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VGBootCamp Presents Brawl 'Til You Fall Results*UPDATE 4/24 POYOS COMMENTARY & DBLES


GimR, Co-Founder of VGBootCamp
Nov 2, 2006

Singles(100 entrants, 48 man bracket)

1: Atomsk(D3) (Mew2King Forfeited Grand Finals to him)
2: Mew2King(MK)
3: ADHD(Diddy)
4: NinjaLink(Pit, Pikachu, ROB, Diddy)
5: Omni(MK)
5: Candy(Snake)
7: Dazwa(ZZS)
7: Shadow(MK)
9: Inui(MK/Snake)
9: Snakeee(ZZS)
9: Meep(Ice Climbers)
9: D1(Falco, D3?)
13: Doom(MK, Smake, D3)
13: Chudat(Kirby, Marth)
13: Korn(MK, D3?)
13: G-regulate(Snake, JigglyPuff)
17: Darc(Falco, ?)i
17: Slikvik(Wario, G&W, Peach?))
17: Hova(Peach)
17: God-is-my-Rock(Kirby, Falco, G&W, Peach)
17: NC1 Pride(Yoshi)
17: OmegaBlackMage(G&W)
17: Ksizzle(MK, Lucario)
17: Hat(Kirby, Snake?)
25: Pyronic~Star(Olimar)
25: Esoj(MK?, D3?, Diddy?)
25: Rhyme(Samus)
25: NeverKnowsBest(Fox)
25: Deez(Diddy)
25: BMX(Wario)
25: EE(D3, Marth, Falco)
25: Boss(Mario, Luigi)
33: Wispy(?)
33: MIK!(Ness)(Forfeit cause he came to the tourney at the wrong time)
33: Phillyrider807
33: UndrDog
33: Coney
33: BakiThaG
33: Lobos
33: SnowballBob
33: Tantalus
33: chaosknight
33: SMK
33: SSR
33: Rei
33: Blob
33: Rookie
33: Knightmare

After Uploading singles TIO crashed and corrupted the files. I found the AutoSave File and opened it. I was about to upload doubles and the autosave file crashed.

I'm pretty sure Lobos took pictures of the brackets so I'm gonna try to get them from him.

Doubles(35 teams)

1: M2K and Omni
2: Inui and Atomsk
3: Chudat and Candy
4: Dazwa and Darc
5 :Slikvik and Shadow
5: NinjaLink and Boss

please post what place you got if you can remember so I can update Doubles!

Special Gratitude goes out to the following people:

ECRC: Thanks for letting our tourney on the circuit and showing up to the tourney to participate

OmegaBlackMage: Thanks for helping me seed brackets for singles the night before the tourney. That got a couple hours work out of they way.

Lobos: Thanks for helping us set up for the tourney and taking pictures and vids of it. thanks for updating the original page also.

Kojin: Thanks for helping us set up and break down the tourney. I'd also like to thank you for monitoring and keeping the food out of the venue.

My Brother John: Thanks for bringing your projector and you camera. You really helped this tourney run smoothly

HAT; Thanks for helping me with the doubles bracket and some singles sign ups. You helped me get it done fast and doubles wouldn't have started on time without your help.

Tant: Thanks for helping with singles seeding for the bracket

Aposl's Shout Outs

Solid Jake: Great video of you and Poyo and awesome snake costume
DK Smash: Awesome costume, too funny
Dazwa: Best Zamus IN THE WORLD!!!
Lobos: Helped out so much you are awesome!
Tantalus: Thx so much for bringing your setup you saved this tourney with historical documentation.
SSR: Thx for helping keep things clean!
Omni: Good stuff with the sf4 setup, lolz, and too funny interview.
Snack Attack: Glad we could host your first tourney!
M2K: Awesome friendlies, my 4 year old brother 9 hammered you lol!
PS: Good ish talk, traitor,jk.
CK:Thx for hyping the ish out of this.
Boss: Dont forget our deal with the water.
Anyone I forgot Im sorry but your still awesome!!

We found an mp3 player and a controller with Wario sticker on the front and snake on the back, if these are yours pm me.



