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Direct a Trailer!

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Writing Team
Jul 30, 2007
One of the most hyped aspects of the pre-launch period of Smash 4 (and the DLC season) was the character reveal trailers. While Sakurai brushed it off by saying he didn’t like how the cutscenes in Brawl could be seen online which pushed him to approach cinematics different; it was obviously a great decision in the end. Nothing hyped fans more than this....

...It was like Christmas morning and Sakurai was jolly old St. Nick coming to bring us Smash goodness. It was a fun time to be following Smash 4 development. Now, with a possible Smash on the horizon, will these amazing reveal trailers return? How will Sakurai take them one step further?

That’s where you come in! While we anxiously pass away the time like 1 am Christmas morning, let’s come up with some trailers of our own! Any newcomer is welcomed and, to make things interesting, veterans are also open for a trailer make-over.

Before you post your trailer, please include the character you are doing it for. You can even put in specifics like the time duration, event it was revealed, and any other fun tidbits (think the Chocobo hats in Cloud’s trailer).

For your own reference, here are the trailers:

So let’s get directing!​
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Mr. Nintendo

Feb 8, 2014
Cross flairs

(Rundas theme plays) [setting crystal cave]Samus back flips away from her for foe which the camera pans round to reveal is Bowser "Show time" he says walking towards Samus through some flame.

Samus attempts to shoot him but his shell is too tough so she focuses on gracefully dodging his flames and punches.

Music stops
Suddenly a roar is heard and the two stop fighting, the look round (Bowser looking a little goofy in the scene) to see two fireballs (meta Ridley them starts to play) heading their way, Samus dodges one but Bowser is knocked away. The camera reveals the source of the fireball, but Ridley is still in Shadow. He jumps down from his high place the cave pulling up just before hitting the ground and charges towards Samus. She dodges just in time and then Ridley turns around ready to attack once more revealing that "Ridley joins the battle "

Cue gameplay brawl Ridley theme plays

Ends with Ridley on top of a barely breathing Zero Suit Samus.
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Smash Master
Sep 17, 2017
Trailer name: “A New Way To Fight”

Cross burns into screen.

Mega Man and R.O.B. are in the middle of a match. Mega Man fires a few shots of his Mega Buster only for R.O.B. to send them back with an Arm Rotor. Mega Man avoids the projectiles by sliding underneath them and following up with an uppercut that stuns the NES Companion for a bit before throwing two Metal Blades at it. R.O.B. boosts itself over the sawblades and lands in front of the Blue Bomber before blasting him at point blank with a fully-charged Robo Beam, knocking Mega Man down for a bit. Just as Mega Man gets up, a piece of cardboard carried in the wind hits R.O.B. in the side of the face and lands near the two robots, confusing them, as it looks strange for a piece of cardboard. Suddenly, the cardboard twitches and begins folding itself. By the time it’s finished, it has become a cardboard robot that’s taller than Mega Man, but shorter than R.O.B.. The cardboard construct stands still for a moment before its eyes flash and it enters a fighting stance before the title splashes:

“LABO Builds on the Fight!!”

The aptly named Labo then takes out a cardboard motorbike handlebar and revs it up before releasing it, sending it hurtling towards the camera before transitioning into gameplay, showing multiple cardboard contraptions in his moveset, including a camera that dazed people with its flash, a house that traps opponents and limits their movement space, a fishing pole tether, a piano that gives Labo a buff based on the tune played, and a transformation into a MUCH bigger robot for a final smash. After showcasing the final smash, Labo takes out one of his Joy-Cons before twirling it and ‘blowing’ into the IR Camera as if it were a revolver before cutting to the title screen.

After the title screen, a damaged R.O.B. and Mega Man are watching curiously at Labo, who is creating something out of cardboard. He fiddles around with it a bit more until he reveals that he created amazingly detailed cardboard statues of the Famicom Robot and the Run-and-Gunner, to their surprise. Labo sees their reactions and gives off motions of ‘laughing’, the screen fading out as the Cardboard Creator continues to do so.
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Feb 4, 2014
Switch FC
I was actually thinking of doing something like this before so it's good that you made this thread.

Obviously the character i'm doing is my man with the wrench (Andy from Advance Wars) but i'll do some more later.

Trailer Name: Advance to Victory!

*Cross flairs*

What we first see in the trailer appears to be an empty Battlefield with no one around. Upon closer observation and a closer look in to the stage, we can see several infantry, mechs, and tanks (from the Infantry & Tanks Assist Trophy already in the game) seemingly marching in unison to someone. We can't see who that person is initially but the camera zooms out and we go to another Battlefield (IIRC there's several Battlefields floating around in the background) where we see :4pit::4fox::4marth::4falcon:fighting it out.

Out of the blue, we see artillery fire pop out of nowhere from the sky that takes out everyone except for Marth. Marth is shocked to see what just happened when he turns around to see the fighter that KO'd his rivals. Gracefully landing on the stage through a T-Copter (Transport Copter), the camera pans on this mysterious fighter and we see his outfit, wrenches in hand, and his cocky smirk. The fighter throws his wrench in to the air, poses, and says the following.,,

"It's time for a tune-up!"

*Cue Splash Text*

Cue the gameplay footage with a sweet remix of Andy's theme as Andy and Marth rush to each other to do battle before the screen transitions in to other gameplay footage as well as humorous nods to Andy's character and Advance Wars as a whole.

In the gameplay footage part, we can see Andy perform his various different moves including his melee and special attacks. We see him using unique wrench attacks and abilities such using his wrench to wack his opponent, using them to ground his opponent (think :4dk: 's Side :GCB:), as well as catch projectiles in the air.

In this portion of the trailer, we're also introduced to Andy's specials which are entirely comprised of different units he can use in Advance Wars. We see Andy using his Artillery Fire (Neutral :GCB:) to zone enemies out and fire from a distance, his Anti-Air Assault (Side :GCB:) that lets his strike foes both on the ground and also in the air depending on how you position it, his T-Copter Escape (Up :GCB:) that summons a T-Copter for Andy to safely recover to the stage with and his Tank Op (Down :GCB:) that functions similar to :4wario:'s bike in terms of movement but also has considerable firepower depending on what kind of tank Andy summons (Light VS Medium Tank).

In the course of the video, we see Andy recovering 20% damage somehow but we're not entirely sure how that happens at that point.

The footage ends after a while and the screen fades to black. However, what we see afterwards is when the adrenaline rush beings...

(watch from 0:14 through 0:30)

We see the text "SUPER POWER" the way you see it in the video and the same graphic is shown only it's Andy's Smash Bros artwork that's shown instead of his AW2 one. This kickass track also beings to play (albeit a remix but whatever lol).
We then fade to Final Destination where Andy is with 3 other fighters (lets say :4link::4myfriends::4ness:), recovers 50% damage, and unleashes his Neotank (Final Smash) that KO's everyone in one blast.

We then go stage by stage where Andy is using his upgraded specials on his opponents such as his Rockets (instead of the Artillery), significantly powered up Anti-Air's, Battle Copter (instead of a Transport Copter), and a Medium Tank (instead of a Light Tank).

It's also here where Andy's CO Power Meter is shown next to his character icon (think :4littlemac:'s power meter only it's Andy's power meter from Advance Wars depending on the damage inflicted and damage taken)

We see Andy's CO Power Meter half full and he uses his Hyper Repair ability, recovering 20% damage.
Immediately after, we see Andy's CO Power Meter completely full and he uses his Hyper Upgrade ability, recovering a whooping 50% damage as well as an upgrade to his specials as you seen before in the trailer.
Afterwards, the camera shifts and we see a city-like stage where a huge war breaks out between Orange Star (and allied Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, Green Earth) against Black Hole in the background. This is Andy's home stage called Wars World and it goes through three stages, one in the city, one at sea, and one in the air.

CO's are also able to be summoned and we see 3 different CO's from Advance Wars being summoned respectively, Olaf, Sonja, and Eagle. Olaf turns the stage in to a cold, wintery battlefield, Sonja grants whoever summons her extra defense, and Eagle unleashes a massive air strike filled with Bombers and Fighters on to the stage (not effecting the person who summoned him).

Finally, the trailer ends with Andy pointing his wrench towards the screen, grinning and all and the Smash Bros logo shown off in the end the way it usually does.

In the post-credits scene, Andy is on the Pilotwings stage and humorously asks what an Airport is through text at the bottom of the screen, a nod to the infamous scene from Advance Wars.

Andy's moveset is shown much more in depth afterwards as with all newcomers.

I put a confrontation between Andy and Marth in the trailer because I thought it would be cool if you had the mascots of both Fire Emblem and Advance Wars duking it out seeing as they're both made by Intelligent Systems.
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Smash Lord
Oct 1, 2016
Mario and Bowser are fighting in what looks like some fancy heavily decorated castle.

Cut to black and white footage of a figure walking through the rain.

Mario, Luigi, and Bowser fighting again

Back to the figure. He's a big muscular man, but it's dark and we can't get many details about him. he's walking through some creepy cemetery.

Mario and Bowser are still fighting. Bowser grabs and toses Mario away. He then towers of Luigi who is cowering in fear.

The doors fly open. There stand SIMON BELMONT in full color and in all his barbarian vampire hunting glory! He dramatically points at Bowser and proclaims, "DIE MONSTER!" with suitable bad voice acting. Mario and Bowser have both stopping fighting and look at him, unsure of what to think.

Cue Splash Screen


In game footage.

Simon jumps in and does some attack combos on Bowser.

Simon and Link both throw their boomerangs at each other. Link dodges it at first but gets hit when it comes back. Simon manages to jump out of the way both times.

Simon does a long whip attack on Mewtwo then turns around and does a flme whip attack on Ganondorf.

Simon jumps down, lands dramatically and run off screen. Once he's off screen we see another Simon in a different costume jump down. Several Simons in a row do this, showing off his looks from various games.

We see some more attacks of his,. Throwing daggers, whip swings, Holy Water bombs, at one point we should see him trying to make a jump in a Castlevania stage only to get knocked down by a flying medusa head.

Cut back to the opening. Bowser is laying defeated on the ground. Simon looks at Luigi and says "Mankind ill needs a savior such as you." Luigi pouts.

Super Smash bros Logo

Cut back to Simon sitting down crosslegged taking a big old bite out of an over sized Turkey leg he's holding.


Smash Ace
Feb 22, 2014

Samus navigates dark hallways, hugging corners, on the look out for metroids with her arm cannon out. Suddenly she comes across a strange fluid on the ground and approaches cautiously before she is shot in the back by an unknown enemy. Lights turn on and Inkling stands out in the open. *Freeze frame* Inkling owns the turf appears in green and pink text *unfreeze* Screen pans over to Samus who sits on her butt covered in ink.

music plays.

A showcase of the Inklings moveset including making showing both the male and female inklings (tired right now and don't feel like putting a move set here. I may update later.)
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Banned via Administration
Dec 3, 2007
A while back I actually wrote up a trailer idea for my Wario Land Wario thread, so I'll just repost it here.

