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Ultimate’s Sequel: Super Smash Bros. Infinite Project

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Venus of the Desert Bloom

Moderating your boards and bringing you news
Writing Team
Jul 30, 2007
Advisory Notice: The creation of alternate accounts to cast more costs, submit more content, or otherwise cheat the system is not only against the thread rules but also will earn an account ban for that alternate account as well as a warning on the original account.

Many moons ago, we had a dedicated user group of individuals led by our trusted leader God Robert's Cousin God Robert's Cousin who tried to make a Smash game here on Smashboards. Not actually developing it; just through typing and brainstorming. This included everything from characters, stages, and more but the project took a while and never was completed. With Christmas upon us, I thought now was a good time to launch a slimmer-down, version of what we had way back when.

Nintendo wants a successor to Smash Ultimate for their new next-Gen console and they want it like Ultimate but bigger and better. Everyone is here....again!! The entire Smash Ultimate cast is here with even more characters and content! But Sakurai needs help so we’ve been hired to help out with the conceptualizing, planning, and pre-development phase. Our job is to listen to what Ninty wants and implement it successfully into Smash! Can we do it or will our product flip? Will we add tripping or will we add wavedashing? What characters will we include? Welcome to
Super Smash Bros. Infinite
Please take a minute to read up about the project and how to participate. Shout out to airConditioner airConditioner for drafting this up:

Hello potential developer!

Welcome to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sequel Project - now known as Super Smash Bros. Infinite! We are very excited to see that you have expressed interest in joining our project. Here are some FAQs regarding our project:

Is this actually going to be a fan game?
Unfortunately, this is just a creative brainstorming project. We are only coming up with ideas on how this game will function, what characters it will have, and how different it will be from its predecessor, Ultimate.

Cool! How do I submit a character/stage/assist trophy/etc.?
This project is run on a job-by-job basis. This means that the thread creator, Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom or the Executive Assistants, ( Ramen Tengoku Ramen Tengoku , Mr. Robotto Mr. Robotto , Krookodilian Krookodilian , and airConditioner airConditioner ) will be providing prompts regularly for us developers to answer. These prompts can range from specific (Submit a Halloween Themed character) to vague (Suggest a new first-party franchise for our next character). Once some time has passed after the prompt is given, we will vote on the suggestions, with the winning suggestion(s) making it to the final game. This means that we won't have the opportunity to suggest characters/stages/etc. until the prompt itself is given to us. Furthermore, when we do add characters, keep in mind that we try to keep the newcomers different. For example, after having Jill & Leon as our Game Awards newcomers, we were unable to submit Officer Howard as our next newcomer because they would be too similar (anime cop with a gun that kills otherworldly monsters). This doesn't mean that you would not be able to suggest them again later, it just means we can't have two similar characters back to back. Again, we will have specific times to suggest characters, so please hold onto your ideas for then!

What about Spirits and Music?
As with other parts of the game, we will be submitting spirits on a case-by-case basis, in order to account for the work our Spirit Team does. The two main times we will submit spirits will be after a new character is revealed and when a spirit event is made. Spirit events are week long submissions that are themed around a particular... theme. This can be things like holidays, such as Easter, genres, such as fighting games, to more abstract concepts, like inanimate objects. We do have set rules, about submitting spirits, however. During spirit events, we will only accept 3 submissions per user and each submission is approved based on the discretion of the Spirit Team. Some examples of spirits that will be rejected are real life hardware, such as gaming consoles and accessories, spirits with no official art, and spirits that will increase the age rating. Additionally, when submitting spirits, it is highly encouraged to follow the format listed below to provide the Spirits Team with the information required to add them to the wiki.
While we're on the topic of submitting spirits I just want to mention the formatting of spirit posts. Right now the way that the inforamtion for a spirit battle is displayed varies depending on the submitter, so its not very cohesive, and some are missing information or use inconsistent language to describe the same things. This is the format I use and Venus has encouraged others to adopt it as well.
[Picture][Name] [(Game of Origin)]
Type: [Primary/Support)(Attack/Shield/Grab), # of slots
  • Puppet Fighter: Fighter (Describe which alt)
  • Stage:
  • Music Track:
  • Match:
  • Conditions:

For Example: (This is a spirit I submitted already so it doesn't need to be added again)
Lana (Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors)
Class: Ace
Type: Primary Shield, 2 Slots
Effect: Electric Attack ↑
  • Puppet Fighter: Robin (Blue)
  • Stage: Temple
  • Music Track: Push Forward
  • Match: Stock (1)
  • Conditions: The enemy favors neutral special, Hazard: Zap Floor

Here are some resources that I use when making my spirits that helps with keeping the skills they have accurate, as well as not creating a spirit thats already in the game.

I use this one to see which traits come alongside primary spirits

I use this to see which effects can be given by support spirits.

I use this to see what the in game text is for certain conditions.

I've also found that the Mario wiki has the most viewable list of already existing spirits, with the spirit battle details alongside it for inspiration.

I think that using the Wikia and the already existing google sheets will work going forward. Another thing to think about if we're regulating spirit submissions is that right now quite a few spirits use in the game sprite as their spirit art. There is precedent in Smash Ultimate for this happening with the Mother, Ice Climber, and Pac-Man series using in game sprites but usually if there's no official art of the character then its likely that they're not the kind of character who would get a spirit.

Personally I think R.O.B. is an exception and should be the only real world spirit since he's a fighter.

In terms of music, we have a document on the main page. Music will be added periodically to prevent the document from filling up too fast. Each universe has a cap number, such as 40, that will be the maximum number of allowed songs. Additionally, this cap will be capped by a second, temporary cap, so you it is presented as 15/40. This means that of the 40 songs that will be added throughout the project's lifespan, only 15 will be accepted at the moment. This cap is raised every so often, and the maximum may be increased by adding a stage/character to the project later on. Like with spirits, we will be accepting music on a case-by-case basis. Songs that have difficulty negotiating for, songs with little to no relation with Nintendo or the characters in the project, or series with too many songs will be removed. Fan remixes are allowed, provided you give credit.

Wait, a wiki?
Yeah, we have a cool wiki. You'll find almost everything related to the project on this site.

That's about all I can think of for the project right now! Please enjoy your stay and we look forward to working with you!

Leadership Team
The Leadership Team helps run, plan, and progress the project along. Please don't hestitate to ask a question to anyone of us!

Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom
Ramen Tengoku Ramen Tengoku
Krookodilian Krookodilian
Mr. Robotto Mr. Robotto

airConditioner airConditioner

Super Smash Bros. Infinite Content
Below is a list of content confirmed for Super Smash Bros. Infinite and has a presence on the Super Smash Bros. Infinite wiki

This roster will be more traditional than Ultimate with what we had in last games with a more expansive starting roster. Besides adding more newcomers, numerous veterans will be greatly updated to give them new moves and mechanics. Echoes will be included again with some veteran Echoes either getting slightly updated or joining their updated base fighter.

27 (including Echoes)
airConditioner airConditioner

Golden Icarus Golden Icarus

Isaac from Golden Sun

#83. Isaac
Golden Sun
Wikia Link
Special Moves

Neutral Special: Gaia

Causes a pillar of earth energy to shoot up in front of him.

Side Special: Move
Shoots out a hand made of energy which pushes opponents bakcwards.

Up Special: Growth/ Wild Growth
Creates a bouncy plant which catapults Isaac up. Charging it creates Wild Growth which launches him even more.

Down Special: Quake/Spire
Fires a quick burst of energy that can trip others nearby. Creates a earthen spear which creashes down while in the air.

Final Smash: Judgement
Summons Judgement which unleashes a massive amount of Venus Psyenergy into the targeted opponent.​
  • Up Taunt: A Venus Djinn appears and flies around Isaac, similar to the fairy taunts that the Links have.
  • Down Taunt: A unique taunt, Isaac casts Cure on himself, which could function in a few different ways. The first option is that the taunt must play in full to get moderate healing and Isaac can't cancel out of it. The second option is that using the taunt puts Isaac into an animation and after either pressing a button to end the animation or letting the animation last the max amount of time, Isaac is healed based on the amount of time before the taunt is ended.
  • Right Taunt: Isaac uses his Psynergy field animation
  • Left Taunt: Isaac swings his sword to the right and spins and swings it to the left.

On-Screen Appearance
  • Appears in a vortex of Venus Psyenergy which causes the ground to burst with plant life. He then jumps out.

Idle Poses
  • Issac looks behind him.
  • Issac adjusts his hair, before going back to battle stance.

Victory Poses
  • Isaac summons a burst of vines and branches and rides them up into the air while waving at the camera.
  • Isaac spins and holds on the hilt of his sword while thrusting his hand forward as it glows with Venus Psyenergy. This post is very similar to his son, Mathhew’s official pose.
  • Isaac causes four stones to levitate around him. Ge then causes them to spin rapidly.

Classic Mode: The Power of Friendship
The opponents are based off actual enemies from Golden Sun. Two allies accompany Isaac in battle.​
Garden of Hope​
Walking Forward with Determination​
Lucina & Simon are allies​
Ivysaur represents the boss, Tret.​
Prism Tower​
Saturos Battle Theme​
Simon & Y. Link are allies​
Roy represents Sauturos when he is fought in the Mercury Lighthouse​
Reset Bomb Forest​
Formidable Enemy​
Y. Link & Palutena are allies​
Donkey Kong represents the boss, Killer Ape.​
Giant pink
Pirate Ship​
Fighting on Deck​
Palutena & Cloud are allies​
Inkling represents the boss, Kraken.​
w/ Death Scythe​
Great Plateau Sheikah Tower​
Fusion & Chaos​
Cloud & Rosalina are allies​
Zelda represents Menardi’a boss battle.​
Great Cave Offensive
Apollo Ascent​
Rosalina & Robin are allies​
Ganondorf represents the optional superboss, Dullahan.​
Venus Lighthouse​
Isaac's Battle Theme​
Robin & Meta Knight are allies​
Giant Ridley and Charizard represents end-game bosses Fusion Dragon and Doom Dragon.​

Alternate Costumes

#84. Bandana Waddle
Wikia Link
Special Moves
Neutral Special: Spear Throw
Throws his spear like a javelin. Charging it increases the power.

Side Special: Parasol Drill
Rushes out while holding the Parasol in front. Can reflect projectiles.

Up Special: Waddle Copter
Spins his spear rapidly which levitates him off the ground.

Down Special: Ground Spear/Crescent Swing
Slams his spear down and then rushes and slashes it upwards. Performs a wide-sweeping aerial swing while in the air.

Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army
Summons Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, Gordos, and other enemies to wildly attack.​
  • Up Taunt: Bandana Dee looks around him, loosely mimicking his artwork from Return to Dream Land.
  • Down Taunt: Bandana Dee twirls his spear.
  • Right Taunt: Bandana Dee falls asleep, thinking about an apple.
  • Left Taunt: Bandana Dee happily waves his arms.

On-Screen Appearance
  • Bandanna Dee lands in by Parasol.

Idle Poses
  • Bandana Dee scouts the area (based on an idle animation in Return to Dreamland)
  • Adjusts his Bandana

Victory Poses
  • He rushes by in a friend train with 3 parasol waddle dees
  • A giant ball of waddle dees rolls by before exploding leaving only Bandana Dee
  • He does a few rapid jabs before holding his spear by his side and sitting down to drink some apple juice

Classic Mode: Helper to Hero
The theme is that it’s fighting characters who transition from a generic character to that of an unique and personal one, like his own character arc. ALl stages are news stages to Infinite in the same manner that Bandana Waddle Dee is a newcomer.
Starfruit Paradise​
Piranha Plant Lullaby​
Lucina & Simon are allies​
Piranha Plant is a generic enemy unit.​
Galar Wild Area​
Battle! (Team Flare)​
Vaguely implied to be Ash's greninja, but still very generic.​
Crafted World​
There’s Yoshi, but he's identical to a the generic yoshi species.​
Memory (Stack Up)​
Subspace ROB is slightly different from generic ROBs visually, and very distinct from a character perspective.​
Mystery Island​
Bubblegum K.K.​
They can be fully customized​
Castle Dedede​
Macho Dedede​
Marx Battle Moon​
Warrior from Another World​

Alternate Costumes

#64ε. Octoling
Wikia Link
Special Moves

Neutral Special:
Dapple Dualies

Fires forward with both of their Dapple Dualies. As these are two weapons, the damage output is increased (1.5x).

Side Special: Dynamo Roller
A variation of the Splat Roller.
It moves slower but deals more damage with better killing poyential.

Up Special: Super Jump
Performs a Super Jump just like the Inkling.

Down Special: Splat Bomb
Throws a Splat Bomb, which explodes on contact or after a fixed time, covering opponents in ink. The damage and amount of ink applied increase based on how long the player holds the special button.

Final Smash: Inkjet
The Octoling uses Inkjet, one of the Special Weapons from Splatoon 2. Functionally, it’s almost Identical to Diddy’s old Final Smash, with the Octoling flying around and shooting ink.
  • Up Taunt: Takes a selfie.
  • Down Taunt: Transitions into Octopus form and bounces up and down quickly. This can help recover some ink.
  • Right Taunt: Jumps up and down excitingly. Based on the Booyah’ signal from Splatoon 2.
  • Left Taunt: Hoists the Dapple Dualies in the air. Based on This Way’ signal from Splatoon 2.

On-Screen Appearance
  • Octoling appears while “riding the rails” before jumping into octopus form, splatting on the ground, and reforming. Take from the beginning level of Octo Expansion.
Idle Poses
  • Checks their clothes.
  • Runs the back of their neck.
Victory Poses
  • Does two flips before aiming the Dapple Dualies on both sides. Female variants raises the guns up while thrusts a hip out and smirking. Male variants aim the gun downwards and does an edgy pose. Based on the Dualies victory animation in Splatoon 2.
  • Raises the Dynamo Roller up and rests it in their shoulders. Female variants leans forward and smiles while male variant does a thumbs up. Based on the Roller victory animations.
  • The Octoling appears sitting on the Slosher. They then get up, spin, and lean forward on the weapon. Female variant looks forward in a sassy way while make variants wistfully look up. Based on the Slosher victory animation.