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Click Here for the Doubles Playlist

Winner's Finals

Atomsk Forfeits to M2K

Grand Finals

M2K Foreits to Atomsk

Losers Finals

ADHD vs. Atomsk 1 & 2

ADHD vs. Atomsk 3 & 4

ADHD vs. Atomsk 5

OTher Tourney Matches

ADHD VS. Candy 1 & 2

ADHD vs. D1

ADHD vs. NinjaLink 3 I accidentally made the match 1 &2 Video too long so I have to re edit it and put it onto youtoube

ADHD vs. Shadow

Candy vs. M2K

Chudat vs. Snakeee 1

Chudat vs. Snakeee 2

Dazwa vs NinjaLink 1 & 2

Dazwa vs. NinjaLink 3

Deez vs Pride

M2K vs. NinjaLink 1 & 2

M2K vs. NinjaLink 3

NinjaLink vs. Omni

NinjaLink vs. Snakeee 1 & 2

NinjaLink vs. Snakeee 3


Smash Lord
Mar 25, 2008
this tourny was too goodz! except for the tourny host...nothing but a couple of *******s!!!! haha jk jk :-P

m2k: get me better at brawl!
adhd:epic matches....nice comeback 2nd game...put the matches up so i can watch them...i'll get you next time :-P
inui/atomsk: we got you in winner semi's......and you got us back in loser finals :-(.....haha just remeber me/chu won 4x....you guys only won 3x....dont underestimate md/va :-P
chu: dude we played really good....we should def. team again sometime
omni: md/va is relying on us! we must get together and train so that we can take over other states as well lol
shadow: wtf when did you mk get so good??? keep it up....im still mad at you we didnt wario ditto!!!!! >:o
new england: take me with you....i promise i cook you guys brekfest every night!....solid jake? **** straight!
inui: stick to just mk lmao :-p
ksizzkle: **** good set...that **** got wayyyyy to close for comfort

md/va: STEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we cant keep letting this happen!

nj/ny: good **** guys.....**** talking rights to the nj/ny ppl that placed good...just b/c yall won doesnt give the ppl that placed ****ty to talk **** b/c......well.....they placed ****ty lmao

Xzax Kasrani

Smash Master
Jun 14, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
lol i got 2nd in my pool but forfited since i had to leave :(
i got 13th in doubles with JaYo

Onmi- Fun mk dittos cant wait to play u more
Deez- Stfu about mk, MK ditto me if ur gonna sit and complain
Meep- Fun mm lol close stuffz i cant believe it lol
Knightmare- cool dude
Ksizzle- <3 u man
KSMOTA- RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR <333333333333333333333333333333333
ADHD- good stuff dude
M2K- -_- look at that 1st place medal in trev trevs hands lolz jk why u quit
Forute and Ray- LOLOL Forute gettin that jail bait
Darc/Dazwa- Yall are gay in dubs <3
GIRM/Apsol- fun tourny, when is BTYF 2??????????
Chu- Good shiz in dubs
Doom- g00d shiz my d00d
D1- thanks for teaching me the money back dance! good shiz gettin 9th
Inui- lol u said homo stuff but ur funny so lol
Everyone else- good shiz. fun tournament keep it coming

wWw Dazwa

Feb 23, 2006
shoutouts to come

had a blast, wish i could come to more md/va tournaments but travelling from maine is well...travelling from maine >_>

but for now...

i wish new england could've taken candy home D:

i wish new england could've crewed with chu and formed Chu England

i wish pyronic star would come to a new england tournament and order caramel french toast without caramel


Smash Lord
Feb 24, 2008
Nice tournament. I really enjoyed myself. Run well, over quickly, harcore competition. Lots of fun.

How many people entered singles including pools total? 100?

1: Atomsk(D3) Your shout outs during important matches always make me laugh!

2: Mew2King(MK) sigh.. lol

3: ADHD(Diddy) You are still an ***. Nice job, you wrecked everyone.

4: NinjaLink(Pit, Pikachu, ROB, Diddy) And here I am thinking you didn't have it in you anymore. You were awesome. Nice graphic hax.

7: Dazwa(ZZS) MAINE!!!

7: Shadow(MK) Get out of my ear Shadow!! lolol.. Goood stuff yesterday, fun as always.

