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  • Mario Baseball on Switch feels like a matter of when at this point.

    If they're willing to bring back Mario Strikers, and not some dumbed down child-friendly "Mario Soccer Stars" reboot or something like that, then a new Mario Baseball is absolutely in the cards. We just gotta wait for Namco to come through.
    It'll be refreshing to live in a post-patch environment where everyone is forced to adapt instead of just hoping for buffs and nerfs. Can't say I'm too hopeful this upcoming one will be anything we haven't seen already though.
    I've never understood the argument of "they don't have enough moveset potential" or "they don't have anything unique to them" directed at characters like Waluigi or Bandanna Waddle Dee. To me that always seemed like an excuse to shut down characters people find "boring".

    Like Waluigi has had tons of crazy unique abilities over the years you could work into a moveset. And Dee's pretty much writes itself. It's one thing to not like or want them but to say they have nothing going for them is objectively wrong.
    I find it funny when every month or so Twitter has a discussion about who the most broken character in Smash history was when Brawl Meta Knight is and always has been the objectively correct answer. Meta Knight didn't dominate the meta, the meta was literally designed AROUND Meta Knight.

    Smash 64 and Ultimate are fairly balanced, the top tiers in Melee are also balanced among each other, and while Smash 4 Bayonetta did dominate the meta she could still be beaten by a good amount of characters if played right. Brawl Meta Knight is in a whole league of his own.
    Oh, right, guess I better rank the pass 2 characters. Did the same for pass 1.

    :ultminmin Pretty fun addition, I really like how they implemented the mechanics of ARMS and gave her a really fun playstyle. 6/10
    :ultsteve: I absolutely suck using Steve but that doesn't make him a bad addition. Like Min Min, the mechanics of Minecraft are replicated extremely faithfully here, and it makes him stand out. If his silly blocky design didn't make him stand out already. 8/10
    :ultsephiroth: I wish I was more into Sephiroth, because this guy just bleeds and breathes "cool". He's kinda fun to use but I could never get a feel for him gameplay-wise. Still a great inclusion though. 8/10
    :ultpyra::ultmythra: Pyra and Mythra... god damn it I wanted to like them but I just can't. I don't find them fun to use and they're especially annoying to fight against. And that I could deal with but the controversy surrounding their designs makes discussion about them 100x worse. When they inevitably get cut from Smash 6 I cannot imagine feeling anything other than indifference. 3/10
    :ultkazuya: Kazuya was actually my favorite of the pass. It was really cool seeing a Tekken character get in after it was previously deemed to hard by Sakurai in Smash 4. All the special inputs he has and the fact he has diagonal tilts in addition to normal ones is so cool. Too bad I can't use him for ****. 9/10
    :ultsora: Sora is a fine character to end the game's roster with but I don't feel much for him beyond that. I have no history with Kingdom Hearts nor Sora as a character, if anything it's the Disney properties around him that make him interetsting for me... which were cut. It's more an inclusion I respect more than I actually like. Will need to judge him on gameplay when he comes out but at least he looks pretty fun. 7/10
    The problem with speculation nowadays that's been building up for the past year or so is that the fanbase has pushed themselves into a scenario where

    A - Characters who are not heavily requested are bad (because no one likes/wants them)
    B - Characters who are heavily requested are bad (because they're boring/safe, would bring nothing new to the table)
    C - Characters who are from recent games are bad (shilling, don't deserve to be in)
    D - Characters who are not from recent games are bad (irrelevant, not important to gaming, doesn't deserve to be in)

    Congratulations Smash community, you have officially deemed every character in the realm of fiction as bad!
    The whole Nintendo YouTuber revisionist history debate is interesting because Croc on the PlayStation sold about as much as Banjo-Kazooie on the Nintendo 64 and yet the latter gets way more coverage. I don't think its really a valid point to say that its really historical revisionism in that way - like people are and should make videos about things they're passionate about but it gets warped because we all parasocially take on this rose-lensed view of their childhood as our own, living vicariously in their construction of memory, and that is what's impacting video game discussion at large like the Banjo-Kazooie is bigger than Tekken controversy that happened with Arlo a few days ago.
    The way I see it is that Banjo-Kazooie is a cult classic. It wasn't played by the most people, but there's a reason the people who did all seem to remember it.