Classic Mode: OctoPARTAY!!!
Player fights against eight opponents in waves of 1 against 4. Stages are also based on the idea of 8.
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
Figure-Eight CircuitDestruction DanceThere are eight different Koopalings and the stage is based on the Mario Circuit track from Mario Kart 8.
2:ultlink::ultzelda::ultsheik::ultganondorf::ultyounglink::ulttoonlink::ultzelda::ultlink:Song of StormsHyrule CastleHyrule Castle is based on the Ocarina of Time version which released in 1998.
3:ultmarth::ultlucina::ultroy::ultchrom::ultike::ultrobin::ultcorrin::ultbylethf:ColosseumThe Shackled WolvesThis was one of the 8-player smash stages back in SSB4.
4:ultpikachu::ultpichu::ultjigglypuff::ultmewtwo::ultlucario::ultcharizard::ultgreninja::ultincineroar:Pokemon Stadium 2Battle! (Guzma)

Prism Tower is a Pokémon Gym which is apart of the Pokémon League which has typically 8 Pokémon Gyms at one time.
5:ultvillager::ultvillager::ultvillager::ultvillager::ultvillagerf::ultvillagerf::ultvillagerf::ultvillagerf:SmashvilleK.K. MariachiThe Eight-Ball Tee is a common shirt that has been apart of the series since the start.
6:ultsephiroth::ultsephiroth::ultsephiroth::ultsephiroth::ultsephiroth::ultsephiroth::ultsephiroth::ultsephiroth:Northern CaveDecisive BattleSephiroth has a move called Octoslash.
Final:ultinkling::ultinkling::ultinkling::ultinkling::ultinklingboy::ultinklingboy::ultinklingboy::ultinklingboy:Deepsea MetroFly Octo Fly ~ Ebb & Flow (Octo)

Alternate Costumes

#85. Waluigi

Super Mario Bros.
Wikia Link
Special Moves

Neutral Special:

Waluigi throws a tennis ball into the air and serves it at the opponent with his racket. this can be angled slightly, and cancelled out of. The Tennis Ball will remain and bounce if cancelled, and can be hit with his forward air and forward smash.

Side Special: Kart
Waluigi gets into the Waluigi Racer and charges forward at the opponent. This move can be charged into 4 tiers, no sparks, blue sparks, orange sparks, and purple sparks, from weakest to strongest.

Up Special: Swimming Return
Waluigi wims in the air in a slower version of Pikachu's quick attack. Waluigi swims in 4 bursts, and can change direction for each burst. There is a weak hit box on it.

Down Special: Trick Shot
Waluigi slows down time and does a moonwalk like in Mario Tennis Aces. this moves functions as a counter if hit during the moonwalk. However, the move has large ending lag so Waluigi can be punished if not hit.

Final Smash: Bomb-ombs Away!
  • Waluigi sticks his leg out and a vine appears out of his pant leg which stretches out, and any opponent caught in the vine will be sent to a cutscene final smash. The opponent will be transported to a dark room, which will zoom out to reveal the opponent in an assist trophy on top of a pile of Bob-ombs. Waluigi will be shown laughing repeatedly before the Bob-ombs explode.
  • Up Taunt: He performs a crotch chop.
  • Down Taunt: Waluigi shakes his fist and says "Cheaters!"
  • Right Taunt: Waluigi does a pirouette and strikes a pose
  • Left Taunt: Waluigi twirls his mustache and snickers sinisterly while looking to the closest opponent.

On-Screen Appearance
  • An Assist Trophy drops onto the ground and releases Waluigi
Idle Poses
  • Waluigi twirls his mustache before briefly picking his nose
  • Waluigi taps his foot repeatedly, in a less agressive version of his current asisst trophy attack
Victory Poses
  • Waluigi claps his hands with a rose in his mouth, does a tango pose and spins before ending with a final pose where he holds his rose towards the camera. A reference to his Eagle/Hole In One animation from Mario Golf: World Tour.
  • Waluigi jumps from left to right in a goofy, Waluigi-esque way, holding his trophy high, referencing his tournament winnning animation from his first game appearance, Mario Tennis on N64.
  • Waluigi jumps goofily, poses to the left and right, spins around, and ends with a Micheal Jackson-esque tip of his hat.

Classic Mode: Waluigi's the Best!
All Waluigi's opponents are previous assist trophies or game elements that weren't made playable until later.​
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultcharizard:Saffron CityMain Theme - Pokémon Red / Pokémon Blue (64)Charizard used to appear as Pokeball Pokemon in SSB and SSBM.
Brinstar (Omega)Vs Ridley (Brawl)Ridley was a stage element in SSB, a boss in SSBB, and a stage boss/hazard in SSB4.
3:ultlittlemac:Boxing RingJogging/CountdownLittle Mac was an Assist Trophy in SSBB.
4:ultchrom:Arena FeroxChrom was an Mii Costume and an element in Robin’s Final Smash in SSB4.
5:ultdarksamus:Frigate OrpheonBrinstar DepthsDark Samus was an Assist Trophy in SSB4.
6:ultisabelle:SmashvilleTour - Animal Crossing: New LeafIsabelle appeared as an Assist Trophy and Mii Costume in SSB4.
FinalMaster Hand & Crazy HandWaluigi's Pinball (Omega)Waluigi Pinball (Brawl)

Alternate Costumes

#86. Crash
Crash Bandicoot
Wikia Link
Special Moves

Neutral Special:
Death Tornado Spin

Pressing B once performs a short, quick spin that reflects projectiles (11%, OK knockback). Holding B turns into a much faster spin that lasts for a few seconds (26%, medium knockback); not only is it faster, it can help Crash glide a good distance.

Side Special: Super Slide
Crash slides at lightning speed, which trips opponents (9%, OK knockback). He can use it in the air to kick diagonally downward, and cancel it by pressing the Shield button.

Up Special: Rocket Jump
Crash will jump high off a TNT Crate, damaging opponents in the process (13%, OK knockback). The attack has a good amount of collateral damage to the opponents nearby as the crate explodes. Damage hitboxes are also applied to Crash as he catapults into the air which can be used as a good defensive air attack.

Down Special: Fruit Bazooka
Crash takes out a bazooka that he can aim by tilting up or down (10%, OK knockback). The Wumpa Fruit juice that sticks on opponents is a weaker variation of the Inklings' Ink that adds a 1.3x multiplier to all other attacks, including another Wumpa Fruit.

Final Smash: Most Missed Boxes
Crash will don on the Aku mask and will dash into an opponent (8%). The opponent is then taken into a cutscene were hundreds of TNT and Nitro boxes rain down from the sky and Crash runs away (62%, devastating knockback)
  • Up Taunt: Crash faces the screen, grins strangely, and it wiggles his eyebrows.
  • Down Taunt: Crash raged a Wompa fruit and chucks it in the air. It will then splat down onto his head. The fruit can do 1% damage.
  • Right Taunt: Aku Aku appears and spins around him while he looks gleefully.
  • Left Taunt: Crash will do his crash dance.

On-Screen Appearance
  • Crash spins out of a wooden crate
Idle Poses
  • Looks to the right and then to the left
  • Dozes off
Victory Poses
  • Crash jumps into the air in a celebratory fashion and then grasps both hands together and shakes them into the air. This is taken from his finishing poses after completing a level in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time.
  • Crash grabs a Diamond and then throws it into the air. He then does a stylish spin and then drops to one knee with his arms out stretched. This is a reference to his finishing animations.
  • Crash performs the final part of his victory dance

Classic Mode: A Crash-tastic Adventure
Boss fights from the first Crash Bandicoot game, with the final round referencing the final bosses from Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3 as well.
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
Suzaku Castle (Omega)Dingodile (Twin Insanity)Enemy favours down smash, food is the only item that spawnsKing Dedede represents Papu Papu.
2Light Blue
Kongo FallsThe Time TwisterEnemy favours using items and taunting, only barrels and large crates spawnLucario represents Ripper Roo.
Castle Seiege (Final Phase)Dr. Neo Cortex (Boss Battle)Enemy favors using items and taunting, only barrels and large crates spawnIncineroar represents Koala Kong.
Fourside (Omega)Once upon a TireEnemy favors neutral special, only back shields spawnFox represents Pinstripe Potoroo
Dracula's CastleEvil TwinsLuigi favours neutral special and throwing items, only capsules spawnLuigi and 2 Kirbys represents Dr. Nitrus Brio and slimes that come from his potions.
6Giant Green
Great Cave Offensive
Crash CompactorEnemy favours down specialDonkey Kong represents Dr. Nitrus Brio's monster form.
Tiny Red
Castle Siege (First Phase)Cortex CastleDr. Mario has three stocks.
For the first stock, he begins the battle with a rage blaster.
For the second, he begins the battle with a rocket belt.
For the third, he does not have an item, but is accompanied by a Red tiny Meta Knight as an ally
Dr. Mario and Meta Knight represents Dr. Neo Cortex and Uka-Uka

Alternate Costumes

#87. Stylist
Style Savvy
Wikia Link
Special Moves

Neutral Special:

Stylist starts shaking a hairspray canister in her hand, in a charging like attack similar to Samus' CS. When finished, she can press B again to spray. It has a small hitbox, but a lasting one-for a visual aid, a purple, almost invisible cloud right in front of Stylist. You'll need to be pretty close to land it-but if you do, the opponent will be stunned! How long they are stunned depends on how long you charged the hairspray and how much damage your opponent has.
However, after being used five times, the canister is empty. If you try to use the move again, Stylist will toss it behind her (it can hit opponents and be picked up), and a new one immedeatly appears in her hand, setting her back $30.

Side Special: Lipstick
Stylist winds up, and then throws a lipstick thing (don't know the name of it) forward. It travels in an arc similarly to Young Link's Fire Arrows. This is pretty strong for a projectile. The longer you hold B, the stronger the lipstick projectile will be.
However, while this move can be spammed, it does set you back $10 per container, so be wary.

Up Special: Hair Dryers
Stylist pulls out two electric hair dryers and aims them down before turning them on, and they propel her upwards. This causes a windbox beneath you, so it's pretty good for gimping an opponent offstage. It's also a pretty fast move. However, the move only has decent horizontal range, and good vertical range, so you can't go too far left or right offstage.

Down Special: Try It On
The Stylist pulls out a changing curtain and can choose between several outfits based on a mood. Each outfit will give her a particular state boost until she loses that outfit, is KO’d, or changes her outfit. Each outfit costs $100 and she has $800 per stock.

Final Smash: Fashion Show Fix
When activated, a curtain will be thrown up in front of Stylist, however this time it is much larger and is her FS activation box. The player closest to Stylist before the curtain was thrown up will be launched into the cutscene, and all other players hit by the curtain will be launched by a semi-strong hit that does 20% and kills Mario from the center of Final Destination at 100%.

We see a first person view of the opponent, as Stylist brushes, irons, and curls their hair, shines their shoes, holds up dresses, etc. She moves extremely fast while doing this, inhumanly fast-as if it's some kind of time lapse video. After a few seconds, Stylist swings the chair around, and the camera changes perspective to a third-person view of Stylist and the opponent-who is now sporting the same outfit and hairstyle as Stylist! They'll look a bit surprised on their predicament. The cutscene ends and they are launched offstage (if they have enough damage done to them).
  • Up Taunt: Stylist does two quick brushes of her hair with one hand, while holding her hair behind her with the other hand
  • Down Taunt: Stylist does quick small claps in front of her chest while heart effect emanate around her.
  • Right Taunt: Stylist pulls out a pocket make up mirror and reapplies her lipstick.
  • Left Taunt: Stylist runs her hand through her hair and billows it out which causes it to flow in the wind.

On-Screen Appearance
  • The Stylist walks out of a changing room.
Idle Poses
  • Stylist waves to the crowd
  • Stylist brushes dust off her outfit
Victory Poses
Note: All of Stylists victory animations features her walking down a fashion show catwalk as cameras flash all around her.
  • Stylist walks up and waves to the audience
  • Flips her hair and looks in the camera with a smile.
  • Spins around and poses

Classic Mode: Fashion Show Victim
Her classic mode consists of fighting a sequence of fighters with questionable fashion choices, including weird accessories and color palettes.
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
Shadow Moses IslandThe Boutique (Meeting Callie)Those animal prints are a huge no-no.
2Dark Red
Pac-LandSong 05Plaid gloves are a strong fashion statement
HalberdEmmylou Before the ContestThose colors don't work together Mr. Knight.
4:ultshulk:Gaur PlainsWardrobe (Idol)Too many straps!
5:ultbylethf:Garreg Mach MonastaryRaven CradleAppearance is fine but those clothes? Yuck...
6:ultbrawler::ultgunner::ultswordfighter:Beaumonde ArenaTitle Theme (Style Savvy)All these unfashionable costumes!!!
FinalDraculaDracula's CastleGirls Be AmbitiousThat style went out of fashion long ago!

Alternate Costumes
#88. Ashley
WarioWare, Inc.
Wikia Link
Special Moves

Neutral Special: Dark Magic Zone

Ashley casts a field around her like her assist trophy and much like her assist, the spells are random, the longer she holds the button the larger the field becomes, and it lingers for 3 seconds at full size. The effects that can happen within the zone are as follows:
  • Shrinks Opponents
  • Slows Opponents
  • Makes Opponents invisible
  • Healing is now damage

Side Special: Guitar Blast

While the button is held a reticle appears, you can move this reticle around in a certain radius, letting go shoots a blast from Ashley's guitar

Up Special: Broomstick

While the button is held a reticle appears, you can move this reticle around in a certain radius, letting go shoots a blast from Ashley's guitar

Down Special: Potion

Ashley summons a cauldron and starts to stir it if you hold the button, if you let go of the button at the right time, A potion will be tossed out of the cauldron in an arc, and it can either hit someone individually or it can splash on the ground and it effects an area, each potion has a random effect. If you let go of the button too early, Ashley takes some damage, if you let the meter run out, the Cauldron explodes dealing big damage to Ashley and opponents around her, the bomb from WarioWare appears above her as an indicator. Here are the different potions:
  • Flower Potion: The opponents gain the Flower debuff.
  • Reverse Potion: The opponents controls are reversed.
  • KO Potion: This potion has a 10% chance of KOing instantly, the chance scales depending on damage.
  • Sleeping Potion: The opponents fall asleep
  • Stun Potion: The opponents become stunned.
Each potion has a readable icon on the projectile so you can quickly identify the type

Final Smash: Hocus Pocus

Ashley summons a swarm of Fronks that move forward once opponents are hit they are launched into a cutscene where up to 3 opponents are put into a dark room The camera zooms out and Ashley is there and she starts to summon a large amount of objects and people (Including but not limited to Crazy Galaxy and Ashley's Creepy Crew) that batter the opponents, Then Dark Lord Hum Gree enters the room and eats the opponents. The cutscene ends and the room explodes and the opponents get launched, There is also a chance for the opponents to have random effects applied to them. the effects include.
  • Shield Break
  • Slowed Down
  • Sleep
  • Flower
  • Reverse Controls
  • Instant KO (if over 100%)
  • Up Taunt: Ashley’s hair momentarily changes to white as she slightly levitates herself off from the ground. Red looks up puzzled.
  • Down Taunt: She faces the camera and waves the wand in a full circle and then thrusts it forward. This causes Red to transform into the wand.
  • Right Taunt: A green aura surrounds Ashley as she faces the camera and holds her right palm out. Red grips the Trident angrily.
  • Left Taunt: Ashley twirls on one foot and then flicks her hair without any emotion. Red though snickers while hovering in the air.

