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SMYM 13 Results and Shoutouts Thread!!!


Smash Ace
Dec 8, 2007
Singles Results (85 entrants)

There were 16 pools of 5 or 6. Top 3 made it out of pools into a 48 man bracket. 1st place in pools got a bye in bracket.

bracket image

1: Dart
2: Kels
3: Darkrain
5: TheJesterofTortuga (Tink)
5: j00t
7: AnDaLe
7: Tyser
9: Rat
9: Jace Attorney
9: Frootloop
13: Oro
13: Dekuschrub
13: Tom R
13: Tomacawk
17: Deepak
17: Me14k
17: The Good Doctor
17: Wake
17: Matt R
17: viperboy
17: Salt
17: JBM
25: David Cue
25: Massive
25: Rezo
25: Mundungu
25: Strong Bad
25: Radar
25: FEAR
25: MegaChuk
33: Vino
33: Ripple
33: Majik
33: Bieber
33: Dmac
33: Smashdaddy
33: Captain Pron
33: Lemon
33: moogle
33: smeesh
33: Cookiemonsta
33: sanchaz
33: hindawg
33: Alcheato
33: Meneks
33: Quaz

Doubles Results(33 entrants)

bracket image

1: Tink Kels
2: Deku Frootloop
3: IHSB Moogle
4: Dart AnDale
5: Darkrain Dmac
5: R Bros
7: ORLY Rat
7: Wake Quaz
9: JBM DCue
9: TGD Alcheato
9: Jace Z
9: Massive Rezo
13: Meneks Tomacawk
13: Viperboy Sanchaz
13: Fear Megachuk
13: Mundungu FluxWolf
17: Bieber Lucid
17: Salt TBG
17: Strong Bad CookieMonsta
17: Smeesh Tyser
17: Oro Hindwag
17: Rob_Gambino Vino
17: Deepak TripleR
17: Durian HarrisonFord
25: Rumbly Solo
25: BlackPanther CaptainPron
25: Jpal DBD
25: Tweek Casesoldier
25: Jay Poptab
25: Battlecow Me14k
25: HondaFoo GooeyBanana
25: PPV PseudoTurtle
33: bertbusdriver Jackmaster

Shoutouts and video thread to come...

Strong Badam

Prince of Saiyans
Feb 27, 2008
man i missed the new my little pony: friendship is magic episode for this tourney...........


Smash Master
Jan 27, 2006
good **** to my boy dart for winning

props to bert for running another successful SMYM

and to the darkness for being my falcon role model

more shout outs laterrr


Smash Journeyman
Apr 11, 2011
Champaign, IL
man i missed the new my little pony: friendship is magic episode for this tourney...........
No offense Strong Bad but I had a feeling you'd be a brony. Hoof it :rainbowdash:
Project M at SMYM 14?

Shoutouts to all the participants of SMYM 13. Thank you all for coming and making this tournament a big success. To all the people who brought set ups, some for hundreds of miles, you guys were great.

Shoutouts also to Darkrain for agreeing to friendly with this crappy Falcon and a photo with him. To Dart for youtube video references (which was, along with some insightful commentary, unfortunately not recorded). To PEEF for instructions on fixing the audio for the livestream (even though the internet crapped out for half of brackets). To Reneblade for commentating (while high for sometime) even though he's quitting. To Durand for helping out with the TO and organization. To PPV for taking pictures (including silly expressions of players 'in da zone') for the tourney. To Viperboy for sharing his experience on tournaments, helping break ties for pools, and taking over staff duties even though he wasn't one. Last but not least to bertbusdriver for making all this possible and being the head TO (its taxing, I was there). Also, Shoutouts to shoutouts.


Smash Ace
Dec 8, 2007
btw just checked the recordings on my laptop and they're pretty good... I'll try to upload if I can tmw, but I gotta pull an all nighter to finish a programming assignment due tmw that I've been putting off to finish the planning for SMYM...

Preliminary shoutouts to some guys who made this tournament possible. Without these guys, SMYM simply would not have been possible. I'll get to the rest of the shoutouts when I have some more time/energy...

