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Direct a Trailer!

Aug 14, 2021
GamingCorp, Utah, USA, (20XX Future Timeline)
A trailer for irrelevant Mobile Game Rep that have low chances, but he can join smash someday.

Geometry Smash:

[Cross Flair Intro]

The Trailer opening is similar to Pacman's Trailer in Super Smash Bros. 4; Mario represents red bar, Sonic and MegaMan blue one and Pacman the yellow one. They travel through classic Levels like Pacmaze, Green Hill Zone and World 1-1.
Then the Mysterious Orange bar shows up and jumps on their heads in rythmm of the song, and turns into cube while going further than them and it shows a level with triangles, platforms and blue background and it avoids all traps, completing the Level.

When it breaks the Wall from the level, it became 3D and when it saw the Smash Invitation, he grabbed it into mouth and jumped in air, revealing...

ICON Dashes through competition!

The Gameplay Montage shows Icon from Geometry Dash doing it's Stage Intro by sliding from side on stage and goes further on Stage called "Dashgrounds". Later, it cuts to Icon fighting with Pacman on Pac-Land (Referencing that Icon and Pacman are Limbless Characters). Next, it cuts to Icon taunting with other Icons on Mushroomy Kingdom (Referencing Geometry Dash game, which is sidescrolling platformer). Later, it shows Gameplay of Icon using Smash Attacks on Sonic while fighting on Green Hill Zone (It could allude to Icon's speed compared to Sonic's speed in smash). Next, it shows Icon doing it's Up Special on Fox McCloud on Final Destination (Icon's Up Special is like Arwing).

Now it cuts to Mid-CGI portion, where Icon goes further through white space from Inkling's Reveal trailer and escapes it through Dimensional Portal and Lands on Battlefield and it encounters Mario and others, who are fighting and Icon does a lot of his moves and nearly dodges all attacks without any problem and it defeats Mario with his Side Smash (Monster swoop).

Next, it cuts to Gameplay again, where Icon fights with Kirby on Green Greens (Referencing their basic designs) and later it shows Icon doing it's Aerial Attacks while fighting with Pit on Skyworld (Referencing that Kid Icarus and Geometry Dash are basically hard games to beat).
Now, it shows it's Final Smash, where he sends 3 opponents to Cutscene, where Icon beats their butts on Hardest Level of GD and sends them to Cage with monsters, which monster eats them, KOing opponents and ends it's Final Smash.

Now, it cuts to White Background with Title of SSBU as:

In post-credits scene, it shows Geometry Dash Title screen with Icon and Smash Characters running through straight terrain while it slightly zooms out that one Kid was playing Geometry Dash in his Room while Icon and Smashers were running in the Game.

The Trailer ends as Always, nuff said guys.
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