On-Screen Appearance
  • The gate from her stage in WarioWare Touched opens up, revealing a menacingly standing Ashley who slowly walks to the foreground. Red then jumps out of the shadows to stand next to her.
Idle Poses
  • Ashley gets out her rabbit doll and rubs its head - causing said head to fall off.
  • Ashley dusts off her dress.
  • Red squats up and down slightly.
  • Red shakes his Trident up and down happily
Victory Poses
  • She appears on the screen with her back facing the camera which is all dark and gloomy, slowly the camera zooms in to Ashley with the air of creepiness slowly fading and as she turn her head to the camera she scare the player by wearing a mask before taking it off from her face. Shortly after doing this, Red jumps out nearby to Ashley and hoists his Trident up.
  • She zooms into the screen using her broom, camera zooms in to caught her in the act, she take notice at this and she then strike a "shh" pose as if she want this to be a secret before disappear off-screen like she's in a hurry.
  • Ashley appears with Red in front of a cauldron and takes a dried-up lizard into the cauldron which causes it to emit a small explosive mushroom cloud from the cauldron which casts a slightly eerie green light.

Classic Mode: Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble
The opponents in this Classic Mode a come in a pair to reflect how Ashley & Red also fight together. In addition, the opponents all have a magical aspect (or something related to as such) to them much like Ashley. Every secondary opponent is tiny to reflect the small stature of Red.​
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References

Venus LighthouseSplit ScreenIsaac uses Venus Psyenergy which is, in some ways, a form of magic while Jigglypuff is a Fairy-type. Fairies are often affiliated with magic.
SkyworldIntroducing Wario Deluxe

Palutena utilizes a heavenly magic while Hero isn’t only a swordsman but also a skilled spell caster.
MagicantRainbow JuiceBoth Lucas and Ness utilizes PSI power, a type of magic.
Umbra Clock TowerTomorrow HillBayonetta is a witch who isn’t a stranger to magical properties. Sephiroth utilizes various types of spells such as Gigaflare.
SkyloftWarioWare, Inc. MedleyZelda is a princess renowned for her magical capabilities that can defeat the forces of darkness. Robin, like Hero, can attack with both a sword and spells
6:ultrosalina:Mario GalaxyTitle (WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase)Like Ashley, Rosalina also utilizes magic and a puppet fighter with that being Luma.
FinalMaster Hand & Crazy HandWarioWare, Inc (Omega)Ashley's Song (JP)Both Master Hand and Crazy Hand are magical creatures whose presence in Smash spans generations and universes.

Alternate Costumes

#54ε. Medusa
Kid Icarus
Wikia Link
Special Moves

Neutral Special:
Eye Turret

This functions much like Palutena’s Autoreticle but the reticle targeting graphic is far more sinister and monstrous looking. This appearance is borrowed over from Uprising as are the energy shots that are fired.

Side Special: Dark Mines

This functions exactly like Palutena’s Explosive Flame but emits a darkness-infused explosion with dark purple and black flames instead.

Up Special: Warp

This functions much like Palutena’s Up Special with a more darker and shadowy appearance.

Down Special: Counter/Reflective Barrier

Functions much like Palutena‘s Counter in that it can reflect damage back regardless if it’s a melee or projectile. The only difference is that the melee counter will deal a darkness-infused counter while the projectile counter will cause a slight dark effect she reflected.

Final Smash: Monstorus Medusa

Medusa will detach her head, and it will fly forward sending any opponent hit to a cutscene final smash. Once in the cutscene opponents will face an onslaught from Medusa's army before being hit with a final laser from Medusa. Medusa's Head will fly back to Medusa'a body and the battle will resume.
  • Up Taunt: She holds up her staff which emits an sinister purple light.
  • Down Taunt: Medusa leaves her staff to float and maliciously looks at her side in a thinking pose, like she's plotting something. A little nod to one of her Kid Icarus: Uprising sprites.
  • Right Taunt: Medusa waves out her staff and cackles.
  • Left Taunt: Medusa uses unholy magic to alternate her face from her usual one to that of her true form with a demonic-looking mono eye.

On-Screen Appearance
  • Medusa rises out of dark clouds and her eyes quickly flash red similar to her first appearance in Kid Icraus Uprising: Chapter 1.
Idle Poses
  • Medusa’s eyes momentarily glow red.
  • Medusa’s snake hair snakes at each other quickly. Medusa looks up angrily.
Victory Poses
  • Medusa turns her back to the camera while glowing with a dark purple energy. She then turns back to face the camera which shows her hideous mono eye form. She then screams at the screen.
  • She appears in her monstrous gigantic form and holds her staff aloft while laughing. This is unique as she is some distance away from the camera.
  • She stamps her staff on the ground which causes a purple shadowy wisp to rise up and engulf Medusa as she cackles.

Classic Mode: Extinguish the Light
Medusa fights characters that are holy or based on light in some way.​
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultmythra:Azura's BackZanza the DevineMythra utilizes lots of light and electric-oriented skills and attacks.
2:ultjigglypuff:Spear PillarBattle! (Chairman Rose)Jigglypuff is a Fairy-type which is often seen as a Pokémon type that’s primarily light-based.
3:ultpeach::ultrosalina:Rainbow RoadSlide RemixPeach is a princess whose abilities are primarily focused on love and light while Rosalina is a cosmic goddess.
4:ultlink::ultzelda:TempleBallad of the GoddessZelda is the Sage of Light while Link is the champion that defeats evil and possesses a various anointed weapons. Both hold the Triforce, an ancient holy relic.
5:ultsimon::ultrichter:Dracula's CastleVampire Killer (original)Boss Fight 1 - Kid Icarus: Uprising
6:ultpit::ultdarkpit:Palutena's TempleBoss Fight 1 - Kid Icarus: Uprising
FinalMaster Hand & Crazy HandReset Bomb Forest (Omega)Master Hand / Crazy HandMaster Hand and Crazy Hand are supernatural beings with all of the powers of gods.

Alternate Costumes

#89. Barista
Rhythm Heaven
Special Moves

Neutral Special:
Packing Pests

Barista will lob either a spider or a candy from its mouth towards the opponent. The candys will bounce once before despawning, and the spiders will crawl and do weak damage after landing before they despawn. If the B button is pressed before the projectile lands, it will be swatting down in mid air, starting the second bounce of the candy early, or starting the crawl phase of the spider.

Side Special: Karate Joe

Barista will chuck a flower pot forward from its mouth, similar to duck hunt’s Side special, but faster and travelling further. Side B will be held for this move, and when it is released Karate Joe will appear wherever the Flower Pot was, and perform a Punch. If The Karate Punch connects with an opponent, a Karate combo will be performed, and if The B Button is pressed when the uppercut connects, it will have increased kickback, and Karate Joe will smile at the camera before despawning.

Up Special: Launch Party

Barista will take the place of the rocket ship from the Launch Party Mini Game. A box will spawn underneath Barista, and a 1,3,5, or 7 will appear. If the B Button is pressed when the number hits 0, then Barista will be launched upward, but not put into free fall, similar to mega man and sonis’s recovery moves. There is a hitbox on this move, but it is not very strong. If the B Button is missed, then the Barista will not travel very far, only About the Vertical distance of Dr. Mario’s recovery.

Down Special: Chorus Kids

The Chorus Kids will appear in a stack behind the Barista, and will sing (scream?) a pulsing note. This will have a visual effect similar to jigglypuffs, where there is a circle of notes around the Chorus Kids. In function this will be similar to Charizard’s and Bowser’s Flames, dealing multiple small hits of damage, with the radius of the scream getting smaller and smaller the longer the note is held. If the B Button is released on one of the Chorus Kid’s pulses then there will be a strong final hit instead of the move just ending. Barista will be singing with its mouth open during this, but will not add to the damage or hitbox.

Final Smash: Ringside Reporter

The Reporter will appear, and a camera flash will appear beside her, and any opponents caught in the flash will be sent to a cutscene. The ringside reporter minigame will play for a couple seconds, before ending in a final flash and zooming out to see the opponent pictured against the screen on a newspaper. The better score you get while in the minigame portion, the more damage and knockback will be dealt to the opponent.
  • Up Taunt: The Double Date Gophers jump up from the ground and punches the air.
  • Down Taunt: Barista chases his tail
  • Right Taunt: Barista falls asleep for a second mimicking his art
  • Left Taunt: A Built to Scale block moves back and forth once.

On-Screen Appearance
  • Barista floats in tied to three balloons which pop one by one, like the intro to night walk.
Idle Poses
  • Barista wags his tail.
  • Barista puts his paws on his headphones and bops his head to the music.
Victory Poses
  • Barista appears alongside the Love Rap trio. MC Love says "Fo' Sho'" and the Barista barks with the backup rappers
  • The Ringside Reporter appears interviewing Barista with a simple "Wubadubaduba Zat true?". Barista responds with a bark.
  • Barista throws a pillow into the air, the camera following the pillow. He then sleeps on it.

Classic Mode: Rhythm Melodies
Barista's route revolves around different kind of music genre in which a music that closely matches each theming plays in the background with character and stages all based on that. [Note; the song that is used are all from Rhythm Heaven)​
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultpeach::ultmarth:Castle Siege (Mid Phase)Flock StepRepresents classical music
2:ultryu::ultsheik:Suzaku CastleThe Bon OdoriRepresents oriental music
3:ultsephiroth::ultwolf:MidgardSee SawRepresents rock music
Moray TowersNightwalk (JP)Represents pop music
5:ultbanjokazooie::ultvillager::ultvillagerf:Spiral MountainSuperbRepresents country music
6:ultbayonetta::ultjoker:New Donk CityTap TroupleRepresents jazz music
FinalGalleomGalleom's ArenaBuilt to ScaleRepresents techno music

Alternate Costumes

#90. Jill Valentine
Resident Evil
Special Moves

Neutral Special:

Jill takes her handgun from her hip and fires it once with a tap of the special move button, consecutive taps will make Jill keep firing it. If you hold the Special button and input any horizontal movement she will slowly walk to that direction while having her gun in her hands.

Side Special: Grenade Launcher

Jill takes out her Grenade Launcher and fires a Grenade in an arc in front of her. You gain some aim of the launcher by holding the Side-Special instead of tapping. It starts out with 3 normal Grenade Shells, but once depleted you’ll have to reload by picking one of the Shells in your inventory. This powerful weapon exclusive to Jill can be loaded with three different varieties of shells; Grenade Shells, Acid Shells and Incendiary Shells.

Up Special: Hookshot

Jill Shoots out a Hookshot at an upward angle. It functions as your typical tether recovery. As an attack however, the grounded version can grab opponents, dragging them towards Jill.

Down Special: Survival Inventory

Jill swiftly goes into a crouching pose, low enough to avoid mid-level attacks and projectiles. Once in the pose an inventory appears over her character UI. You’ll consistently be able to make the choice between 6 iconic consumables from the Resident Evil franchise. The inventory closes once you’ve either made a choice by pressing B on an item, if you’ve been hit or shield out of it.

Final Smash: Reach for the S.T.A.R.S.

Jill takes out her trusty Rocket Launcher and shoots once in front of her, everyone caught in the initial blast gets sent into a cinematic. The opponents seem to be in some... Mansion? Then suddenly behind them a Tyrant appears! Though luckily, Jill wasn't done with her Rocket Launcher just yet as she starts to fire consecutive rockets exploding the entire place in the process.
  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt:
  • Right Taunt: Jill raises her pistol with both hands close to her face.
  • Left Taunt:

On-Screen Appearance
  • Falls from the top while landing and performing a roll as debris rains down.
Idle Poses
  • Jill stops moving and rests her head on her hand and goes into a thinking position, with her eyes looking up as she's thinking of a plan on how she'll be surviving the on-going battle. A reference to her Idle animation in Resident Evil.
  • Jill suddenly stops moving and slowly looks behind herself with a little visible sweat drop on her face. Hey, who knows, there just might be a zombie behind you right now!
Victory Poses
  • Jill sets off a flare for a rescue helicopter and signals for help.

Classic Mode: My Last Escape
Fights characters on a 2:00 time limit, referencing the series’ staple escape sequences. Stages are chosen for their dark ambience.​
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultolimar:Dracula's CastleStage Clear / Title ThemeThe opponent comes equipped with the Hocotate Bomb and recieves a sudden Final Smash.
2:ultsnake:Shadow Moses IslandEncounterThe opponent tends to avoid conflict.
3:ultsonic:Chemical Plant Zone
Escape from the City
The opponent tends to avoid conflict.
4:ultwario:Luigi's MansionDragon BattleAssist Trophies spawns often.
5:ultkirby::ultmetaknight:HalberdMeta Knight's RevengeThe match is a free-for-all.
6:ultsamus::ultdarksamus:BrinstarEscapeThe match is a free-for-all.
Final:ultbowser:Final DestinationUnstopable NemesisBowser transforms into Giga Bowser after taking enough damage.

Alternate Costumes

#90ε. Jeon Kennedy
Resident Evil
Special Moves

Neutral Special:

Leon takes his handgun from his hip and fires it once with a tap of the special move button, consecutive taps will make Leon keep firing it. If you hold the Special button and input any horizontal movement he will slowly walk to that direction while having her gun in his hands.

Side Special: Grenade Launcher

Leon takes out his Grenade Launcher and fires a Grenade in an arc in front of him. You gain some aim of the launcher by holding the Side-Special instead of tapping. It starts out with 3 normal Grenade Shells, but once depleted you’ll have to reload by picking one of the Shells in your inventory. This powerful weapon exclusive to Leon can be loaded with three different varieties of shells; Grenade Shells, Acid Shells and Incendiary Shells.

Up Special: Hookshot

Leon shoots out a Hookshot at an upward angle. It functions as your typical tether recovery. As an attack however, the grounded version can grab opponents, dragging them towards Leon.

Down Special: Survival Inventory

Leon swiftly goes into a crouching pose, low enough to avoid mid-level attacks and projectiles. Once in the pose an inventory appears over his character UI. You’ll consistently be able to make the choice between 6 iconic consumables from the Resident Evil franchise. The inventory closes once you’ve either made a choice by pressing B on an item, if you’ve been hit or shield out of it.

Final Smash: Reach for the S.T.A.R.S.

Leon takes out his trusty Rocket Launcher and shoots once in front of him, everyone caught in the initial blast gets sent into a cinematic. The opponents seem to be in some... Mansion? Then suddenly behind them a Tyrant appears! Though luckily, Leon wasn't done with her Rocket Launcher just yet as he starts to fire consecutive rockets exploding the entire place in the process.
  • Up Taunt: Leon wipes the sweat from his brow.
  • Down Taunt: Leon takes his flashlight and points it to the right and to the left while keeping his gun arm steady.
  • Right Taunt: Leon raises his pistol with both hands close to his face. He then looks to the right and then to the left.
  • Left Taunt: Leon unloads his handgun and checks his ammo before reloading it.

