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  • Two more hours before we move onto our next match-up, everybody! And reminder: our current match-up is Engineer Vs. Sandy!
    Starting our second week with a real Texas hoedown: The Engineer from TF2 Vs. Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob!
    So MultiVersus has been on all our minds lately but I can't help but wonder how much of the roster Sakurai could look into if he decides to make another Smash game. Iron Giant alone could be the perfect starting point for if he wants to add a mecha pilot like Sakura from Sakura Wars or a Daemon X Machina character.
    We have our final match-up of the week: Terra from Kingdom Hearts Vs. Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars!
    New Match-Up is open for discussion: Dr. Neo Cortex vs. Dr. Eggman! Discuss away if you wish!
    We're onto our next match-up: Shaggy Rogers VS. Jughead Jones!

    Everybody take a bite if you're hungry for discussion!
    Ladies and gentlemen, our next match-up is Donald Duck Vs. Daffy Duck! Hop on in if anyone wants to quack their thoughts here!
    Reminder that Jason Voorhees VS Pyramid Head is still active in discussion. Anybody who's up to discuss is free to hop in!
    We're moving on to our next match-up: the battle between two masked horror icons, Jason Voorhees Vs. Pyramid Head! Hop in and discuss who wins and who dies if you want!
    Our first Death Battle Match-Up is Megamind Vs. Gru! Stop by and discuss who you think wins if you like!
    We got a lot of suggestions in the thread and have decided to take it down to a vote. Whichever match-ups make Top 7 become our week backlog.
    Bro, why do you have Grave as your PFP?
    Say, I've been thinking: why did they go with just calling it the Home-Run Bat and make it a Smash original item instead of calling it the Casey Bat and making it an Earthbound item?

    Take a look:

    The description is as follows:
    Ness can equip this weapon. You can't help but swing this bat with all your might. There's a good chance that you may just whiff.
    Sounds an awful lot like the Home-Run Bat, right? Did they think the poem they were referencing was too high-brow of a reference and just turned it into a Smash original item?
    So with this Purple drama going on with the Newcomer Thread, it makes me wonder if someone unironically claimed that the final fighter was Waluigi, and that was what actually set off the whole thing.
    Anyone else find it weird that the only thing Nintendo has said about E3 this year is that they'll be taking part of it?

    I mean, IIRC, they'd announce what they plan to do at E3 a month or two in advance, but right now we're nearly three weeks away and still nothing. If they wanna announce something like a Nintendo World Championships Online or the usual E3 Direct, now's as good a time as ever.
    Nowadays, a majority of leaks, rumors, and theories are just speculative fanfiction, and that's okay.

    Admittedly I've dabbled in it a few times myself, but ultimately, I'm just having fun running my imagination wild. There are some leaks and rumors that come true like the Ken leak, but majorly it's fanfiction that can be either oversaturated stuff (How many times have you seen Doom Slayer or Crash in a leak?) or it could be original stuff (hats off to the crazy mf who thought about leaking a concert), and that's fine.
    You know, thinking about how Sakurai says he stores the figures of unrevealed fighters in a locked drawer in his office, I can't be the only one thinking some dumbasses will fly over to Japan, break into Nintendo's HQ in Kyoto and pick open that same drawer just to find out the last two fighters. I don't want it to happen, don't get me wrong, I just feel like somebody will be stupid enough to make the attempt.
    To everyone bemoaning the online service and all that: there was this thing going on about Nintendo replacing their multiplayer server system, so hopefully, your suffering will cease. I've had to deal with some long periods of lag a whole lot, with the occasional D/C, when playing Smash (I play Arena only, just to be clear), so I can somewhat feel your pain. But rest assured, your problem will most likely be solved soon.
    No it won't. This is nintendo we're talking about.

    As far as smash goes, it's the netcode itself. It needs a massive overhaul as it's been mroe or less using modified code from the brawl era iirc. And it's also flawed in its overall design.

    a new server system alone won't help when each game itself likely needs a massive overhaul to it's matchmaking, netcode, etc. Nintendo's core design philosophy with their online service is outdated, not just their server system.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    L link2702 Sure, but you have to remember the reason Nintendo wont fix Ultimate Online isn’t necessarily because Nintendo is a terrible company, it’s because it’s freakin HARD to make changes to an online system that’s already in place, especially when lots of people already play it.