9: Inui(MK/Snake) I was happy you were in a good mood yesterday. You are soo much more fun like that.

9: Snakeee(ZZS) OoooOooO Snakeeee. Who got hit in the face by his wife.

9: Meep(Ice Climbers) Ugh sorry I was playing like complete GARABGE during out match. My worst match out of both days. >_> I just lost it. Good job with m2k man.

9: D1(Falco, D3?) It is a lot of fun hanging out with you at tourns!

13: Doom(MK, Smake, D3) You should have fought the fake doom that was strutting around there. I am angry at you btw but will talk about it later lolol. Good job at 13th.. Last time you will ever out place me.

13: Chudat(Kirby, Marth) I am NOT gonna let you make me approach next time. Be that as it may, your mind games on me was rediculous. You read me well. Good stuff. Next time we will be 2-1.

13: G-regulate(Snake, JigglyPuff) BARRRRRRRRR

17: Slikvik(Wario, G&W, Peach?)) Good pools matches.

17: Pride(Yoshi) Coming back... Get a better controller next time and learn your odd match ups like Kirby and Ice climbers.

17: Ksizzle(MK, Lucario) It was nice getting to know you this weekend. Stop chewing with your mouth open!! =)

25: Deez(Diddy) Man, get that Diddy out of here! lolol. Sorry I thought you were your brother.

25: EE(D3, Marth, Falco) Awesome first match... EGGS!

25: Boss(Mario, Luigi) Sigh, he problems with maining low tiers. Inconsistent results.

33: Lobos (Toon Link) LOBOSSSS

33: chaosknight Sowwy about pools and in the tournament. You shoud train with Lil b.. hehe

33: Rookie It was awesome getting to know your potty mouth ***. You are very cool guy even if you did use Marth, 1 match... yeah thats right, I called you out...


Smarter than your average wabbit.
Dec 9, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
Wish we hadn't had to leave early. Rock-Paper-Scissors with 10+ people is the greatest, lol.

Also saw the beginnings of the Pikachu uprising......


(Might come back and do shoutouts later.... if I remember.)

Shadow 111

Smash Lord
Sep 19, 2007
Staten Island, New York
this tournament was a lot of fun.
i'd really like to see my set vs omni, can't wait.
adhd- good stuff, i'm glad you decided to go and destroyed everyone haha. i'd rather not have my match up vs you because they only recorded the last one. if you really want that one up it's ok, but i'd rather have an entire set up and i really didn't like that match. =(
slik- teams was fun. glad we got top 5 :D. too bad there was no payout after all :(
it was great seeing everyone from md/va. i wanted to get into top 5 but i came close :D. next time omni :). lol


formerly VaBengal
Apr 20, 2008
Fairfax, VA
Get some vids up!

Good sh*t everyone, wish I could have made it.


Smash Champion
Aug 13, 2002
Green Hill Zone, MD/VA
Thistournament proves it: I suck at Brawl. didn't even make it outta pools, and i let it bother me the whole weekend. Maybe I can rebound this weekend at Gamepad this Saturday. not.

Special Thanks:

- M2K for the Metaknight matchup experience, and allowing a few matches to be saved for reference later. People say you don't usually do that, so this is a pleasant surprise. They will not be uploaded though. I'll try to work on my "meta"game and get your input later.

- Pyronic~Star for showing me how to play Brawl. too goodz. i think... I'm gonna work on Olimar so that I can at least counter with it in tourneys.

- Shadofiend for the Sonic dittos. I hope you learned more about the Metaknight matchup and the mindgames Sonic can really pull off. work on those and see if you can come up with your own Steak.

To Shadofiend, BionicSonic, and RelaxExorcist: It was awesome getting all the Sonic mains to gather at one television and do Steak Matches. I appreciate your cooperation, and there hopefully be a new Kojin/Sonic vid sometime this month on Youtube, once GIMR gives me the vids. Make sure you guys visit me and the others on the Sonic boards. Everyone else is too slow.



Smash Lord
Sep 6, 2008
Plainview, NY
Ah **** this tournament was amazing. not to big or small and it was ran realllllly well and ran smooth and fast. I give mad props to gimr and apostle for running it. I feel like i probably sucked out there but oh well. i wish i could have MM more md/va people.

