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  • lol deng man i been out the smash game for 4 too long got rekt by some lvl 9 cpus lolo yo if u got smash 4 on 3ds lets play sum friendlies
    thanks for the brawls your really good.
    btw I learned ALOT! from you today. Can we brawl again sometime?

    one question tho: how do you do that really fast sliding pivot grab without waiting for the dashing frames to get done?
    ok adding you now I assume you know how to get my fc?

    I'm just a novice.
    sadly, no. you have to impress the mod or something with knowledge. And really, i kinda gave up on it. The fox boards suck.
    see, you and me are like honorary fox back roomers. We're not in it, but we should be xD
    hahahaha alright

    hey check the fox boards for the latest on who just got banned xD
    next time a DK cargo throws ya, pressing and holding up is faster than mashing all the buttons at once
    just hit me up on AIM later cause i work at 3 30 pm est and yeah prob got room for u at my house k atm charging 5 dollars just hit me up when u guys know
    I just found BTYF and I'm not sure if I can make it there, but I'll definitely play you if I can.
    cool, I have no available wii right now...but i'll message you next weekend or something.
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