Durian/Durand/DewRag - Co-TO. He was my other half for this tournament.

Viperboy - Saved my *** with figuring out pools and brackets, getting people to play their matches, and multitudes of other things. Thanks so much man.

AOB - I totally would have forgotten a whole bunch of essential stuff for this tournament without you... The fact that you showed up pretty much just to help speaks for itself. I really appreciate it.

Reneblade - Thanks for pretty much running the stream and bringing some hype to the TO desk. Also, you're just mad chill man. I wanna see you at future tournaments so don't retire...

Peef - Thanks for all your help on the stream man. The stream wasn't the best, but that was for reasons outside of our control, and you did everything I could have asked for from someone an ocean and a ton of landmass away.

Bibi - You were a ****ton of help man. You took initiative to make sure I had my sanity, and for that, I truly appreciate you. Just don't say so much controversial stuff on our stream next time :)

Juggleguy - Your efficiency as TO during The Big House was pure inspiration man. It did SMYM a ton of good to have mimicked a few of your procedures. Hope to see you sometime soon...

Master Ppv

Smash Journeyman
Dec 2, 2007
Springfield, Illinois
Congrats to Dart for the taking the tourney! Kevin, Bibi, Reneblade, and Viperboy - you guys ran this thing like champs. And Bibi, this time I just happened to bring the camera along. Next SMYM the photography will be planned and accounted for, and I'll help out with TO duties much more than I did this time around.

Also, I asked Darkrain about coming to future SMYMs and wondered if having Armada come would add extra incentive. This was his response (and yes, this is a quote): "I'll always come to SMYM."

Rest easy, everybody. And GGs.


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2008
East Peoria, Illinois
Tourney was ran incredibly well, props :)

GG's everybody. Loved how diverse my pool was :p

Josh, good lord man lol. I beat you with Falco once three years ago at a random tourney and then you go and do this. It's been an amazing time sharing this experience with all of you guys <3

Not too sure how serious I'm going to approach this game anymore due to transferring soon and wanting to focus on my major...who knows, always gotta attend SMYMs if I can help it...


Smash Hero
Dec 5, 2009
Omaha, NE
You guys all suck for letting Tyser get top 8 like he said he was going to from the start of the tournament. Good **** gents.

But I suck more for getting it raw dawg from the cops the last week and not coming.


