Will "Octrockandroll" Bertazzo Lambert

Will "Octrockandroll" Bertazzo Lambert
Top Ten Mario Games of All Time
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With everything going on over the whole world right now, it’s easy to forget that this year marks the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. and the gaming revolution it left in its wake. Most Smashboards readers likely weren’t even alive when that happened, but probably all grew up with Shigeru Miyamoto’s greatest creation.
How to Feed Your Smash Addiction When Out of Lockdown
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With many areas leaving their Covid-19 lockdown soon, you may need a little help keeping up with all the new smashing habits you've developped since being stuck at home.
Nintendo Direct March 26th 2020 Recap
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Just like that online Ganon player hit you with that warlock punch you weren’t prepared for, Nintendo just hit us all with a surprise mini-direct out of nowhere. Despite its diminutive qualifier, the presentation weighs in at a nearly 30-minute length, so we’re here to catch you up to speed on everything you missed.
Byleth Revealed as Final Character in First Fighters Pass
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Nintendo finished off Fighters Pass #1 with Byleth, the main protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses!
Pokemon January 2020 Direct Recap
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The New Pokemon direct is out. Wondering what you missed? Click further to hear about Pokemon Home, new DLC for Sword & Shield, and even a brand new remake!
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