On-Screen Appearance
  • Leon appears in a manner like Captain Falcon but in a beat-up police car. He jumps out and arms himself.
Idle Poses
  • Leon stops moving and rests his head on his hand and goes into a thinking position, with his eyes looking up as he's thinking of a plan on how he'll be surviving the on-going battle. A reference to his Idle animation in Resident Evil.
  • Leon suddenly stops moving and slowly looks behind hisself with a little visible sweat drop on his face. Hey, who knows, thise just might be a zombie behind you right now!
Victory Poses
  • Leon sets off a flare for a rescue helicopter and signals for help.
  • Leon pushes down a zombie who is trying to attack him and takes a knife and stage downwards. The killing strike isn’t shown.
  • Leon takes aim and fires a gas canister behind him which explodes.

Classic Mode: Survive the Horror
All opponents are Giant and based on various monsters Leon faced off against. All battles are Stamina matches.​
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
Great BayGarageOpponent is based on the Del Lago.
2:ultkrool:MidgardMansion BasementThe opponent is based on the Giant Alligator.
3:ultwolf::ultwolf::ultwolf::ultwolf:Gerudo Desert (Battlefield)Rust in Summer 2008The opponent is based off the Colmillos.
4:ultganondorf:Dracula's CastleThe Third Malformation of GThe opponent is based on G.
5:ultivysaur:Prism TowerResident Evil 3: Resistance The,eThe opponent is based on Queen Plaga.
6:ultdk:ColosseumSad but TrueThe opponent is based on the El Gigante.
Final:ultdoc:Shadow Moses IslandThe Mercenaries - LeonThe opponent is based on William Birkin.

Alternate Costumes

#91. Takamaru
Mysterious Castle Murasame
Special Moves

Neutral Special:
Windmill Swords

Takamaru throws out a pair of windmill swords, dealing minor damage but reaching pretty far. Holding the button charges them, cloaking them in fire and adding a third projectile to the mix, at the cost of some range. The charged version is a solid damage-dealer and kill tool, but it's also rather risky.
In Mysterious Murasame Castle, Takamaru can use throwing knives as a ranged attack. Various power-ups can be found that increase the number of knives thrown, or change them to long-range windmill swords and high-power fireballs. This special pretty much combines all the power-ups, ironically skipping the original knives entirely.

Side Special: Iajutsu Rush

Takamaru sheaths his sword, then rushes forward, slashing all in his way. Uniquely, the initial attack deals decent damage, but doesn't actually launch the opponent. Pressing the button again has Takamaru sheath his sword, causing the knockback to kick in. However, it also has a sizeable amount of endlag, making just the rush on it's own better for starting combos. This move is wholly original, based on the famous image of samurai and their quick-draw skills

Up Special: Ring Slash

Takamaru sheaths his sword, then rises straight up while slashing around himself. Holding the button increases the distance traveled and sets the sword on fire, greatly increasing the damage output. While mostly original, this move is loosely based on the rook Shogi piece power-up, which allows Takamaru to throw four knives all around himself. It also draws inspiration from the Fireball projectile, and it's combination with the aforementioned rook piece.

Down Special: Quick-Draw Counter

Takamaru sheaths his sword. Anyone who hits him gets hit with a powerful slash, reaching wide enough to hit multiple opponents. This attack also works as a reflector, throwing back any projectiles that hit Takamaru. This move is based on Takamaru's ability to reflect projectiles with his sword, which is also demonstrated in his smash attacks.

Final Smash: Inazuma Rush

Takamaru sheaths his sword, then releases a burst of lightning, paralyzing all who are hit. He then unleashes a devastating barrage of slashes, ending with one final rush. He caps off the assault by sheathing his sword, after which the opponents are launched. This move is a stylized representation of the powerful Inazuma technique.
  • Up Taunt: Takamaru strikes a pose by raising his sword at his side with both hands, resembling the one from his game's cover art.
  • Down Taunt: Takamaru sticks his sword into the ground and sits down, meditating.
  • Right Taunt: A raccoon dog statue appears in a puff of smoke and splits open.
    Left Taunt: Takamaru dusts off his hakama pants.

On-Screen Appearance
  • Takamaru appears out of a cloud of smoke like a ninja, referencing his vanish ability in the game.
Idle Poses
  • Takamaru slightly raised his sword to look at it.
  • He brushes his ponytail slightly
Victory Poses
  • He performs several super fast slashes before cutting down the middle which causes the screen to split in half at a Fiagonal
  • He cuts down a Ninja in Sprite firm which yields 100 points.
  • He performs several smashes before charging his blade and performing one Final powerful cut which releases a flash of lightning

Classic Mode: Fashion Show Victim
The opponents features both swordsman and ninjas.​
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultlink:TempleGuardian Battle
2:ultmarth:Arena FeroxGod Shattering Star
3:ultmetaknight:Great Cave Offensive
The Final Battle (vs Dark Crafter)
4:ultswordfighter::ultswordfighter::ultswordfighter:MiitopiaBattle Theme - MiitopiaMii Costumes present is the generic ninja costume, Ninjara, and Yiga Clan outfit
5:ultgreninja:Galar Wild AreaBattle Tower
6:ultsheik:Hyrule CastleVs. Monk Maz Koshia Medley
FinalMurasameMurasame CastleBlack Ninja

Alternate Costumes

#27ε. Galacta Knight
Special Moves

Neutral Special:
Mach Tornado

Spins rapidly and forms a tornado around himself. Button mashing both increases the move's duration and makes Galacta Knight ascend slightly; he can also move left and right. Unlike Meta Knight, the attack does multiple hits of damage like its earlier iterations. Galacta Knight’s has a pinkish hue.

Side Special:
Drill Rush

Galacta Knight rushes sideways, spinning in the fashion of a drill with his spear outstretched. The flight path can be maneuvered up or down, allowing it to function as a recovery option (although it will render him helpless).

Up Special:Shuttle Loop

Galacta Knight soars high into the air, slashing with his lance pointed upwards. He then swoops downward and rises upward in a fast loop, slashing a second time during the ascent.

Down Special: Knight Beam

He summons three light swords, with quite a bit of startup, which will then release at an angle one after the other. After being released they will last for quite a while, and will bounce off of platforms and walls. This move can be angled in every direction except beneath him, unless this moved is used in the air in which every direction can be angled.

Final Smash: Judgement Day

When Galacta Knight triggers his final Smash, a butterfly will land on his spear, transforming him into Morpho Knight. Morpho Knight will lunge, forward and fly upwards. Any opponent caught in the attack will be teleported to the center of the stage for a Greninja/Ike/Cloud style final smash, where Morpho Knight will bertate the opponent with his flame sword. Rather than spike the opponent down however, this final smash will be located at ground level. For the final hit, Morpho Knight will summon two massive swords, Slashing them on both sides of him sending the opponent upwards, and damaging any opponents caught in the crossfire.
  • Up Taunt: -
  • Down Taunt: -
  • Right Taunt: -
  • Left Taunt: -

On-Screen Appearance
  • Appears within a pink crystal and then shatters it before performing a quick slash spin and stabbing upwards.
Idle Poses

Victory Poses
  • Swipes once to his right, points his lance upwards then stabs the floor. It’s similar to his entrance animation but has more flair to it.

Classic Mode: The Strongest Warrior
All opponents are characters noted for their immense strength and abilities within their universe. This is because Galacta Knight is seen as the strongest warrior in history and seeks other strong opponents in order to defeat them.​
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultryu:Suzaku CastleRyu Stage Type BRyu is constantly searching for strong opponents. While he isn’t the strongest character in Street Fighter, he is technically the strongest Street Fighter rep in the roster.
2:ultmewtwo:Spear PillarBattle! Gym Leader (Pokemon Sword & Shield)Mewtwo was one of the strongest Pokemon back in Generation 1 but has since conceded the title to legends like Arceus and Calyrex. Despite this though, Mewtwo still acknowledged as being one of the strongest Pokémon in existence.
3:ultganondorf:Bridge of EldinDeath MountainGanondorf may consistently be defeated by Link in most Legend of Zelda games, he is still a force to be reckoned with. Unlike Ganondorf, Link consistently has to overcome challenges to defeat the King of Evil. Even then, it requires divine intervention of some sort for him to finally finish off the beast.
4:ultpalutena:Palutena's TempleDestroyed SkyworldBeing a goddess, Palutena is light years stronger than most of the Kid Icarus cast. It’s because of her that Pit is capable of fighting as she grants him the power.
Night WalkRemix 10Despite his appearance, Barista is one of the most over-powered characters in Rhythm Heaven as he is capable of finishing games for players, gives advice, and hands out stamps.
6:ultsephiroth:North CaveDecisive BattleSephiroth is one of the strongest members of SOLDIER in history who further augmented his power upon transforming into his later forms.
Great Cave OffensiveKirby Battle Royal: Main ThemeMeta Knight is fought after defeating the first three fighters.The first battle mimics the fight against Galacta Knight in Star Allies while the fight against Meta Knight is a nod to the battle in Meta Knightmare Ultra.

Alternate Costumes

#92. Grovyle & Celebi
Special Moves

Neutral Special: Tossed Item

One of the Storable projectiles pulled from the treasure bag is thrown by Grovyle. If you have no items available then Grovyle will throw a Gravelrock, which travels slowly and does weak damage.

Side Special: Bullet Seed / Leach Seed

Grovyle and Celebi's Side Special is Bullet Seed and Leech Seed. When held down, more seed will come out starting at 2, and ending at 5. Grovyle will shoot down at an angle, and the Seeds will become lodged in the floor similar to Isabelle's Down Special. If the opponent walks over them, they will explode dealing relatively minor damage. They are clumped together, with 5 seeds having a larger hitbox than the 2 seeds. They will all be detonated at once, so the more seeds out will result in more damage being done to the opponent. Leach Sees instead will come out if switched with Celebi. This is identical in function, except it deals significantly less damage and heals Grovyle & Celebi a fraction of that damage.

Up Special: Aerial Ace / Warp Orb

This is a pretty standard recovery, with Grovyle dashing in the air using the move Aerial Ace. This range is pretty poor, somewhere between Falco and Wolf's recoveries. It can also be angled in any direction. Celebi warps and reappears where Grovyle ends up at the end of his recovery during this animation. This move has a single hit hit box on it as well, which is weak but still there.
However, If you have a Warp Orb from your Treasure bag, you will instead Teleport when using your Up Special, giving you intangibility and a recovery with a much larger range.

Down Special: Treasure Bag

Like Hero's Down Special, Grovyle & Celebi's Down Special will open the treasure bag menu from PMD over their stock profile. Unlike Hero's Menu, only one item will appear at a time, with it still being random each time. Additionally, instead of having to cancel out to get a new selection, you can input down to scroll to a new item in the bag. However, you can't scroll back up, so each scroll is a risk, as you may pass on a decent item only to get a worse item, or you can get just the item you need. You can scroll unlimited times, albeit with some frames between each scroll, however being hit will knock you out of the inventory. Grovyle will pull the treasure bag out from behind him during this animation and look through it.
Like Hero's menu, this will also require a meter to use. This time it's the Belly Meter from PMD. It starts at 100, and every scroll of the inventory will decrease the amount of belly you have five per scroll. Unlike Hero's MP bar, this will slowly decrease over time, not increase, to better mirror how it functions in the source game. The bar can be refilled by pulling Food from the inventory, which will be relatively common. If your Belly meter does reach zero, which will take quite a bit longer than Hero's bar does, you can use your neutral air to eat a blast seed to fill your belly meter by enough to pull one item. If its an apple or another food item that is pulled then you can eat it to refill your belly. If it's another item, eat another blast seed to try again. However, as mentioned earlier eating a blast seed will deal self damage so there's a price to letting you belly reach zero.

A sprite of the items you have available will appear above your belly meter, the same sprites from PMD, with up to 8 items being holdable at a time. If a new item is pulled when at your limit, the first item in your inventory will be replaced.

Final Smash: Future of Darkness
Dusknoir appears in front of Grovyle and grabs any opponent and takes them through a time portal. They appear in the dark future, and are ravaged by Sableyes before Dialga performs a Roar of Time, dealing heavy damage and returning them to the present match.
  • Up Taunt: Grovyle slashes the air as Celebi flies around it's head
  • Down Taunt: -
  • Right Taunt: Grovyle brushes his blades and Celebi floats in a circle around him.
  • Left Taunt: -

On-Screen Appearance
  • Grovyle warps in using a Warp Orb followed by Celebi who arrives via a psychic tear.
Idle Poses
  • Grovyle jumps into a cautious stance reminiscent of the portrait for Special Episode 5. Celebi giggles softly.
  • Grovyle brings his leaf blades across each other. Celebi shimmers sightly.
Victory Poses
Note: All voice lines appear as text boxes with portraits as a reference to the source material. These appear above the results HUD.

  • Grovyle faces away from the camera. He turns to the camera with a Time Gear in hand and tosses a Warp Orb at the ground, vanishing in a cloud of smoke. Celebi flies into view attempting to find him.
  • Celebi floats around the screen saying “With our power,” cheerfully followed up by a leaping Grovyle that finishes her sentence, “we can surely change the future.”
  • Grovyle appears a series of lead-infused cuts and then does a backflip as Celebi zooms in and flies underneath while sparkling with psychic power. They then pose with their backs pressed against each other.

Classic Mode: Baack to the Past
Opponents are all characters who have traveled back in time. In addition, the stages are set to stage morph and include those within the same series, unless not applicable, to simulate “time travel”.​
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultness:Onett / MagicantCease to Exist
Ness time travels to when Gyigas was most vulnerable.
2:ulthero:Yggdrassil's Tower / Find Miitopia
The Time of a Decisive BattleThe Luminary is given is given the power to go back in time and defeat the villain.
3:ultsonic:Green Hill Zone / Chemical Plant ZoneStardust Speedway Bad Future (JP)Sonic gets sent back in time by Eggman.
4:ultlucina:Arena Ferox / Castle SiegeDestiny (Ablaze)Lucina goes back in time to save her father's life
5:ultmario::ultluigi:Peach's Castle / Paper MarioGritzy DesertMario and Luigi travel to the past to fight off an alien invasion.
6:ultyounglink:Hyrule Castle / Great BayThe Ocarina of Time MedleyYoung Link slept in the Sacred Realm while time went by outside. He was able to travel back and forward in time to complete his quest to defeat Ganondorf.
FinalMMaster Hand & Crazy HandSpear Pillar (Omega)Diagla’s Fight to the FinishThat style went out of fashion long ago!

Alternate Costumes

#93. DJ Octavio
Special Moves

Neutral Special:

It travels in an arc, quite slowly, however dealing heavy damage if it connects and applying the ink effect as well. two missiles can be fired at once, making it quite hard to avoid since they arc, if one is launched in the air followed by one launched on the ground. Additionally, if Neutral B is held down, a larger version of the Octorpedo will be launched instead, which comes out much faster and deals much more damage, almost breaking a full shield.

