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Phoenix Douchebag
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  • In Rocky IV, there's a scene during the Rocky vs Ivan fight in which commentators from different countries commentate on the fight. How did they handle the Japanese voice overs in the Japanese Dub?
    "LOL Caddicarus got all the platinum Relics in Crash games, what kind of masochist is he?"

    Also me:
    Inkling Man
    Inkling Man
    Why are people so sure that Banjo will never get any new games ever again?
    Any moron who goes about "WOKE AGENDA" "SJW NONESENSE" "CURRENT ADAPTATIONS SUCK AND ARE NOT FAITHFUL TO THE SOURCE MATERIAL" "NETFLIX ADAPTATIONS SUCK" and "HE MAN/STAR WARS/MARVEL/instert mainstream franchise here IS RUINED" but likes the Netflix Castlevania show has no damn right to speak and whine about the current state of modern western entertainment. A Crappy, crude, poorly written Game of Thrones wannabe written by a Man who has touched more women inappropriately than he ever touched a Castlevania game in his entire damn life.

    Im predicting that the the Rondo of Blood "Adaptation" will be to the Netflix show what "The Last Jedi" was to many Star Wars viewers. Maria Renard will be what Teela is to Revelations.
    Not all of these complaints are even congruent with each other.

    I'll also say that the degree in which Castlevania might not be 'faithful' or might be considered 'poorly written' isn't even comparable to the absolute dog pile that is the likes of Star Wars/Marvel right now, let alone that absolute soulless and agenda riddled 'reboots' that spring up all the time.

    I'd say the main difference is: Castlevania is actually enjoyable and well presented and from what I can tell doesn't seem to go out of its way to dunk on the Castlevania franchise, characters specifically. While the main contenders for criticism these days are from the major content producers that are gradually ruining their most well known and established franchises by hiring bottom of the barrel 'writers' who shoe horn in subject matter that literally has nothing to do with the material they're using to push said subject matter. THEN those writers who, rightfully so, are criticized for their poor scripts/productions get more work while genuinely talented writers and producers get nothing anymore.

    Look at the writers for Wandavision, Falcon & Winter Soldier and Loki. Three shows that actively damage the material before them because the writers had a story they wanted to tell, continuity or impact of the MCU be damned and actively destroyed the characters in the process...these people get to make more content for Disney.

    I didn't think it was that bad. (The Last Jedi)
    I think it's also fair to point out that it's, of course, absolutely fine to like things (In this case, Last Jedi lovers). That's A-Ok. Though I think it's good for people to at least understand why most find the film to be bad. Most assume it's just 'butthurt fanboys' but in reality the films have a lot of bad writing and characters (Bad as in flat, not fleshed out, feeling almost too generic and the ones who do have some inkling of interesting possibilities it never goes anywhere. Just squandered).

    I also feel people should be able to admit that the things they like aren't good. It's okay. Really. It shouldn't detract from your own enjoyment to acknowledge the lack of quality in something you enjoy. It's an adult thing to do. I love me some Batman & Robin. It's a very bad film from an adaptation, writing and pacing standpoint. But God damn is that movie just a hoot to watch.
    Guy: "What are some of your favorite songs? Mine are Despacito and This is America"

    Me: "Paranoid by Black Sabbath, Thriller by Michael Jackson, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Clint Eastwood, Plastic Beach, Hollywood, Humility, Dare, The Lost Chord from Gorillaz, Highway to Hell by ACDC, and Freesia"

    Guy: "Fre-what?"

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    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Not to brag, but my tastes are so niche that they'd sound ridiculous even if you asked specifically for game music.

    "Main Menu from Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Crazy Maze, Title from Robocop, Another World from The Smurfs' Nightmare, Diving from Waterworld, Final Rescu-"

    "Did you just say Inspector Gadget? and the Smurfs?"

    "Babe do you want to chill"
    "No im busy tyring to get all the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Advance 2"

    I don't even have a girlfriend and this **** popped into my head
    I remember beign a lil' kid and watching this on Newgrounds, and thinking this was one of the saddest stories that i ever witnessed:

    I can't believe im feeling melancholic about Newgrounds's old days. It was probably the only site that i used as much as Youtube.
    If it wasn't by the EX Skills, i don't think i would care for the A/S rank in Mega Man Zero 2 and 3. Also all you get in the latter after beating it with S rank is a bunch of ****ty mini games.
    Im 99% sure that by the time Generation Alpha reaches maturity, games like Kingdom Hearts 3 will be seen far more favorably, due to the playerbase not having the expectations of a 13 year sequel in the making.
    "So why do you have this...............Senan Kangooro Peach Ball game?"

    ...."it's a long story"
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    Here's a touching story.

    Once upon a time I realized I like hot anime girls in bikinis and I lived happily ever after. The end.