    Compare to Flappy Bird, a game everyone has played but most have already forgotten.

    Edit: Comparing Banjo with Tekken is still kind of silly though. They're different enough that which is more important will depend mostly on who you ask.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Even if the "Miyamoto stole from Croc" rumours are fake, Croc is still more important to gaming history as a whole than Banjo could ever be - same with Bubsy 3D.

    Fans of Nintendo-era Rare have basically made their own fake history for the company and platformer genre, and convinced themselves it's real. It's kinda terrifying,
    Are people still calling Disney's movies antisemitic because allegedly Walt Disney had such beliefs (I can't confirm) and boycotting them because of it or are we past that?
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    It's literally a proven fact that Walt Disney wasn't a Nazi or anti-semite. He produced multiple anti-Nazi WW2 propaganda films and nobody with any actual connections to him have came forwards about any anti-semitic beliefs - including people who held grudges and were willing to dish dirt on Disney's dark side as a whole.

    There are plenty of things to criticise about Walt Disney, both the man and the company he left us with, but there's also a lot of utter lies spread about supposed wrong-doings by the house of mouse.
    These E3 showcases are judged by subjectivity at the end of the day so there's no clear "winner"

    But can we all agree Square Enix is the loser?
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    I think in terms of Presentation quality, Totally, It was horribly paced and boring, but when it comes to the actual games discussed It had the highest amount of games that I was interested in.

    Ubisoft didn't have much

    Microsoft's lineup didn't appeal to me

    The PC Game show was boring.
    I feel like the problem with a lot of these lackluster E3 showcases is these companies don't know how to make good trailers. They can't decide if they want it to be cinematic or gameplay-focused so it ends up going to far in either direction so the trailer is either a lie or just flat-out boring.

    And the "trailers" where it's just in-game footage or cutscenes with the developers talking over them? Probably the worst offenders imo
    "Melee bad" will always be the ultimate Smash cornball take

    If you dislike how the game plays that's fair, but calling it this indefensibly broken game with no redeemable qualities is just plain silly, lol
    The easy answer to the "JRPG McSameface vs. Scrimblo Bimblo" wars going on is that at large everyone is added for their own merits. Sure, some characters like Byleth or Pyra/Mythra may promote a recent title, and that may even be the main reason for their inclusion... but that doesn't detract from the fact that they're worthy additions in their own right. Something as arbitrary as representation of genre isn't going to decide who does and doesn't get into the roster.

    Yes, we have been getting an increase of RPG characters with Ultimate's DLC, but the roster at large is ridiculously varied. Ya'll extremists on both sides need to be more open, and stop going into the forest looking for a single tree. After all, isn't one of the main draws of Smash to introduce people to new series they've never heard of? I'm sure a ton of people have gotten into Fire Emblem, Persona, Xenoblade, or Dragon Quest because of this series.
    Genuinely hate that "Scrimblo Bimblo" has become a legitimate term for cartoony-looking platformer mascots.
    So yeah, sort of dropped out of the speculation cycle near the start of the year, but I'm slowly coming back. I suppose I just needed a bit of a break.

    There's a chance E3 is gonna end with the final two characters for the second pass, and if those are the final DLC characters then I guess I better start again soon before I miss my last opportunity. This game's hype cycle has been wild and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
    Smash hype in in this awkward state for me where instead of being perpetually excited for the next character I'm just "Oh yeah, there's gonna be more" after a reveal.

    I still love the roster and am looking forward to the next two fighters, but I'm just not invested enough to be at the edge of my seat anymore.
    I think part of the reason is indeed how big the roster is. I'm not gonna look at this massive selection of characters as anything short of fantastic but at some point the abject of "diminishing returns" comes into play where new additions don't hit as hard and sort of just fade into the selection screen. The next Smash definitely has huge shoes to fill but as time goes on I'm more welcome to the idea of it not being Ultimate ported to the next console.
    Today has been exclusively Nintendo fans talking about how cool Bowser's Fury is and making Dragon Ball Z and Gigantamaxing jokes and sharing art with absolutely nothing getting in the way.

    I really think directs are dead, there's just no point to them anymore when this strategy works infinitely better.
    Cyborg Sun
    Cyborg Sun
    This is infinitely better than a random dice roll that both pleases and pisses off fans of different things, which is basically what the Directs were (That's it? No Smash?).