Side Special:

DJ Octavio's mech would flip one its side, begin to charge, and spin horizontally, traveling across the stage or in the air similar to Jigglypuff's or Bowser Jr's Side B. This gives him a much needed movement option, as well as leaving a trail of ink behind giving him stage control.

Up Special: Octoshower

4 Octocopters would appear and lift Octavio up. These octocopters can be killed similar to how Villager and Isabelle's balloons can be popped. This distance traveled would be comparable to that of Isabelle's, with it decreasing with consecutive uses, as fewer Octocopters will appear. The octocopters will fly away once the recovery is over or the ledge is released, with an extremely weak hitbox on them, similar to Snake's recovery.

Down Special: Takoyaki Bomb

DJ Octavio will launch a Takoyaki bomb, and it will briefly roll before coming to a stop. after one or two seconds it will swell and explode into a geyser of ink. While the geyser won't last as long as they do in his boss battle, it would deal more damage than Isabelle's Down Special, in a multi hit fashion. If the bomb is hit before it can explode it will be disarmed and not explode, instead simply disappearing.

Final Smash: Dubstep Disco Destruction

DJ Octavio's mech turns into a Disco Ball and it floats up to the center of the screen, similar to Lucario and ZSS. Then DJ Octavio drops a beat and his Octarian army is summoned while an Octarian remix of Calamari Inkantation plays. The Octarian army includes Octocommanders firing their Gatling guns from floating platforms, Octocopters firing Ink balls, Octobombers firing Splat Bombs, and Flooders covering the floor with ink. The attack ends with an Octozeppelin crashing into the stage causing an explosion of ink, dealing strong knockback and damage. Similar in effect to Ness and Lucas's final smashes where a barrage of projectiles come down, this time ink edition.
  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt:
  • Right Taunt:
  • Left Taunt:

On-Screen Appearance
  • He is seen with his back to the opponent but then turns his emch around and does a DJ scratch.
Idle Poses
  • DJ Otcavio does a disc scratch.
Victory Poses
  • DJ Ocatbio pulsates with music as he DJ's up a storm; lights flashes up all around him.
  • He tosses two Wasabi in the air and then holds his arms as they land dramatically upright.

Classic Mode: Mech-tacular Performance
All opponents are characters who, at one point in time, piloted a giant mech or there were allusions that they did in their home series.​
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultmario::ultluigi:Paper MarioMixed-up ScrambleMario and Luigi on The Paper Mario stage references the mech, Papercraft Mario from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.
2:ultmegaman:Central HighwayOpening StageWhile Mega Man never piloted a mech, X does multiple times via Ride Armor in Mega Man X. Mario Circuit (Brawl) references the opening stage for Mega Man X.
3:ultbrawler:Art AcademyLabo ThemeMii Brawler wears the Nintendo Labo outfit.The Mii Brawkee, outfit, and stage is a reference to Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02.
4:ultpit:SkyworldLightning Chariot BasePit once piloted a mech called the Grand Sacred Treasure to battle Hades in Uprising.
5:ultkirby:Gigabyte RuinPink Puffball - Activate!Kirby presents the game Kirby: Planet Robobot where Kirby pilots a mech
6:ultbowserjr::ultlarry::ultroy2::ultwendy::ultiggy::ultmorton::ultlemmy::ultludwig:Bowser's CastleAirship Theme - Super Mario Bros. 3Bowser Jr and the other Koopalings are all characters who pilot a mech-like vehicle in combat.
Chemical Plant Zone (Omega)Both DJ Octavio and Dr. Eggman are newcomers in Infinite and utilizes mechs.

Alternate Costumes

#94. Reimu Hakurei
Touhou Project
Special Moves

Neutral Special:
Hakurei Amulet

Reimu throws out a homing amulet at her opponent. Holding the button increases the size, speed, and power of the amulet, at the cost of weakening the amulet's homing capabilities. The Options fire smaller amulets alongside Reimu's, with similar properties. Based on the iteration of the move used in the fighters.

Side Special: Yin Yang Orb

Reimu throws a large Yin-Yang Orb at the opponent. If it hits a solid surface, it will bounce off of it. The attack can be angled diagonally upwards or downwards, depending on the input. Based on the Yin-Yang Orb moves from the fighters, specifically her held B from Antimony of Common Flowers.

Up Special: Ability to Float

Reimu rises into the air, much like R.O.B.'s up special. Like R.O.B., Reimu does not go into freefall after using the move, allowing her to continue moving and attacking as usual after the button is released. During this move, Reimu is capable of Grazing. An adaptation of Touhou's common ability of flight, Reimu's personal ability to float, and the Focus mechanics of the shooters.

Down Special: Cautionary Border

Reimu uses her talismans to form a square-shaped barrier in front of herself. This barrier will linger for a short amount of time, and destroys all but the strongest projectiles, but will also take damage over time. After taking about 20%-40%, the barrier will break. The size and durability of the barrier increases the more Options Reimu has. Reimu cannot send out a second barrier until the first has dissipated. Based on her Cautionary Border special from Hisoutensoku.

Final Smash: Fantasy Seal

Reimu creates a storm of multicolored orbs that home in on opponents, dealing damage all over the stage. She then ends with one final giant rainbow orb, dealing massive damage to the closest opponent. Based on her signature move and most common Bomb/Spell Card.
  • Alternate Final Smash - Fantasy Nature: If Reimu's opponent is at 70% or higher (Two opponents with 3-4 players, four in matches of 5-6, and six in games with 7-8), she will send out a burst of energy and talismans, dealing massive damage in a wide radius and instantly killing anyone over 100%. Notably, Mystic Oriental Love Consultation (End of Century) from Hisoutensoku will start playing during the Final Smash, and will continue to do so during the results screen if the match is ended with this attack.
  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt: Reimu kneels on the ground sipping on a cup of tea. Her face has an open smile with rosy cheeks and closed eyes.
  • Right Taunt:
  • Left Taunt:

On-Screen Appearance
  • Reimu will fly from the background and stop at her spawn location before taking the stance similar to what she does in Hopeless Masquerade onwards.
Idle Poses

Victory Poses
  • Reimu will land near her donation box. She will then open it up to look, then sigh in disappointment at finding it empty.

Classic Mode: Radiance of Chromatic Cross
Stamina battles against projectile-heavy females who mainly utilize their projectile attacks. Stages are also traveling or transformative stages.​
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultpeach:Rainbow CruiseEternal Shrine Maiden (Highly Responsive to Prayers)Peach primarily uses her Neutral Special
2:ultzelda::ultsheik:Spirit TrainThe Gensokyo the Gods LovedBoth fighters primarily use their neutral special
3:ultpalutena:Poke FloatsThe Gensokyo the Gods LovedPalutena primarily uses the neutral special and side special
5:ultgunner:Pilot WingsMii Gunner primarily uses the neutral, side, and down special attacks.
Big BlueNecrofantasiaJill primarily uses neutral and side special attacks.
Final:ultbayonetta:Pac LandStirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned InsectBayonetta favors using the neutral special attack,

Alternate Costumes

#95. Officer Howard
Astral Chain
Wikia Link
Moveset Link
Special Moves

Neutral Special:
Summon Legion / Send Legion / Dismiss Legion

Lightly tapping the special button will call the Legion. The Limiter Gauge will begin to decrease. If the Legion is called in the air, it will fall along with Officer Howard. It can be moved as it is falling.

Holding the button while moving the move button will move the Legion. The Legion is free to move on the ground while holding the button, though it cannot exceed the distance of the Astral Chain.

Lightly tapping the special button again will dismiss the Legion. The Limiter Gauge will stop decreasing and begin to recharge.

Side Special:
Legion Action
The current active Legion will perform its Legion Action. Every action will call it towards Officer Howard. Using this move without a Legion active will summon it to use the action and dismiss it right after. See the Legion section for actions.

Up Special:
Chain Jump

Officer Howard will send the Sword Legion out (regardless of which Legion is active or selected) and throw it a set distance. After it is thrown, it will pull Officer Howard towards it, Officer Howard dealing light damage as they fly towards their Legion. If used offstage, it will become a Tether Recovery.

Down Special:
Legion Skill

The current active Legion will perform a set skill. Each action will decrease the Limiter Gauge by one bar, unless stated otherwise. Using this move without a Legion active will summon it to use the skill and dismiss it right after. See the Legion section for specific skills.

Shield Special: Legion Switch
Officer Howard will switch Legions. Legions can be switched while active. Functions similarly to Monado Arts, where the player can either continuously tap the button for the Legion they want, or hold to choose Legion. The order will be Sword -> Arrow -> Arm -> Beast -> Axe. The selection menu will have that order clockwise. The currently selected Legion will have its icon displayed in the damage display. This selected Legion will be the one to be sent out if no Legion is currently active.

Final Smash:
Legion Sync Attack Finish

Officer Howard begins by riding the Beast Legion a short distance with the Gladius equipped. Anyone hit by this hitbox will be sent into the cutscene, based on the final combo against the true final boss of the game, though sped up to decrease time taken.

It begins with Officer Howard dragging the opponent on the ground with the Gladius while the Beast Legion dashes forward, then the opponent is launched into the air, where Officer Howard summons and wears the Arm Legion to do a rapid flurry of punches. As the opponent is suspended in the air, the Arrow Legion fires a charged shot at the opponent. Officer Howard calls the Axe Legion to jump up and bring the enemy downwards with a slash. As the opponent is on the ground, Officer Howard and the Sword Legion perform a Chain Bind. This part will deviate from the cutscene and FILE 10 SPOILER Officer Howard will tear out the Legatus core and implant it into their heart, fusing officer and Legion and performing a final attack which ends the cutscene and launches the enemy.
  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt: Officer Howard pulls out a comically oversized avalanche special ice cream and drops it, then looks at the spilled ice cream longingly.it references an ice cream minigame.
  • Right Taunt:
  • Left Taunt:

On-Screen Appearance
  • Officer Howard shows up on a motorcycle like in the first few moments of the game, then in stark contrast with Wario, does an amazing and graceful flip jump off of it before landing on the ground and taking out the X-Baton.
Idle Poses

Victory Poses

Classic Mode: Legion Assault
Opponents are based on enemies found in AstralChain; in particular Chimeras. Stages are also based techno/sci-fi themes.​
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultsteve::ultalex::ultvillager::ultvillagerf:Mario GalaxyArk MallSteve, Alex, and the Villagers represents the humans encountered as enemies in the game.
Lylat CruiseInvaders from Another WorldDark Link and Dark Samus represents the Aberration, corrupted beings who used to be human.
BrinstarLegion AssaultHero represents the foot soldier, HUM-C-84DF5-00.
MidgardAwakeningThe R.O.B.s primarily use the Neutral Special.Mewtwo represents the named Chimera known as Eris who uses four satellite units.
Space Frigate OrpheonHomonculas BRidley is based on the appearance to Homunculus α along with the stage.
Officer Howard
Astral PlaneDark HeroThe alt will be the different gender to what was initially chosen. The Male version or Female version depends on which alt was chosen.Officer Howard references the Akira-Legion Fusion
FinalRathalosRathalos Boss ArenaSaviorRathalos looks like a Chimera and is red.

Alternate Costumes

#96. Dr. Eggman
Sonic the Hedgehog
Wikia Link
Moveset Link
Special Moves

Neutral Special: Badnick

Releasing his hand from his trusty mech, and briefly taking out a comical-looking hand radio, Eggman yells "Attack!" or "Deploy here NOW!", before one of six Badniks arrive to fight alongside him. One of the following may be summoned in a cycle, and only one of each Badnik can be out at a time. There is no time limit to these grunts, as they stay on the field till they are defeated. This is Eggman’s main gimmick, which he uses to overwhelm his opponents. Say hello to Eggman's lovely cycle of Badniks! (Move by GolisoPower )
  • Motobug: A speedy little robot who's all about taking the ground side of things. Dude's as fast as Fox's dash and deals 8% damage per every time he hits an opponent.

  • Caterkiller: These little guys are slow, but every part of its body is an active hitbox, hitting anyone for 5% damage. They can only be hit on the head portion of the robot. Otherwise, it will damage any opponents.

  • Buzz Bomber: A bee-shaped Badnik who flies across the skies and occasionally fires a single projectile at a downwards 45 degree angle. They deal 6.5% damage and some medium knockback, but they're helpless while flying.

  • Orbinaut: A stationary enemy that causes spiked metal balls to orbit around it, alternating between close to the body and far. You can try to kill them, but you'll have to wait until there's a big enough gap in between the spikes. Running into a spike deals 7% damage.

  • Eggrobo: For the first time since Smash 3DS, the Eggrobo makes a return! He works partially like a cross between Orbinaut and Buzz Bomber, being stationary and firing at anyone in range, just like what it does sometimes in Smash Run! What makes the Eggrobo different is that it takes 3 hits to kill, unlike the previous four.

  • Egg Pawn: The final robot to summon, the Egg Pawn is armed with a spear and a shield. The shield defends any projectiles passively like Link and Hero, while he jabs with the spear at anyone who gets close enough to the Egg Pawn. Much like the Eggrobo, the Egg Pawn takes three hits to destroy.

