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  • I always find that Hyrule Warriors had some pretty weird omissions in characters, especially considering the characters added. For instance, Vaati not being added always seemed weird to me when we got Yuga... and I always found it even stranger that characters like Onox, the Happy Mask Salesman and Demise weren't even referenced.
    Here's a cool question for y'all - if you could add an all new type to Pokemon, what would it be?

    Personally, I would add Cosmic. Given there's already a lot of "cosmic" Pokemon already, it seems like a cool idea, plus there's a few cool things you could do stylewise - an Eeveelution with a style a little like various galaxies could be really cool!!
    I feel like the sequel to Breath of the Wild could have so much potential in items. For instance the flail from Age of Calamity seen here looks like, with a couple of edits, it could work really well as a Clawshot... and just imagine using the Clawshot in caves and on floating islands!

    Even if it's unlikely to happen... I think it would be hella cool.
    So I've been listening to the Wii Fit soundtrack (don't ask me why, I got bored) and like, a part of me is... weirdly surprised they didn't pull more for Wii Fit Trainer's music tracks in the game? But then like... what's there also makes sense. It's a weird situation.
    Okay, hot take here, but I honestly think that Inspector Gadget would be a hilarious, but brilliant, Mortal Kombat guest fighter.
    The Sonic Riders series was always really cool to me, but I'll never understand why Beat from the Jet Set Radio series never made the cut into the games. I mean, the idea writes itself - similar to Shadow, Beat could have like, hover skates... though I am happy with who we did get.
    Is it just me who secretly really, really likes the creepy as **** design they used for Mewtwo in the Detective Pikachu movie? In honesty - if they were ever to add Giegue from Mother 1 into Smash, I'd secretly hope they go for a similar look...
    In like, 15 years... will a Smash Ultimate fanfic be the longest single piece of literature in human history?...

    ...or will it be a Nick All Stars fic?
    The release of Mario 64 on the Switch is actually proof of something incredible, purely because of the "L is Real 2401" texture, as well as the same texture being in Ocarina of Time, another launch title...

    Clearly, it means that on the 24th of Janurary, 2022 - Gamecube games will be announced for the NSO service, with Luigi's Mansion as a launch title.

    If you don't believe me I'll post it on 4chan and then there'll be like, 6 YouTube videos about it as long as I say something like "bruh I know an insider in Nintendo Europe" or something
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    Don't forget to also say It is a Switch Pro release for December which is gonna get shown at the Game Awards this year alongside Halo Master Chief Collection and Star Fox Racing.
    Champion of Hyrule
    Champion of Hyrule
    when they made the l is real 2401 texture they actually meant in 25 years when they rerelease the game
    A part of me actually really wants to make a Creation Thread, but the thing is, I haven't run one before. Might try to.
    I know this probably seems a little weird to mention here, but it seems like for some reason, game hunting is weirdly difficult here in the UK. Apparently, it's not rare to find retro gaming stores in the US, or even places that do modern and classic stuff alike - but here in the UK, it seems like the only "gaming" stores you find are Game (which is basically our equivalent to Gamestop) and then places like CEX which aren't even technically that sort of thing anyways.

    It's a weird one because it's always been something I've been into - though admittedly, being introduced to AliExpress is something I'm glad happened :D
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Local retro shops do pop up a lot, but tend to disappear as quickly as they appear.
    There used to be a load of video game stores in the past within the United Kingdom. I remember the times when there was Electronic Boutique, Gamestation and even Toys 'R' Us. The gaming stores left is GAME and CEX and that is about it.

    There is one retro based video game shop within my area that I usually pop in to called "Super Tomato." They got a load of classics on sale from past generations of consoles in which I sometimes do purchase.
    ...Something really bad but also slightly funny just occurred to me.

    It's quite possible that Nintendo will eventually release GB/GBA titles on Switch (or maybe, if we cross our fingers, even a VB title or two)... but it's likely going to be under yet another "Expansion" of sorts.

    Also, does anyone find it weird that they still call it the "Expansion Pack" when that, in theory, should only apply to the N64, and not the Genesis or... Animal Crossing DLC?
    I think a good idea to sort of softly introduce IPs back into the limelight could potentially be by having more casual crossovers, in a way. I'm not talking like Smash Bros, but more like how F-Zero handled it in a sense.

