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  • So do you guys think the Melee hacking scene will ever get to the point where hackers are putting in characters with unique movesets like Brawl's hacking scene? I hope so. It would be cool to see Mach Rider, Ayumi Tachibana, Wario, and Diddy Kong modded into Melee's roster as they were all considered at one point or another during Melee's development.
    I'm actually excited to play Sunshine again in 1080p. I wanted Sunshine in HD for years as I feel like it would be the best classic Mario game to benefit from it with all it's colorful visuals and tropical beach theme going on. I can't wait for my Mario 35th anniversary copy to arrive in within the next two weeks.
    So Sari Sari , I heard Oda said that the last arc is going to make Marineford look like child's play. The only thing I can think of is the Strawhats, allies, and frenenimes coming together to take down the World Government after the One Piece is found and the truth about the Void Century is revealed to the world.
    So it's pretty obvious at this point that Laughtale isn't just a topical island that Roger just left his treasure in, whether it's definitely the ancient kingdom that Professor Clover was about to name drop in Ohara before the Gorosei order CP9 to kill him. While this hasn't been confirmed yet whether Laughtale is the ancient kingdom, there is a lot of evidence backing this theory up that Laughtale is indeed the ancient kingdom. Remember what Whitebeard said to Sengoku before he died about the world being turned up side down and a war that the Marines and World Government fear coming? Yep, Whitebeard knew the truth because Roger told him in his flashback. The final arc is going to be the world vs the World Government and the Strawhats, the Revolutionary Army, and everybody else is going to take down the Celestial Dragons, the Gorosei, and ect to make the world balanced and One Piece no pun intended again. I heard a theory that the World Government artificially made the Red Line and the Calm Belt with one of the Ancient Wepons and that Luffy is going to destroy it to make the sea One Piece again forming the All Blue. Boom! mind blown. How could Luffy do this? Well, there was a prophecy from a certain fortune teller that heavily foreshadowed this.
    Me too.
    I won't say who, but their is a higher authority in the World Government than the Gorosei and I believe they're the final antagonist in the series. Akainu and Blackbeard will probably be dealt with before this guy.
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    Can you put in quotes on a profile post now? I can't seem to find the quote button.
    Yeah there doesn't seem to be a quote/reply button. You can still quote someone by typing [Q.UOTE]Stuff[/Q.UOTE] (without the periods).

    Hey Sari Sari ! Have you watched Avatar the Last Airbender? I remember when I was talking about the decline of cartoons, you mentioned how you stopped watching cartoons around the late 2000s. Avatar was an amazing show and I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't. It's my favorite Nickelodeon cartoon.
    Super Mario 3D All Stars opening up pre-orders today, Super Mario 3D World port opening up pre-orders, Original Shantae and Risky's Revenge opening up pre-orders for collector's editions and standard editions on Limited Run on the 11th. RIP my wallet.
    I've been replaying Melee this week starting a new save file and I've already unlocked all the characters, stages, All Star Mode, and gotten over 150 trophies thus far. I already got all 290 in game trophies in my old save file and I'm never 100% percenting this game again as the Diskun trophy is a nightmare to obtain. For those who don't know, to get the Diskun trophy, you have to get all the bonuses in the game which requires literally doing pretty much everything like doing every combo, messing with every item in every possible way, completing Classic and Adventure with 1 stock without any continues, complete Classic and Adventure without getting damged, completing All Star Mode without using a heart container, ect.
    Who are y'alls' most wanted Echos? Mine are:

    :ultsonic:/Metal Sonic
    :ultdk:/Funky Kong
    :ultbowser:/Dry Bowser
    :ultwolf:/Leon Powalski
    :ultmetaknight:/Galacta Knight
    :ultfalcon:/Black Shadow
    :ultsnake:/Big Boss
    :ultmegaman:/Proto Man
    :ultpacman:/Ms. Pac-Man
    :ultike:/Black Knight

    I would add Dixie Kong on here, but I believe she deserves the unique treatment or semi-clone treatment instead.
    So I already beat the Heavy Drone B-33 and received the key artifact in the Honey Factory, so now I'm done with chapter 3. Now I'm currently in chapter 4 I have to find the other half of the key artifact. The mayor of Defiant Root is suppose to have knowledge where to go next to find the next artifact.
    So I started playing Bug Fables yesterday and right now I'm already half way through the 2nd chapter. I'm REALLY enjoying this game as it feels like a true sequel to Thousand Year Door even though it isn't. Not to say Super Paper Mario wasn't, but in the sense of keeping the formula from the first two Paper Mario games intact. This feels like the Paper Mario game I've been waiting for years for.