Me and CK got 17th in doubles.

My Shoutouts:

MY CREW Phoenix Era. Good stuff guys we all nearly made it out of pools. Good job snakeee and shadow. Xivk you are too good with luigi XDDDDDD. Also thanx Bouse for driving us around, your pretty cool man. Alex i am glad you found your bag and i am happy your hype about what how u did. Crismas yor are the coolest and dont worry about those meanies on line for the bus, your stickers are toooo cool for them.

1: Atomsk - your sticky pillow is top tier see u this weekend

2: Mew2King - playing teams with you was fun as hell in those friendlies

3: ADHD - your like becoming insane bro keep this up man

4: NinjaLink - Good stuff man rep NY to the fullest

5: Omni - the most patient mk i ever played

5: Candy - good stuff reping md/va

7: Dazwa(ZZS) - nice job your ZSS is amazing

7: Shadow - you are becoming beast pretty quick, thanx for the tips

9: Inui - you are pretty cool man i will see you at swr

9: Snakeee(ZZS) - ahhhh PE FTW. Our epic trip for alcohol was epic

9: Meep - dont get grabbed

9: D1 - that bus ride home was top tier

13: Doom - fun MM i want to team with you soon

13: Chudat - ahhh what happened man it was fun playing you in friendlies. Ill try to make it to the Dojo

13: Korn - your set with snakeee was pretty epic

13: G-regulate - you became my hero at this tournament after ****** me with rest. BTW ill come more prepared for next time ;D

17: Darc - um i never said nothing to you

17: Slikvik - fun money match and it was cool talking to you

17: Hova - i wish we could have finished our mm set but ohhhh well your mad chill.

17: God-is-my-Rock - ran this **** toooooo goood

17: NC1 Pride - nice guy and is a **** yoshi

17: OmegaBlackMage - sup man good ****

17: Ksizzle - does cool pose* whattup homie

17: Hat - like i said to g0reg i will come more prepared for next time ;P

25: Pyronic~Star - never talked to u

25: Esoj - never played you

25: Rhyme - good stuff man

25: NeverKnowsBest - good stuff man those friendlies were fun

25: Deez your diddy is mad beast keep it up man


25: EE - never talked to u

25: Boss - one ofthe cooooooolest people in md/va.

33: Wispy - dont know u

33: MIK! - that sux dude

33: Phillyrider807 - good stuff

33: UndrDog - um idk u

33: Coney - :)

33: BakiThaG - :)

33: Lobos - nice TL

33: SnowballBob - :)

33: Tantalus - Robski

33: chaosknight - good stuff nice teaming with you

33: SMK - :)

33: SSR - ah i ****ed up so much in our set no johns i need to know the peach matchup

33: Rei - hey

33: Blob - sup

33: Rookie - fox is broken XDDDD

33: KnightMare - you suck ;P


Max Ketchum

Collegiate Starleague Smash Director
Dec 9, 2007
New Jersey
Good **** to everyone.

Doom and SSR got 17th in doubles...stupid Peach getting gimped at 21% multiple times.


Smash Master
Nov 25, 2006
RamenKing! (*´ω`)/ Falls Church, VA
Me and Forte get 9th in teams. :(

and yes I also use DDD in singles.


Forte - im sorry about teams, it sucks.. :/ but we will do better next time + more practicing

BMX/Taj/Oath/Kenny - funny ppl, nice to hang out with you guys. LOL stupid lady at chicken fried place "Call me Mrs. N next time boy!"

Rookie - lol ..don't get excited TOO early, it just a first match.. lol

JCarsar - thanks for bringing us Brawl+ i love your reaction when i knee people in teams :p

Atomsk - you're so crazy at this tourney :laugh:

Omni - i need to become better like you D: patient master

Candy - fun hanging out with like always

Dazwa - MELEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! but seems like you enjoy brawl a lot as well

Shadow - im jealous, your mk get so much better... D: agreesive but it works!

Snakeee - third time i lose to you :( ..no more next time

Meep - i rather play you in friendlies D: ..i dont want to play you in tourney anymore, you made me sad :( lol

D1 - MA DOOOOOOD!!!!! haha you're awesome

Doom - we finally get to played ! D:

GIMR - beast at organized tourney :D !