Smash Ace
Dec 23, 2011
Salt Lake City in body, midwest in soul
0: Rollerblader- was ****ing AWESOME to see you Chris. It's really crazy how tight we've become through the nights of dota, I look forward to more and I hope we can see each other again really soon. I really can see a stark improvement in your melee game, I know I told you to your face but I don't want you to forget. This game can be really frustrating with the series of peaks and plateaus people hit, it can be easy to see your shortcomings and ignore your improvements.
1: Dart-still pretty unreal that you won this. I'm happy for you man. Also let the record show that I have been calling dart the best marth for months, before all you nerds jumped on the bandwagon that's about to take off
2: Kels-I'm happy and sad to see you lose. It's nice to see a new first place finisher for once but it hurts to see my friend lose. You took it in stride and had a great attitude about it, +rep. I don't think I would have handled the loss as classy as you did.
3: Darkrain-was a fun few games we got in, I won one :D. You're always one of my favorite players to watch.
5: TheJesterofTortuga (Tink)-I felt like you played kind of badly and you still got 5th. Nice man. Was fun as **** playing you, as always, and I am immensely pleased that we got to hang out. I'll see you around buddy, whether it be melee or other things.
7: AnDaLe-I'm surprised to see you only placing 7th, I feel like you're absolutely a top notch player. I love and miss you already friend, until next time. Let's team again :)
7: Tyser-you ****ing rock. I have historically had no respect for samus players but you are really ****ing smart, and I am completely fine with losing to you. You are the better player and I am happy to have learned from our bracket match, Congrats on top 8!
9: ORLY-your bracket sucked LOL. You placed great, you played great, you are great to hang out with. I'm happy for the time we spend together at these tournies.
9: Rat-we never talk much but there's always exchanges between us. Good job on 9th, I hope you can break through this threshold and reach the next level of placings because you got the brains for it.
9: Jace Attorney-lol nice name, great placing. We never played but I saw you, and I never said "hi." So...hi
13: Oro-we never played :D
13: Dekuschrub-I think you are the best player in the midwest that truly doesn't give a **** about placing. Quite a title to have. Are you still in Edwardsville ever? Let's play.
13: Tom R-your mario is horrifyingly good. You and Matt always strike me as quiet fellows but I really do like you guys. I hope that we can converse more in the future.
13: Tonk (Tomacawk)-I'm satisfied with this placing, and I feel it represents my skill level accurately. Maybe I had an easy bracket? Taking a break from the game has been great for me. My state of mind was much better this tournament, and it reflects in my gameplay. I don't know if I'm going to get back into the community, but you guys make it so hard to stay away. I couldn't give a **** about melee--it's each and every one of you that has made these experiences so significant for me and have drastically cultivated the man that I am and will continue to become. Thanks for your input you guys--you literally help make me who I am.
17: Me14k-I'm glad I came up to you after our matches. You taught me so much about the peach matchup, and you really pushed me into a level of patience and focus that I've never before achieved. I'll get you next time :)
17: Matt R-what happened man? I expected you to be top 8!
17: Salt-your attitude is absolutely inspiring. I feel that what I said to you in person stands as sufficient, so I won't go into much more detail here. I'm really glad we got to play, the man you knew me as 3 years ago is drastically inferior to the man I am today, and I'm happy to have been able to show it to you. The past is the past, but I will go out of my way to play you the next time we meet up. You really made an impact on me today, and for that I thank you.
25: Mundungu-I had a lot of fun playing the games we played together. Let's get more matches in next time.
25: Strong Bad-thanks so much for arranging travel plans for me. It was great to meet you and Karl and Fishburn. Oddly enough, I don't think we played! I'll try my best to make it to...Ralla (I doubt I spelled that right)
33: Ripple-was awesome seeing you old buddy, thanks for the roof. You were a great host and I'm sorry that you had to play the cc champions =D. For the love of god please play a character that gains an advantage by hitting the enemy!!
33: Bieber-I heard you're from St Louis? Is this true? I'm in Edwardsville. Get a hold of me!
33: Captain Pron-nice job on brackets Adam. Next time you can make it deeper into the tournament!
33: smeesh-you are funny, and your energy is a bit awkward to me but I really get a refreshing kick out of your raw enthusiasm. Had a lot of fun playing matches with you!
33: Cookiemonsta-Nice job on brackets Karl. Had a lot of fun sharing experiences on picking up girls with you.
33: sanchaz-is 33rd about tink level?
33: Alcheato-ggs man. I relate to your frustration and I see my past experiences in your tourney environment from today. I hope you can break the mindset that puts you in such a self-loathing, high stress environment, because that is ultimately what held my improvement back for so long. It also negatively affected my ability to truly enjoy the competition.
33: Meneks-had fun seeing you Omar. Our matches were fun and we did nice in teams. It was weird having a fox teammate because it led to me playing a lot of non-fox, but I had a lot of fun doing it and I think it helped my doubles game a lot having the perspective of different characters. It's interesting to me how drastically different my play style was when switching from marth/falcon. My decision making changed dramatically.
Rashad-nice seeing you. I wish we could have talked a lot more about grown-man stuff. Just know that despite my sometimes distant, unresponsive facebook relationship, I see and am inspired by your continuing growth as a person. Who you are matters, and you are making a difference everyday with the seeds of ideas you plant among your peers.
David-It's so funny to me that you're a real stoner now. I got a huge kick out of it. You look really good with long hair, you should keep it going. I'm sorry you drowned in pools :(
Purdue-wheeeeere areeee you?
Big C-you're fun as **** man. I knew we would hit it off!

Special shoutout to that Empire Chinese Restaurant for having the ****ing hookup on stir fry and for setting good vibes for the tourney with my fortune: "Keep on charging the enemy so long as there is life." Can a fox player get a better fortune than that!?

