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  • Random thought: how come Hollywood doesn't remaster the animations and environments of their old CGI shows & movies, just like how some games remaster old 3D games? You don't have to change the story or voice lines for them, either, just use better animations, better lighting/environments, and better models. Like, could you imagine Transformers: Beast Wars, or Toy Story 1 rereleased with graphical overhauls using today's technology? Or is there something about the dated 3D there that gives them a sort of charm?
    Okay, so the first part so far has heavy cues from the story of Momotaro: the Legendary of the game is quite obviously an oni (With maybe even a few cues taken from Shuten-douji, a rather infamous oni) and what look like the Starters are based on the animals that accompany Momotaro on his quest: a dog, a monkey and a pheasant. Makes me wonder if our Teal Mask region will take place in a cross between the Canary Islands and Onigashima.

    Also, I am dreading the inevitable Terapagos boss fight. He's gonna have the ability to become an exclusive Omni-type, I just know it.
    So I've been watching Chainsaw Man recently and learning about how Devils work got me thinking: how exactly would an A.I. Devil work?

    We all know the classic trope of "A.I. gains sentience and seeks to overthrow humanity", and there is an IRL stigma about A.I. (Especially with things like A.I. art and A.I. voicework). So maybe this A.I. Devil could replicate other humans or take over certain digital devices?
    You know that video where this guy analyzes the traps of Home Alone and deciphers what sort of injuries they'd result in?

    Yeah, I kinda wanna see that, but with Tekken normals/grabs, because there is no doubt in my mind that Kazuya's Gates of Hell grab will leave somebody paraplegic.
    Okay, I'm gonna make a wild Tears of the Kingdom theory here:
    The Blood Moon is, and always has been, Calamity Ganon's true form. This is a part of the BotW timeline that has never been given much explanation aside from the fact that it revives monsters that Link has slain and has some connection to Calamity Ganon and the Malice. It also feels strange that Calamity Ganon could be sealed that easily in both BotW and AoC, even with Zelda's power, when in TotK it seems evident to me that sealing isn't gonna work against Ganon. I mean, look at the Master Sword, the thing's practically in worse shape than it was in Wind Waker. Not to mention, there's also the thing with the Blood Moon bombarding Hyrule with bolts of Malice in the trailer, and its history of reviving creatures across the entirety of Hyrule. I dunno if it's just me, but Ganon's power has never been that far-reaching before, AFAIK. I think the Ganondorf of this timeline imbued his essence with the moon itself to spread his dark magic and evil on a grander scale than before, even compared to his previous incarnations.
    Do you guys think Pizza Tower's recent splash in the gaming community will tell Nintendo that people still want Wario Land games? Mighty No. 9 may have been a flop, but to its credit, it did succeed in telling Capcom that people wanted new Mega Man games, which led to Mega Man 11 being made.
    So in the advent that we get DLC in SV, it makes me wonder not only whether or not we'll see our third legendary/the Area Zero Entity, but how we'll go about its boss fight. Lemme put this into perspective: ever since Gen 7, we've had a boss fight that has had a direct upgrade to that gen's gimmick. Rayquaza technically does the same in ORAS by having its Mega Evolution not tied to a held item, but he doesn't Mega Evolve during his boss fight to my knowledge. But for the real examples:
    • Ultra Necrozma: USUM's boss has a direct upgrade to Z-Moves by having a transformation accessed by its exclusive Z-Crystal and an all-powerful Z-Move that's effectively a Spirit Bomb.
    • Eternatus: While we can't have a playable version like Ultra Necrozma, we can still consider Eternamax Eternatus as a direct upgrade to Dynamax/Gigantamax, making Eternatus the only Pokemon in history to reach a BST of over 1000.
    So that just leaves the likely proposition that the third Legendary will have a direct upgrade to Terastallization. But how this'll go about, I have no clue, but have a few ideas:
    1. An exclusive Omni-type Tera Jewel that's Super Effective against everything and has only a weakness to Rock-type...which could be completely negated by an ability that allows it to heal from Rock-type moves used against it, which could make sense since jewels are just prettier rocks.
    2. Access to two Tera Jewels that allow him to mix-and-match type combos. It also has the ability to change the type of its Tera Jewels on the fly, much like the Legend Plate from Legends Arceus.
    I know it's gonna be a long way off, but think I have an interesting idea for Generation 10's Pokemon gimmick. Pokemon fans across the globe must've at one point dreamed of sending all their Pokemon out at once when they were a kid, right? Well, I want to try and emulate something like that without potentially breaking the game.