OmegaBlackMage - you're cool, hopefully i don't have to fight you in tourney next time, i don't like fighting g&w :/

Pyronic~Star - don't forget to wash your car keys

Esoj - D: nice hanging out with like always

Deez - we finally did our MM, hope you would change your mind about my skills

EE - haha you're hilarious...

Boss - D: !

Coney - you're cool :D we need to play more

Lobos - **** you LOL! ..you spike my D3 :(

Tantalus - glad to see you get better :)

chaosknight - we need more practice D:

SSR - nice friendlies at your place :) really appreciate your help !

... i probably have more people to shout outs, sorry if i forget someone :/

all the MD/VA got moved around a lot, and so did new york, because I was trying to make it so that it was more balanced and separated by region

THe problem was that NJ took almost all the top seeds...Only Meep, Omni, Slikvik, Chu, Candy, and Boss got 1st seeds X_X that left the other 10 to NY/NJ/NE
i had m2k in my pool.. so there is no way i can get 1st seed -__- but i 2-0 everyone else in my pool..


Smash Hero
Feb 18, 2008
New Jersey
1: Atomsk(D3) (Mew2King Forfeited Grand Finals to him) Our set was really good in the loser's finals, sorry I can't come to MD/VA during spring break.. I don't think I take my mess-ups that personally but if I'm screwing up technically then it's really bad for diddy so I sort of have to.
2: Mew2King(MK) I thought your decision was odd but I know you were being nice to us.
4: NinjaLink(Pit, Pikachu, ROB, Diddy) Sorry about the noises, altho I want nanerz phone number :lick:
5: Omni(MK) I saw some good stuff.
5: Candy(Snake) Sure I'll get those matches up later, great patient snake.
7: Dazwa(ZZS) I heard there's a new zero suit in town other than snakeee :)
7: Shadow(MK) Okay, if you don't like how you played then I won't put them up. Your mk is still great regardless and I have to play you some more in the future. I hate your counterpicks :dizzy:
9: Inui(MK/Snake) I've yet to get ***** by your snake XD
9: Snakeee(ZZS) Awesome job vs chu!
9: Meep(Ice Climbers) Every time you chaingrab a baby dies. STOP THE VIOLENCE and the world will be a better place jerk! Nah, our friendlys were very fun.
9: D1(Falco, D3?) It's respectable that you never say anything no matter how much better you felt you could have done. Cool guy as well =)
13: Doom(MK, Smake, D3) Thanks for the kirby advice and cool seeing you there.
13: Chudat(Kirby, Marth) Beastly kirbeh
13: G-regulate(Snake, JigglyPuff) Your snake is amazing and I love your jiggz but I am still a jiggz annihilator.
17: Slikvik(Wario, G&W, Peach?) I still am angry about that poor ruling during our set. I obviously had won that and at least if that were to call for a restart it should have been the last stock with me having a lead. Nice meeting you offline though, I see you on allisbrawl sometimes. Good wario and we will play again sometime.
17: NC1 Pride(Yoshi) Fun car rides and thanks for them. Diddy counters yoshi over a hundred million times.
17: Ksizzle(MK, Lucario) When you get a license I'm going to pay you to drive me everywhere! I hope to see some good stuff from you later now that you have a wii.
17: Hat(Kirby, Snake?) Cool seeing you again.
25: Rhyme(Samus) Your samus is awesome and you're very good.
25: Deez(Diddy) Nice seeing you offline we will diddy ditto sometime again.
25: Boss(Mario, Luigi) Ahhh, why so low :( I will oil up my c-stick so I can spam fair at you if we play in the future LOL. Luigi is alot of fun to play until you get jabbed, then it's all over.
33: Tantalus Hey!
33: Rookie Your fox is a monster keep at it!
33: Knightmare You seem so black online but you're so white in person it's so good.

This tourney was alot of fun and my first out of state one pretty much. I'll come back definitely sometime later and DKsmash thanks for letting me stay over night. I have to go find some new tactics... Frigate is a stage I definitely need to work on.


