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  • No, I have no plans to go to Apex. The last two were run awfully and I hated the pools format. Not to mention he's holding it in the middle of winter.
    o lol i honestly meant it when i said idrc any more haha. whenever you feel it's convenient just put them on mediafire
    Yo! Quick question: if xzax is somehow able to make it over to Pittsburg, would there be any rides he can hitch it with?
    Hey so I have to bail on our team. The reason is that I convinced my good friend here in MI to come back out of state and teaming was an incentive.

    However, I wouldn't leave you without a good backup so you should contact Eddie G. He got gayed by Shugo teaming with Ally and Eddie is a great partner. You two would do well together. I alerted him as well about the situation so you guys should get in touch quickly. I apologize for the inconvenience but I wouldn't leave without a backup plan. Good luck!
    Its gonna be interesting for me. I have full time school this summer so its been a challenge keeping all As and doing other stuff while I work full time. But I'm so ready for the summer for Smash. Definitely looking forward to HOPE. Those are always legit.
    No worries, I completely understand.

    And MK is easily the character I do best with in doubles. Besides from it being MK...I just know what to do with him and how to setup/follow up. We'll do well at RAGE, I'm sure. But I'm gonna train more fo this. PS4 got me pretty motivated.

    Yeah I choked against Meek Game 3 when I had that lead but whatever. He outplayed me and legit deserved the win because of it.

    I'll be ready for RAGE so no worries. I'm gonna keep putting in the work and showing what I got. Super stoked to wreck teams
    Whoohooo!!! Good to hear bro! If I need your TO help I will bother you at the tourney.
    LOL at the URC comment.

    And I'm a legit stock tank in doubles. My 4 stocks USUALLY = my teammates 2. So yeah I'm down to team.
    I pretty much use both :dedede: and :warioc: interchangeably in doubles. I'm really strong with :metaknight: as my partner.

    I also started using :gw: seriously as well.

    I have many people that can vouch, I'm a good teammate.
    Would you be okay with the TF2 thread getting ownership transferred to Terywj? He wishes to have the ability to update the OP with the Highlander stuff himself.
    Wanted to ask your consent for such a thing since you are still active there in the LH and whatnot. =)
    If you want the poll results to be public (aka everyone can see who voted what) just let me know
    Hey Mav, can you email me the tio file for the brawl bracket so I can upload it to AiB?

    wtf_chaotic_pro@live.com = my email address
    Hey Mav, can you fix the video title formatting for your APEX matches? I think Juggleguy sent everyone a PM with exactly how we had to word the titles.
    If you don't live in Pittsburgh can you give the contact from anyone from Pittsburgh? I'm disposed to travel to other cities but I prefer to go with a group of people.
    Hi M@v This is NETOmx from Mexico. Do you live in Pittsburgh? Right now I'm living in Moon Township for 4 months and I want to know when are going to have a tournament or smashfest. Let me know if you know. Thanks.
    I have actually, I just completely threw video games out the window and was busy with other things like the frat, lacrosse and such.

    Oh and I'm single now, which added to the whole time commitment thing XD.

    I'm not that good either... good enough to beat pretty much anyone who doesn't play competitively, though not good enough to actually win against anyone who knows what they're doing...

    IceClimbers and Peach I use... strangely I also like using the wiimote and nunchuck better than the GC with them... Chain grabbing and techs are easier to me there idk :S.
    Sounds good. I'd definitely be interested in meeting up.

    I was going to go to apex, but work calls and I'm no longer available... My roommate lives pretty much a few blocks away from the venue though... would've been perfect.

    I'll see you around the next semester then.
    Couldn't help but notice you saying you go to State as well... Would you want to meet up sometime? What's the scene like there... Haven't played too many games...
    Would you be willing to help me with any questions and stuff in the future if I do go through with this? Is it expensive? (I heard you have to upgrade stuff every year.) =/
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