    A good example of this could be like I suggested in the Sukapon thread, where I sort of just projected how cool it would have been to see Sukapon with a slightly modernised design in ARMS. Then, you could use that to gauge support for the IP (in this case, Joy Mech Fight) and maybe consider bringing it back in some way!

    Even if you don't bring back the IP, it's better than just... forgetting it ever existed and leaving it to rot, y'know?
    Somehow, the biggest shock to me was the fact that Nintendo probably have icons for literally every semi-relevant character in the Nintendo canon, given the fact that they already seem to have a Foreman Spike icon.

    Also, FOREMAN SPIKE. IN A MARIO MOVIE. I don't know how this makes me feel but it feels cool
    Shocked that Employee from the hit Nintendo title Good Job! hasn't been in more discussion as the final character. Other possibilities are Snip and Clip from Snipperclips and Boxboy from the BoxBoy! series. Also can't forget the incredibly important need to represent Bayonetta 3, maybe just add Bayonetta again, she seemed pretty popular last time
    So, I was thinking - are there any series you'd love to see represented in Smash as more than just Spirits, but you couldn't really add a fighter? For me, that's the Gran Turismo and Ridge Racer series. I'd love to see GT and RR music in the game, and lots of it - after all, they're incredibly neat soundtracks with a unique jazzy style - but like, the stage would just be a racetrack like Figure 8 Circuit, and the fighter would be like... either Reiko Nagase, the "poster girl" of Ridge Racer Type 4, or like a literal car.

    (If they did a literal car, I would prefer to see the Hornet from Daytona USA, but in the style of its appearance in Fighter's Megamix, because that would be both hilarious and incredible.)
    Oh then I want more Nintendo hardware respsetation, maybe console spirits
    That actually sounds like a really cool concept! Imagine like, playing on a god damn floating DS in space like in Mario Kart DS, hell yeah

    Aperture Laboratories would be an incredible Smash stage - place portals and gels dynamically to change the traversal options available, maybe include turrets as a stage hazard, and feature commentary from GLaDOS and Wheatley. There'd also be a few decent tracks included, with the potential for great remixes.

    On the other hand, I don't feel Chell as a fighter would fit, because in Portal the emphasis is clearly away from Chell and on the setpieces - they're where most of your abilities come from, and you have to go out of your way to see Chell.
    So this morning I woke up after the strangest dream. I dreamt that Charles Barkley was added to Smash and that every song in the entire game had been mashed up with Space Jam... I am very conflicted as to how I feel about this
    A Series of Unfortunate Events is one of the formulative book series of my childhood, and yet to this day the very few people I know who remember it remember it either from a film or a Netflix series. Agony.
    Okay, random point - does anyone have a character that they are sort of in a weird state as to whether they want to see them in Smash, like "I mean it would be cool but like, there's so many better picks"?

    My own is Scizor.
    That's pretty much how I feel about Bandana Dee. He used to be one of my most wanted, until I recently realized he's really boring in more than one way compared to the rest of my wants and even other Kirby characters.
    Now I think he'd be neat but I don't really have much investment in seeing him make it in. If he's in, cool, but there's plenty of other characters that I think would be much cooler.
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Crash Bandicoot and Tetromino.

    Crash is my favourite game series of all time, but I do not have ANY faith Sakurai could do the super marsupial justice.

    Tetromino is a character I'd only really want if it was done right - Smash Crusade did a really good job with it, but I don't like the idea of humanoid tetrominos or (overly) anthropomorphised tetrominos
    Okay, I have a random question for y'all - there's been a lot of sort of quotes and talk of the effect of the competitive scene on Smash Bros as a whole, so this is something that's kinda an interesting question.

    Do you think that the existance of the competitive scene in the Super Smash Bros. scene, or even in just specific Smash titles, hamper your enjoyment of the games or the community surrounding them?
    Something that always bothered me about the Mega Man Legacy Collection is that they didn't include Megaman and Bass. The SNES one was actually half-decent, lacking many of the screen-size problems of the GBA port, and a simple language patch from Japanese to English could have worked wonders in improving the general perception of it, in my opinion.