Smash Journeyman
May 10, 2007
Alexandria, VA
yeah this tourny was SO MUCH fun!! good **** GIMR and Apostle and others who helped for makin it run samoothly and fantastically! im still very sad cause i couldnt enter singles cause i was beasting up friendlies (good **** to everyone i played! but people need to MM me more LOL!) but yeah had to go to salisbury with turbo sunday... and wtf was up with that random **** guy i called Sketch? lol some of u know who im talkin about... but newayz SHOUTOUTZZZZZ!!!!

to be continued...and i forgot some peoples names cause i am really ****ty with names... if i played friendlies with u n **** let me know so i can remember who u were lol


Smash Ace
Oct 2, 2008
It was really fun, i wish i coulda got to play brawl +
SHOUTOUTS: (not many cuz im lazy)
Omni: 10 People rock paper scissors and pokemon contest was tooo fun.
NKB: Fox dittos... stupid power cord lol
Deez: lmao at pausing. thats my new mindgame
MIK: dam, you got there too late, that sux
SSR: ur place is really cool, ima see if we all can chill sum time
Rookie: no fox dittoz = fail

@ the first pic: 4 sum reason adhd reminds me of chu and atomsk reminds me of a mad scientist


Smash Master
Jan 7, 2005
teaching the babies....
forte- really fun friendlies :laugh:. mk match up is kinda a lot more fun when im not trying to death grab the entire time lolol.
omni- stop losing to styles uve never played.
hova- peeeeccchhhh!
greg- more snake lol.
atomsk- wish we played in tourney. I still needa play a really good ddd besides omni.
adhd- wish we played in tourney. Diddy is my favorite match up next to mk rofl. ****s so random and i have to think more XD.
Ninjalink- wish we played. I finally figured out how to cg rob without messing up now =D.
m2k- wish i DIDNT play, but al get you next time less grabbing and more uairs for you.
shadow- ***** me. Dunno what m2k told you probably to mash buttons ahead of time if you knew i grabbed you. Helped you a lot to escape early death grabs, but yah soundly beat me.
MKs i mmed for a dollar- f uck rainbow cruise.
Chu- play ice climbers again
Candy- chuckie cheeses LOL.

Play gayer md/va is our only hope. Im apparently the only one who does -_-.


Smash Master
May 25, 2008
Rapture Farms
good stuff yall

back with shoutouts later

gotta make more money so maybe i'll come to more of these


You can't break those cuffs.
Jul 10, 2004
1: Atomsk - *5 minutes after buying $20 worth of Chuck E. Cheeses' tokens*: :laugh:
2: Mew2King - Fun teaming with you. Always there to help you if you need me.
3: ADHD - Crazee Diddy. Standing up while playing is intimidating!
4: NinjaLink - Bent me over and beat me like I owed you money. No johns. You're amazing, guy. I'll see if I can step it up.
5: Candy - Yeah, we gotta' step it up fa'serious. MD/VA is losing all of its power. I should've summoned a Spirit Bomb against NL and asked MD/VA to give me their power... alas...
7: Dazwa - Super fast, ZSS. So lame what happened on Rainbow Cruise. Footstool failure. x.x You're awesome.
7: Shadow - You play MK like me! Funny 10 second moment where we did the exact same thing at the exact same time. I'll be ready for you next time!
9: Inui - You're so much more awesome in person. I've been playing more Persona 4 and I think Naoto is slowly rising over Rice. :bee:
9: Snakeee - I can't guess where you're going to land ever! Left, right, left, right, so many trixies lol.
9: Meep - I'm being arrested, lol.
9: D1 - Black mind games? *Forehead slap.*
13: Chudat - You're either spacing out or cheesing like hell. I wonder what goes through that head of yours, haha. You're awesome.
13: Korn - Great set against Snakeee. You're stepping it up.
13: G-regulate - Always good to see you man. Yer gay.
17: Darc - Teams were scary. Lol @ Original Pokemon Name Challenge. I've found a rival!
17: Slikvik - Jamaican Slik.
17: Hova - Hova-son.
17: God-is-my-Rock - Well ran tourny.
17: OmegaBlackMage - Always good to see you man. Keep that G&W progressing!
17: Hat - Darker Than Black = Sex
25: Pyronic~Star - Rock/Paper/Scissors is the new pound.
25: Esoj - Gimme' Diddy practice boi.
25: BMX - Your Wario scares me.
25: EE - "I paid 2 dollars for this seat!" Lmao, you're my boy.
25: Boss - Step it up, mangz.
33: Coney - Come to more tournies!
33: Lobos - =P
33: Tantalus - Good sheezy with the recording. Lol, you're always smiling when I see you.
33: chaosknight - Good ****, Ally.
33: SSR - I can't tornado you!
33: Rei - Hey guy.
33: Knightmare - Awesome having you around.