    Also there is practically zero chance a company would overhaul their netcode, especially a game like Smash Ultimate that took so long to make. Criticizing Nintendo for making a flawed online system, that’s fair. But criticizing them for not completely changing the online experience is NOT fair
    You know, thinking about this Super Mario 3D All-Stars stuff has me wondering: you don't suppose this is basically Nintendo experimenting for some sort of online library of at least N64 and GameCube games for NSO subscribers, right? Looking at it now, it makes one wonder. The limited release timeframe, the lack of updated visuals, it would make sense, right? Because for the entire existence of NSO Library's predecessor, Virtual Console, all they've done was NES, SNES, and Gameboy.
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    N64 was on the Virtual Console though. But it only received like 20 something games though and a good amount of notably titles including the Rareware games and Mario Party 1 and 3 were absenced. The Rareware games obliviously due to copyright and Microsoft now owning those IPs, but Mario Party 1 and 3 I don't understand. I know Mario Party 2 is the most popular, but 3 is my favorite and 1 is iconic so all 3 N64 Mario Parties should have been on there. But I don't know why they have been holding off on putting Gamecube games on Nintendo's online service for so many years when people have been begging for Gamecube VC/Online forever.
    Hey Goliso, just wanted to inform you about the MYM Discord server. Invited a couple people today and figured you may be interested. Thanks for Snom and the others.
    I can't be the only person on this entire website who wants a Warframe fighter in Smash, right? Right?

    I mean, there's a whole lot of those Warframes to pick from, and we got a start with the Lotus as a Spirit, so why stop there?
    I didn't think Warframe was too succesful.
    My Mii Costume Goodie-Bag Wave (Like with Sans and Cuphead) Predictions:

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Resident Evil:
    Mr. X (Brawler)
    William Birkin (Swordfighter)

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Dark Souls:
    Solaire (Swordfighter)

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Tekken:
    Heihachi (Brawler)

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion:
    Sanitized Octoling (Gunner)

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X Ori and the Blind Forest:
    Ori (Universal Mii Costume) + "Light of Nibel"
    My predictions for Fighter's Pass Vol. 2:

    FP6: Min Min: This lady's the winner of the Party Crash Bash last year, and is Yabuki's favorite character. Min Min as a new fighter would break the barriers about Spirits deconfirming and shoot up support for characters that have appeared in the Spirit Board like Akira from Astral Chain, Leon from RE, the Ring Fit Trainee from RFA, and a whole lot more.

    FP7: Doom Slayer: This guy has had some strong support even after that interview a couple months back, and despite how long it's been since then, the CacoMallow leak STILL hasn't been proven fake. Doom Slayer has just as much going for him as he does against him, if not more.

    FP8: Geno: Alongside the Doom Slayer, Geno has been the character that people think of when they saw the CacoMallow leak. Geno is in a similar situation to Banjo and Kazooie: making a debut as a Nintendo character, but rarely ever making an appearance as a character on Nintendo ever again because of Square-Enix, much like Banjo and Kazooie with Microsoft. I know Geno has been one of the #1 characters for support alongside Ridley, K. Rool and Banjo, so adding Geno would make more people extremely happy. I know a few people (And even subscribed to a guy on YouTube) that really want Geno in Smash.

    FP9: Reimu Hakurei: The shoot-'em-up genre has been what's inspired Sakurai to make games, and Touhou is a game in that genre. Also, ZUN has been famously flexible in terms of copyrights of Touhou, just look at all the fan games that were made! Reimu would also be an indie game character, the first to be playable as not a Mii Costume (Sans, Cuphead).

    FP10: Xenoblade character: Whether it's Rex & Pyra or Elma, Xenoblade has, admittedly, the short end of the stick when it comes to 1st-party support. Whether we get a unique Blade & Driver character with the former or a weapon-swapping character with the latter, it would be nice to see more Xenoblade characters in Smash, and if FP6 does turn out to be Min Min, that makes it all the better.

    FP11: Iwata tribute: Going off some speculation going around, but capping it off with a tribute to the late Iwata would extremely nice and heartwarming. Whether it's Lolo, a golfer from the NES game, Balloon Fighter or Mach Rider is up in the air, but whoever that is, I'd be up for that, especially considering Smash Ultimate was Iwata's last request to Sakurai before passing.
    Rest in peace, Rick May. 1940-2020

    "You deserve a medal."

    EDIT: Whoops! That was a false alarm, everyone. Grant Goodeve's still alive. I apologize and will take responsibility for the misleading information that I fell for and have spread.
    Wait, what? If Grant died too then r/tf2 would be all over this, but I'm not seeing anything.
    Shroob Shroob Updated with a formal apology and a clarification. I just found something about Mr. Goodeve and in that moment mistook it for true. Again, I humbly apologize for my falling for it.
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