    Liar. That story isn't very long.
    Im really happy that Smash has abandoned the "MUH gritty epic realism" from Brawl. I appreciated Melee's greater details on character design (even if models of characters like DK and Yoshi aged like Milk under the Sun) and i understand that to some,Smash 4 and Ultimate's arstyles look duller in comparison (even if i consider Ultimate's artstyle to be the best in the series, @ me if you dare), but i hated Brawl's murky 2008's real is brown stuff, every character that wasn't Snake or the TP cast looked really lousy on that artstyle, and the fact that they added TOON Link in that Smash entry of all things was a really dumb move in hindsight.
    I really regret deleting my accounts, Tord the Red Leader and Absolutely Not Speedwagon. Mostly because i love reading through my older posts and see what i used to think and say, and remind me of different days, seeing how much i have changed.

    But now in order to see my posts, i have to basically search for a needle in a haystack, and the only one at fault is me.
    Every time i hear the Song "Toy Soldiers" by Martika, i can't help but think of that one weird-ass movie: Small Soldiers. You know, the one where G.I Joe knockoffs go haywire and ****.

    Turns out the movie was called Small Soldiers and NOT Toy Soldiers, which is the name of an unrelated 1991 Movie, which is also the name of an also unrelated video game from 2010, which is getting a modern re-release on Switch, PS4, Xbox On-what was i talking about again? eh.........

    Oh yeah! Did you know there's a Japanese Cover of the song by Martika herself?
    After seeing the absolute abomination that was the Leaked PPG CW script, im honestly so damn happy that Ed Edd N Eddy have fell from the face of the earth since 2009.

    People should know to let things go before they turn into................this.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    EEnE had the perfect ending, one of the best finales in TV comedy history I'd argue.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    • There's a Harambe joke
    • "Triggered" used ironically unironically
    • Mojo Jojo is human, dies in the first few minutes
    • Bubbles has PTSD, this is treated as a joke.
    • They briefly set up a Cartoon Cartoons live action universe by implying Johnny Bravo exists in this world... I think? They mention a person or company named "Bravo" in passing, that's about it.
    • Utonium is an abusive father
    • Lots of swearing, but somehow no reference to "Whoopass Stew".
    • The Powerpuff Girls are banned from fighting crime in the prologue, this somehow stops all the supervillains
    • Caterpillar mind control
    • Buttercup threatens to murder a guy because he threw a smoothie at her
    • The scriptwriter has no sense of time, a gap between 1998 and 2013 is considered merely 9 years.
    • Buttercup threatens to "leak [Blossom's] nudes".
    • Joke about Elon Musk.
    • Bubbles calls Professor Utonium "daddy". Even as an adult.
    • A teenage Buttercup calls the classic PPG outfit "compulsory heterosexual"
    Warren Ellis explaning why he didn't played the Castlevania games despite adapting the series.
    Warren Ellis explaining why he didn't want to add Grant because he was a pirate and because of his name, while also adding a VIKING named Godbrand.
    Netflixvania fans explaining why Isaac is the best super mega deep character of all time.
    Netflixvania fans explaining why we need to know about the sex life of the characters.
    Netflixvania fans explaining why swearing and raunchy humor makes it mature.
    Netflixvania fans explaning why using the source material doesn't matter, while also getting angry at the sheer idea of using anything from the source material.
    Netflixvania fans explaning why a 1-second reference makes the adaptation faithful to the source material.
    Also Toriyama: Rewrites Bardock from a sadistic brute who represents the natural bruality of the Saiyan race into a calm caring person who cares for his Son.
    Also Toriyama AGAIN: Rewrites Broly from an evil monster that only wants destruction to a sympathetic villain (plaese don't hurt my friends or i'll get le triggers)

    Am i the only one who sees a problem with this?
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    Bad writing is bad writing, plain and simple. I love Dragon Ball as a whole but I despise when people try to tell me it's GOOD. It's enjoyable but it isn't of a high standard of story telling. That is to say, any real attempts at story telling ended after Dragon Ball. From Z onward it's action schlock.
    The bomb will detonate in 5 seconds!
    One entire seasons worth of fighting later
    The Virgin Bowsette:
    -Basically almost became a thing in Mario Odyssey , but was scrapped for good reason.
    -Most well known fan design looks out of place compared to the rest of Mario cast, both male and female or human or non-humanoid.
    -Is just an excuse for people to lewd a female character (as if there are not enough female Nintendo characters for that, poor Galaar)
    -Female Bowser was already a thing with Bowletta, but because it didn't looked like Peach no one gave a ****.

    THE CHAD Scripulous Fingore:
    -Never actually was supposed to be a Mario Enemy, but it should.
    -Fits really well with most of Mario's Rouge Gallery.
    -People started to put him in other Mario games as a mock up, looks really good.
    -An enemy like this has never been in a Mario game before.

    The superior Fan-made Mario character is clear.
    The Noid meets Crash is probably the weirdest crossover of this yea-


    So how many bucks for betting that Smahboard's prank of this year will be related to Mario's "Death"
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