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Creator of Waluigi reveals sketches of scrapped "Walpeach" character


First came Wario. Then came Waluigi. Then came… nothing, as an official “anti-Peach” styled like Wario and Waluigi never saw the light of day. Through past interviews, we know that a “Walpeach” was considered for the Mario Tennis titles. However, it was ultimately turned down. Information on this Walpeach was incredibly scarce. It was to the point where we didn’t even know what she was supposed to look like… until now.

Waluigi’s creator, Fumihide Aoki, has recently showed off some scrapped Walpeach concepts on his Instagram account. He provided both a sketch of Walpeach as well as a 3D model of the character. You can check both of them out below:

Notably, it seems Walpeach only became an idea after Waluigi’s success. During development of Mario Power Tennis on the Gamecube, Walpeach received a drawn out concept for how she could’ve been. Aoki states that he found the idea of “kids [using] Wario and Waluigi as minions” to be funny. He also had the idea that Walpeach would be the boss of the two dastardly plumbers. Aoki further adds that she would’ve been a rival of Peach and that she would have quote “a scary personality when she gets angry.” A big source of inspiration for Walpeach according to Aoki was the character Doronjo from the anime Yatterman. Similarly to Walpeach, she’s a bossy (though often clumsy on her own) character that orders around two goofy henchmen.

You can check out the Instagram posts linked above for more insight on Walpeach from Aoki himself.

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Author’s Note: What do you think of the canned Walpeach? Would have liked for her to see the light of day in an official game? Let us know in the comments below!
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Walpeach could have been a pretty popular character in her own right.

I like the idea of her being Waluigi and Wario’s boss. That had some pretty fun potential.
Considering Wapeach was planned for Mario Power Tennis but got scrapped, now it suddenly makes sense why Wario and Waluigi were Bowser’s minions in Mario Power Tennis.

Bowser Jr. was in Mario Power Tennis but he wasn’t one of Bowser’s minions. I think Wapeach was originally planned to be the main antagonist in Mario Power Tennis but got scrapped and replaced with Bowser as the main antagonist. That’s why Wario and Waluigi were suddenly working for Bowser in Mario Power Tennis. All those cutscenes with Bowser, Wario, and Waluigi in Mario Power Tennis... now I’m visualizing them with Wapeach instead of Bowser and it makes more sense.
While the Yatterman connection is obvious, and this would explain Wario and Waluigi's roles in Mario Power Tennis, I'm actually getting a Cruella De Vil or Rita Repulsa vibe from how the three of them would have acted.

All this to say, how would Daisy have been treated if Walpeach was a thing? Would she be tossed back into the Nintendo dustbin, or would a Wadaisy-type character come to fruition?
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