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E3 Day 4: Nintendo / Bandai Namco / Awards Show
  • 1,152
  • 2
The final day of E3 is here - While we don't know what will happen from the Awards Show yet, Nintendo was still filled with plenty of announcements, and Bandai Namco gave an extra highlight to one of their games, House of Ashes.
Kazuya Announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • 4,291
  • 71
Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct began with a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate newcomer reveal, and this time it’s Kazuya Mishima of Tekken fame!
E3 Day 3: Capcom / Limited Run Games
  • 983
  • 2
Day 3 of E3 is now complete. This featured nice small updates from Capcom and new physical releases from Limited Run Games.
E3 Day 2: Microsoft / Bethesda & Square Enix
  • 802
  • 0
While Day 2 had many small presentations, the biggest showstoppers were Microsoft and Square Enix - With over 20 games announced at Microsoft's presentation and a few nice surprises in Square Enix's
E3 Day 1: Guerilla Collective Part 2 Showcase
  • 553
  • 0
E3 Day 1 is now complete. With still five more big presentations to go, we listed every game from Guerilla Collective Part 2.
IGN Expo E3 2021 announcements
  • 569
  • 0
Day 2 of Summer Games Fest - One day before E3 starts and we are already flooded with announcements. Some highlights include Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, Inkulinati, Death's Gambit: Afterlife, and much, much more.
Summer Games Festival E3 2021 announcements
  • 729
  • 3
From Talky Tina's Wonderlands, all the way to seeing the first gameplay trailer for Elden Ring. E3's first day has already proved potent, with over twenty announcements ranging all across the board.
Cross-Play is coming to Overwatch
  • 686
  • 0
Ever wanted to play Overwatch with friends who don't own the Nintendo Switch version? Soon you will be able to.
E3 2021 and Summer Game Fest schedule
  • 1,290
  • 12
Wondering what the schedule is for this hectic month? Don't worry. We've got you covered.
EarthBound's localization's source files have now cropped up
  • 689
  • 0
After all this time, we now know secrets behind EarthBound. Any EarthBound fan will get a kick out of this.
Ubisoft E3 Conference will have "A Few Surprises"
  • 807
  • 8
With E3 only about a week away, the hype for the return of the conferences commences. Ubisoft Forward mentions 'a few surprises', along with more details about the show, pre-show, and post-show.
Game Builder Garage Overview Trailer revealed
  • 714
  • 3
With only a week to go, we still have some loose news about Game Builder Garage.
Nintendo E3 Presentation to Air on 6/15 @ 9:00 am PST
  • 1,033
  • 28
With E3 less than 2 weeks away, it's time for companies to get their schedules out. Nintendo did just that today by announcing their E3 for Tuesday, June 15th!
Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Livestream News Summary
  • 858
  • 7
Dragon Quest XII? An Octopath Traveler-styled remake of Dragon Quest III? Yep this presentation had it all. Learn more about all of the announcements that were shown during the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Livestream here!
Sakurai Discusses His Career, Smash Ultimate's Future in Latest Famitsu Column
  • 1,391
  • 13
The latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has been released, and with it comes the latest installment of Smash developer Masahiro Sakurai's bi-weekly column. Kody "NOKOLO" and Robert Sephazon of Source Gaming have provided a summarized translation via a pair of twitter threads.
Sonic Central stream announced for May 27th
  • 1,043
  • 14
On May 27th, more Sonic the Hedgehog projects will be unveiled for the world to see. What will they contain? No clkes, but a lot of excitement.
E3 allows fans to sign up for digital event next week
  • 792
  • 6
E3 registration will be open to all on June 3rd. What this will entail? While most details have yet to be unveiled, free streams and events will be available!
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie plot synopsis unveiled
  • 1,092
  • 18
The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie plot synopsis is now revealed. Thank Copyright? Fans now have a hint at what they can look forward to in the next movie - Knuckles, Tails, and a plot more faithful to the game.
Nintendo Switch Online May update adds 5 SNES and NES games.
  • 1,346
  • 19
Four SNES additions, and one NES addition. While most titles here aren't heavy hitters, puzzle and platformer fans may enjoy this batch.
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