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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Has Released!


Mario fans can rejoice, Super Mario Bros. Wonder just released today! Notably, the game is the first full traditional 2D Mario platformer since New Super Mario Bros. U. And that game came out quite a while back, nearly eleven years ago in fact. So, as one might expect, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been highly anticipated by fans for a while now. Additionally, Wonder has already received some rather high praise. Currently it’s sitting at a very respectable 93 on Metacritic, tying with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That score would place it among the top 15 reviewing Switch games and top 6 first party titles on the console.

Author’s Note: I've been really looking forward to playing Wonder, very glad it's finally out! Also been pretty excited about the game's comparatively large roster. I'm definitely going to enjoy swapping between characters frequently, I love having a lot of options. Enough about my thoughts though, are you excited? Please let us know in the comments below!

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Mitchell "Zerp" Brenkus


Honestly… I don’t think the graphics look that different. It really feels like they just focused on making Mario himself look different, and only very slightly, but everything else. Nah. Especially in promotional renders they look stock standard. Even Mario this time as well. This might just be me, I could just be… I don’t know… bad at… looking… but it doesn’t look all that different from the classic NSMB/3DWorld/Odyssey design for everything. Again, except for Mario himself.
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