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The King of Fighters XV Gameplay Trailer Released
  • 1,210
  • 12
It all began in '94. Kept on rollin' 'til 2016. The announcement happened in '19, and then many delays occurred in 2020. But now it comes, and here we go! K.O.F is here again! Nothing's gonna stop because The King of Fighters XV is finally here!
New Year Sale for European Switch eShop
  • 642
  • 2
Luigi's Mansion 3, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and many more join in this year starting sale.
Devolver Digital mentions five unannounced games for 2021
  • 833
  • 9
Devolver Digital will be bringing at least five new games next year. What are they? Will they be on Switch? We'll have to wait and see.
Free Online Trial for Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled on Nintendo Switch
  • 807
  • 8
To kick off 2021, Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled will have a free trial available for a week. This trial will allow both local and online play.
More Hollow Knight: Silksong info in next EDGE Magazine issue
  • 831
  • 5
Issue #354 of EDGE Magazine will contain a lot of brand new information about Hollow Knight: Silksong.
National Video Game Museum requests user-submitted Animal Crossing content
  • 762
  • 4
Do you have Animal Crossing content that pertains to the COVID-19 Pandemic? You now have the chance at getting it into a video game museum.
”Monster Hunter Joins the Hunt!” Smashboards’ Monster Hunter Series Analysis
  • 732
  • 0
Come join in the hunt of a lifetime as we explore the wilds that‘s Monster Hunter content in a hypothetical Monster Hunter Challenger Pack! This quest is full of spirits, music, costumes, and a wild stage of course!
Smash Ultimate Version 10.1.0 drops this week
  • 2,488
  • 19
The official drop of Sephiroth will arrive. What else will be stored in this update? Nobody knows, but be sure to save your replays.
Nintendo Shuts Down Collegiate Smash Ultimate League
  • 3,280
  • 55
Right as it seemed that the Sephiroth reveal might have the side effect of offsetting the outrage caused by Nintendo's stifling of the Smash community, they went ahead and did it again. It was recently announced that Nintendo has shut down a collegiate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate league that was set to run during the upcoming Spring semester.
Sephiroth is Playable, Here's What You Need to Know
  • 1,904
  • 14
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Ver. 10.0.0 patch just dropped and Sephiroth is playable! It contains some of the content from Sakurai's Sephiroth presentation, however, Ver. 10.0.0 doesn't have everything covered in the presentation.
Sakurai Presents “Battling With Sephiroth” Coming Soon!
  • 1,894
  • 32
Learn all about the One-Winged Angel, Sephiroth in an upcoming “Sakurai Presents”! You can watch the livestream directly within this article.
December Indie World Recap
  • 485
  • 3
Among Us, Calico, Grindstone, and When the Past was Around all available today. Super Meat Boy, Cyber-Shadow, Spelunky 1 & 2, and more games get release windows. Spelunky now gets a multiplayer mode.
SSB Code of Conduct Panel officially disbanded
  • 1,811
  • 37
As of Monday, the SSB Code of Conduct Panel has officially disbanded. The Code of Conduct Document will remain online.
What New Content could we see for Challenger Pack 8?
  • 1,388
  • 30
With Sephiroth and Challenger Pack #8 fast approaching, what sort of content could come included within it. Final Fantasy is notoriously slim with a total of two songs and two Fighter Spirits. Hopefully, we will get even a few more in the way of content in this pack. Let’s check out what could possibly be included!
Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft publish shared safety principles for shared online games
  • 545
  • 3
Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all announce working together towards a safer online gaming experience for all users.
Upcoming Nintendo Indie World Showcase set for 8/15
  • 363
  • 5
An upcoming Indie World Showcase has been announced and set to air on the 15th! Make sure you check it out to see news on Nintendo’s indie developer partners!
MaximillianDood’s Thoughts on Sephiroth
  • 1,559
  • 21
MaximillianDood gushes about Sephiroth’s inclusion and gives an in-depth look at how Sephiroth does what he does in the trailer.
The Game Awards 2020 Winners
  • 1,004
  • 9
After an exciting Smash announcement to open the show, the show certainly went on with announcements and awards all over the place. Many won awards, including The Last of Us Part 2, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Hades, and Ghosts of Tsushima
Sephiroth Announced for Smash Ultimate
  • 5,058
  • 72
This year's installment of The Game Awards started off with a bang with the reveal of Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth as Smash Ultimate's next DLC character.
New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character to be Revealed at The Game Awards
  • 2,256
  • 60
Were you planning to skip this year's Game Award show after how last year's turned out? Well you might want to reconsider watching it as we now have official confirmation of a Smash reveal!
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