    I'm calling it UniFight. The idea is that using the Pokemon you have on the floor as a conduit, you can channel the spirits of the other five Pokemon in your party, fainted or not, and generate what's called a UniFight Halo.

    While the UniFight Halo is active, all damage your active Pokemon takes will be evenly distributed amongst all your party members...so a UniFight Roaring Moon will survive a Play Rough from Flutter Mane, it'll only take 1/6 of the super-effective damage while the rest of your party each takes the remaining 5/6...but the more fainted Pokemon are in your party, the fewer points of damage distribution there are. If you only have 2 Pokemon that haven't fainted in your party, then the active Pokemon will take half the damage and give the rest to its ally.

    The second aspect of the UniFight Halo are UniFight Moves: these aren't like Max Moves or Z-Moves in which they drastically change to accommodate the transformation. Instead, the moves in your party contribute to additional effects on the moves of your active Pokemon based on type, aligned by which move they're slotted in. So for example:
    1. Tinkaton: Move 1: UniFight Gigaton Hammer: The user swings its whole body around to attack with its huge hammer. This move can't be used twice in a row.
      1. Salazzle: Move 1: Poison Fang: Has a chance to Poison the target
      2. Buzzwole: Move 1: Lunge: Increases the user's speed by 1 stage
      3. Copperajah: Move 1: Heavy Slam: Increases the user's defense by 1 stage
      4. Crabominable: Move 1: Ice Hammer: Increased chance to deal a critical hit
      5. Kommo-o: Move 1: Dragon Claw: Decreases the target's attack by 1 stage
    2. Tinkaton: Move 2: UniFight Play Rough: The user attacks by playing rough with the target. This may also lower the target's Attack stat.
      1. Salazzle: Move 2: Fire Lash: Has a chance to Burn the target
      2. Buzzwole: Move 2: Vital Throw: Increases the user's attack by 1 stage
      3. Copperajah: Move 2: High Horsepower: Generates a trap of spikes on the enemy team
      4. Crabominable: Move 2: Chilling Water: Heals all allies for all damage dealt, distributed among all Pokemon that haven't fainted.
      5. Kommo-o: Move 2: Brutal Swing: Reduces the target's Sp. Def by 1 stage
    As an aesthetic, the UniFight Halo also has a unique shape based on the dominant type in your party. So for example, the Halo will be an evil-looking eye consisting of energy particles in the shape of mouths that are perpetually cackling if it's Dark-type, or a pair of laurels surrounding a flower constantly shedding leaves and petals of it's Grass-type. There is also the default UniFight Halo that is used if there is no dominant type that's just a typical angelic halo.

    Oh, and like Terastal before it, there's a unique move that changes type based on what UniFight Halo it is called UniFight Halo Blast.

    SO. Sorry about the wall of text, I just wanted to get it out there.
    You know what I kinda want? A Pokemon game that takes place on another planet. Not like with the Ultra Space worlds or anything, just a normal Pokemon game where you use Pokemon to gather resources and build a research base that helps you better understand the planet...and then like the sadistic ******* I am, I want it to turn out that the planet you've been exploring and researching is actually a supermassive, honest-to-god living planet Pokemon, just to give kids nightmares about it lol
    Quick question: how did Yuji Horii settle on calling the hero title "Loto" for Dragon Quest and why was "Erdrick" chosen for the western version? Does the former mean something in Japanese that I don't understand while the latter was made to better fit the Medieval aesthetic?
    You know what I think should be added as a new Pokemon item in a new Smash game? The Tera Orbs. Idea is that it's a transformation item that gives the user one of 18 different Tera Types that change their stats. For example, the Steel Tera Type can increase weight value and make it more difficult to be launched, the Fighting Tera Type increases normal attack power and the Flying Tera Type gives you additional jumps. Now obviously there are some things that would be difficult to do like Dragon-type, Fairy-type and Dark-type, but it's interesting to think about.
    Anybody else think Scream Tail Jigglypuff's gonna be an Echo Fighter for normal Jigglypuff in Smash? I mean, this version really surprised me, I know Jigglypuff was popular over in Japan, I never would've expected that.
    We all know horror games, right? In a majority of cases, you're just a lone survivor trapped in a map full of monsters, though there are some exceptions (Carrion is a horror game where you play as the monster). But you know what would be interesting? A game where you're playing as a guy investigating the aftermath of a game's horror story. Like how Return of the Obra Dinn is played but in the aftermath of something like Friday the 13th, and a bit deeper. Collecting and analyzing blood samples, finding items, looking for details on the map, there'll be more to discovering the story than that.
    You know, if there's something you gotta admire about Smash Bros, regardless of whether you love or hate the franchise, you can't help but admire the team's willingness to experiment with many characters.

