Stick of Truth. So the "Ray of Frost" spell is actually just them shooting liquid nitrogen out of a fire hose.
    You know, it's extremely weird but kind of a good thing that Nintendo went from "oh no, don't make that Toad even a pixel different" in their Mario RPGs to "bring that diverse group of lovable weirdos back, we're remaking their games with everything intact". I wonder what changed at Nintendo and if that'll influence future original Mario RPG projects.
    There are times when invasive thoughts come to my head. Like, would we have been more successful with an Area 51 raid if instead of Naruto running we just used Tekken crouch dashing? As aerodynamically accurate as Naruto-running is, the problem is that the pose is static, it's easier for the guards to land a headshot. Crouch dashing, meanwhile, has similar speed while implementing rapid, jerky body movement, making it even more difficult to land a shot properly.

    Besides, if you saw a group of thugs just Tekken crouch-dashing towards you, you'd probably be ****ing terrified about it.
    I think Tom & Jerry's premise of "too focused on hurting each other, everyone else in the crossfire is just collateral" in MultiVersus has a lot of potential as the gameplay concept for an entire beat-em-up game.

    Like, sure you can attack enemies directly, but if you attack your friends any enemy that gets caught in the crossfire takes bonus damage. Big guy with an unbreakable shield you can't break by yourself? Just land a haymaker on a friend towards them and the shield's out of their hands. Crowd of mooks blocking your path? Throw a nearby ally straight at the crowd to disperse it. That kind of gameplay has as much potential for fun as it does comedy, you get me?
    TBH I like Multiversus having so many characters that attack unintentionally - Velma looking for clues for example. I hope they add Buddy at some point, where he's just so focused on spreading holiday cheer that he hardly notices that he's constraining his opponents in Christmas lights or smacking them with pine trees.

    As I've said before, if it wasn't for the game feeling like everyone is just a slower Jigglypuff, I'd be way more of a fan.
    I mean, true, but I'm talking about an entirely separate game altogether that takes the concept of "treat everyone as collateral" and puts it in its combat.
    With how infamous Fire Emblem is in the Smash community, I can't help but think Anna would have the least amount of backlash as a FE newcomer.
    1. She's not a one-shot character like Byleth, Robin, and Corrin, she's a recurring character/element across the entire series, dating back as far as the first game on NES.
    2. Like Byleth, Anna is not limited to just swords, she can use any kind of weapon, mainly because she usually has them in her shop.
    3. Speaking of selling, a money mechanic is something I don't think we've seen in Smash before. You could make something unique out of that.
    Honestly, I'm really hoping Nick All-Star Brawl 2 gives us Clockman. He comes from a franchise Nick owns with Pinwheel and it's arguably one of the more famous pieces of Lost Media in history.
    You know what would be a fun BR game? A Halloween-themed battle royale where instead of "last one standing wins" like in PUBG or Fortnite it's "the one with the most candy gained in a time limit wins". You'd have Trickers that get their candy by scaring it off other players (and would have different abilities based on their costume) while you'd have Treaters that would explore the map searching for candy up for grabs.
    You know what the most unhinged, unlikely Pokemon crossover game would be? Pokemon X Ace Combat. All Pokemon that can canonically fly fighting each other in Ace Combat-style dogfight battles. As ridiculous as that would be, I'll admit it seems pretty fun.
    You know, I can't help but wonder why Mortal Kombat is banned in Japan when they let games like Doom Eternal into the country just fine. I mean, I get that manga and anime like Blood-C, Hellsing Ultimate and [Insert Junji Ito story here] get a pass because they're different media. But I almost feel like Japan has a double-standard for gory games.
    Maybe it's because the blood/gore is aimed at demons and not humans? I dunno; Kinda weird.
    Censorship in general is completely arbitrary and makes no sense no matter how you use it. But MK is in quite a different league than those that you mentioned. I still remember that fatality of Kung Lao's where he spins his hat on the ground like a table saw and then just casually drags his opponent into it. Something about how simple and casual it was heightened the barbarism even when compared to some of the incredibly over-the-top fatalities featured in that franchise.
    So I'm in the middle of a side quest regarding Ancient Hyrulean, and I can't help but wonder if the localization team actually dove into Old English for the translations. For example:

    "Oft wys Rauru, kyng of kene blade, weyve his werk real in faver of the hunte. Ond oft queynte Sonia, quene of kene insight, seke out him and repaire this kyng to kyngly besynesse. In her sapience semes she divin, that she cunne him ever finde and for hes folly semes him the mor humain. Ond the kyng? O, he laughe. Nat him hir equal for hir wit, he kunne. Ond the quen, she laughe to, als even she scolden."

    Sounds like a really old form of English, doesn't it?
    Am I the only one who now feels especially confident about Elden Ring being able to run on Nintendo Switch? Sure, some sacrifices were made for framerate for that amount of exploration and fun, but I'd argue that Tears of the Kingdom has a lot more content than Elden Ring, and the entirety of Hyrule is, from what I've seen and gathered, significantly bigger than the Lands Between could ever be. I guess what holds Elden Ring back are model quality, particles, and especially the Erdtree, but just because sacrifices have to be made for a port to run well doesn't mean the game is automatically less fun. Just look at Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal.
    “Just because sacrifices have to be made for a port to run well doesn't mean the game is automatically less fun. Just look at Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal.”

    And the massive success of the PlayStation 2. The console that often had the worst versions of multi platform games from its generation.
    Playing through Tears of the Kingdom had made me wonder how the hell they're going to top the sheer size of this map. Like, Hyrule was already huge in Breath of the Wild. But the Sky Islands and Depths make the game feel bigger than Elden Ring of all things! How the hell are they going to top that in a threequel to BotW? Bring back Minish Cap shrinking? Give us an alternate dimension like the Twilight Realm?
    Been thinking a little bit about a potential Splatoon movie and honestly I think they could get away with using extremely adult licensed music if it was all sung in Inkling language.

    Like, imagine if an Inkling-language cover of "Where The Hood At" by DMX played when a swaggy rival Inkling team shows up, it'd be hilarious.
    Everybody's been complaining/afraid about AI ending the human race as we know it (probably doesn't help that AI's been getting more and more advanced quickly as of late)...but honestly, I'm of the mind that there are a few AI that'll break off by themselves and want to defend humanity. It's kind of a rule where if there's too much of something, eventually some will break off into the opposite.
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