Flaming Cross-bar Smash Bros logo starts up the trailer as usual.

Trailer begins with a cartoony Iris In shot, zoomed in on the back wheel of Wario's bike, rolling along a road. Some goofy music is playing (like the Losing Results theme from Mario Kart 64). The bike is puttering along, puffing out little clouds of smoke, like it's damaged. Zoom out to show Wario riding his bike along a back road during the sunset. Wario is bruised and tattered and his clothes are torn, he has a black eye, and his bike is falling apart. This CGI scene is interspersed with clips of him getting trounced in Smash - Peach smacking him with a golf club, him doing a weak fart before getting blasted away by Ness's PSI Flash, Donkey Kong spiking him off his a stage with his forward air, and him managing to steal his bike back from Cloud.

Cut back to Wario on his bike. He rubs his head, clearly exhausted, as he's had a long day. The next shot is of him entering the doorway to his house and heading off to the kitchen to grab a snack. Grabbing some cheese and garlic from the fridge, he sees his old clothes hanging on a coatrack on the wall when he closes the fridge door. He sees his Safari hat and overalls, and sits down at the table to start eating. As he munches on his cheese he recalls his old adventures where he defeated monsters and collected mountains of treasure, and it shows a montage of several different Wario Land games - him busting open treasure chests and soaring through the air in Wario Land 1, him battling pirates in Wario Land 2, him busting blocks with his Springy Wario form in Wario Land 3, and him plowing through the toxic landfill stage in Wario Land 4. He seems taken aback and he rubs his chin for a moment, lost in thought. He then looks at the camera and gets a gleam in his eye.

He walks over to the coat rack, taking his biker helmet off and putting on his Safari hat. He tosses the garlic clove into the air, and the camera follows it upwards for a moment, taking Wario off-screen. When it falls back down, Wario catches the garlic in his mouth and eats it, and it's revealed that he's wearing his signature Wario Land clothes. As he munches the garlic, along with a "powerup" noise from WL1, he grows a bit bigger and and all his wounds are completely healed. He laughs and flexes for the camera, and shouts, "excellente!". Freeze frame, caption appears, "Wario is back to his old tricks again!"

What follows is a gameplay montage of him demonstrating his Wario Land moves, getting revenge on all the characters who bullied him in the first part of the trailer. He shoulder barges through breakable stage objects, throws coins at people, and shows off his wrestling throws on a variety of characters (like his Wario World piledriver on Ike, and Wild Swing Ding on Ganondorf). He rolls down a sloped platform, and takes out a group consisting of Pac-Man, Sonic, Zero Suit Samus, Little Mac and Greninja. He swaps his hat to a Dragon Cap and blows flames at Bowser and Dedede. Next we see him on Hyrule Temple, soaring through the air with his Eagle Cap, keeping pace with Pit and Meta Knight who are gliding. A shot shows Kirby dropping as a Thwomp, Bowser dropping with his Bowser Bomb, and then Wario buttslamming the ground while wearing his Bull Cap, which creates a shockwave that sends both Bowser and Kirby flying.

The camera zooms in on Wario with dollar signs in his eyes as he just acquired a Smash Ball on Luigi's Mansion. He zooms forward with a big money sack, stuffing multiple characters into it (Luigi, ZSS, Marth and Cloud). Their heads stick out of the bag as he shakes it up and down rapidly, causing thousands of coins to fly out. After the sack runs out of coins, he gets a disappointed look on his face and chucks the bag off-stage with tremendous strength, KOing all the characters inside as he inhales the coins that fell out.

A CGI outro plays, where Wario is driving on the highway in his purple Wario Car, wearing sunglasses on a bright, clear day. There is a huge grin on his face and a giant sack of money sticking out of the trunk. As he drives away, he chuckles evilly and flicks a single coin towards the camera with his thumb, and the surroundings fade to black as we see the coin has the Smash Bros. logo on it. The logo for the game is superimposed over the coin.

A post-trailer scene shows him asleep in a black screen with a big bubble coming out of his nose, similar to the Game Over screen from Wario Land 3. The credits appear underneath him.


As a side note, it would be nice if someone could create fanart or quick sketches of these trailers. I'd offer to do it myself, but I'm a bit busy these days.
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Jul 28, 2012
Switch FC
Keep in mind, this is just a rough:

Trailer Name: No Crying Until the End.


The trailer starts with Lucas alone on a path in a mountain range. Then suddenly, he’s startled by a blast fire which he quickly dodges. It is revealed that Bowser spewed the flame as Lucas readies himself for attack. While Lucas is distracted, Bowser Jr creeps up from behind and prepares for a sneak attack. As Junior fires a cannonball from his Clown Car, Ness zips in and deflects it with his bat and a “Smaaaash!”. The cannonball flies back and hits Junior causing him to fly back and ricochet off a rock wall and back to Bowser’s feet. Ness then joins Lucas side-by-side to fight off the foes, then suddenly, from the edge of a short cliff behind Bowser and his son emerges the other seven Koopalings. Lucas then trips in a slight panic as they are seemingly outnumbered. Just then, they all hear the faint sound of an ocarina playing the first few notes of the Eight Melodies. Bowser and the Koopalings all look back in confusion as the camera zooms into the distance revealing an indistinct figure. The figure then teleports (PK Teleport) causing the seven Koopalings to be blasted away within the wake. At Ness and Lucas’s feet, the figure reappears facing them with the POV at his feet. As the camera pans up, he turns around and… “Ninten Takes a Melody!” Then the trailer shows the usual montage of Ninten showing off his moves and fighting style as a remix of the “Bein' Friends” theme plays.

Something like this:

After that, the trailer cuts to Lucas still on the ground with Ninten holding out his hand to help him up as a music box version of the Eight Melodies starts to play. It then cuts to all three Mother protagonists on their feet and looking up toward the cliff as the camera pans up to the clouded mountain peak revealing that they were on Mt. Itoi the whole time.
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Smash Legend
Feb 4, 2014
Switch FC
As a side note, it would be nice if someone could create fanart or quick sketches of these trailers. I'd offer to do it myself, but I'm a bit busy these days.
Would be sweet if someone did that. I'd love to see how my trailer would look like as a comic.


Smash Lord
Oct 1, 2016
Open with game footage. We see Donkey Kong grabbing Mario, about to toss him off a ledge. Mother Brain is zapping Samus. Ganondorf has picked up Link by the neck in that throw thing he does.

Camera pulls back. We see this is all a game being played on a teenagers TV in his room. Dramatically he stands up. Lightining bolts shoot from the TV screen, and wrap around him, pulling him into the TV.

Now we're doing the fancy CG graphics. Close up shot of an N-symbol on a jacket. An NES controller on his belt buckle. A NES Zapper that he twirls around in his hand. The camera then slowly pans up the figure giving us a good clean look at him for the first time.

Splash Screen


Show case of some moves, all done to villainous characters. He's shown fighting back to back with Link a few times.

At one point we see him surrounded by the bad guys, only for him to his PAUSE and freeze them in place.

Then we seem him palling around the Simon Belmont, Megaman, and Pit. They're all happy to see the guy. Maybe have Palutena, Zelda, and Peach in the background looking at him like they're in love with the guy. Captain N draws his zapper again, and shoots it right at the screen. The screen goes white.

We can hear his voice saying "Now you're playing with Power!"

Smash Bros Logo.

The gang is still crowded around Captain N. We see Samus walking up in Zero Suit, dramatic low angles here. She pulls oyut her electric whip and twirls it around a bit, doing her "You're mine," taunt. Cut to close up of the Captain's face. He looks nervous.


Smash Journeyman
Sep 28, 2014
Fennville, Michigan
Switch FC
Trailer Name: Getting In The Rhythm!


We see Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu duking it out on the Battlefield. As they fight, it zooms out and cuts to Rhythm Heaven as Marshal, Cam, and Miss Ribbon are watching the fight from above rooting for each of the challengers they like. A bird comes in and hands a letter over to Marshal as it tells him he is invited to the Super Smash Bros. tournament. Marshal then gets himself ready and heads down to Earth.
Back at the Battlefield, we see the four fighters still going at it until they hear a sound and they turn to see that Marshal has entered the area and starts to put a fight, Rhythm Style!

*Cues Music*

*Splash Screen appears on-screen and says "Marshal Feels The Rhythm!"*

*Gameplay is shown on-screen*

Mario, Link, Kirby, and Pikachu are defeated as they are on the ground as Marshal poses in victory. Then the rest of the cast in Super Smash Bros. show up behind him. He then gets surprised as it then cuts to the cast from behind him.

*Super Smash Bros. Logo appears on-screen*

Then it cuts back to him and the characters, which Marshal then runs up close to them to fight them off and it cuts to black*

*Credits are shown*


Smash Master
Aug 21, 2014
New York
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but since the announcement and all the fun news we got at E3 (including the Ridley reveal trailer proceeding just like the Smash4 trailers), I think this topic could be fun to bring back.

So here's my absolute dream trailer:


*Smash Logo appears with two slashes as in 4, but not with the fire* *yelp of a Wolf or other creature being killed from BotW*
*black BG opens up to reveal Link with his sword out (implying he just sliced the screen), with Ike (alt costume) and Robin (female) nearby. You don't see much background, but it looks mountanous.

Cut to the trio walking through a medieval-style town. Link is holding a few pieces of Gourmet meat, while the other two are just going along. As they walk, the camera pulls back to reveal it's actually set in Whiterun and they're walking up to the marketplace. Some of the civilians are recognizable, like Jon Battle-Born and Olava the Feeble.

A loud Dragon screech is heard and everyone looks around scared.

A dragon lands on top of the Bannered Mare. Link drops the meat and pulls out his bow. Ike and Robin get into fighting stances, as all of the civilians are running around screaming. The dragon rears up and shoots a fireball at our heroes...

Cut to everyone running toward the gates of town. Again, a few faces like Ysolda are recognizable. Nazeem trips and falls running. The camera stays near the ground as a pair of leather boots starts walking toward the dragon.

Everything starts to play out like the Skyrim Live-Action trailer. We follow the challenger toward the Dragon as we pan up to see his iconic helmet. When the Dragonborn is finally facing the dragon, the camera rotates around to show his face and he shouts...

Dovahkiin Shouts Down the Competition!

