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  • Hey Rat, where do you think Wolf places in the tier list speculations? It doesn't have to be exact or anything, but if you could shoot me a rang of numbers it'd be much appreciated
    Hey, do you need a partner for Low Tier City? I'm open and willing if you are!
    Hey Rat, I just needed some quick advice, but do you think Wolf is a good matchup for either Mewtwo or Charizard?
    Personally I don't think Wolf does particularly well against either character.

    Wolf's not the kind of character who has swingy match-ups though.
    Jake The Preacher
    Jake The Preacher
    Alright man thanks for the tips, do you think you have an idea of who may be good for them?
    hey so i've been looking at how to add csps to project m. so far im stuck at how to add a new "InfFaceXXX.brres" to the portrite folder. im running v.70. edit: im also stuck at the "menSelchrFaceBXXX.brres" folder. apparently the samus csps are supposed to be in B030 but its not in there
    alright, I'll try to figure out how to get there. thanks for all your help!
    ok, awesome! So, it's just 3 of us coming now, me, fluxwolf, and chexr. Flux wolf is traveling on his own though, so me and chexr are gonna show up at a different time probably. Would you be able to pick us up from the greyhound station, or do you know anyone who could? I'll help pay for gas if necessary.
    Hey, you offered people from OOS housing for sakurai right? I'm coming with MN, but I'm not sure how many people are coming. Could you PM me your address and phone number by tonight? I just need details, and if you could help me with this that would be much appreciated. thanks
    Hey where exactly do you live? I really want to go to the tournament tomorrow, but I don't think I can drive myself. If i'm not too far out of the way it would be amazing if i could get a ride.
    Whoa, I just saw who you beat/outplaced in that midwest tournament to get 3rd. Way to go man! Finish Kels off too next time!
    Rat, I'm going to see Maps and Atlases with some out of town friends on Thurday. It's a free show. If you're interested, lemme know.
    Hey Rat you guys brawl at Grand Lan every thursday right? I have a source that says you're all scrubs is there anyone good that goes to Grand Lan?
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