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  • "ZSS should be top of c tier, or bump her to B tier behind GW. I might even put her over GW. Its CLOSE though. I still think GW is better."

    While I don't agree with G&W being better than ZSS, it's nice to see people that still think Game & Watch is a good character.

    Thanks. :)
    Good stuff at the tourney bro.
    Your Marth is legit, but I kind of wanted to play your Falco. =P
    I'm the only Iliad on the boards and who plays SSBB. I have an AiB account, but it's not named Iliad. It's called Hadean I think.

    Sorry bro, my name was just so pimp some ***** had to steal it.
    LMAAAAAO. I had no idea we even had some sort of smash rivalry or beef? Or that I held enough clout to be recognized by someone who I have no knowledge of.

    I must be a ****ing awesome live stream troll. No, what am I saying, of course I am. DJ crowned me the king of trolls.
    good question... I'm around, I've just been completely swamped by school. haven't played with anybody in over a month. tis sad.
    Both Zero's are pretty cool, but my avatar is still definitely way cooler. Although the newer Zero is definitely leagues stronger...

    And the only reason you like him is because of TvC... Referring to his Ryujenin as a "rip-off shoryuken"... Everyone knows that you get it from defeating the Magma Dragoon in Megaman X4.... Phhp...

    And I don't even have TvC yet.... And I don't think I'll be getting it for a while....
    you are undeserving to have Zero as your avatar which is why i have 1-uped you with a much cooler and more awesome Zero avatar
    Lol don't worry I invited all of the "Randoms" who will be there. If our brawl attendence is more than 40 I won't be surprised. I'd love to chat on aim but right now I have studying to do. If I'm ever on feel free to aim me though.
    Hey, I remember you from Apex... you recorded matches with a portable video recorder... can you explain that to me? Or at least give me a link to it?
    Actualluy, pgn was the first one to use the title. But that doesn't mean I stole the idea!

    Last time I stole an idea, was in 1939! The war had just started, and Buck McRidd had just invented the first flying car! It worked like s**t, and left you with fumes of carbon monoxide and sugar in the lungs, but that didn't matter since it was like a money prining machine! I beat him down with a very, very old loaf of French bread stuffed with marbles, and started his car which immediately exploded, leaving me with burn damage from my waist down. Anyway, as I was about to change my custom title, I remembered how the band I had back in '63 had recieved 6 out of 1,000 points in the Association for Schoolboy Singers (A.S.S.), since we didn't really play the instruments. Due to my severe dyxlescxia, I misspelled the word "band" and wrote "banned" instead.

    And that's the story of how I met your mom.
    Your .gif is just gold, pure gold. Way better than all the other shoop's I've seen anywhere else.
    mav put me down 4 da fox backroom please im very rusty with fox i played melee 4 a week now i 4got evrything help me!!! lolz
    Oh I see.
    You should update the Fox matchup thread more often, the last update was like in March..
    You are on the B team, please quit A and let me know so we can get you on the team and eligible asap, we need you.
    yo...look at my previous message on your page...I need your info if I can get rides to your tourney..

    well it's gonna be somewhat of a problem getting out there but if we can get a ride, or ind sometype of way to get out there i'm definitely down as long as it doesn't get it in the way of work yah mean.
    Please email me your full name, address, and phone number to camalange@yahoo.com so I can show my parents/friends all this information.

    And apparently my friend won't be able to drive down to Pittsburgh they day BEFORE the tourney so...we're gonna try to get to your tourney by 12 and then spend the night with you the day of the tourney...

    Thanks again.

    To which tourney(s)? I can't at all this following week because I'll be camping. Without ROB.
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