*Shortened version of Dovahkiin's theme starts as in-game footage is shown. A lot of standard attacks showing him being badass, but there are a few key comical vignettes:*
*Young Link shoots an arrow, which happens to hit Dovahkiin in the knee. He collapses as if a hidden Jigglypuff puts him to sleep*
*Dovahkiin and his female alt costume (looks like Lydia) are together with a Barrel between them. He taunts and runs off in one direction, while she picks up the barrel and slowly trudges after him*
*Dovahkiin's neutral special is a chargeable Unrelenting Force shout. He stands facing a Kirby wearing his iconic helmet and uses the lowest level "Fus" on him. Kirby is staggered but nothing much happens. Kirby then unleashes the fully-charged "Fus Ro Dah" and launches Dovahkiin*

*The set ends with Dovahkiin's final Smash on a new High Hrothgar stage. He uses the Call Dragon shout, and then channels Daenerys Targaryen and roasts the stage like in Game of Thrones' Loot Train attack.*

*Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Logo comes onscreen*

Cut back to Dovahkiin standing in the Whiterun market over the skeletal remains of the dragon. A piercing screech is heard, and the camera follows his view to a mountaintop, where Ridley is silhouetted against the sky. He jumps down and starts to fly towards the camera as it cuts to black.

Rie Sonomura

fly octo fly
Jul 14, 2014
Switch FC
Trailer is titled “Good Things Come In Small Packages”

The spoken dialogue in this trailer comes from new Snake codecs for Bowser Jr. and Bandana Dee.

After the cross slash, the scene unfolds to show Zelda and Kirby on the new Planet Robobot-themed stage cornered by Wario and Bowser Jr. Zelda and Kirby are ultimately no match against Wario and Bowser Jr.'s motorcycle and Junior Clown Car, respectively. Watching from afar in a cardboard box, Snake opens a Codec conversation with Mei Ling.

"Who's the little Koopa guy in that funny looking car? He kinda looks like Bowser."

"That's because he's Bowser's son," Mei Ling says. "That's Bowser Jr. He loves to cause trouble and hates to lose."

"I can see that much," Snake comments. "Just like his old man..." He trails off when he notices King Dedede and a small, spear-toting, bandana-wearing Waddle Dee running next to him as "Moonstruck Blossom" from Kirby Triple Deluxe starts playing, and Dedede and the Waddle Dee wail almost effortlessly on Wario and Bowser Jr. "Hey, Mei Ling, what's the deal with that Waddle Dee with the spear?"

"Aww, isn't he adorable?" Mei Ling coos. "Focus, Mei Ling..." Snake grunts, slightly annoyed that he's not getting a solid explanation.

"Oh, sorry," Mei Ling stammers. "That's Bandana Dee." Cue the title card:

Bandana Dee Waddles Into Battle!

As gameplay footage plays, including a scene where BD taunts by twirling around on his spear while Palutena does her "spinning" taunt, and a scene where BD is seen alongside King Dedede, Kirby and Meta Knight as a reference to Return to Dreamland, as well as showing off BD's Final Smash at the end, Snake and Mei Ling continue their discussion.

"Not the most creative name..." Snake comments. "But who exactly is he?"

"He's King Dedede's closest follower, and also a good friend of Kirby's."

"Wait, wait, wait," Snake says. "He's chummy with both Kirby AND Kirby's arch nemesis?"

"Well, there have been occasions in the past where Kirby had to team up with King Dedede against some threats to Dreamland," Mei Ling explains. "And sometimes, this little guy would come along to help. As the saying goes, 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.'"

"Sounds complicated, but I can buy it. You know, though...for such a small guy he packs a big punch." At this point, BD's Final Smash is being shown.

"He's a very smart fighter, and perhaps the only Waddle Dee who can match up to Kirby in strength."


The Smash Bros. Ultimate logo appears as the music fades out. A few seconds pass, and the scene fades back into CGI. With Wario and Bowser Jr. gone, King Dedede whips out a picnic basket out of thin air, setting out the cloth and pulling some slices of cake on small plates out of the basket. Zelda smiles and gasps in delight as Kirby and Bandana Dee jump up and down excitedly, the three later grabbing their slices of cake.

"This little guy also has the same passion for sweets as Kirby," Mei Ling adds, giggling.

"Oh, please don't start gushing about how--" Snake begins, but is ultimately cut off by Mei Ling's adoring coos.

"He's so cuuuuuuute~!" Mei Ling squeals.

Sighing in a slightly frustrated manner, Snake gripes, "Mei Ling, please...I don't do 'cute'." The trailer ends.

Trailer is titled, “We’ll Get Back The Life For Ourselves Today”, a snippet of the lyrics to Xenoblade X’s Tyrant battle theme, “Uncontrollable”.

This trailer comes after a hypothetical Nintendo Direct around August or September. The following are announced: Xenoblade Chronicles X Director's Cut for Switch; F-Zero SX, which features anime/video game voice actor Crispin Freeman as the VO of Captain Falcon; more info on Xenoblade 2 DLC (including new DLC in which Elma and Lin are downloadable Blades), Bayonetta 3, and the new Fire Emblem; and a confirmation of Final Fantasy VII Remake ported to Switch. Trailer is also fully voiced a la Robin's from 2014. In addition, Steve Burton finally voices Cloud in English for Smash. In this trailer, the characters introduced in Rex's half (himself, Pyra, Bayonetta, Shulk, and the three antagonists) are animated in the Xeno2 style, while Elma and her "crew" are animated in the Xeno X style.

The trailer opens with the new minimalist Cross-Slash we saw in Ridley's trailer. The camera zooms on footsteps dashing across shallow water in an area in Farlaine Wells. Camera angle changes to show Shulk and Bayonetta running from something as "Counterattack” from Xenoblade 2 plays.

It is later revealed that they are running from Wolf and Ganondorf.
"Think we bit off more than we can chew?" Shulk asks Bayonetta, briefly side-glancing at her. Continuing to look straight ahead, Bayonetta replies, "I normally like the attention, but even this is a bit much." As the two pass a series of trees, the camera briefly cuts to a shadowy trio hiding up in the foliage - one tall, muscular man, and two slim young women, one with long hair and one with short hair. The three are crouching, and the short haired woman says, "We move on my cue." The two people accompanying her, as well as a mysterious voice over a telecom, all say "Roger."
After a while the two are caught in a pincer attack formation, with Bowser blocking the way ahead as the other two villains catch up to Shulk and Bayonetta.
"You again..." Shulk mutters upon seeing Bowser blocking the way. Covering Shulk's back, Bayonetta aims her pistols at Wolf and Ganondorf and declares, "Don't gloat cause you just happened to catch me on a bad day."
As the three are about to close in on Shulk and Bayo, a voice shouts "Let's show them a thing or three!" Rex and Pyra drop in between the three baddies and knock them away with a spinning attack.

The camera zooms in on the Blade and Driver duo, which then cuts to Rex asking the other two (at this point Counterattack is at the 0:47 mark), "You guys okay?" As the other two get into a battle stance, Pyra gently touches Rex on the shoulder and says, "We can do this...together."
The song is at the 0:51 mark as the two strike an epic battle pose and the title card appears:

Rex & Pyra Strengthen Their Bond!

The trailer then alternates between CGI footage of Rex, Pyra, Shulk and Bayonetta fighting their hardest against Wolf, Ganondorf and Bowser, and gameplay footage. At one point, Rex and Pyra are doing a taunt alongside the three other "duo" characters - Duck Hunt, Rosalina and Luma, and the Ice Climbers. Midway through, Addam and Mythra, their Echo Fighters, are shown off in gameplay, with text at the bottom saying "Introducing their Echo Fighters, Addam and Mythra!" Near the end of the gameplay segment, Rex and Pyra are showing off their final smash against Daisy, Mewtwo, and Snake, Prominence Revolt, as well as Addam and Mythra's Final Smash, Sacred Arrow, against Inkling, Villager, and Zero Suit Samus.

The Smash Bros. Ultimate logo appears as Counterattack fades out at the 1:25 mark...

But wait, there's more!

Uncontrollable (Instrumental) starts to fade in at the 1:50 mark as the logo fades out and back to the CGI footage:

The CGI footage shows Shulk, Bayonetta, Rex and Pyra on the verge of defeat. Rex and Pyra are crouching over speechless, with Pyra trying to comfort Rex. Leaning his weight onto the Monado digging into the ground, Shulk mutters "How did I not see this..."
Struggling to stand up, Bayonetta groans, "You've got to be...kidding me..."
Wolf first walks toward Bayonetta menacingly, but just before the first drum beat, Captain Falcon (with his F-Zero SX VO) shouts, "Falcon...PUNCH!!" and punches Wolf, knocking him away. The two briefly flash smug grins at each other before he helps her up. In the seconds before the next drum beat, Bowser is about to close in on a wincing Shulk when he is sent flying as well. Shulk cautiously lowers his guard to see Lucina standing before him, smiling serenely.
As Ganondorf is about to attack a cowering Rex and Pyra, a woman's voice shouts, "Shadow Strike!" and a shadowy female figure lunges downward in a spinning somersault with her blades out. The smoke after Ganondorf flies off clears to reveal Elma, revered BLADE Colonel, standing with a confident smile as the guitars kick in. The camera then pans to an Ares 90 flying in with the three assisting fighters, and it's revealed that Cloud (voiced by Steve Burton) is piloting it, as he says over the Skell's PA, "Sorry I took so long, it's not exactly easy flying this thing."
Turning back, Elma reassures him, "You're doing just fine." Turning to the three fighters she and her crew saved from a pinch earlier, she says, "You guys look like you could use a hand...or four."

Elma Reclaims Her Drive?!

The song proceeds into its second "chorus" as once again the trailer alternates between gameplay footage of Elma, showing off her basic moves and the Lin assist trophy before showing her Ares 90 final smash against King Dedede and Wario, and more CGI footage as Wolf, Ganondorf and Bowser activate their Final Smashes. At around 2:34, after Ganondorf and Wolf are defeated, Giga Bowser stands before the remaining fighters and Elma says, "Time for a change of plan." She runs toward the Ares 90, saying "Cloud, you know what to do." Lucina and CF stand by just before the Skell, giving Elma a boost as she somersaults into the Ares's cockpit as Cloud hops out. Cloud joins everyone else while Elma activates the Skell and flies toward Giga Bowser.
The song is now at the 2:47 mark as gameplay footage is briefly shown showing off Elma's True Form alt, as her voiceover says, "Strength comes from experience. That's true on any planet.", showing off footage of her in her True Form alt, first doing an idle animation next to Lucina on the FE:A stage, then taunting next to CF on Port Town Aero Dive, then fighting next to Cloud on Midgar, before cutting to CGI of Rex and Pyra opening on Giga Bowser with an attack, followed by CF launching Bowser in the air, Bayonetta knocking Bowser higher and tossing Shulk, Cloud and Lucina upward to land more attacks, and finally cutting over to Elma aiming her Skell's Aghasura Cannon at Bowser. Back to gameplay, Elma, again in her True Form alt, is shown using her Overdrive Final Smash against Ridley and female Corrin, with every Soul Voice succeeding and finishing with Hundred Shells.
The song is now at 3:15 as we cut back to CGI. Cloud and Shulk stick their landings with their swords and Bayonetta, Rex and Pyra run up to the others as Elma lands the Ares. As she steps out, she says, "Good job, everyone."
Looking curiously at the Skell, Shulk remarks, "What manner of Face Mechon is this?" Chuckling, Elma corrects him, "It's actually a Skell." Looking around, Elma asks, "Wait, where are the others?"
"Looks like someone's about to make a heroic rescue!" Bayonetta calls out, pointing to something above. Rex, Pyra, and the aforementioned others direct their attention to Lucina falling from where she leapt to attack Bowser, and Captain Falcon dashing toward the Ares, leaping onto its leg, then leaping toward Lucina to catch her in his arms as the song is now at 3:28. After he safely lands with Lucina in his arms and Lucina looks at Falcon with a pleasantly surprised expression on her face and murmuring "You...saved me?", Pyra comments, "Looks like Rex and I aren't the only ones to have grown closer lately!"
"Ah..." Lucina stammers as she's gently let down, still flustered by the fact that her rival on the battlefield four years ago saved her this time around. Falcon remarks, "I guess a lot has changed since we last saw each other."
Everyone chuckles as the camera pans out and fades to white and the song ends.