    Before Brawl, things were relatively simple. But then Brawl came around and things started getting nuts from there. Sure people will think some don't work (Olimar & Min Min) while others do (Kazuya & Steve), but regardless, you can feel the desire for creativity in a lot of the fighters that want to get really experimental.

    Depending on if we do get an Ultimate rerelease or a new entry entirely, I'd happily sit back and watch as the team experiments with weird **** some more.

    EDIT: I just remembered even Melee had quite the weirdness in Ice Climbers, so there's that.

    EDIT 2: Well I was completely wrong, KIRBY was weird because of his Copy Ability! And he's been here since day 1, mind you!
    You know what would be a fun idea for an item? An Energy Conduit.

    Basically, the idea is that it's an equipable item, but equipping it temporarily imbues your fighter with a certain energy from different universes. For example, you pick up one and your fighter gets powered up with the Satsui no Hado from Street Fighter, buffing attack power and attack speed but lowering your weight and reducing shield health for a time. But then later on, an opponent picks up another Energy Conduit and becomes powered up with Eezo from Mass Effect, enhancing shield health and using Biotics to increase physical attack range. Energies from game universes are a surprisingly less-explored aspect of Smash, so having something like this could work, right?
    You know what's the absolute worst move to be spammed by?

    Kazuya's Electric Wind God Fist.

    Normally when you spam a move, it's extremely simple, just click the button or use the input to make the attack. Like PK Fire or Hadouken. But EWGF is the most infuriating move for your foe to spam because it requires near-frame perfect execution to perform. In an age where spamming is considered "unskillful", EWGF is that anomalous kind of spamming that requires you to be skillful to do. One can do next to nothing against one who's mastered the art of consistent EWGF because it's just that goddamn powerful when you do pull it off. Stunning on hit, pushing foes who are shielding, more damage dealt even if by a margin, there's really no significant weakness aside from its near-frame-perfect execution, and even then you could erase that with consistent practice. A person who spams you with say, Ness's PK Fire or Young Link's Fire Arrow, they're infamous because they come off as braindead with their projectiles, they appear to have a lack of skill. But Kazuya? He's the complete opposite. If he's spamming you with EWGF after EWGF, that person is just being a ****ing showoff. And you know what makes it even worse? Smash has an extremely simplistic control scheme, it's meant to be played by even the smallest baby in comparison to Tekken. In Tekken, EWGF spam is the lesser of two evils since Tekken is inherently and objectively more complex than Smash. By spamming a move as utterly complex as EWGF in a game as completely simple in control scheme as Smash Bros, your opponent is guaranteed to have a seizure from all the rage they'd experience from being at the receiving end of the EWGF spam. When Tekken fans said "it's [the Smash community's] problem now" when Kazuya came out, they really ****ing meant it.
    Been thinking a little bit about Pokemon as of late, and how several artists have contributed to making different species of Pokemon...and I thought to myself, "Why not aim for bigger"?

    For example, imagine if GameFreak commissioned some Pokemon designs from Wada Arco, or danciao, or pako. Those would look so cool, right?
    That look into the new Mario movie was...genuinely interesting. I'm surprised Illumination is showing restraint in their usual tropes so far.

    The characters looked faithful, the visuals looked epic and the jokes were surprisingly funny. The one mushroom joke they had in the show and it's about poisonous species and not "ha ha high on shrooms". The payoff for the penguin kingdom joke was also surprisingly good. If the rest of the movie is like this, then we'll be in for a damn treat.
    Sorry for the wait, but our next match-up is ready: Dennis Hopper's President Koopa from the '93 Mario movie faces off against Jim Carrey's Dr. Eggman!
    Our next match-up is dedicated to the legendary Miyamoto Musashi: the one from Fate/Grand Order Vs. the one from Baki the Grappler!
    80's kids will love this next match-up: Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe Vs. Shredder from TMNT!
    Our next match-up is a big one: The Doctor from Doctor Who vs. Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty!
    Our next match-up is a duel against true masters: Po from Kung Fu Panda Vs. Aang from Avatar!
    Our next match-up involves a battle between throwback boomer shooters: we have V1 from Ultrakill Vs. Zan from HEDON!
    Ready to relive childhood nightmares? Come on by for Barney the Dinosaur Vs. Mr. Blobby from Noel's House Party!
    Our newest match-up is a first for Death Battle: a history Death Battle! Come talk about Leonidas I Vs. Saigō Takamori today!
    Our next battle is another mythology DB: Maui from Polynesian Myth vs. Arjuna from the Mahabharata!
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