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  • @Mic:lick my balls
    edit-ERRR YES SIR

    serious edit-Maybe smashboards should break its fear of drug references. Considering that the vast majority of the community has been using hard drugs that kill people much of their lives, such as caffeine and alcohol, maybe we need to have an open and honest discussion about drug policies.

    Let's also take a look at the amount of drug related names people have and the frequency of cannabis references in virtually every major tournament thread. There's also the widely popular "Kneegalize" videos that explicitly advocate marijuana. Or the times that people, especially in the midwest, plan out going to the bars after tournaments or just going to someone's house and getting wasted.

    But what about the age of the people who might see my comments? Smash isn't particularly known for having young players. The vast majority of the community is in college; some are nearly into their 30s. Additionally, does it really matter what the age of somebody is when they are exposed to *talking* about drugs? I find this irrelevant to the topic, but I will give you that it is relevant. Shouldn't we talk with them early, before they are introduced to drug using opportunities? In many tribal and Indian cultures of South Africa, Mexico, and parts of America, the entirety of the tribe uses and is raised around psychedelic drugs, including psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, ayahuasca, iboga, and 5-dimethyltraptamine (better known as DMT). They use the hallucinogens as tools to expand their collective and individual consciousness and as a right of passage to usher teens into adulthood in large parties that often incorporated the entire tribe. Because they are educated en mass to use the drug as a tool for self-devlopment, to respect the substance, and to prepare for the magnitude of the event, they developed with no rates of drug addiction (you, by the way, cannot be physically addicted to psychedelics). It seems to me that we should introduce drugs to our kids as a young age so that they understand the magnitude of the event, rather than being ignorantly peer pressured into doing things they might have no interest in had they been more informed.

    So let's continue on the approach smashboards takes to drugs and look at the website's image. Are drug references feared because they may make you look bad? Drug use is completely universal to the human experience. Since humanity has been aware of drugs, they have used them on a global scale. The same goes for sex. Maybe we should stop acting like prudes that are afraid to embrace and discuss our choices. And do you think anybody would honestly read my personal signature and say to themselves "oh my invisible sky lord, look at this person on this website. All of smashboards must be immoral drug users bound for eternal hellfire! Dad come look at this, we should coordinate our church community to sending the authorities after these guys!"

    tl;dr stop being mad jelly butthurt nerds and come to terms with drug use. Alternatively, find some LSD, drop it, and propel yourselves toward enlightenment, at least for your own sake

    double edit-I changed it anyway. You can go save the internet elsewhere now
    tr-tr-tr-triple edit-Maybe you guys should go do your jobs and insult people more? *link removed*
    ^^^^transparency is key in any attempt at sustaining authority
    The internet police is watching you guys.
    Please remove the last 2 items on the list in your signature as drug references are against the forum rules.
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