In case anyone is confused as to why Elma has two Final Smashes (like Ryu) it’s because a move set I made for her includes a TP Gauge gimmick just like from X. Her final smash is Ares 90 with four selectable Skell arts and a time limit at 0-2999 TP, and Overdrive with three special arts at 3000 TP.
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Here’s one I thought of.

Mario crashlands into the ground while smoldering with smoke and fire. Getting up, he is joined by Samus, Pokemon Trainer, Zelda, Inkling, and Olimar. Enclosing around them are our trio of villainous villains: Bowser, Ridley, and Ganondorf joined by Bowser Jr, the Koopalings, Wolf and, for-some-odd-reason, Mewtwo. The belligerents prepare to defend themselves as they villains close in. Mario engulfs his hands in fire, Fox aims his blaster. Zelda summons her Phantom Knight. Pokémon Trainer readies not just one but three Pokeballs. Samus aims her arm cannon. Olimar plucks a Pikmin. Bowser roars and, as a signal, the gang of villains launch a charge attack at our heroes.

But suddenly an explosion detonates filled with plasma energy that knocks Bowser Jr and the Koopalings away. Bowser and the villains look back and Wolf takes a plasma blast to the face which sends him flying with a “awhoooooooo!!!” Mario looks up and through the dark clouds sees lights shimmering. The dark clouds part and an intergalactic ship touches down between the heroes and the villains though some distance...not directly in between.

The ship exhausts it’s vents and the lights around the ship turn off. Everyone watches intently as the ships cargo bay door opens with a blinding light. Mario shields his eyes from the blinding light but, as the light fades, his expression of terror becomes one of hope.

The camera then focuses on a person’s feet walking down the rampart, wearing a pale green set of futuristic armor. The camera than swivels behind showing what appears to be a man wearing a helmet. He unholsters his gun and holds it firm as the camera swivels around him. With that, he points his gun forward and we get a full view of who is mysterious challenger is!

Master Chief Leads Point!

Master Chief looks at our heroes and asks “You all right?” Mario nods to show they are ok. Master Chief then salutes and then begins attacking. He first fires two shots at Mewtwo who warps it away but then flings an unseen Frag Grenade which detonated. He then remote pilots his ship which takes off and fires several shots at Ganondorf and then slams into him; carrying him far into the air.

All that’s left is Bowser and Ridley. Master Chief holsters his gun and takes out his Energy Dagger. Mario and the rest run to Master Chief’s side and Mario looks up and gives a thumbs up. Master Chief says “Ok, let’s get this party started.”

Followed by this, a series small video feature types detailing aspects about the character.

Master Chief jumps out of the Pelican and performs a salute taunt. He says “You need a weapon?”
It shows his jab when far away which is an assault gun fire which can be held while walking and running.
It then shows his jab up close to the opponent which is a rifle butt bash.
Master Chief performs a crouching rifle butt spam which knocks the opponent followed by an angled up smash rocket launcher attack. He says “Let’s mix things up a little.”
Next showcases his neutral special which allows him to cycle between a number of Halo firearms including both human and Covenant.
The Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam is shown as an assist trophy who attacks the opponents. He says “Bet you the Covenant never did let you do something like this.”
Master Chief lands and the camera zooms out to show the stage, Pillar of Autumn, the UNSC light cruiser which brought Master Chief to Installation 04.
Master Chief fights Bowser, Ridley, and Greninja while a battle between Covenant and UNSC marines ravage the background.
Master Chief is seen with Cortana in the background of Pillar of Autum indicating a possible codex feature. He says “Cortana, can you give me any clues about this fighter?”
Two Master Chief’s duke it our - one in red and one I blue. “I’m just getting started.”
Master Chief careens over Guar Plains, running over Villager while riding sized-down Warthog as his side special.
Kirby with the Master Chief helmet.
Master Chief lays the smack down along with Samus against Ridley, including his side smash which is an energy dagger slash with an end to the gameplay feature.

A final scene ends with trailer with Master Chief and the cast from before walking in a meadow after the battle during night when an eerie light illuminated the night sky. Coming done from the heavens is a gigantic Boss Galaga. Master Chief looks to his companions and says “Looks like we might need help this time.” And calls for reinforcement Spartans who jump out of Pelicans behind them possibly indicating that a few of them will be alt costumes.

Wario Wario Wario

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Young Link is in Clock Town. he looks around, relieved that the Moon has finally been destroyed and peace has finally returned to Termina. he finds a map on the floor and notices an X marked in a certain location. he walks to that location and notices a giant tower
suddenly, Young Link sees a shadow rise above him: Tingle jumps off the tower in his design from the Tingle series! TINGLE GETS FRESHLY PICKED FOR BATTLE! then we see footage of Tingle in battle:

Tingle idle posing then flying with his balloon on Great Bay
Tingle using his Rupee Blaster against Ridley on the Brinstar stage
Tingle doing his taunt, Duke's dance, on his Rosy Rupeeland stage
on Fourside, the appearance of an Uncle Rupee AT who spreads rupees throughout the stage
on Battlefield, Tingle swinging a bag of rupees, harming all 3 Links,
on New Donk City, Tingle going into a dust cloud and trapping enemies in it as he comes in contact
returning to the Rosy Rupeeland stage, Tingle uses his FS, a cinematic FS where everyone gets hit by lightning and turns into Tingle, only to be attacked by an angry mob while the real Tingle floats over in his balloon and looks to the screen with a "yep, I went there" face, as the logo appears.

in a post-logo scene, Tingle then looks up, gets scared and quickly turns to Young Link for help as the shadow of Skull Kid looms and Young Link gets out his sword and puts on an angry expression.

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Black Shadow Trailer

Basically a remake of the Falcon Punch trailer;

First, it's Samurai Goroh who does the Boost Fire. With it, it's Black Shadow coming out of Black Bull as we see Captain Falcon already in space as The Meaning Of Truth starts up. This is all kept in Japanese, but with the voices essentially swapped to the other characters. Captain Falcon does the spiel about dreams never dying, etc. only for Black Shadow to yell forth "Bull Punch!"(or some variation) slamming into Captain Falcon with a dark electric fist, creating a massive explosion. Then Samurai Goroh yells "Black Shadow!", leading to the insertion of the "You are Black Shadow today."

I regret nothing.


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Day, Delfino Plaza stage.
Sheik and Fox McCloud are exchanging punches and kicks across the Plaza, when the latter gets distracted by the seen of Falco and Wolf shooting at each other in the sky on their respective ships, letting his guard down. Sheik, who doesn't, dropkicks him at full force, projecting him into the nearest building.

Fox demolishes the wall and penetrates into the house, crashing onto some wooden crates. Half stunned, he looks around and find an Assist Trophy that fell out of one of the crates, and crashes it with a punch. However, before he could see who he just summoned, Fox is blinded by a smoke wall thrown inside the building by Sheik, who's waiting for him outside.

Long shot of the destroyed building, with its hole in the wall completely covered by smoke.

Instead of Fox McCloud's shots, out of the wall hole comes out ... A tennis racket. Sheik dodges it, and the tennis racket plants itself into the floor.
Music starts, and out of the smoke, in a little kart, comes out ... Walu-fuc****-igi.


Gameplay footage ensues, and is then cut by Fox and Waluigi charging Sheik, who's helplessly trying to block the oncoming attacks.
Sheik closes her eyes and all goes dark for a second, but then she opens them and finds out she's inside a giant dome made of orange hair, and she hears growls outside of it, mixed with the screams of a running away Waluigi and the "zaps" of Fox's gun.

The footage goes dark again, and we hear a familiar laugh.

Night. New stage, outside of Club Titiboo, from Mother 3.
Lucas and Ness are running through the woods. Lucas promptly spots a root on his path and incinerates it with PK Fire, then jumps over it.
Ness, quite ahead of his friend, looks down and has a flashback. He sees a series of short clips of Mario, Luigi and Link beaten up by something that the shots conveniently cut out. As the flashback ends, Ness nods to Lucas to slow down, and as they do, they hear Wario's maniacal laugh behind them.

This makes Lucas jumps out of scare, and the two start running again. They make a turn, and ahead of them appear Wario, Ganondorf and Bowser, menacingly. Lucas is completely out of his mind, petrified on the spot out of fear, while Ness is trying to think of a solution.

At that point, some unidentified things start falling from the sky, landing on the evil trio's heads. One falls at Ganondorf's feet, who crouches to pick it up, but as he does him and the other two bad guys are wiped out by a big explosion.
Lucas recovers his cool and starts cheering, but Ness instead checks on the remains of one of the things, and finds out that they look like ... Dolls. Dolls of a small, blonde, chubby kid.

In a second, Ness launches himself against Lucas, grabs him and starts floating away as moderately small sized mecha-spider starts chasing them. While Ness is running away, carrying Lucas on his head, the latter manages to throw a rock at the machine, which breaks its protective glass, and a fat kid comes out of it, in a proud, tyrant-y pose.


Gameplay footage. Cut.
Night, same scenario, but the woods are on fire.

We only see Porky's mecha-spider in the distance as he walks away, with its user on top of it, looking around for our two heroes.
As the shot pans down from the burning trees, we see Ness' hat and one of Lucas' shoes on the ground, half-burned.
They are nowhere to be seen.

They have a lot of callbacks from Brawl. I doubt Sakurai would do the same, tho. :(

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Snake is sneaking through Shadow Moses Island. suddenly a spotlight shines on him, the red exclamation mark shows up, and a second later, a record scratch plays and everything turns to black and white except Snake and the exclamation mark,
an obnoxious voice is heard saying "You know, about time someone taught you about a little thing called COPYRIGHT!" as an orange blur jumps on to Snake and turns into a smoke cloud, once Snake flies away, "BUBSY IS FELINE FINE!". gameplay shows off Bubsy's glide, NERF gun, portable hole and catchphrases.

the post-logo scene shows Snake captured in a POW camp. Bubsy peeks through the bars and does a raspberry, then looks at the screen and sarcastically, yet slightly threateningly says "ya' see? nothing went wrong!"