Side Special: Egg Hornet

The E-Mech starts to transform, until it becomes a miniature version of the Egg Hornet from Sonic Adventure. Afterwards, Eggman will fly forward in the Hornet in an arc somewhat similar to Shiek's Bouncing Fish. The Hornet gains a fire outline like in the clip, dealing chip damage to those who touch it, with the Hornet being the main hitbox. While the move has an abysmal startup, it pays off, dealing a hefty amount of damage to opponents hit by it. When they are hit by the move, they will either be launched diagonally upwards, forwards, or diagonally downwards (spike), depending on which part of the move they were hit by. This move kills around 80% and is a good burst option to catch your opponents off guard. But just like in Sonic Adventure, if Eggman hits the ground at the end of the move, he'll become lodged into it for about as long as Luigi would be stuck in the side of the stage from a Misfire. This is your chance to strike!
This move can also be used as a recovery option as it does snap the ledge. However, it will not stop for a while if it doesn't hit the ground, so be wary of that. (Move by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )

Up Special: Egg Mobile

His up special, Egg Mobile, folds the legs of the Egg Walker E-Mech in and allows players to make Eggman fly - more like controlling a spaceship in a shmup than a platformer character. During Egg Mobile mode, Eggman can perform aerial attacks and specials without leaving the mode, and can disengage it with the shield button. However, there's a catch - the Egg Mobile has limited fuel, pictured next to Eggman's damage meter. It's modelled after his health meter from Sonic Adventure 2. Egg Mobile mode drains fuel. It's a little similar to R.O.B.'s Up Special that way. However, unlike Robo Burner, it recharges based on proximity to an opponent. The closer to an opponent, the more of those squares on the top of the gauge will light up yellow, and the faster the gauge will recharge. This applies while active, too - normally, the drain is pretty quick, but the proximity recharge rate cancels out some of the drain. In fact: at close distances, you won't use any fuel at all. Heck, depending on balance, you might even get a little bit back. The importance of this whole fuel mechanic is that Eggman can't just park himself too high to hit, but can still be in this flight mode for a majority of the time good while, as long as he uses it to approach his opponent instead of running away. After all, Eggman is usually in a flying machine. (Move by ahemtoday ahemtoday )

Down Special: Giant Laser

An allusion to the Giant Eggman Robo Boss Fight in Sonic & Knuckles. The E-Mech’s belly opens up and by using the powers of the Master Emerald, it fires a huge one-hit laser that goes offscreen. This attack has a 10-second cooldown between uses, and Eggman can move slowly left or right with before he actually fires the laser. This move deals 35% damage with huge knockback. (Move by Perkilator Perkilator )

Final Smash: Death Egg Robot

The iconic boss of Sonic 2, Eggman leaves the stage and enters the Death Egg Robot. It functions much like the Sonic Generations iteration - Or Giga Bowser - Where Eggman aims at an opponent and delivers a mighty punch from the background. This deals 45% damage and has the knockback you expect from a strong Final Smash. (Move by SharkLord SharkLord )
  • Up Taunt: Eggman stands on top of the E-Mech and raises his right arm high before bowing towards the screen gracefully.
  • Down Taunt: Doctor Egan puts his hands on his sides and belts out his signature "HOOO-HO-HO-HO-HO" laugh.
  • Right Taunt:
  • Left Taunt:

On-Screen Appearance
  • Eggman lowers to the ground aboard the Eggmobile, and it quickly transforms into the E-Mech.
Idle Poses
  • Eggman gently strokes the right side of his mustache.
  • Eggm,an slams a fist on his console as if upset.
Victory Poses
  • Eggman gets out 6 Chaos Emeralds and does this from the bad ending of the first Sonic game.
  • Eggman laughs hysterically as Egg Robos descends towards the camera.

Classic Mode: Blue Blur Battle
Dr. Eggman's opponents are against characters who are blue, a reference to his nemesis, Sonic.
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultmegaman:Wily CastleScrap Brain Zone
2:ultfalco:CorneriaI am (All of Me)
3:ultgreninja:Kalos Pokemon LeagueWonder World
4Officer HowardAstral PlaneMoonlight Battlefield (Aqua Road)
5:ultlucario:Pokemon StadiumWork it Out
6:ultmarth:Gran Mach MonastaryKnight of the Wind
Final:ultsonic::ultgunner:Chemical Plant ZoneDeath Egg RobotMii Gunner utilixes the Tails Mii Costume

Alternate Costumes

#97. Marin
The Legend of Zelda
Wikia Link
Moveset Link​
Special Moves

Neutral Special:
Legend of Songs
Pressing the special attack button will cause Marin to pull out her Surf Harp, and 6 empty rectangles would appear above her. During this time, Marin can’t move during this but can cancel out by hitting the Neutral Special again. Please note that attacking out this in the middle of battle results in a significant attack startup lag, since you will have to input the entire song. When initiating the harp sequence, players can input the control stick to the right, left, up or down which will initiate a song, these directions would appear within the empty rectangles when inputted. Please note doing this attack while in the air and over the ledge can result in a self-destruct if not performed quickly enough. While Marin is technically from Link’s Awakening, she has appeared in various Zelda games in different forms and names. One such form is Malon from Ocarina of Time. It’s fitting that she would be able to use music from these games to use in battle. Once the first 6 notes have been played, Marins performs the move she's chosen as the rest of the song she played quietly plays out in the distance. She has a total of 11 songs pulled from various Zelda games.

Side Special:
Sea Bubble
Marin releases a watery bubble, its course of trajectory heavily depends on what side you tilt the Side-Special. If held to the side in the center, it will follow a completely horizontal path, if tilting upwards the sea bubble will slowly follow an upward arc, opposite applies to tilting it a bit downwards. Compared to other projectiles, it is only a bit slower to get out.

Up Special:
Cucco Wings
Marin rapidly takes out a Cucco and lifts it above her. The Cucco flies upward while carrying Marin with all of its power before getting visibly tired and slowly falling to the ground. It is maneuverable and covers a decent amount of vertical and horizontal distance depending on how it is maneuvered. Once Marin either lands with the Cuccoo in her hands, or once the Cucco gets tired, the Cucco would simply flap out of her hands and vanish away.

Down Special:
Conch Horn
Marin takes the Conch Horn out and starts playing on the conch shell. As she leans a bit forward facing the screen while blowing it, coming out the other side of the Horn comes a big sound that takes form around her. This results into all her water attacks getting slightly buffed (a 1.2% multiplier in both damage and knockback) for around 15 seconds, this multiplier cannot stack and if performed again within the 15 seconds it will not be applied. This move takes a while to get out, and everyone caught in the sound gets dealt 8% damage, with medium knockback. To give an idea, it kills around 90% at the ledge. This horn is based on one of the eight instruments in Link's Awakening.

Final Smash:
Ballad of the Wind Fish

Marin will call forth a splash of water that will transport the opponent caught in it into a cutscene. (8%)
The cutscene will be reminiscent of the ending of Link's Awakening. Marin will play the 8 instruments near a sleeping Wind Fish, causing it to wake up. Its awakening will cause the dream world to disappear, and the opponent to disappear along with it in a light. Marin is returned to gameplay, where she wipes her eyes groggily, and the opponent is sent flying. (46%, instant KO at >100%)
  • Up Taunt: Marin waves her bell up high and waves it back and forth which causes it to clang.
  • Down Taunt:
  • Right Taunt:
  • Left Taunt: Does a spin and then laughs before adjust the flower in her hair as it slips off slightly.

On-Screen Appearance
  • Marin is seen sleeping and then wakes up, yawns, and readies herself.
Idle Poses
  • Marin fluffs her dress.
Victory Poses

Classic Mode: The Ocean Maiden
All opponents are against fantasy-based characters in a seaside setting which is a reference to the ocean-focused theme of Link's Awakening. Also, every character comes equipped with one item from Legend of Zelda from the start of the match.

RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultrobin:Tortimer's IslandOpponent is equipped with a Beetle.
2:ultpyra:Great BayOpponent is equipped with a Cucco.
3:ultjoker:Delfino PlazaOpponent is equipped with a Bombchu.
4:ultlucina:Wuhu Island (Beach Phase)Opponent is equipped with a Gust Bellows.
5:ultsimon:Pirate ShipOpponent is equipped wih a Spinner.
6:ultolimar:N. Sanity BeachOpponent is equipped with the Bunny Hood
Final:ultlink:Koholint IslandOpponent is equipped with a Fairy Bottle

Alternate Costumes

#16ε. Impa
The Legend of Zelda
Special Moves

Neutral Special:
Knife Storm

Impa accumulates up to three knives and throws them forth at light speed similarly to Sheik's Needle Storm but half the projectiles. This variation uses knives instead of needles which is more in line with what Impa uses in her playable appearances. Knife Storm will also go through players and does more damage to shields taking inspiration from Sheik's second custom move for her neutral special, Penetrating Needles.

Side Special:

This is a slower version of the Burst Grenade that Impa uses to her advantage. The difference in effect is also apparent, as she deals 9.5% damage as opposed to Sheik's 14.6%, but in turn, anyone facing the explosive will be immediately stunned, as though they were hit with Mewtwo's Disable. Being directly in the blast radius, meanwhile, will stun regardless of orientation. However, the stun doesn't affect airborne opponents, and being inside the blast will simply launch them. You would think she was using a Deku Nut on a trigger with this, and she just might be.

Up Special:

This would be very similar in function to Sheik’s but, instead of simply producing a cloud of smoke, it produces paper talismans that swirl about upon vanishing and reappearing.

Down Special:
Bouncing Fish

Final Smash:
Shiekah Dance
  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt: She waves her hand mysteriously in front of her which causes magic to pour out.
  • Right Taunt: She transforms into a Sage spirit state and moves about quickly before reforming. During this time, she can be damaged. It's a reference to Impa's role as a Sage in OoT.
  • Left Taunt:
On-Screen Appearance
  • a Deku Nut drops down from the sky and as it explode on the ground it reveals Impa in which she immediately throw her black cloak away and gets on a fighting pose.
Idle Poses
  • Wipes her brown while focusing.
Victory Poses
  • She performs three flips before landing and vanishing in a puff of smoke.
  • She appears along with Skyward Sword Zelda. She realizes the "camera" is close by and shields Zelda by pushing her behind herself and stretching her arm to guard the princess.
Classic Mode: Midnight Bout
Impa will fight characters that relate to being stealthy fitting with her nature as a member of the Sheikah tribe. The stages will also be night themed stages.
RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
Grovyle & Celebi
Prism TowerVictory Road - Pokemon X / Pokemon Y
2:ultjoker:MomentosBeneath The Mask
3:ultsnake:Shadow Moses IslandTheme of Tara
Raccoon CityUnstoppable Nemesis.
5:ultenderman:Find MiiEnderman
6:ultsheik:Mishima Dojo (Omega)The Legend of Zelda Medley
FinalDemon King GanonGanon's Tower RuinsDeath Mountain

Alternate Costumes

#98. Crazy Dave
Plants vs Zombies
Moveset Post
Special Moves

Neutral Special:
Defensive Plants
Dave has access to five total Defensive Plants that he can use with two being upgradeable. These are:
Sunflower: Costs 15 Sun. It bounces idly and produces 50 Sun every 3 seconds. The Sunflower would glow a bright yellow as it does so and the Sun would automatically add itself into Dave’s counter.
Twin Sunflower:
Costs 125 Sun. The Twin Sunflower would behave exactly as its downgrade, but instead of spawning 25 Sun, it would spawn 50 Sun (25 per Sunflower, of course). It also spawns Sun in 3 second intervals, but it is more durable (though not by much)
Costs 100 Sun. Any pea that passes through the torchwood will have its damage multiplied by a factor of 2, leading to massive amounts of damage if a full gatling pea + torchwood combo lands. It has more health than a standard plant, and does not deal contact damage despite the fire.
Costs 50 Sun. Pretty simple, a wall-nut will sit there and soak up damage. Acting like a Minecraft block, it cannot be passed through, and will need to be jumped around. However regular peas and other Dave plant projectiles will be able to pass through it.
Costs 125 Sun. The Wall-nut can be upgraded to the Tall-nut. It will act the same as a wall-nut, except it will be twice as sturdy and around 2.5 times as tall, requiring multiple jumps for some characters to climb over.
Costs 100 Sun. In Smash, the Garlic will release smelly fumes every few seconds with a radius equivalent of a 50-MP Magic Burst that flips opponents, like Mario’s cape does, making it difficult for opponents to hit Crazy Dave while he's close by, as well as a dangerous edge guarding tool.
Escape Root:
Costs 225 Sun. When placed, the Escape Root won’t do anything at first, however, when neutral special is inputted on the ground while the Escape Root is planted, Dave will be taken to the Escape Root’s location and it will disappear after. This can be used for extreme combos and avoiding nasty situations.

Side Special:
Turret Plants
Dave has access to five Plants with three upgradeable ones.
Peashooter: Costs 100 Sun. When a Peashooter is planted, they will routinely fire peas at the closest enemy damageable entity in a medium interval. Whichever way Crazy Dave was facing when he planted them will be the direction it will fire too. The Peashooter will automatically aim either up or down depending on where the closest player is but only slightly. Their peas are also fairly weak doing minimal damage and flinching but this will put some pressure on the opponent and can lead into combos from Crazy Dave.
Split Pea:
Costs 125 Sun. The Split Pea will fire weaker shots behind it and has less of an angle when aiming but keeps pressure on both sides of the stage.
Costs 200 Sun. The repeater will act identically to the peashooter, except will fire two peas instead of one, dealing twice as much damage in total.
Gatling Pea:
Costs 250 Sun. The Gatling Pea can be upgraded from the repeater, and will fire four peas at once, dealing four times as much damage as the peashooter in total. This will keep the opponent in hit stun or in their shield for quite a while, leaving them open to be punished, however it costs a lot of sun to get to this plant.
Kernal Pult:
Costs 100 Sun. When planting this guy, the Kernel-pult will throw nuggets of corn the size of Pikmin at opponents, dealing a measly 4% damage per kernel and deals hitstun. However, there's a 25% chance that they will launch a large block of butter if all things that deals double the damage, and inflicts the Butter effect, which is essentially a stun.
Costs 300 Sun. The last of the pult family in the first Plants vs. Zombies, the Melon-pult is the heaviest hitting of the three. It will lob melons every few seconds at opponents, which deal 17% per successful hit and 4% in splash damage if anyone gets hit by melon shrapnel.
Winter Melon:
Costs 200 Sun. One of the plants Dave sells at Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies, the Winter Melon is an upgrade to the Melon-pult. It hits even harder than its counterpart and has a slowing effect to boot. It will attack at the same rate as the Melon-pult, but it will deal slightly more damage (24%) and its projectiles will inflict a slowing effect on the enemy's movement for a short amount of time.
Costs 175 Sun. The Bloomerang will fire off boomerangs at a slower rate than that of a peashooter, which will fly around 3/4 of a stage distance before traveling back, being able to hit the opponent once in both directions, similar to K. Rool's crown. It is a relatively slow moving projectile, but deals more damage than a peashooter.

Up Special:
Crazy Dave raises his a pot with a Blover that grew out of it. It would then spin its leaves, causing it to propel Crazy Dave upwards. It’s very similar to K. Rool’s Up Special, but the Blover can last longer than K. Rool’s propeller pack in exchange for not dealing as much damage. Once finished, the Blover would retreat back into its pot, causing Dave to go into free fall with a confused look on his face.

Down Special:
Trap Plants

Dave can access five plants with one plant being upgradeable.
Potato Mine: Costs 100 Sun. This explosive land mine functions much like Snake’s Down Special. Dave buries the Potato Mine who lies in wait for opponents to walk by. Once they do, the mine explodes with a SPUDOW!, provided its had enough time to arm itself. It has a high radius of damage with more damage dealt to those who stepped directly on the mine with less damage dealt to those on the outside.
Hypno Shroom: Costs 125 Sun. When placed, the Hypno-shroom will sway from side to side in a trance. Any opponent that comes into contact with the Hypno-shroom beware, as the Hocus Pocus of Dave’s kit, they will randomly gives the opponent a status effect to their detriment.
Tangle Kelp: Costs 75 Sun. In Smash, they will function sort of the same, being planted in a flower pot with water. When an opponent makes contact with the Tangle Kelp, they will be held in place for a few seconds, similar to a grab. At this point, Dave can rush over and attack or sic more plants on the enemy. After being used once, it will go away.
Spikeweed: Costs 100 Sun. The spikeweed will be placed on the floor, Keeping a low profile. Any enemy that steps over it will be launched up with extremely low knock back, dealing 6% damage. Its good for ledge control as well as comboing with other plants.
Spikerock: Costs 125 Sun. For 125 sun, the Spikeweed can be upgraded to the Spikerock, which deals twice as much damage, and has three times the amount of health.
Phat Beet: Costs 150 Sun. Whenever opponents get near it will jump up and slam back down, sending out a shockwave. This shockwave doesn't deal much damage, only around 1.2%, but has a guaranteed trip on the opponent. This sets up for roll chases or just standard punishes as well as stage control. In order to combat the power of a trip with such a large radius it doesn't stay out for very long, and is vulnerable from attack from above, as it cannot attack there.

