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  • 2957 Albany Post Road, Montgomery NY, 12549
    if you can pweasseee mail my cord<3
    i'll pay for your next tournament ^_^

    I dunno, random. I was just browsing and noticed it and felt that it would be a waste to not say anything. =)
    Yeah I did play you. First round at blue battle circuit finals (I think). IKE ALL THE WAY. I did pretty good for Ike though you 2-0'd me :). d3 and mk.

    I play metaknight now so the tides have turned.
    lol OMG dont tell me u dont remmeber our convo on aim and the stuff before. we talked about teaming but if ur going with malcom i guess thats fine too
    my friend said he played u at inuis tourny or somethhing. palpi is his name or something. says ur pretty good. we have to find a way to practice. are u goign to virdian city? or wanna play wifi i can any day we just need work im on aim a lot so we should talk about this more if we want to get serious man i think we def can make top 10 if we dont get braket gayed
    Haha sweet man I'm very excited about having you in the scene.

    You might be just what NC needs to get our western tourney scene jumpstarted, and I'm ecstatic over that one lol.
    How successful do you really think you can be with tournaments in NC? Our Western region is lacking (which is more or less where Charlotte is) in smashers, and SC's Melee scene is rather small as well. I'm not knocking you as I am perfectly aware of your vast experience hosting tournaments, but I'm just showing you that there may be some difficulties as far as getting the amount of people you're used to going to your events.

    Regardless, I'm an hour from Charlotte so you can count me in for those man (until I move to college, then I dunno what'll happen lol).

    Also, it'll be cool to meet you at HERB, man. Can't wait.
    Woah, there is some item called ``Knightmare Frame`` on Billy versus Snakeman, I didn`t know where it was from, I don`t recall, is it from FMA? On closer look... that isn`t Alphonse... but I have seen it somewhere... probably final fantasy.
    Lol, I really don't catch anything revolutionary while I'm watching the show, I just enjoy the ride =P

    Still, I'd be glad to hear what you think it going on.
    Well I move out of my apartment 3 days after this tournament, so most likely my apartment is going to be ****ing disgusting, as I know I won't be getting the security deposit back anyway, lol. If you have nowhere else to stay I can house people - but i'm just saying it probably won't be the cleanest apartment in the world.
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