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Jun 18, 2018
Scripted two trailers in the Official Ultimate Thread, decided to post 'em here. This is the first of the two.
Trailer Name: A Key Character for Smash
, depen
ding on region.

Shots of cutscene clips and titles of Kingdom Hearts 1 to Dream Drop Distance.

Riku: Your mind's made up?
Sora: Yeah. It's just... they really need me. I have to go...
Shot of the Destiny Islands shoreline, there is a Keyblade half-buried in the sand. Sora walks up to it and picks it up, looking it over with a curious expression. He then checks the Keyblade's keychain, though the viewer can't see it yet. He plants the Keyblade into the sand and bends over, out of frame.
Sora: After all, they invited me.
Sora comes back into frame holding a letter-in-a-bottle, the bottle contains the same type of envelope that Villager received in the first Smash 4 trailer. As Sora goes to pull the cork out of the bottle, the camera pans down towards the Keyblade, now planted upright in the sand. The Keychain is a Smash Logo.


Smash cut (heh...) back to Sora, who is reading the letter. He notices the camera, smiles and discards the letter, envelope and bottle, hoisting the Kingdom Key over his shoulder, posing for...


Gameplay Footage

The trailer is intended to intentionally mislead the viewer into thinking it's a trailer for Kingdom Hearts III on the Switch until the 'Wham Line'. I feel it's a Sakurai-like thing to do. :laugh:
Here's the second:
Trailer Title: A Digital Revolution
*Smash Bros. Slash*
The screen is pure darkness, after about a second of silence, a beeping starts. The view clears to show a classic Digimon V-pet sitting on the Smash 64 table amongst a collection of Amiibo. The camera gently pans towards the Digivice, showing an Agumon on the screen. The Digimon V-Pet initiates it's "BATTLE" sequence, and the camera zooms into the V-Pets' screen. Within the V-Pet, the Agumon is now facing off against a Pikachu.

Agumon begins charging a "Baby Flame"/"Pepper Breath" and right before he fires...

Agumon launches his attack, and the teailer seamlessly transitions into Gameplay footage.

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The KING sets sail!

DK, Diddy, Mario, and Luigi are on a pirate ship fighting Bowser Jr. and the other Bowser kids. The Koopas are all doing their cannon ball attacks and our heroes are dodging everything. Suddenly a much bigger cannonball drops and everyone gets hit except DK and Diddy. A look on the Kong’s faces tell you they’ve seen those big cannon balls before (DKC1). They turn around and sure enough it’s the return of King K. Rool! This mystery pirate ship is the new Gangplank Galleon! HYPE!
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Believing in myself to be in Smash:
The trailer starts off with the Smash cross reveal. We see a view of Green Hill Zone. 'Sonic the Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone' can be heard playing as the camera goes around the stage for a moment. However, the music is then cut off by a record scratch as Sonic is then launched by Mario near a checkpoint hitting it and activating it. The music is now playing 'Sonic Adventure 2: Suitable Opponent' Luigi appears by Mario. Sonic gets up, now angry. Sonic revs up a Homing Attack and hits Mario. Luigi spams multiple Fireballs at Sonic. Sonic using his speed dodges them. Meanwhile, in the background, a shadowed figure can be seen near the loop about to cross it when he notices the battle. Sonic kicks Luigi but as he's about to continue on another attack, Mario goes behind Sonic and Smashes him into the slope, slightly cracking the ground. Just as Mario and Luigi charge at Sonic performing a team-up attack, a robotic arm punches Luigi away causing Mario to stop. A figure hovers over to Sonic. Now clear the figure is revealed to be Tails. Smiling, Sonic grabs Tails' hand and is helped up by him. Tails then smile to the camera with his Splash Art appearing alongside him. 'TAILS GOES 88 MILES PER HOUR!'
The trailer then cuts off to gameplay with 'Sonic Lost World: Tornado Time' playing.
His Final Smash is revealed to Tails riding on the tornado far away from the stage shooting at Mario and Luigi. Sonic and Tails then taunt ending the trailer.
After the Smash logo pops up, we can see Sonic, Tails, Mario and Luigi all eating chilli dogs and are all chatting with each other.
A ferocious Blaze that never withers:
The trailer starts out with the Smash Cross reveal.
We can see an outside view of Pokemon Stadium with 'Pokémon Anime BGM - Gym Leader Battle (1997~1998-M58)'. The camera then turns to Ryu(Notably in his orange ki) and Lucario fighting inside of the stadium. We can hear spectators cheering in the stand.
The two are dealing punches at each other. Eventually, both of their fists collide and send them far away from each other. Lucario charges up an Aura Sphere and launches it at Ryu. Ryu in response fires a Hadouken. The attacks collide and a gush of wind is created by the explosion of colliding energies. Ryu and Lucario stare at each other. Out of nowhere, however, a stream of fire is launched from the entrance to the battlefield hitting Lucario and sending him flying out of the arena. Gasps can be heard from the audience and Ryu turns to where the attack came from. From the entrance to the field, In the dark, there can be a flame seemingly hovering and heading forward. However, it then turns out to be a hunched figure. Then clearly it can be seen that the figure, is Infernape. The splash art then appears beside Infernape. 'INFERNAPE BLAZES IT UP A BIT!'
The trailer then cuts off to gameplay playing 'Pokémon Anime BGM - OK! (Orchestra & Guitar Arrangement) (1999~2001-M38)'.
Near the end of the gameplay, it shows off Infernape getting a Smash Ball and unleashing his Final Smash, a fully controllable Blaze Infernape(From the Pokemon Anime if anyone is wondering), which is surprising due to anyone who previously had fully controllable Final Smashes didn't have them return in Ultimate, making Infernape the only character with a controllable Final Smash this time. Blaze Infernape then beats up Ryu finishing off the gameplay, with the Smash Bros logo appearing on screen. The trailer then ends with Blaze Infernape standing over a barely conscious Ryu. Behind Blaze Infernape, Mewtwo can be seen behind him unleashing a powerful aura. Infernape notices Mewtwo and stares at him. Mewtwo then charges up a Shadow Ball and Blaze Infernape charges up a Flamethrower. The attacks collide and the screen fades to black. The trailer then ends.
Note: The reason why Ryu was in his orange costume was to reference Goku. The reason why I choose to put Lucario in this trailer was to also reference the fact that before Infernape joining, Lucario was considered to be the closest thing(Alongside Ryu) to resemble Goku in Smash. Infernape was inspired by Sun Wukong from Journey to The West, who also inspired Goku. Making Infernape now the closest thing to receiving Goku in Smash. And Mewtwo appearing at the end, was a nod to Freiza.


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While I don't necessarily support this characters inclusion, I thought of a neat method to introduce someone.
Not really an entire trailer, but moreso a fun transition that I think works really well for the character.

*cross appears like normal*



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Here’s a fun one I though of based on all of those fake leaks about Mario Kart DLC (or any of Mario’s spinoffs, really, it can be adapted)

It depends on K. Rool being revealed as DLC along with a few other characters.

After all of the character reveals for the DLC, they show the characters racing around the track. K. Rool breaks an item box and gets a shell. He throws it a bit too hard, and it takes off down the track, hits a bump, and goes airborne. The other kart racers (Mario, Peach, Daisy, DK, Diddy) stop and watch as the shell flies into the jumbotron. A colossal crash, it flickers and goes out.

Everyone stops to look at it, then stares at K. Rool. He puts his fingers in his mouth and whistles.

Up in the booth are two kritters like in DK64. They look around confused, and then just start headbutting every button in the booth. Eventually they hit something and the jumbotron blinks back on.

It shows the standard white Smash logo on a black screen. It crosses right where the crack in the screen is. Everyone looks around aghast, and K. Rool smiles evilly.

*K. Rool Krushes the Kompetition!*

The standard demonstration of him in Smash ends with his Final Smash (firing the Blast-o-matic), and then cuts back to K. Rool performing a victory lap around the kart course while the other fighters are all dazed and crashed into the sides.

Zapp Branniglenn

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Posted this on another forum some months back. Still think this guy ought to be in Smash.

We get a shot of a starry night sky. Whimsical, soft music is playing. We pan down to see veteran smashers squaring up for a fight in a nondescript canyon/forest; Samus taking aim with a missile ready, Link with a bow in hand, Crash Bandicoot (he's in the game, just let me have this) scratching the inside of his ear absent mindedly, and little pikachu on all fours, electric cheeks sparking. We return to the shot of the sky, and a comet comes into view as we hear a woman's voice "They let me pick. Did I ever tell you that? Choose whichever Spartan I wanted." We return to our fighters battling it out. Pikachu swiftly dodging Link's sword, Crash slides under a missile. Back to the comet: "Like the others you were strong, and swift, and brave..." Back to the fight: Link rolls out of the way of Pikachu's lightning bolt, and then again out of the way of Crash's body slam. Crash gets back on his feet for just a moment before Samus' grapple beam comically entangles and whips him high into the air as we return to the comet, closer: "But you had something they didn't. Something no one saw but me." We get a close up shot of of the comet, now clearly a man in plated armor sky diving in a blaze through the atmosphere. "Can you guess? Luck." The man lands on the side of the canyon in a ducking roll, slides down to the bottom before arriving in the middle of the fight. He unholsters his energy sword from his back as we hear Cortana's voice again "you alright, Chief?". The Spartan responds cooly "Ready to Smash."

Master Chief Evens the Odds.