I really enjoyed the tournament and the people that showed up. For those of you who ran into me, I probably gave you random dap or challenged you to a rock-paper-scissors match (where I faced gruesome 2/3 stocking defeats many times).

Highlight of the Evening
Apostle: Did you throw your trash in the toilet?
Spec: *Holds up his hands.* Let me explain...


Shadow 111

Smash Lord
Sep 19, 2007
Staten Island, New York
1: Atomsk(D3)- good **** :D. i liked hearing you yell "that's right *****" constantly during every important match ^_^
2: Mew2King(MK)- you're hilarious jason. drawing a mustache on your name hahaha.
3: ADHD(Diddy)- thanks a lot. i would've been ok with it if the whole set was up honestly. sowwy =(. lol i'm glad you did so well and finally went out of state! :D
4: NinjaLink(Pit, Pikachu, ROB, Diddy)-glad we didn't play for once XD. was good to see your pit again. use him more!!!
5: Omni(MK)- funnest set i've ever had! :D. your a cool guy. i can't wait to play you again. LOL at double tornado clash to double forward b XD
5: Candy(Snake)- i wanna play you again! that mm was fun lol.
7: Dazwa(ZZS)- wanted to play you in singles pretty badly lol. hopefully some other time.
9: Inui(MK/Snake)- wahahaha i outplaced you XD. good job in teams. EC is too good lol.
9: Meep(Ice Climbers)- good matches. you're really good at the cg XD. i had to break out as fast as possible every time i was grabbed at low percent ! >_< actually what m2k told me was just to keep dairing you then to tornado.he also said once i was pased 50 i shouldn't worry about being grabbed, but i still was cautious loll. i naturally break out that fast but against ics i always make sure i do that XD.
9: D1(Falco, MK,D3)- MK is too good D1 ! you got a lot better with him. keep it up mah dOOd!!!
13: Doom(MK, Smake, D3)- good job. happy to see you doing pretty well :D. sorry about your controller.
13: Chudat(Kirby, Marth)- our set was a lot of fun. can't wait to play you again.
13: Korn(MK, D3?)- i wanted to mk ditto you in tourney >_<. you beat rookie =( that made me sad XD
13: G-regulate(Snake, JigglyPuff)- that mm was fun. sding vs your snake was not ! haha.
17: Slikvik(Wario, G&W, Peach?)- you're really good in teams man :D. i'm glad we teamed. we did well
17: God-is-my-Rock(Kirby, Falco, G&W, Peach)- great tournament.
17: NC1 Pride(Yoshi)- sorry for annoying you haha.
17: OmegaBlackMage(G&W)- was looking forward to playing you. oh well. next time hopefully.
17: Ksizzle(MK, Lucario)- good seeing you kelvin, i didn't expect you to show up. you can do better :D. that set vs candy was so close.
17: Hat(Kirby, Snake?)- you're cool guy :D. lol
25: Pyronic~Star(Olimar) LOL at frigate carrying me away after tripping haha. you would've won that game anyway. XD brinstar ***** you.
25: Esoj(MK?, D3?, Diddy?)- good player. your diddy is good.
25: Rhyme(Samus)- samus is too good rhyme! ^_^
25: Deez(Diddy)- close tourney set
33: Rookie- the best fox :D. you could've done better man. so close vs korn. unfortunate sds. don't let it get you down.
33: Knightmare- good job making it out of ppols. i hope training with EC helps you out :). the trip home was fun.