Special shoutout #2 to the TOs. You guys did a GREAT job, SMYM is alive and well, and it is in good hands. Thanks for arranging, hosting, running, and cleaning. You guys rock.

I know I'm forgetting people, give me a shoutout to remind me that I should recognize you!

Zivilyn Bane

Smash Master
Nov 18, 2004
Springfield, MO
Dart repping the Midwest Marth! What a hero.

Good job to my friends in attendance. Jace, Strong Bad, dmac, Cookiemonsta. Anybody else I missed. Darkrain for being a living legend.

TO can you please make sure your .tio file gets uploaded to the SSBPD?



Smash Journeyman
Jan 16, 2012
Yay Dart!! Props to Reneblade for inventing a new genre of music on stream.


Smash Champion
Mar 4, 2011
Falco Bair
Damn, j00t just ran through losers like it was nothing. What happened First round?


Smash Cadet
Sep 7, 2007
tyser is so goddamn impressive. had you on the ropes, j00t. just one stock! that was a good set

also almost took out dart r1

shout out to david as well for going toe to toe with kels and then sding


Smash Master
Dec 9, 2004
Charleston Illinois
Good times everyone.

Great job to the TO and staff for running a successful tournament, do it again in like september imo.

Congrats to dart, great job man.

IHSB - you've always been a good player but you're better and better everytime we play, keep it up.

Darkrain - good to see you as always, your set vs. Kels was amazing, congrats on 3rd.

Dmac/Z sorry we didn't get to play, but good to see you again anyway.

Tink/ C thanks for coming over, that crew battle was too fun. My johns for last nights matches are that I was awake for 25 hours when we were playing :).

Smeesh - +5 to humanity because of you, you're a good guy

Reneblade/rob gambino thanks for coming over, good times

R brosephs - good set Tom, that's a fierce Mario, sorry we didn't get to play Matt.

Rat - next time, good sir. Good set.

Good doc/ alcheato - good teams set, sorry didn't play you alcheato in singles, and good set good doc.

Strong bad - you came out of the whole like a beast (see what I did thar?). Keep up the good work.

Thanks again to everyone, see yall around soon



Smash Lord
Apr 1, 2010
Wow it's nice to see how much better Dart is getting. I'd love to see how he performs outside of the midwest.

Dart if you're reading this you should consider going to Civil War or Nyte or something.


Play to Win
May 19, 2009
Shoutouts to moogle for being ****ing hardcore, to me14k for repping C-U harder than C-U deserves to be repped (lol), to Cookiemonsta for being a bro, to frootloop for taking the time to **** me up, to all the peeps in my pool who were generally good people, and to Tomacawk for being a gentleman after all.


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Juggleguy - Your efficiency as TO during The Big House was pure inspiration man. It did SMYM a ton of good to have mimicked a few of your procedures. Hope to see you sometime soon...
No problem! I admit I wasn't sure how this tourney would turn out because I hadn't seen you host an event before, but it looks like SMYM is in good hands! Keep it up.


Smash Lord
Mar 20, 2005
I would like to see a Top 10 Plays from this. I can totally put something like that together.

@Reneblade would you be interested in doing the commentary and making a list for that?

@BertbusDriver is there a way I can get a hold of the recorded footage? I can Screen Capture it from Twitch.tv or Youtube but then the quality sucks.


ᗣᗣᗣᗣ ᗧ·····•·····
Sep 4, 2006
look at those low tiers that made bracket!

me with :roymelee:
strongbad with :dk2:
joot with :gwmelee:


Smash Lord
Apr 1, 2010
btw just checked the recordings on my laptop and they're pretty good... I'll try to upload if I can tmw, but I gotta pull an all nighter to finish a programming assignment due tmw that I've been putting off to finish the planning for SMYM...
What channel will vids be uploaded to?

look at those low tiers that made bracket!

me with :roymelee:
strongbad with :dk2:
joot with :gwmelee:
Did Joot really main Game and Watch at this?
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