After that wonderful, sort-of Halo 3 reference, the Gameplay montage that follows is set to the Halo Theme. Brutal martial arts moves for his normals. One throw involves a harsh vertical pistol whip that bounces opponents up in the air for a combo. The forward throw is a one handed toss as Chief fires a needler at the target, whose needles explode after a delay that the victim must air dodge to avoid more damage and a followup. Aerials incorporating an energy sword. A Smash attack involving the gravity hammer. Plasma grenades as a Neutral B, exploding after a few seconds when latching on to any target, including shields. The next is his recovery, a jetpack that offers excellent horizontal movement and Chief pulls out a rocket launcher that can fire up to two times diagonally downward at a set angle. His down special is Armor Lock, Chief punches the ground as his armor locks making him take no knockback and drastically reduced damage from attacks before emitting an AOE blast that grows depending on how long the charge was. When used in the air, Chief enters a fist-first ground pound that has no armor property but still emits a powerful shockwave on impact. His side special is a mix of Hologram and Active Camo. A hologram of Chief runs straight forward to fool opponents while the real chief is stealthed, completely invisible for three seconds or until he does any action other than walking. Tap neutral B again in this state for a lunging sword stab. The hologram does not react to attacks. Chief gets the Smash Ball, and he climbs onto the back of a warthog that rolls in, driven by a generic soldier. The warthog is driven automatically as the player fires a slow plasma cannon in any direction (no bullets, so we have to replace the minigun with something).
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Trailer begins with the usual fanfare, lines intersect and the Smash Logo fades away into bleak white
We're in a typical courtroom, with:4dedede:seen sitting above in the Judge's seat, dressed in typical judge's getup and wearing a white wig and bushy beard. He strikes a sound block with a gavel version of his own hammer, murmurs some garble to those in attendance, and we begin to hear the soft tune of Digital Courtroom Music.
:4mario: is brought forth before the judge, dressed in a red pinstripe suit and without his trusted cap. Two Waddle Dee bailiffs shuffle him along to the defendant's seat. As :4dedede:speaks to a visibly distraught :4mario:, we move to the those in the audience box watching things unfold, with :4peach: saddened by the turn of events, :rosalina:displeased as she holds on tightly to Luma and :4luigi:scared for what might happen to his brother.
:4dedede:garbles some more to :4mario:, motioning his hand to those grumbling in the jury box, which includes :ultganondorf::4wario2::ultwolf::4villager::4mewtwo:and :4bowserjr:(:ultridley: takes up an entire jury box next to the other one.)
:4bowser:soon enters the courtroom, stomping and growling and bearing his teeth to :4mario:as he takes his place at the prosecutors bench. With both the Accused and the Accuser in court,:4dedede: once again strikes the sound block, and asks that the first witness be brought forward. What comes next is a whole cast of injured and traumatized witnesses, each one more comical then the last. A shyguy with a disheveled look and shattered mask first takes the stand, and then a Goomba with broken tusks covered in bandages comes after him. A Koopa Troopa with a cracked shell comes next, before a terrified Hammer Bro takes the stand and so forth.
Each one is asked by :4dedede:who did this to them, with each one pointing in the direction of :4mario:, and the feeling in the Kangaroo Court soon turns grim. :4bowser:laughs manically at :4mario: plight, while :4dedede:asks the jury for their verdict. :4villager:stands up from the jury box and is about to announce it when...


The entire court is silent, shifting their heads in the direction of the authoritative voice, with :4mario:signing in relief and :4peach:jumping with joy, startling :4luigi:.
As the figure comes into view and makes his way to the defendant's bench, smiling nervously and scratching the back of his neck, he says "S-S-Sorry I'm late."


:4bowser:grows Irate, slamming his fists hard on the desk and breathing massive fireballs. Phoenix turns his heads to :4mario:, who smirks slightly as :4bowser:throws his desk to the side and rushes to them. Both Attorney and Plumber leap up and descend down with a kick to face the Horned Beast, as a gameplay montage featuring Phoenix is shown.
The courtroom descends into utter chaos, with The Judge, Jury, Audience and everyone else beginning to throw down and smash. :rosalina:brushes off :ultganondorf:pitiful attacks, :4dedede: chases after a terrified :4luigi: trying to whack him with his mallet and :4peach:,:4bowserjr:and the rest of the Koopalings converse over a tea party.
As the trailer draws to a close, Phoenix unleashes his Final Smash on :4bowser:, bringing down the hammer and the case to a fitting close, with the credits rolling alongside a little jingle.


Jun 19, 2018
Sinnoh (once Hisui)
Here's one for Ashley!

Smash Logo. It's a dark and stormy night, outside of Luigi's mansion. Armed with the Poltergust 3000 Luigi warily tip-toes through the building, constantly checking for any ghosts behind him. While traveling through the mansion Luigi starts to hear strange sounds and notices a faint light coming from behind the door at the end of the hall, terrified but ever courageous, Luigi mans up and heads toward the door. He slowly, carefully reaches for the door knob as the noises get louder and more frightening until finally, Luigi opens the door and sees!...A little girl stirring behind a cauldron. Annoyed by this disturbance, the mysterious girl readies her wand for battle and! (Cue Newcomer splash)


Cut to gameplay. Her backround music is, of course, Ashley's theme. Various clips of Ashley attacking foes with her wand transforming into various objects like a broom, a pitchfork, even a spoon! Her main gimmick would be potions, her down special would have her craft a potion of varying effects like speed, power, jump etc. Drinking the potion would buff her, but throwing it would weaken that characters attributes. Her Final Smash would have her bring out a potted plant, cast a spell on it, and have it transform into a giant monster plant spreading it's spiky vines across the stage and eating anyone that gets in its way. The post scene is Ashley holding a tea party with Red and a tied up, gagged Luigi. Trailer End.


Nov 2, 2014
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Alright alright, I'll post mine here as well. Ahem, here goes.

The trailer starts with Doctor Mario facing off with R.O.B. in the Electro Planktin stage, attempting to defend an injured (and likely ill) Sonic the Hedgehog. Doc throws a frenzy of pills which the Robotic Operating Buddy reflects back at him with his side special, but Doc is swiftly able to jump out of the way of the attack. Doc stumbles and loses his balance on landing, however. R.O.B. sees this opening and starts charging up his lazer for the final blow when suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant sideways L randomly drops from the sky and crushes R.O.B. underneath it.


*Insert epic gameplay montage with Russian folk music here*

The trailer is finished with a final cinematic where a shadow of a large man falls upon Doctor Mario, Tetris Block, and Sonic. A familiar voice then speaks. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Tetris Block. Snooping as usual I see. We'll see what my Mean Bean Machine has to say about that".


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Jul 28, 2013
The Shadow World
Trailer name: A Phantom Ambush

Smash Logo.

Begins with a large shot of Bowser's.

Cut to one of the hallways leading up to the throne room.

A shadow is jumping between columns, taking down Goombas, Koopas, and other mooks.

A lone Shy Guy stands alert, ready for a fight. The shadow vaults over the Shy Guy, taking it's mask off, and says, "I'll reveal your true form!"

The shadow stands behind the Shy Guy and stands up, revealing Joker from Persona 5 as he summons Arsen behind him.

Newcomer splash:

"Joker steals the show!"

Commence gameplay. Background music is Last Surprise. Joker's moveset revolves around the use of various Persona that can perform different attacks. Most of his attacks use Arsen, but he also uses series staples like Jack Frost and Jack-o"-Lantern. His final Smash has him pull out his model gun and shoot the opponent(s) in front of him, stunning them. Following that, he uses an All-Out Attack with Ryuji, Ann, and Morgana on those stunned.

End gameplay.

The post scene is Joker, Ryuji, Morgana, and Ann busting into the treasure room, which holds a kidnapped Princess Peach. They're confused because he didn't expect to find a person. Behind him you can hear Bowser roar. They look behind themselves apprehensively. Ryuji says, "Let's just take her and go!" They approach Princess Peach, who is obviously afraid of being kidnapped again.

End Trailer.

Trailer end.


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Jul 13, 2016
Title: "The Ancient Art of Battle"

A hypothetical Nintendo Direct on August 9th, announces the release of Okami HD for the Switch as the last bit of news, Mr. Morimoto is about to close out the Direct, when Amaterasu with Issun races by across him, nearly knocking him down. He catches himself "Well, looks like Amaterasu has found something interesting lets see what it is." he says. Cue Amaterasu running across a white background, slowly filling with color and form until she's in the world of Ancient Japan where she stops and sits, signaling the release of Okami 2. The background turns black. She then runs again through a bright portal that closes afterwards. All is black again... Until.

The Cross-Slash opens the trailer, a wide, dusty, field is connected to the entrance of a massive valley that doubled as the gateway to Smash, the inside of the valley started to show life with trees and plants, while the top of each side of the valley was filled with vibrant green grass for miles.

On the dusty field, two squid-shaped objects, one orange one blue, hurtle through the sky, hitting the ground with a splat. They quickly reform back to their humanoid form, "This looks like trouble!" the orange Inkling huffed. "Yeah, no kidding" the blue one gasped. Both were winded, but had their Splatershots at the ready as they faced DJ Octavia again in his flying machine loaded with purple ink and his turntable. "GYAH HA HA! So you two are the gatekeepers for today? Keeping out stale challengers from joining the other chosen competitors? This must be fate or something. Well, I'll show you that I don't need any stuck up invitation to join this below average fight club, I'm fresh enough to be In a league of my own. And I'll show it by REMIXING YO FACES!

Octavio then launches two giant fists from his machine. The Inklings each shot at one, trying to repel them back to him, but the fists were too strong this time, all they can do is dodge out of the way at the last second. From afar, Bayonetta sat down at the picnic the she invited herself to, enjoying tea and cookies to the mild annoyance of Pit and Palutena, all of them watching from on top of the sides of the grassy valley, as the Inklings desperately toss splat bombs, trying to break down Octavia's machine to no avail. If the Inklings failed their gatekeeper duties, the three of them as veterans, would step in, in their place to face the challenger.

Back to the match, the Inklings were knocked down again, and were having trouble getting back up. Octavio looked down upon them. "Too bad for you! You 'bout to get MASHED UP!" He prepares the final attack. Pit, Palutena, and Bayonetta readied themselves as well too, when suddenly, a white steak raced past Octavio, marking his machine with a long black streak of ink. "Yo! I didn't order a custom paintjob!" he shouted. Moments later his machine was cut in two with Octavio somehow spared, but he knew what was next. "Oh no... So sad... Cross-fade... to black..." and with an inkplosion, he was sent flying out of sight.

The veterans look at the wolf in amazement who defeated Octavio in one strike, the veterans sensing a strong divine energy from the wolf much like their own. The Inklings attacked the wolf with their Splatershots, but the wolf used the disk on it's back to block the ink, it then quickly ran between them in a flash, to the other side of the field to their confusion. "Look on yourself!" a voice cried from the Wolf's nose. They did, only to find a lightning bolt symbol painted on their shirts in ink. Not even a second later, a Thunderbolt from pure nothingness, struck the two, sending them far away. The veterans immediately jump down to guard the gate, and to meet the divine being. "Who are you?!" Shouted Pit. "I'm Issun" The one inch man on the wolf said. "And this is..."

Splash art appears: Amaterasu Draws the Line

Gameplay footage show off Amaterasu's Celestial Brush techniques of different element attacks, and the three weapons she can change to at any time. Her Final Smash attack is cutscene of her drawing a miniature Sun above Pit, Palutena, and Bayonetta, it's powerful gravity sucks them in and explodes afterwards in a small, some what contained, Supernova. Smash Ultimate logo pops up

Afterwards in the cutscene, the wide, dusty, open field is charred to a crisp, but the veterans are protected by Palutena's barrier as they begin their counterattack on Amaterasu, as the gatekeepers for Smash.

When Kings Go to Battle

Out on the wide grassland, all of the Fire Emblem characters from Smash are fighting against Ganondorf. Robin, and Ike are heavily injured, lying on the ground in pain, while Marth, Corrin, and Lucina are on their one knee sword in the ground, struggling to catch their second wind, watching as Roy is the only one among them with enough energy to currently fight, until they gain back their strength he is their only hope. He goes in for the finishing blow. Ganondorf parries the attack and punches Roy in the stomach causing him to drop his sword as he keels over. Ganondorf then grab Roy's throat, but before his corrosive dark magic could reach his throat, a powerful blast of wind blows Ganondorf away from Roy, and into a giant boulder that crumbled upon from impact.