    I get that it was difficult to really release them all, but a sort of "Mega Man Legacy Collection Definitive Edition" could be cool, if it includes some more obscure picks alongside the ones we already have - maybe throw in all of the Gameboy titles, or just V if you're short on space, toss in a language-patched Challenger From The Future, maybe add the CVS system titles as well, or even stuff like Battle and Chase! Am I just too Mega Man obsessed?... probably, yeah.
    Maybe also localize the Taiwanese exclusive Megaman Strategy which is a Mega Man Turned Base Strategy
    I’d also like to see them make an X Legacy Collection Definitive Edition, with X-treme 1&2, Command Mission, and Maverick Hunter X included.
    Why not make Mega Man Gems collection 1 and 2, one volume focuses on platformers and the other volume rpgs.

    1 will focus on the Legends games, And Bass, Extreme 1 and 2, and Challnegers from the Future.

    2 will focus on the Star Force games, Network Transmission, Command Mission, and Rockman Strategy.

    The Arcade Games, Battle and Chase, and the Game Boy games will be shared between them
    One thing I'd love to see in Smash is chiptune music, such as classic Mega Man tracks, but remixed with modern chiptune stuff such as VRC6 and the like. It's often the case that we either get classic tracks or orchestral remixes, but I love the idea of much more diversity - imagine, perhaps, similar to how Blaster Master Zero remixed tracks from the original Blaster Master for the NES.
    The chaotic neutral within my soul wants to see certain SiivaGunner rips in a Smash game one day. Like, not mentioned in an announcement or anything. They just shadow-drop High Quality Rips and have them randomly play during matches. You're in like, idk, Pictochat listening to the Wii Shop Theme and then bam, it turns into Wii Shop Bling and everyone is just confused as hell, or like the Mario 3 theme devolving into ****ing Flintstones
    I honestly cannot wait for the eventual reveal of Inspector Gadget for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Whilst it may deconfirm Sora to a Mii Fighter Costume (apparently Gadget is owned by Disney?) It will be the greatest reveal of all

    He also has a unique mechanic against Steve where he commentates "brown bricks" every time Steve places a dirt block
    One thing it just occurred to me that I'd love to see is an EarthBound "remake" in a similar vein, and possibly style, to that of Link's Awakening. I feel the sort of clay/toy style works really well for EarthBound, especially given much of the original art was clay-made. Then again... I would like to see the original Mother get the same treatment.

    I get that Mother 3 is popular to be localised, but my own personal take is that the localisation we have now is more accurate than any official one will be. Various "problematic" pieces of the source material would likely be cut, and a lot of the story of the game would be lost in my opinion. As much as I'd love to finally see a release, I'm beginning to think it would be a monkey's paw situation - you can bet your ass they'll probably charge $60 for effectively a patched GBA ROM as well...
    Why is "remake" in quotations?
    I say "remake" because I'd like for as much of the game, in terms of mechanics, story, etc, to remain the same. It's not really a "remaster" because it's (hypothetically) using a whole new engine, but unlike say FFVIIR, it wouldn't change any of the story or mechanics.
    With Lego going for all the Mario stuff recently, I'd love to see how they'd do those Minifigure collection series things (those ones in the blind bags) but with Smash Bros. as the focus. They usually do 20 for each one and then some sort of limited edition character... it would be hella interesting to see how it would work, even if second and third parties like Pokemon, Mother, Sonic, Mega Man etc couldn't be included...
    Found a ton of New Wave vinyls in a garage sale recently and after stealing my uncle's record player I can now safely say that I have fallen in love with Devo
    I got bored, and I made a moveset for Neil Cicierega/Lemon Demon. For all that I've joked about "The Tumblr Lexicon" in the past, I think I'm finally beginning to understand what they mean by "brainrot."
    With the news of Nick All Stars being so active and discussion on a Cartoon Network Equivalent, I just want to say that I'd absolutely lose my mind if Space Ghost or, well, any [adult swim] rep ended up in. I know it would probably never happen, but the idea of someone like Space Ghost fighting Ben 10 just makes both my modern and child self scream in joy
    i just ate four lemons whilst maintaining eye contact with my horrified father, and now i feel like i could either kill god or i'll be taken away by the government for testing
    Every time I see the name 'Donkey Kong' I read it in my head like the guy in that Scott the Woz video who licks every controller that he sees. This is blursed.
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