Smash Hero
Sep 8, 2008
1: Anti - man i played so good this tournament keep it up
2: Mew2King - Next time beat me actually play finals with me i felt as if i could of beat you. xD
3: ADHD - Ugh.. can you sit down when you play next time?

wWw Dazwa

Feb 23, 2006
it just occurred to me i left my 2 extension cords at the venue, can someone take them to apex for me? >_>

edit: anti you crafty fellow


Heir to the Monado
Sep 20, 2005
Amherst, MA
Nobody knows who I am ;_; I miss the Melee days LOL

1: Atomsk : I love you :3 You're mad cool and stuff. Magnet nipples, you're on fire, etc
2: Mew2King : Jason we should probably play sometime so I can become good.
3: ADHD : You're fun to watch and I don't mean your Diddy, I mean that you're always smiling while playing. It's awesome
4: NinjaLink : As opposed to ADHD, you're always look like you're pissed D: Stop beating my brother ;_;
5: Omni : It's so good to see you again. We shall do that Pokemon battle again...in a room where I can hear
5: Candy : LOL @ you wanting to cook for us. Too good LOL. We'll play sometime.
7: Shadow : Hiya :3
9: Inui : LOL despite your message board persona, you're a pretty cool dude and stuff.
9: Snakeee : Hiya :3
9: Meep : Team friendlies were fun.
9: D1 : lolol Hi. We finally got to meet.
13: Doom : LOL you're ****ing hilarious
13: Chudat : I'll get you sometime.
13: Korn : Stop beating OBM
13: G-regulate : Happy birfday :3 Always good to see you G-reg. Good **** repping Jiggs because I know I can't >_>
17: Darc : Scrub
17: Slikvik : You're mad chill. Too bad we couldn't friendly. Stop trying to steal my teammate ;_;
17: Hova: LOL Hova you're hilarious as always
17: God-is-my-Rock : Good **** running the tourney. It sucks Dazwa and I had to play, but don't fret. That was out of your control
17: NC1 Pride: You're back!
17: Ksizzle: Hiya :3
17: Hat : Hat was double Hat.
25: Pyronic~Star : Fun times at the diner. You and Jake just kept going back and forth
25: Esoj : Hiya :3
25: Rhyme : Hiya :3
25: NeverKnowsBest: Hiya :3
25: Deez : LOL you're also hilarious. I got a dollar from you too :D
25: BMX : Hiya :3
25: EE : You're as awesome as I thought you'd be
25: Boss : LOL that japes **** was mad gay. I'm glad the first game turned into my favor at the end so I could gay you with a counterpick. Only way I could win >_>
33: Wispy: Hiya :3
33: MIK! : Hiya :3
33: Phillyrider807 : Hiya :3
33: UndrDog : Hiya :3
33: Coney : Fun teams friendlies. You guys are too goot. Keep it up
33: BakiThaG : fun friendlies. You're Falco is perty gud
33: Lobos : Also fun friendlies. ****ing TL downsmash
33: SnowballBob : Falcon dittos are awesome.
33: Tantalus : Hiya :3
33: chaosknight : Hiya :3
33: SMK: Hiya :3
33: SSR: Hiya :3
33: Rei : Stop beating Jake
33: Blob : Lol Kirby is too goot. You were doing well against ADHD so I'm sure you'll do much better soon
33: Rookie : Hiya :3
33: Knightmare : Hiya :3

Individual shoutouts

OBM : Thanks for letting me stay at your dorm. Tell your roommate thanks for the blanket and pillow. They're mad cool. You're mad cool as always. Think I'm gonna be a scapegoat for the whole **** machine? SHIIIIIIIEEEEEEET

Jake : Thank you soooooooo much for driving me. Thank you for being you :3 You're awesome. LOL @ you telling everybody a certain thing lolol. Tell Allison I say baiii. /hugs both of you


Noraa : Thanks for letting us stay at your house again. Sorry I couldn't play. Tired johns. Mad chill

Sassy : You're cool. Keep that ZSS up and hopefully you won't be put into a poopy pool. I'm sure you'll make it out next time. Fun talking to ya

PC Chris/Snack attack : Get those holes, man.

Pretty sure I'm missing people. Get at me if you want a shoutout

wWw Dazwa

Feb 23, 2006
Noraa deserves preshoutout love

Noraa, thanks a ton for housing new england, and sorry we didn't get to play friendles =(
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