Final Smash:
Garden Warfare

Penny speeds past Dave, who gets inside. This triggers a hitbox around the truck, which when activated, would take up to three opponents into a Final Smash. The opponents would fly through time to be dropped onto Dave's lawn and pool, where a large defense awaits them.

Twin Sunflowers glow with large amounts of solar energy, Gatling Peas fire rounds of peas at rapid speed through Torchwoods, Winter Melons lob melons, Cattails throw swathes of their homing spikes, and Gloom Shrooms spew their spores at the opponents, still trapped on the lawn. All while this is happening, Dave upgrades some awaiting Kernel-pults into Cob Cannons. He launches several corn nukes, blasting the opponents and ending the cutscene with a screen of popcorn.
  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt:
  • Right Taunt:
  • Left Taunt: Pulls out a Taco, applies hot sauce on it, and eats it. Heals him for 1-5% health each time.
On-Screen Appearance
  • Nonchalantly walks out from Penny whom of which appears through a portal similar to the one from the Penny's Pursuit update PvZ 2
Idle Poses
  • Adjusts his weigh which causes the pot on his head to tilt a bit. Based on his animiations in PvZ2,
  • Scratches his beard furiously as if itching it.
Victory Poses
  • Holds up the sunflower over his head like a trophy overlapping with the actual sun, meanwhile Peashooters and other Sunflowers cheer him on

Classic Mode: Smash vs Zombies
All opponents are against the Zombie Villager on Omega stages with allies that can`t move which represent Plants.

RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie:Windy Hill ZoneGreen :ultmegaman:only uses the Mega Buster.Megaman references the Peashooter.
2:ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie:Suzaka CastleYellow :ultkirby: constantly uses the Down SpecialKirby references Wall-nut while Suzaku Castle references the Home Roof.
3:ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie:Garden of Hope
:ultyoshi: only does the Up Special
Yoshi references the Cabbage-pult.
4:ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie:Gaur Plains (Night)White :ultlink: only does the Side Special BoomerangLink is a reference to the Bloomerang.
5:ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie:Pirate ShipBrown :ultsnake:only does the Down SpecialSnake is a reference to the Potato Mine.
6:ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie:TempleGreen :ultcharizard:only does the Neutral Special, FlamethrowerCharizard is areference to Snapdragons
HousePurple :ultpiranha: only does the Side SmashPP is a reference to the Chomper.

Alternate Costumes
Adjust sh
#36ε. Dixie Kong
Donkey Kong
Special Moves

Neutral Special:
Bubblegum Popgun

A chargeable projectile like Diddy's Peanut Popgun, but charging is indicated by a large pink bubble being blown out of the barrel of the gun. It is usually slow upon release, but deals 1.3x more damage than a peanut. However, if you're hit while charging this attack or your attack reaches maximum charge, it deals as much as a peanut, but your opponent will be dealt the Gum effect, which limits their movement to about 1 Pichu to the left or right, and greatly reduces their jump height. This lasts for about as long as K. Rool's pre-nerf D-throw or until the afflicted is hit.

Side Special:
Monkey Flip

Up Special: Haircopter

Dixie quickly uses her ponytail to pop off and then be sent into free fall, however this freefall is unique in that she can guide it more accurately and lightly damage enemies that collide with her. Based off her rolling attack from DKC classic.

Down Special:

Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Family Barrage

Dixie calls forth her cousin, Kiddy Kong. Together, they straight on Rocketbarrels and zip zap about the stage; dealing generally more hits than Diddy but with less damage to balance it out. Kiddy will loose his rocket which homes into the opponent as Dixie lets her go and floats back down to the stage
  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt:
  • Right Taunt:
  • Left Taunt:
On-Screen Appearance
  • A barrel explodes and Dixie floats down with her Propeller Ponytail maneuver and lands on the ground.
Idle Poses
  • She blows bubblegum and drinks out of a juice box.
  • She does air guitar and then a jump swinging her arms.
Victory Poses
  • Dixie pulls out her guitar and plays on it.

Classic Mode: Get Off My Tail
All opponents are natural tail users which is a reference to her lack of one which she makes up for with her tail.

RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
Garden of HopeStickerbrush Symphony
2:ultfox::ultfalco:Kong FallsGear Getaway:ultdiddy: is an ally
3:ultpikachu::ultcharizard::ultsquirtle:Spear Pillar OmegaSnakey Chantey
:ultdiddy: is an ally
4Ashley & Grovyle & SceptileYggdrassil`s AltarJungle Japes:ultdiddy: is an ally
5:ultbrawler::ultgunner::ultswordfighter:Find Mii:ultdiddy: is an ally
6:ultmewtwo::ultridley:BrinstarCrocodile Cocophony:ultdiddy: is an ally
FinalRathalosAncient Steppe:ultdk: is an ally

Alternate Costumes

#99: Sami
Advance Wars

Special Moves

Neutral Special:

Side Special:

Up Special:

Down Special:

Final Smash:
  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt:
  • Right Taunt:
  • Left Taunt:
On-Screen Appearance
Idle Poses

Victory Poses

Classic Mode: Smash Wars Advance
All opponents are based on the COs from Advance Wars. Omega forms represent actual warzones.

RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ulticeclimbers:Golden PlainsNana doe not appear with Popo.Pop references the first CO encounytered, Olaf.
2:ultfalco:Garden of HopeFalco represents Eagle, the second CO encountered.
Cloud Sea of AlrestRyu references Kanbei.
4:ultganondorf:Unova Pokemon LeagueGanondorf references Hawke.
5Dr. EggmanRaccoon CityDr. Eggman references Von Bolt.
Shadow Moses IslandWolf is a reference to Sturm
FinalMaster HandFinal Destination

Alternate Costumes
#55ε. Ms. PAC-MAN
Special Moves

Neutral Special:

Side Special:

Up Special:

Down Special:

Final Smash:
  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt:
  • Right Taunt:
  • Left Taunt:
On-Screen Appearance
Idle Poses

Victory Poses

Classic Mode: Smash vs Zombies
All opponents are against the Zombie Villager on Omega stages with allies that can`t move which represent Plants.

RoundOpponentStageMusicNotes References
1:ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie:Windy Hill ZoneGreen :ultmegaman:only uses the Mega Buster.Megaman references the Peashooter.
2:ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie:Suzaka CastleYellow :ultkirby: constantly uses the Down SpecialKirby references Wall-nut while Suzaku Castle references the Home Roof.
3:ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie:Garden of Hope
:ultyoshi: only does the Up Special
Yoshi references the Cabbage-pult.
4:ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie:Gaur Plains (Night)White :ultlink: only does the Side Special BoomerangLink is a reference to the Bloomerang.
5:ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie:Pirate ShipBrown :ultsnake:only does the Down SpecialSnake is a reference to the Potato Mine.
6:ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie::ultzombie:TempleGreen :ultcharizard:only does the Neutral Special, FlamethrowerCharizard is areference to Snapdragons
HousePurple :ultpiranha: only does the Side SmashPP is a reference to the Chomper.

Alternate Costumes

Isaac from Golden Sun

#83 Isaac
Golden Sun

#64ε. Octoling

#85 Waluigi

Super Mario Bros.

#86 Crash
Crash Bandicoot

#87 Stylist
Style Savvy​

#88 Ashley

#54ε Medusa
Kid Icarus

#89. Barista
Rhythm Heaven

#90. Jill Valentine
Resident Evil

#90ε. Leon Kennedy
Resident Evil​

#91. Takamaru
Mysterious Castle Murasame

#93. DJ Octavio

#94. Reimu Hakurei
Touhou Project

#95. Officer Howard
Astral Chain

#96. Dr. Eggman
Sonic the Hedgehog

Smashboards Project Roster2.png

Thanks to Otoad64 Otoad64
Veteran Changes
Crawl: Morph Ball
Samus now has a crawl wherein she enters the Morph Ball.

Down Tilt: Bomb
Samus’ down tilt is her old down special. It can be used while moving, but not in the air.

Down Special: Beam Select
Samus’ new down special allows her to switch which beam she uses, which affects the attacks that use her arm cannon (her new forward tilt, new forward smash, up smash, and forward air). You select them similarly to Shulk’s Monado Arts, but they’re permanent and don’t switch back between stocks. You can tell which beam Samus has equipped via an icon next to her damage meter, and by the color of her arm cannon. She has four options:
    • Plasma Beam: Located on the bottom, with a green fiery icon. Samus starts with this beam equipped by default at the start of the match. It behaves similarly to her old moveset, being associated with close-range fire attacks. The most notable difference is that the fire is green now, in reference to the beam’s coloration in Super Metroid. Basically, this is the “balanced beam” of the four.
    • Ice Beam: Located on the top, with a blue snowflake icon. This beam fires blasts of ice with low damage and low knockback, but good frame data. Some of its moves have a freezing effect that can allow you to extend combos. Basically, this is the “speed beam” of the four.
    • Wave Beam: Located on the left, with a purple icon that has circles and a lightning bolt. The Wave Beam uses purple, circular energy with electric effects, and attacks with it tend to be slow but powerful. In addition, Wave Beam attacks tend to send the opponent at odd angles or move in a sine wave pattern themselves. Basically, this is the “power beam” of the four.
    • Spazer Beam: Located on the right, with a yellow icon that depicts three beams. The Spazer Beam goes out the furthest from Samus’ blaster, making it most suited for zoning. In addition, the Spazer always fires three projectiles at once, which changes some of Samus’ multi-hitting attacks like her forward-air and up-smash. Basically, this is the “range beam”.

Forward Air
The beam she has selected actually affects the way in which Samus performs this move.

    • With the Plasma Beam, she fires five green explosions from top to bottom, same as she always has (except for the color).
    • With the Ice Beam, she instead fires five blasts of freezing air from the lowest position to the highest - the opposite of how she normally does it.
    • With the Wave Beam, she has a blast of purple energy in the highest position, then in the lowest, then in the second highest, then in the second lowest, then in the middle.
    • With the Spazer Beam, she only shoots three lasers at the top, middle, and bottom positions. Unlike the rest, these lasers are actually projecties, albeit ones that don’t travel too far. This same change actually applies for her up smash as well.

Forward Tilt
Samus’ forward tilt has her shoot a shot from her arm cannon. This attack can be performed while moving, like Mega Man’s forward tilt, but it can be angled.

    • The Plasma Beam’s shot is a simple green projectile shot.
    • The Ice Beam’s shot is a blue shot that freezes.
    • The Wave Beam’s shot is a purple shot that moves slower and travels in a sine wave motion. It can travel through the stage.
    • The Spazer Beam fires three shots, which go further than those of the other beams.

Forward Smash: Charge Beam
Samus’ forward smash has her switch to the Ice Beam and charge a shot. This move can be angled. Its projectiles are basically bigger, more impressive versions of the shots fired by her forward tilt.

Neutral Special: Charge Combo
While similar to Charge Shot, this move is drastically affected by which beam she has equipped, and is now inspired by Special Charge Beam Attacks from Super Metroid and Charge Combos from Metroid Prime. Just like before, though, it’s a chargeable projectile that can be canceled while still keeping the charge.

    • Like with most moves, the Plasma Beam’s Charge Combo is simply the old move with some new visuals. This time, it’s a circular shot with four rings spiralling around it.
    • The Ice Beam’s Charge Combo is a blast of ice surrounded by four twinkling sparks. Upon hitting something, it has a wide-ranged “explosion” of ice that freezes anything it comes into contact with.
    • The Wave Beam’s Charge Combo is an unbroken stream of purple, wavy electricity whose length depends on how long it’s charged. It has the highest charge time of all of them.
    • The Spazer Beam’s Charge Combo goes the furthest, and fires three lasers that have slight homing properties.

Final Smash: Hyper Beam
Replacing the Zero Laser is this Final Smash, based on the ending of Super Metroid. Samus actually gets a fifth beam type, the Hyper Beam, marked with a rainbow Metroid icon. It combines the best traits of all the beams: the speed of the Ice Beam, the power of the Wave Beam, and the range of the Spazer Beam. It fires glowing rainbow beams. Samus gets to use the Hyper Beam for about 12 seconds before going back to whatever beam she had before.

Young Link
This version of Young Link allows him to use his Down Special to cycle between his transformation masks; these being Deku, Goron, and Zora. This would obviously alter Young Link’s stats significantly when changing between these masks.

Deku Link:
    • Weight: 2/10
    • Size: 4/10
    • Speed: 6/10
    • Power: 2/10

Goron Link
    • Weight: 9/10
    • Size: 7/10
    • Speed: 3/10
    • Power: 10/10

Zora Link
    • Weight: 6/10
    • Size: 7/10
    • Speed: 4/10
    • Power: 2/10

These transformations, as mentioned earlier, are accessed via Down Special which is Mask Change. This has a cooldown timer of 20 seconds in between each change with a 5 second transformation animation. Young Link’s default form still retains its same moveset but replaces the Bomb with Mask Change.

Deku Link:

    • Neutral Special: Deku Bubble - This is a chargeable attack which fires a bubble from Deku Link’s mouth. It does minimal damage but has higher than usual knockback. Charging the attack increases the damage output while also increasing the knockback.
    • Side Special: Deku Spin - Deku spins forward while rapidly kicking. Pressing special while moving forward increases the amount of spins for more damage. This attack can be used as a horizontal recovery tool.
    • Up Special: Flower Burst - Deku Link enters into a Deku Flower. This recovery move allows Deku Link to charge up the attack which increases its damage output and recovery distance. This will shoot Deku Link high into the air and will then cause him to enter into a freefall state. Pressing the Special button before this freefall state initiates the Deku Copter which allows Deku Link to sprout two flower petals. Deku Link can then glide down to safety. Damage animations are applied to when Deku Link shoots up from the Deku Flower as well as damage dealt from the flower petal copter blades.
    • Taunts
      • Up: Deku Link spins in place.
      • Side: Deku Link sits down and falls asleep with a bubble blowing from his nose.
      • Down: Deku Link shakes his head sadly while looking downward.