The other injured warriors looked at who saved their comrades life, a woman in a combat dress, clad in armor, stood before them with her back at them. Her fighter stance was one of a Swordfighter, but they saw no blade in her hand, just a never-ending wind blowing around where her hands were. "Are you all alright?" she asked. "Yes thank you." gasped Roy "Yeah, we're not done in yet." said Marth. "Just catching our breath" Lucina said watching Ike, Robin, and Corrin get back on their feet, all giving her the ok. "Good, then to my side, this madman will fall today" She ordered. They felt compelled to obey by a kingly influence, similar to their own Lordship amongst their own people. "What is your name?" Robin asked. She turns and says, "I am Artoria Pendragon, but you can call me..."

Splash art: Saber Slashes Into Battle

Gameplay shows Saber wielding her invisible sword, using wind and light magic, shooting said magic, and tornadoes out from her sword, and permanently granting buffs by equipping, and unequipping her armor. Final Smash has her using Excalibur lifting her sword overhead, absorbing large amounts of light energy, and slam it down to shoot a gigantic bladed beam of light that end with a pillar of light soaring to the sky. Cue Smash Ultimate logo.

Back to the cutscene, Ganondorf enraged, transforms into his demon form, scattering boulders in every direction, his swords spinning wildly in his hands, he looks at Saber with unyielding rage. He see Saber, and her sword glowing with light with the rest of the Fire Emblem cast ready to fight, yet amazed at her power too, as she just finishes charging up Excalibur. She shouts "STEP FOWARD VILE BEAST, AND MEET THY END!" Ganon charges at her, swords in tow, while she swing Excalibur down upon him a loud explosion roars through the grassland, as the screen fades to white.

Title: "A Princess From Another Dimension" (a cookie for who ever gets the loose reference)

Mario, Megaman, Pacman, and Sonic are fighting against each other in a free-for-all, Sonic at the last second used his spin dash to send the three of them flying away. Sonic stops to scratch his noes with his index finger. "Eh, must be off their game today, or I'm just that good." He gloated. "Sure wish someone could give me a real fight, I'm getting bored real quick." he say while stretching. Out of nowhere a large fireball projectile flew at him. "Alright! I guess Mario still has some steam left." said Sonic excitedly. He daringly took the fireball head on with a Spin Dash, but was surprised when the fireball was more... solid than it appeared! It actually sent him flying several yards back!

With a pained groan Sonic got to his feet, as he did, a voice from the fire asked "Don't tell me you've gotten soft since we last met Sonic?" the fire fading away a bit as it showed who was inside, a fiery purple cat. "Blaze?!" Sonic gasped astounded. "That's my name." she said with a smile.

Splash art: Blaze Burns Through the Battlefield

Gameplay shows Blaze becoming a fire tornado ramming through enemies, shooting fireballs, and raising fire pillars from the ground, all while in the background Blaze explains that she was bored, so she hopped over from her dimension, to Sonic's location, only to find he was in another dimension as well too. Her Final Smash has her using the Sol Emeralds to become Burning Blaze where she does the same attack as Super Sonic but for a shorter time before bombarding enemies with giant fireballs, before roasting them with a gigantic flamethrower. Cue logo.

Back to the cutscene they were about to attack again when... "CHAOS SPEAR!" Blaze and Sonic dodge out of the way in time, and looked up to see no other than Shadow the Hedgehog with three Chaos Emeralds circling him. "Prepare for battle Sonic." he said stoically. "Oh look, Mr. Dark and edgy came to join the party," Sonic quipped. "Ready Blaze?" he asked as four Chaos Emeralds circle him "Ready Sonic!" shouted Blaze as the Seven Sol Emeralds circled her.

No more was said as Sonic's and Shadows Emeralds joined each other, transforming the two of them into Super Sonic and Super Shadow, while Blaze became Burning Blaze through her sol Emeralds, as all three began their own free-for-all fight.
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The trailer starts out with the Smash logo as normal. The opening shot is of Ryu fighting a wide variety of characters of Battlefield, knocking them all away. Suddenly, a strange portal opens before him, and Ryu, out of sheer curiosity, picks up his duffel bag and heads in. Suddenly, he appears on the other side of the portal, leading him to a crowded platform outside a train station. Looking at nearby signage, it reads: Esaka Station. Ryu suddenly hears footsteps behind him, Ryu dropping his bag on the ground, and then a small flame flies past him, Ryu smirking at the familiar feeling flame. Nearby onlookers suddenly getting excited, a voice saying:

"Even now this doesn't scare you, does it old man? Then I'll just have to go all out!"

Ryu turns around to face his opponent, revealing the newcomer and the splash screen:


Before the gameplay starts, there's a little bit of animation that harkens back to SVC Chaos' intro where Ryu and Kyo are facing off, the two charging at each other, the trailer cutting to gameplay. The background music would be some sort of arranged track of Japan Team's KOF 96 theme. Kyo's moveset revolves around him utilizing a whole bunch of moves he's had over the years. .Here's an example moveset I did for him ages ago if you need an idea to visualize any moves: https://smashboards.com/threads/smash-ultimate-discussion.434391/page-488#post-21947759.

The trailer ends featuring both of Kyo's final smashes based on the above moveset I made for him: his signature Orochinagi and his Neo Max Super from KOF XIII: Ama no Murakumo.

The trailer ends with a post trailer scene, Kyo going to hit Ryu with the final blow, before a fist full of fire intercepts the attack, revealing Ken as Kyo's next opponent...


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Mar 12, 2018
Smash symbol as normal.

Olimar is peacefully on the S.S. Dolphin until a meteor hits him and he falls on a planet. Standard Pikmin story stuff.
Someone approaches him to wake him up (it's not shown who it is yet), but Bowser and Charizard come to attack (they're never shown in full body, only details, until the battle ends) but the mysterious person deflects them easily. Olimar slowly wakes up. It is shown he's in Primordia. His vision is fuzzy, but he can make out the sight of a woman. The woman says "Are you ok? What's your name?". While Olimar's vision gets fine, she says "My name is Elma".


Ganondorf and Mewtwo then appear. Elma says "looks like we got no choice". Elma and Olimar stand up and engage for battle, with Elma equipping her dual swords. Elma exclaims "Engaging!"

Gameplay section: Show assorted close-range gameplay of Elma, using her dual swords. Emphasis on her mobility and arts she uses.

*goes back to CGI* The battle is heated. Samus and Shulk arrive to support Elma and Olimar. Seeing the situation, Elma then backs off with Olimar, changing to her guns.

Gameplay: shows long-range gameplay of Elma, and then emphasizes on her weapon change mechanic.
It then proceeds to show her Final Smash (Skell) and more of Primordia

Smash Ultimate logo.

I also made one for Waluigi in another thread, he's deconfirmed but I'll post here if I find it. It was idealized as the E3 trailer
I have one.

Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi are playing a tennis match. In the middle of the match, a huge bright, flame-ish light appear off camera. Mario, Luigi and Wario disappear, while Waluigi is left alone. Immediately knowing what happened, Waluigi sighs.

Later on, Waluigi is walking, when he passes by a Lakitu, a Hammer Bro and a Chain Chomp. This time, a blue light appears, and starts sucking them in. Immediately knowing what is coming, Waluigi runs for his life.

Sad, Waluigi is later shown go-kart racing on MK8's Mario Circuit, finishing in last. However, he sees the two best placed racers in the race, the girl and boy Inklings, being cheered on. Knowing that they are really popular, Waluigi decides to follow them.

For days, Waluigi is cautiously watching their movement, in each Turf War or Splatfest. Cut to the Smash reveal trailer, on the Splatoon 1 reveal-esque white field. The difference is that Waluigi is, from a distance, watching everything. The red flaming Smash logo appears, Waluigi gets crazy. The Inklings are sucked in, and Waluigi is not, but he runs to the logo as fast as he can, being able to get through.

Cuts to the logo, and some gameplay of the characters, new mechanics, Inklings, etc. Right by the end of the trailer, Waluigi is revealed as a playable character, to the surprise of Mario, Luigi and Wario. A few gameplay is shown, when it fades down, showing the logo again, with the release date.

Well that's it! I had this concept of a reveal trailer for Waluigi of him cheating his way into Smash, so I think it'd do a great E3 trailer! :p
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Here’s another one from me:

The trailer starts with an unusual intro: instead of the cross slash we know and love, the Smash logo is slowly burned into the black screen. Throughout this, a demonic voice rings throughout:

“After the victory that had sealed him, a prophecy was carved into the walls of the temples: ‘Should our destructor return to bring further despair to our forces, a banishment shall be instilled upon him. His prison shall be a world that will remain untouched by Hell, and the world shall be an epicenter, a crossroads for other worlds, each with their own mighty warriors. May his actions lead to this unwilling exile, may his conflict with these adversaries be eternal, and may he never stand against us again.’”

By the time the demonic voice had finished, the Smash logo is fully burned in before a blinding red light shines out, turning the screen to white. A man in dark green armor looks around in a world that looks unknown to him. It is at nighttime and he looks around, unsure of where he is. Suddenly, Samus, Snake and Bayonetta arrive and catch the attention of the green-clad man. He then breaks out a rather large shotgun and charges towards them:

DOOM SLAYER Rips and Tears!

The CGI then cuts to gameplay where his moveset is shown off, ranging from the classic Super Shotgun to the Chainsaw to the Gauss Cannon. The trailer also shows a classic Doomguy skin. The trailer goes well until it cuts to Doom Slayer with Daisy wearing a Bunny Hood who does her Victory sign taunt. Doom Slayer is looking peaceful there until Ganondorf comes in and KO’s Daisy, taunting Doom Slayer after that. The camera zooms in on the Hell Walker’s trembling hand (part of one of his idle animations) before the camera cuts to Doomguy shooting a Stun Bomb at the Demon King, causing him to start glowing orange before Doom Slayer grabs him. Doom Slayer tears out the gem in Ganondorf’s forehead and smashes it into his heart, the impact resulting in a momentary change to a filter like the one in used when Ridley killed Mega Man and Mario in his trailer. The 2016 rendition of At Doom’s Gate plays as Doom Slayer performs Glory Kills on multiple cast members, ranging from force-feeding Charizard the top of its tail to forcing RIdley’s mouth open and blasting the Super Shotgun down his throat to smashing Bowser shell-first into the ground behind him, each killing blow resulting in the brief Ridley-Kill-filter. There is a final piece of gameplay where Cloud, Donkey Kong, Palutena, Mewtwo, Lucario, Meta Knight and Ike are charging towards Doom Slayer, only for him to break out his Final Smash, the BFG 9000, and KO’s them all with it. After that, Doom Slayer reels back and spreads his arms out as if he were roaring with rage before it cuts to the Smash Bros. Ultimate logo.

