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  • Ed Edd N Eddy and Oreimo indirectly are connected. Hear me out.

    Sonic showed up in O.K K.O. That show had a crossover episode with almost every major Cartoon Network show appearing as major or characters cameos, including the Eds.

    Sonic's Green Hill Zone showed up Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, a game featuring Light Novel/Anime/Manga characters like SOA, Toradora, etc.

    Not making this up.
    After playing Punch Out Wii again, im sad Punch Out never came to the 3DS. Seeing how the original arcade games were 2 screens, it would have been perfect for it (not to mention beign 3D beign a good fit for the game)

    Here's hoping the Switch brings us more Punch Out goodness. It's been 10 years, time for Mac to take those boxing gloves again.
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