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  • Hey gang, i recently made a tier list of Smash bros characters ranked by their canonical power according to the VS wiki.
    I did two tier lists to be precise, one using the characters on the lower end of their power and another at their absolute strongest.

    Lowest tiers

    Highest Tiers


    You can refer to their "tiering system" page for more details on what the tiers mean.

    Personally i hate the fact that all Mario characters are Universal level just because of shaky Mario Galaxy shenanigans, but what do you guys think ?
    You know, i really wanted all the DLC to be announced so that i could stop waiting and thinking about smash but... Now that there's only two characters remaining, i feel almost kind of sad.
    I don't think we're getting a third round either, these are the last two characters for smash ultimate, waiting for new ssbU characters has been a part of my life for almost 3 years now, it's gonna be weird knowing that the roster is finally complete.
    I haven't posted on here in a while, i've been really busy being really sleepy all the time and messing around in mugen.
    I've talked about it on the "female newcomer general" a while ago, but now i've officialy started working on it, "Mugen's Rowdy Power Gals" (R.P.G, get it ?)

    Making a balanced roster in Mugen's proven to be quite challenging as every character was made by different people who may have very different views on how to make a good fighter, however learning how to code and put characters together in this engine has been a blast so far, and i do plan on adding more characters in the future (2B, Fiora, Arle Nadja) when i'm satisfied with the roster that i currently have, stay tuned !
    Here's how i would've handled the fighter pass if i was given full control over the DLC decisions (very bad idea).

    FP1 :
    The Demi-fiend (SMT3)/Yu Narukami (Persona 4)
    Banjo & Kazooie
    Hero (with female alts for Erdrick and Solo)
    Terry Bogard (Fatal fury)
    The Hunter (Monster Hunter)

    FP2 :
    Steve (Minecraft)
    Porky Minch (Earthbound)
    Crash Bandicoot
    Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney)
    Quote (Cave Story)
    And Sora from Kingdom Hearts
    , to ends things with a bang.

    I feel like it strikes a pretty good balance between cutesy/cartoony and more humanoid characters. Not that i have anything with Joker and Byleth, i like them a lot in fact.
    Here’s now I’d handle it:

    Bonus 1: Piranha Plant

    Vol. 1
    • Joker
    • Hero
    • Banjo
    • Bandana Dee
    • Terry Bogard
    Bonus 2: Byleth

    Vol. 2
    (which would have 10 fighters instead of 6):
    • Min Min
    • Steve
    • Euden
    • Sora
    • Crash Bandicoot
    • Scorbunny
    • Sakura Shinguji
    • King Boo
    • Ayumi Tachibana
    • Chosen Undead
    Happy Halloween everybody !
    This year's festivities might be a bit lamer this time around because of the terrible pandemic that's going on right now, but thanks to the internet, we can still celebrate the scariest holiday of the year in any way we can.

    My first time doing a halloween special, this video wav supposed to come out last year but got heavily delayed because of an unfortunate bug that caused me to lose all of the progress i had made. A year later, and i decided to pick it back up and redo the entire project from scratch.

    Have a safe spooktacular day !
    Hey err-uh everyone, it's uhhh me : JFK from Clone High, on the Nintendo Wii ! HAW HAW er HAW

    Cue distorded Clone High theme.
    I listed every notable character in smash who has a mii costume but lacks a spirit to go with it.

    So, what do you guy think ? Do you think they'll be added later like Cuphead ? Or will they remain spiritless forever ?
    Just found out about soulless remakes.

    Damn, that **** sucks :urg:.
    Playing every playable fighter's game of origin isn't enough for you ? Do you want to know absolutely every little reference in smash, and then brag about how you played that one obscure mahjong game on the gameboy ? Then come take a look at my Grouvee shelf where i list every Smash Bros. Spirits's first appearance in a video game.
    From recent to old, popular and obscure, it has every game that has at least one spirit associated with them.
    Characters like sans and Heihachi, however, don't have their games listed, simply because they don't have spirits of their own (which is a huge shame tbh), so mii costumes don't count.
    Ah yes, Persona 4 Golden, my favorite Sega Genesis game.
    Here's a concept for that smashsona thing i talked about a few weeks ago, the stats screen to be precise.

    I used Mother Brain because she's my waifu the character itself already looks very persona-like.
    The idea is that, aside from elemental weaknesses, types (Attack, shield, grab, neutral) are also a huge part of the gameplay, so switching between different types of smashsonas is even more crucial than ever before.

    And just like in smash, you'd also be able to equip support spirits to give your smashsonas more resistances/Attacks/Buffs etc...
    Basically using the already established spirit system from smash in an rpg setting.

    I've been trying to learn RPG Maker to make this idea a reality but i'm nowhere near being able to pull something like this off (programming isn't my strong point). However, i'll keep working on this idea for a bit, at least on the visuals and characters.
    Awesome presentation once again.
    The one thing i'm a bit sad about is the lack of original tracks of the game (wet hands). Other than that, Steve looks like a lot of fun and i can't wait to get my boney little hands on this new blocky brawler.
    Man, i'm so happy right now. Seeing good old Steve with all of his original animations and movement quirks take me back. It’s crazy because Minecraft isn’t even that old, yet it feels like it’s always been a part of my life in one way or another, and now it’s officialy in one of my favorite, most played games. I feel silly getting sentimental over a babbi cube gaem but i can’t help it. Thank you Sakurai-san ! I owe you one, once again.
    I passed through the town area in WOL (which is called Console City btw) recently and i decided to make a lilttle drawing to try and bring it to life with some of the spirits that you can find there.
    Apologies for the resolution, i snuck a lot of little references here and there but they're pretty hard to make out.
    You know, it's not based on concrete evidence or anything but i can feel my hype bone tingling. Something's coming i can feel it.
    Me and my friend have this fun little game where we pick our Miis, equip some spirits and pretend that they're personas. We have a storyline and everyhting and when you think about it, it does fit pretty well : imagine a persona game where all of the collectible Personas are characters from a wide variety of different nintendo IPs.
    With that said, i like the concept so much that i decided to make a little mock-up of what i'm talking about.

    It's kinda rough and messy, but i wanted to finally get this idea on "paper". I also incorporated a modified version of the COMP gear from the classic smt games, just because i like the design so much.
    Thank you ATLUS for putting Persona 4 on steam and letting me experience this wonderful game, i hope to see more smt games ported to more platforms in the future ! wink wink nudge nudge COUGH persona 5 on the switch COUGH.

    (Ps : Chie is best girl and a datable Yosuke should've made it in the final release, okay bye.)
    Now that know how much history the Shin Megami Tensei series has. I'm kind of upset with how Smash only really represents Persona 5, which is such small aspect of the franchise when you take a step back. And even then, persona as a whole is not really repped all that well either, The P3/4 protags don’t even have spirits despite having mii costumes.

    Can’t really complain though, having Joker in smash is already a huge deal and having the best P3 track (Mass Destruction) is extremely rad... i miss my hee-ho bro…
    Ever had that one most wanted character that'll never happen because they're not the main protagonist of their original game ?
    Barbara from Rayman is that character for me.
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