    Dare I say, this new method is more... direct.
    There was absolutely no reason for Mario Party: The Top 100 to be as bad as it was. The concept was so simple and yet it feels like they did everything in their power to make it the most pathetic game in Mario Party history.
    Did ND Cube do better for Clubhouse Games on Switch? If so, they're really aren't good for Mario Party specifically.
    Hudson Soft made the first 8 Mario Parties while ND Cube made 9, 10, and Super. I don't know if ND Cube made Top 100, but certainly if Hudson Soft were still making the games and didn't go out of business, they would have made Top 100 a much better games since literally 90% of the mini games or more in that game were originally created by them in the previous Mario Parties.
    Star Rush is the Mario Party 3DS game I have the most positive things to say about but I still understand alot of the criticisms behind it.

    Part of the problem with Top 100 is that they had an opportunity to bring back classic and beloved boards and music but instead gave us generic and uninteresting tile grids and only a few good tracks.
    "I guess 2020 never ended" Wow it's almost like the world's problems like racism and bigotry didn't disappear on midnight on December 31, 2020, it's almost like this has been a problem for centuries.
    I would just like to point out Russia, CCP, Iran, etc, are all watching this go down and learning that the easiest way to access sensitive US government info is simply to have their agents join up with the MAGA crowd at the next Capitol storming and blend in.

    Ball's in your court Republicans
    It absolutely blows my mind the netcode is so bad that online has a completely separate meta from offline.

    Like seriously just think about that for a second
    Why does getting good at Smash gotta be a whole ass spiritual journey
    Glad they did the Sephiroth Challenge so I can get him early but I swear the difficulty was near nonexistent. Even on very hard I beat him on my second try. Might as well have just released the challenger pack now. Final boss my ass :ultpacman:
    Another angle to this discussion I haven't seen talked about: Nintendo has never really supported the competitive scene, leading it to be filled with some really ****ing gross people that would have probably not gotten as far as they did if there was any corporate support on any level. And they're only now deciding to do all of this? Again, what is any of this bad PR accomplishing months after the fact?
    Slime Master
    Slime Master
    The disgusting stuff that happened in the competitive community also happened in other fighting game communities that do get official support, there's no way Nintendo could have helped there. I wouldn't be surprised if the risk of being associated with these types of things is precisely why Nintendo doesn't support their competitive communities.
    Seriously what is up with Nintendo and Smash right now
    If this was closer to the revelation of big names in the Smash community being horrible people then I'd understand, but what good is this doing them now?

    Everything they're doing feels transparently ****ty in a way that feels less innocent than usual. Like Nintendo has always been like a decade behind but this doesn't even feel backwards, this just feels very petty and vindictive because they're going after communities that never really had their support to begin with.
    My thoughts on the Fighters Pass:

    Joker: Love him on principle alone. While he's a bit too "precise" for lack of a better word for my tastes, and while I never played Persona 5, I can definitely respect his inclusion, and the team did a great job with his moveset. B

    Hero: I can only play Hero if I'm going into it as a ****post, but that's not a bad thing, Hero is so stupid but a good kind of stupid, I adore how bonkers they went with him. Hero dittos are almost their own mode. B

    Banjo & Kazooie: Easily my favorite Fighters Pass character. While I never played Banjo-Kazooie until very recently nor really wanted them like I did with Ridley and King K. Rool, there's just something so special about seeing a fan request whose been MIA for years finally make it into Smash. And while they are admittedly clunky at first and hard to get used to, they are extremely fun and versatile. S

    Terry: My least favorite Fighters Pass character. I don't hate him nor do I think he shouldn't have been included, and I do like the ideas his moveset introduces, but his playstyle just isn't for me and the button inputs are too hard for my puny brain to wrap around. D

    Byleth: I'll need to wait for them to release before I give them a final judgement, but Sakurai really sold me on them. I was initially iffy on Byleth, not that I disliked Fire Emblem or anything, the character just didn't interest me. But seeing them in play made me really excited to pick them up (plus them being revealed on my birthday gives them a bit of personal connection to me, more than I can say for than any of the other Fire Emblem characters). A for now until they release and see them for myself.

    Overall? Pretty solid A. While Byleth is kind of a weird pick to end on, it's overall a really good, diverse lineup. If the second Fighters Pass is like this, I'm very much looking forward to it.
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