    So I think the intro to Bug Fables about the first Queen Elizant dying and her daughter taking over the throne to continue the search for the Everlasting Sapling is a lie. I think Elizant the II isn't really the daughter of Elizant the I and she is someone who killed Elizant the I and stole the throne and made up a revisionist story about her being her daughter to continue to look for the Everlasting Sapling. Reason I think this is because of Leif's behavior about the Elizant the II after the team left Snakemouth and first went to the palace. Leif was asleep for decades in Snakemouth and seems to not remember that much. Leif knows something that Elizant the II doesn't want the kingdom to know about.
    So has anyone tried Pizza Tower yet? I'm curious to check it out as it's heavily influenced by the Wario Land series.
    After seeing the bonus Small Battlefield stage, it has given me hope that missing cut stages from the past games will return like Yoshi's Woolly World, Pac-Maze, and Rainbow Road.
    Possible, but that'd mean they'd probably kill the "There's 4 more World of Light" spots unless either:

    A: Those characters don't have stages
    B: They add yet another row, and if we're getting another 4~ stages, I personally, my opinion, don't see them adding another row when they just added one.
    So have any of you guys been getting a lot of auto-correct problems lately? I don't know if it's my phone or what, but most of the time I'll write something and auto-correct will change it to make it look like I spelled it wrong when I didn't. I always have to quickly go back and edit the post because of damn auto-correct.
    Man, I really miss Break the Targets the classic Break the Targets from 64/Melee/Brawl specifically. I hope they bring it back in a future patch.
    It really boils down to 50/50.
    Same thinking here
    I'm thinking about 75 or 80%, though any numbers that I come up with are completely arbitrary. Assuming that character pack 7 (and 8?) was intended for E3 before the Coronavirus hit, I could see him being revealed soon.

    I had a gut feeling when they announced more characters beyond Fighters Pass 1 that Geno would be one of them (it seemed like a perfect opportunity to add characters that they couldn't get permission to use for FP1, or ones that proved to be unexpectedly popular when FP1 was in development), and if we were going to get character reveals at E3 (assuming that we get a Direct soon), that seems like a good place to reveal Geno, given what the past two E3 reveals were like. (long-awaited fan favourites that people dismissed as being impossible for one reason or another)
    So here is my top 5 Spirit promotions list:

    1. Dixie Kong

    2. Shantae

    3. Tron Bonne

    4. Elma

    5. Medusa

    I didn't put Krystal on the list because she is an Assist Trophy. Though, I believe Assist Trophies can get promoted in the same game.

    Edit: I forgot Zero was an Assist Trophy so I took him off the list.
    So what are the chances that one of the five remaining FP2 characters is a character from BOTW 2?
    Not really sure. Not something I see as likely, since Sakurai wants to out emphasis on new franchises.
    How many of you guys think we still need more villains? I do. I feel like we got literally all the big fish within the antagonists of the Original 8 excluding the Pokemon and Yoshi franchises.

    It would be nice to get other Nintendo villains like Porky Minch, Pig Ganon, Skull Kid, Medusa, Hades, Wart, Sylux, Captain Syrup, Kamek, ect as well as 3rd party antagonist characters like Dr. Eggman, Sephiroth, M. Bison, Dr. Wily, and Gruntilda.

    Despite us almost having all the S tier villains finally in the roster, there is still many great villains that would be cool to see in Smash as I listed above.
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    There are plenty of Mother/Earthbound villains that I'd like to see, like Porky, the Mother 1 version of Giygas, or the Masked Man. (full disclosure - I haven't beaten Mother 1 or 3 so I don't know how well the last two would work)

    Skull Kid or Ghirahim would be great (shame that they're stuck as assist trophies), and so would Eggman or Captain Syrup. I'd like to see Heihachi Mishima make it in - he seems like a rare case where a villain could represent an entire franchise.
    I forgot about Samurai Goroh, Black Shadow, and Blood Falcon. Either two of the last would be a easy as pie Captain Falcon Echo to make.
    I'd love more villains. Their always cooler.
    So how are all of y'all in the Geno thread been doing lately? I haven't seen some of you guys in awhile since I left the Geno thread.
    So in Super Mario 64, which star do you guys consider to be the hardest to obtain? For me it would probably have to be the 100 coin star in Tiny Huge Island since there are various ways you can easily die in the level before getting 100 coins like getting eat up by the giant fish or the wind not catching you in the air while trying to get to the other platform. Really though, it's easy but that's the one star I consider to be SM64's hardest if any.
    So if we miraculously get a Retro character as DLC who would you guys want? For me it would have to either be Mach Rider, Ayumi Tachibana, or Wart. I would choose Mach Rider if I could choose.
    I just finished replaying Majora's Mask and I 100% completed the game and got everything in 4 3 day cycles. I almost did it in 3 cycles as I was nearly close in wrapping everything up in 3.
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