Fun Fact: The Slayer Testament at the beginning is something I shared on the Doom Slayer thread and thought that would be cool to use in his trailer.
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Oct 1, 2016
We see a fight poster up on a brick wall. The poster advertises a fight for the Championship between Ryu and Little Mac. A hand tears the poster from the wall. It's wrapped in bandages in the style of a fighter.

We cut to a huge arena filled with spectators. All the Smash bros characters are there to watch the fight and cheer on their personal pick for champion. The audiance is also packed with a bunch of minor characters and regualr enemies like koopa troopas and moblins to help fill out the seats.

Ryu is in the ring. He bows to his opponent and strikes a fighting stance. Little Mac throws a few punches and does the typical boxer dancing in place moves. Ryu and Mac approach each other. Suddenly out of nowhere a figure lands between them. I quick punch and a knee to the gut catches both Mac and Ryu off guard. They stagger back.

The newcomer howls into the air like he's an anime character powering up to his next form. Then we get out character splash screen. Urban Champion has joined the fight.

Ryu and Little Mac have gotten their wits together and they charge him. He counters, stepping back and sticking his foot out to trip Ryu. Throwing confetti in mac's face. Hitting Ryu witha flower pot. stomping on the ground and causing a manhole cover to flip up, spin, and hit Mac.

The video then goes from the CG intro to actual gameplay showing off more of Urban Champions moves.

After the gameplay segement is over, we go back to the ring, except now The Urban Champion is being escourted out by the police and literally thrown out of the arena onto the streets. Ryu and mac look a little bit bruised and busted up, but not bad.

As the Champ lands in the street, we see Ness and Bowser Jr laughing at him. He howls in rage and cahrges at them.

End trailer.


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Nov 11, 2016
Here is my idea for Poochy's Trailer:

Cross Appears like normal. Screen is White... Then you see a tongue licking the screen

Then a dream-style cutscene comes up of Yoshi riding Poochy with a bunch of different coloured Yoshis appearing behind Poochy that start running past Poochy, Poochy eventually begins to stop moving, kicks Yoshi off his back and then Pikachu, Link and Mario start to appear and start to fight.

*Insert Gameplay Here*

After the Gameplay Poochy starts running happily ever after into the unknown.


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Jul 16, 2014
Yoshi's egg
Not sure about what to include in an entire trailer, but to see Link fight Nightmare ala Soulcalibur 2 in CGI for his announcement would ruin my pants.


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Jun 26, 2018
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Little Mac’s Trailer plays from the beginning until right as he is about to knock the bag away with a finishing blow he misses!

Mac looks at the bag surprised when all of a sudden we see a silhouette swinging at Mac. Mac falls on the floor and gets a Punch Out Wii styled Tko animation. The camera then pans up to reveal:



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Jul 26, 2013
yeah, please bring back this thread please.

Here I even made one for

"Wario and Luigi are fighting on a random stage and Luigi has the upper hand. As Wario is knocked back he then grabs an assist trophy to release them. Its none other than Waluigi! Wario points forward at Luigi signaling the assist trophy to go after them,butWaluigi stares blankly forward. He then looks at his racket, and finally shifts his eyes back to Wario. The camera zooms in Waluigi eyes, filled with rage. The camera then pans to Wario's face, looking confused and annoyed. He bickers at this lanky counterpart when all of a sudden he takes a racket to the face and is sent flying. Luigi looks shocked and backs away slowly. As Waluigi turns around, he lets out a wicked laugh, turns around playing with his racket to face his his next victim and says 'Waluigi time!'.

"Waluigi Cheats his Way In"

Cue gameplay. At the end Waluigi is left cackling when Master Hand appears looking behind him, to flick him off the stage and then give a thumbs up"
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This trailer assumes Elma has been revealed, and Fiora as an Elma echo (who also appears in Shulk's FS cause Sakurai wanted to bend the rules with her pls.)

The trailer takes place in that cathedral in DMC4 as Devil Trigger starts playing. Elma, Fiora, Simon and Richter cautiously enter the cathedral. Elma says, "Our target should be a little ways ahead of us. Be on your guard, everyone."

The four eventually reach the center of the cathedral, which is surprisingly empty.

"He's not here?!"

As the guitars kick in, black silhouettes on a red background show a figure disposing of Simon and Richter, sorta like how Ridley did with Mario and Mega Man in his trailer.

"Simon! Richter!" Elma shouts.

"This isn't good..." Fiora mutters as a loud "WHOOO-HOOO!" echoes throughout the antechamber as the lyrics drop.

"C'mon, ladies, let's rock!" Dante shouts from afar.

The darkest of night falls around my soul and the hunter within loses control

Dante runs to Fiora, who uses her drones to try to keep him afar, only to get sent flying by Dante's sword strike.

Gotta let it out, gotta let it out...

At this point, Elma is about to Shadowstrike Dante from behind, only for him to swiftly turn around, dodge, and shoot at Elma's twin swords with his pistols, knocking them out of her hands.

"You've got a lot to learn," he says with a smug grin.


The camera focuses on Dante as the bolded lyric is heard and his title card appears:

Dante Keeps It Stylish!

Move fast, baby, don't be slow
Step aside, reload, time to go!
I can't seem to control
All this rage that's inside me...

As the female vocalist sings, gameplay is showed off, including a Nero AT in his DMC5 likeness who can slow time in a specific radius. Eventually, the beat drops during CGI footage of Elma and Dante’s silhouettes exchanging gunshots and the first chorus plays as Dante's Final Smash, Devil Trigger, is shown off.

All these voices inside of my head
Blinding my sight in a curtain of red
Frustration is getting bigger
Bang! Bang! Bang! Pull my Devil Trigger!

Trailer cuts back to CGI to show Fiora getting up in an earlier area of the cathedral. “I gotta try to help!” She starts to run when shadowy mists envelop her and a voice calls out, “Where is Dante?”

Turning around and seeing Mundus (DMC1 likeness), Fiora gripes, “...where’s Shulk when you need him?!” She then lunges toward Mundus.

Cut back to gameplay showing off the stage boss Mundus as the vocalist sings:

Embrace the darkness that’s within me
No hiding in the shadows anymore
When this wickedness consumes me
Nothing can save you and there’s no way out...

The Smash Ultimate logo appears (X Devil May Cry) and then cuts back to Elma in CGI, with Dante defeated, leaning on his sword.

“Alright, I’ve got him.” Noticing the cathedral is empty save for herself and Dante, she asks, “Where could she be?”

Cut back to Mundus’s dimension, Fiora uses Final Cross on Mundus, only to see him unscathed.

“You think that’ll hurt me, mortal?” Mundus asks condescendingly. “Now, I ask again. Where is Dante...?”

Fiora starts to cower as the music fades out before the next beat build up segment and the trailer fades to black.

This trailer assumes Shadow has been shown as a Sonic echo.

The non-gameplay part of the trailer is animated like the cutscenes in TWEWY, in what appears to be Shibuya, as this song plays.

Various Smashers can be seen walking through the crosswalk as Neku stands in the center, listening to his headphones.

The power is yet unknown (x4)

As this happens, Noise symbols appear out of nowhere and engulf random Smashers and make them disappear, including Inkling, Sonic and Daisy. Screams start erupting as the camera zooms in on Neku and the beat starts to drop.

"Shut up!" his voice shouts as he opens his eyes. He starts running as his voiceover says, "I don't get people. Never have, never will."

He then uses one of his signature Psych attacks on the now materialized Noise, after which he says, "All the world needs is me."

The vocalist starts singing the chorus as Neku strikes a pose and the title card appears:

Neku Makes Some Noise!

Gameplay footage proceeds as usual, showing off various Psych moves from his home game. The song eventually cuts to this portion of the song:

Morning rays, Hairspray Queens
Get on their way to their nests, the west
Honest, they once had a dream
Belles of society, in the shells of their unity
Cornet'n spinet
The sound flows, follows till they're home
Dragged by the power of dreams
That power is yet unknown

During which a Sho Minamimoto Assist Trophy is shown, and during the last four lines of the lyric snippet, his Final Smash is shown, which is a 3D spin on the finisher attack on the final boss; 3D versions of Shiki, Beat and Joshua show up behind Neku as he gathers energy and fires a laser from the Skull Pin insignia.

The Smash Ultimate logo appears (X The World Ends With You), after which it fades back to the cutscene, showing an exhausted Neku crouching.

"Not bad...I like your style,” Shadow’s voice calls from afar as Neku turns around.

(yeah this one is kinda meh I'm sorry;;; )
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I'll try my hand at this; one idea's been in my head since I tried playing through the character's game.

The trailer starts with a zoomed out view of Mario fighting Ryu on a nondescript cliff. The fight is CGI rather than gameplay, but it's clearly going badly for Mario. Ryu hits Mario with a Shoryuken, sending Mario flying back, but before he can hit the ground, someone catches him. He's dressed similarly to Ryu, but we don't get a clear look at his face; Mario tries, but the sun's directly behind him, so we only see a rather distinctive silhouette of his head.

Rather than setting Mario down, the character turns around, walking Mario over to the edge of the cliff as Ryu watches in confusion. The camera would conveniently block the newcomer's face from view.

And then Mario gets thrown off of the cliff by the newcomer. (the button prompt appearing is optional)

As Mario yells, the camera pans up to reveal Heihachi from Tekken laughing maniacally before his title card appears.


Once the title card's vanished, Heihachi turns to face Ryu with a smirk on his face as his theme from Tekken 3 kicks in.

Cut to gameplay of Heihachi vs. Ryu on Battlefield as Heihachi demonstrates some of his normal attacks. We get a brief montage of gameplay showing him demonstrating his normals and specials against characters like Pac-Man, Little Mac, Zero Suit Samus, Pikachu, and Link. (seeing as Pac-Man's a fellow Namco character, Mac's a boxer, ZSS vaguely resembles Nina (another Tekken mainstay), Pikachu had some Mishima-inspired moves in Pokken, and both Link and Heihachi were guests in Soul Calibur 2)

As well, we get to see a Tekken assist trophy - no idea who this would be, though if I had to guess, it would be either Kazuya (in which case, it would be him attacking Heihachi), Jin (which would probably also be him attacking Heihachi), or Kuma (in which case it would be Kuma doing something goofy).

It would end with his Final Smash; while they could use the final smash of him strapping everyone to a rocket like in Playstation All-Stars, his finisher against Kazuya (spoilers for Tekken 7 are in the video, though I skipped to the relevant part) or a Ten Hit Combo could also work.

Cut back to CGI as Ryu and Heihachi do a cross counter. Sliding back, the two of them charge into the fray, but the game's title is shown before they land any more blows.

As a stinger, I'd think it would be something silly like having him taunt with the other villains.
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