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Kingdom Hearts 4 announced series 20th Anniversary Event
  • 1,181
  • 4
Kingdom Hearts 4 has officially been announced with an announcement trailer.
Breath of the Wild Sequel Delayed to Next Spring
  • 1,513
  • 13
This article covers some information on a video that Nintendo released in regards to the release date of Breath of the Wild's sequel.
Rivals Direct 4 Recap
  • 1,635
  • 7
Puppets, plushes, dungeons, and more! Check out what was announced in this year's Rivals Direct!
E3 2022 Cancelled, Summer Game Fest 2022 Announced
  • 886
  • 0
For the second time in the past two years, E3 has been cancelled. Shortly after this information was revealed, Summer Game Fest announced their 2022 event, seemingly taking the place of the highly-anticipated gaming expo.
Dragalia Lost to Shut Down Services following Final Story Update in July
  • 999
  • 3
Another Nintendo mobile game has officially reached its end, as today it was announced that Dragalia Lost will be shutting down soon.
New Platform Fighter Sentinels INC. Announced
  • 1,890
  • 6
A new platform fighter called Sentinels INC. has been announced!
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Ver. 2.0.0. Update is Out!
  • 1,232
  • 7
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s Ver. 2.0.0 update is here and brings players the first wave of Booster Course Pass content!
Famitsu Reveals Japan's 35 Best-Selling Switch Games of All Time
  • 1,589
  • 8
With a big library of releases over the past 5 years, the Switch has a lot of games for people to buy. Check out which Switch games were the most purchased in Japan since the Switch's 2017 release.
Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp delayed due to 'recent world events'
  • 2,072
  • 17
New recruits to the Orange Star forces will have to wait a bit longer before battle, as the Advance Wars remake has been delayed yet again.
EVO 2022 Lineup Revealed
  • 1,726
  • 0
EVO has just revealed the main lineup of featured games for EVO 2022. See which games made the cut for this year's main fighting game event.
Missions and Rewards added to Nintendo Switch Online
  • 1,219
  • 4
All Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can now take down weekly missions to get rewards.
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax update will include Rollback
  • 905
  • 0
The rollback update will only be out in the summer on PlayStation 4 and PC.
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Versions Announced
  • 1,748
  • 18
The 9th generation of Pokémon is now here! Learn more about the announcement as well as all of the other news from the recent Pokémon Presents presentation.
Super Smash Bros. will not be appearing at EVO 2022
  • 1,464
  • 10
In what is a truly certified Nintendo moment, EVO has just confirmed that there will be no Smash at this year's EVO tournament as per Nintendo's decision.
Capcom Fighting Collection to Release on June 24th
  • 1,204
  • 9
All of the Darkstalkers games as well as 5 other classic Capcom fighting games will soon be available in one neat package!
February 2022 Nintendo Direct Recap
  • 1,751
  • 13
Nintendo released their first Direct of the year yesterday on February 9th. Nintendo showed off a good bit of stuff, so let’s take a look at the topics of note.
Nintendo Direct To Air Wednesday 2/9 At 5pm ET
  • 1,178
  • 11
With many titles currently in development, this direct will hopefully shed some light on 2022’s most anticipated games.
DLC pack and Rollback Netcode coming soon to Rivals of Aether
  • 1,220
  • 1
Rivals of Aether fans are in for a treat this week. 4 community created DLC characters are making their way onto the base roster, and rollback netcode will be implemented as well. Both are included in a free patch releasing February 3rd.
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