Gordon Link:
    • Neutral Special: Powder Keg - Goron Link pulls out a Powder Keg which can be placed, thrown, rolled, or carried. It won’t explode on its own and must need an outside force to detonate it such as a fire attack or being thrown several times. It7s explosion radius is quite large and does high amounts of damage. It can’t be picked up by any light to mid-weight fighters. Those who can are Ganondorf, King K. Rool, Donkey Kong, King Dedede, Rosalina & Luma, Bowser, and Charizard.
    • Side Special: Rolling Attack - Goron Link will spin rapidly and then shoot off into a rolling dash attack. Unlike many spin dash attacks, this one can’t be charged before use. Basically, players input the attack which causes Goron Link to start rolling around. Holding down the Special input after starting the attack and holding it while moving it around will power up the attack. This causes spikes made out of energy to enclose around Goron Link. If he hits a solid object, the attack ends and there is a significant amount of ending lag.
    • Up Special: Goron Pound - Goron Link will leap high into the air while rolled up into a ball. Once he reaches his max height, he crashes down similar to a Bowser Bomb. This attack does extremely high damage and will either knock opponents into the air or bury them; depending how close they are to the impact zone. Goron Link has invincibility frames while coming downwards.
    • Taunts
      • Up: Goron Link scratches his head under his cap.
      • Side: He pulls out a Rock Sirloin and eats it. It doesn’t replinish energy.
      • Down: He slaps his belly.

Zora Link:
    • Neutral Special: Double Cutters - Link fires dual cutters from his fins. Unlike in Majora’s Mask, these don’t fan outward horizontally. Instead, Link fires them vertically so one fin boomerang travels in an arc upwards before returning and the other travels in an arc downwards and then returns. The attack doesn’t do much damage but the trajectory of the attack is hard to predict making it a trustworthy attack.
    • Side Special: Barrier - Zoro Link erects an electrical barrier which, like Leaf Shield, will travel with Zora Link for some time. The attack halves any incoming damage and will also do contact damage to anyone nearby. The barrier lasts roughly 12 seconds but will decrease in duration time the more it is spammed.
    • Up Special: Dolphin Jump - Zora Link jumps high into the air while spinning rapidly. The player is able to slightly direct where Zora Link will travel up by tilting the control stick in the desired direction. The attack does several hits in a loop while it carries the opponent along with Zora Link
    • Taunts
      • Up: Zora Link spins on one foot while slashing both sides with his fins.
      • Side: Zora Link takes out his Fishbone Guitar and strums a tune before removing it. This is the only taunt that uses one of these musical instruments.
      • Down: Zora Link holds his hand out and gracefully twirls it around in a serene manner.

Final Smash: Fierce Deity Link - Young Link dons on the Fierce Deity Link Mask and fires off several sword slashes which sends sword beams across the stage. He then points the sword forward and unleashes a powerful Zero Laser-esque beam forward which does several loops of damage before launching the opponent.

Notes: There is a new Victory Animation that has Young Link play the Song of Awakening with the Ocarina of Time. Finishing the match with Deku Link. Zora Link, or Goron Link will see them play the Song of Awakening using their respective musical instruments.

Kirby has Kirby Hats for Young Link, Deku Link, Goron Link, and Zora Link. For the transformation versions, its simply one of the masks plastered onto his face. Therefore, Kirby can perform Deku Bubble, Powder Keg, and Double Cutters.

There are a couple of things I wish to accomplish with this Ganon moveset, so let's go over those before we begin.

Firstly, even though a majority of his moves are changing, I want his playstyle to remain similar. He'll still be a super heavyweight, and his moves will have roughly the same power, timing, knockback angles, and space coverage. However, his new moves will give him an increase in range, attack speed (if only slightly), and recovery. In short, I want the new Ganon to feel like an upgrade, even though his lessened weaknesses will of course be counterbalanced.

Secondly, even though it'll still say "Ganondorf" on the CSS, I want this to be an all-encompassing Ganon, referencing not just all of Ganondorf's appearances, but all of Ganon's appearances period, whether as a Gerudo or as a massive porcine beast.

With that out of the way, let's get started. Ganon's differences are apparent even before he begins fighting. While his appearance remains based on Ocarina of Time, he wields two swords the way he did as the Demon King Ganon in that game, as well as as Ganondorf in Wind Waker. For his dash, he levitates similarly to Cloud. For some animations where his hands are necessary, he extends that levitation power to his swords, which will float near him until the animation is done. Some of his moves have him float the swords so he can summon a trident from the darkness.

Tilt Attacks
Ganon's jab is one of his few normal attacks whose range and timing is not based on its predecessor. Instead, it's now a three-hit jab consisting of an outward slash with both swords; a downward slash with his left hand; and a spin attack that deals two hits (one with each sword). This is based off of an attack he does in Wind Waker.

His forward tilt is a backhanded slash with his left hand. This, too, is based on an attack he does in Wind Waker. It hits at roughly the same timing and damage of his old forward tilt, but with a bit more range.

While no longer the Volcano Kick, Ganon's up tilt retains its most notable properties. Here, Ganon levitates his swords and dark energy slowly swirls into the shape of a trident in his hands. Like Volcano Kick, this creates a windbox that pulls opponents into the attack. Once finally complete a full second later, Ganon stabs the trident into the ground. Unlike the Volcano Kick, this attack has armor, but it's not exactly difficult to get out of the way.

His down tilt is an inward slash with both swords. It hits the opponent at an upward angle. It hits at roughly the same timing and damage of his old down tilt, but with a bit more range. This is based on an attack he does when landing from a jump in Wind Waker.

His dash attack has him point his swords forwards (as opposed to during his dash when they're pointed behind him in a reverse grip) and drive them forward and up for a devastating double stab. Like his old dash attack, this is a reliable followup in tech-chase situations.

There's actually one more "attack" to mention: in Ganon's side taunt, he puts his right sword away with a spinning flourish for the sole purpose of giving a dismissive swing of the hand. This is based off of a scene in Wind Waker, but the reference only becomes complete if you're standing right next to someone, at which point this taunt turns into a mean-spirited backhand. Like most attack taunts, this one doesn't do much damage and can't be canceled, but landing it will prove Ganon is still the King of Disrespect. For the record, his up-taunt is still his floating taunt, and his down-taunt is his palm-punching taunt, both with new floating-sword action.

Smash Attacks
Ganon's forward smash has him summon his trident and spin it diagonally above and behind him once before stepping forward with a heavy stab. The spin will actually drag opponents into the stab, so this attack has considerable range comparable to that of his previous forward smash.

Ganon's up smash has him summon his trident and spin it above his head for a multi-hit attack. A very powerful smash attack that hits on both sides of Ganondorf, but is about as slow as his previous up smash.

Ganon's down smash performs an outward slash with both swords while facing the camera. Like most down smashes, this attack hits on either side of him.

Aerial Attacks
His neutral aerial has him conjure up a ball of fire in front of him that burns brightly (dealing multiple hits) before exploding. This attack has decent range, comes out quickly, and lasts a while; just like his previous neutral air. This is inspired by the fire attacks occasionally used by Ganon in some of the 2D games.

His forward aerial is an overhand slash with his right sword, which has good reach and is quite powerful in the middle of the sword.

His back aerial has him flip both his swords into a reverse grip and thrust them backwards. Fast, but still quite powerful. However, its range is quite low.
Ganon's up-air kind of serves as a replacement for his up-tilt when fighting on the ground due to the latter's long startup time. He conjures dark magic around his upper body that hits opponents away. This move covers a fair distance around Ganon.

Like before, Ganon's down-air is a devastating spike. This time, however, he causes his swords to float before delivering a downward palm strike infused with black magic. If you hit the sourspot, the enemy merely gets launched at a diagonal angle. However, if you hit the sweet spot, both you and the opponent will stop in midair while Ganon electrocutes them with his magic. Then, with a final blast of darkness, he shoots the enemy directly downward. Visually, this is inspired by his old up-special, and serves to keep his fan-created role as the "King of Disrespect" alive even with a more game-accurate moveset.

Special Moves
Ganon's new neutral special is Dead Man's Volley, a slow but devastating homing projectile. Similarly to the Warlock Punch, it's slow to fire but can be turned around. He levitates his swords, then holds his left hand skyward and begins charging yellow, electric energy.The projectile can be reflected if hit with a melee attack - and once it is, it'll be heading right for the nearest other player with increased speed, power, and homing capability. Ganon, however, has a trick up his sleeve: if you're not in the middle of an attack, Ganon can reflect the volley automatically. However, it doesn't get any stronger when reflected this way - and if it's been reflected too many times, he'll just catch it instead of reflecting it. Other characters, meanwhile, have to do this the old-fashioned way. One final note - this move's startup is armored, and hitting it point-blank means it does more damage and can't be reflected. Overall, this move plays into Ganondorf's gameplan of punishing unsafe moves, references a Zelda mainstay, and still incorporates the gameplay of the Warlock Punch with its point-blank functionality.

Ganon's side special is still Flame Choke. After all, it's the only one of his specials to be completely unique, and it leads to unique tech-chase situations not really caused by other moves in Smash. However, it's had something a little special added - when used in the air, you'll create a fancy shockwave of golden, electric magic upon hitting the ground, which will deal damage to other opponents in a free-for-all. This is in reference to his shockwave attack in Ocarina of Time, used most prominently at the very beginning of the fight.

Ganon's new up special is named Black Whirlwind. While the name is entirely made up, it's inspired by the fight against Ganon in A Link to the Past. Ganon spins his trident around before throwing it (still spinning) in one of 8 directions, teleporting ahead of it, and catching it. After that, you can hit B while holding another direction to do it again. You can even do it a third time for good measure. And THEN, you can hit B one final time - but this time, he lunges forward for a stabbing attack with the trident, which serves as killer knockback for anyone who got caught in the move. There's a catch, though. This move is already pretty unsafe if you just do the one warp - it has high endlag, and Ganon has to pull his swords back out upon landing from being helpless, which means he's there for a relative while. It gets even LESS safe the more you do with it, so don't overdo it. When fighting against this move, patience is key.

Ganon's down special is called Malice Trident, but it's more of a reflavoring of his old down special. Instead of a kick, he flies forward with his trident instead.

His final smash remains Ganon, the Demon King. I feel that move does a great job of showing Ganon's beastly form in one explosive show of force.

Like many of Ultimate’s Echo fighters, Daisy received a slight upgrade in the form of two new attacks: a new Side Smash and a new Final Smash:

Side Smash: Super Ball
Final Smash: Daisy Cruise

Dark Samus
Dark Samus will be updated along with Samus and will have her updated attacks and special attacks. Aside from that, she also gains a new Final Smash and a Down Smash:

Down Smash: Phazon Tendrils (She smashes down into the ground which causes tendrils of Phazon to shoot up all around her.)
Final Smash: Aurora Unit 313

Since Simon and Richter share so much in common, it didn’t seem right to give him several new moves but, like Dark Samus, he does gain a new Final Smash.

Final Smash: Hydro Storm

Under Hero’s Command Selection, icons now appear next to the text allowing for easier visibility.


Donkey Kong




Wario Pinball
Super Mario Bros.
The stage has two platforms floating in the middle, as well as two slopes on the sides complete with pinball flippers which flick upwards during the stage’s duration. Jumping on the flippers will fling players upwards into the sky which can be used as both a hazard as well as a way to recover. Above the two floating platforms are three pinball bumpers which act very much like traditional pinball bumpers and will launch anyone who gets too close. Finally, occassionally, a large pinball will be introduced to the field and acts as a stage hazard. Getting hit by it while it’s in play will launch anyone.

In the background, you can see the slot machine in front of the pinball backstop and Waluigi's face along with the roulette which will occasionally spin. The position of the stage platforms are slightly tilted which gives a view of the background part of the stage which shows the large bumpers, pinball track, and the actually race course. Racing here, like in other Mario Kart tracks, are Shy Guys.​

Dr. Mario
Super Mario Bros.
The stage shares a general stage platforms that spans in front of the medicine jar and results display. The entire aesthetic of the stage is based on that of the original Dr. Mario but obviously changed to Infinites design. Dr. Mario will occasionally take a Megavitamin and throw it into the medicine jar. This causes a real-life Megavitamin to come down from the top of the stage. This acts as a stage hazard and will knock anyone away. The Megavitamins will vary on their descent sided and done many even speed up or slow down. Megavitamins will also change their position much like the original game. The Viruses appear in the background and will make faces at the opponent. If Dr. Mario was chosen as a character, Dr. Luigi will take his place.​
Bowser's Castle
Super Mario Bros.

The stage takes place on the green rooftops of Super Mario Odyssey high up on the castle. Located directly in the middle of the stage is the statue of Bowser’s gigantic head. On occasion, it will come to life and tilt its head to the right or left while spewing out fire which acts as a stage hazard. This flame is quite large and lasts for several seconds with a single blast of it doing upwards to 35% damage. Players can jump on top of the head for an additional platform but the hair tuft and horns won’t obstruct your movements as they are within the background. On each side of the root top stage platform are curved trellises that resemble forms that acts as a raised platform. Separated from the main stage is a single Houston’s platform on either side which consists of the gigantic paper banned called a nobori. The bottommost portion of the scroll’s frame acts as a hanging platform. This is repeated again but at a slightly lower elevation in another scroll platform that’s placed with some distance from the first which creates a large gap. The nobori and chochin, paper lanterns, contains Japanese characters called kanji. This aesthetic carries over from Odyssey.

Several cameos appear in the background of the stage including the Odyessey, Bowser’s flagship, Robobrood, and the Broodal ship. In Mario isn’t a fighter on the stage, Mario possessing a spark can be seen zipping along occasionally in the background. Finally, several enemies appear in the immediate background including the Broodals as well as common enemies such as Goombas (wearing traditional Japanese straw hats), Pokios, Parabones, and an Burrbos.​

Megafruit Paradise
Super Mario Bros.
The layout is modified a bit for Smash, with the two main platforms being the gigantic watermelon and pineapple. These two will bob up and down in the water, especially when fighters land on them. A wooden bridge will be placed between the two, but can be broken with enough damage. It will re-appear after about 45 seconds.

Smaller floating platforms made of orange slices will be on both sides of the stage, moving up and down similarly to Fountain of Dreams.

Red Pipes will occasionally appear on the stage, and will teleport to a random location from their spawn points. In addition, while they are don't really do anything, blue, red, and green spaces appear on the stage. The hazardless version removes the pipes, the battlefield form's main platform is made out of pineapple (orange slices make up the smaller drop throughs), and the omega form's platform is made out of watermelon.

When not participating in matches, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, DK, Diddy, Rosalina, Bowser, Bowser Jr. and Yoshi can be shown in the background. (it randomly picks from these and the following, anywhere from 2 to 4): Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Boo, Shy Guy, Dry Bones, Hammer Bro, Pom Pom, and Monty Mole. Each has unique animations, sometimes grabbing a star, sometimes punching their dice, or just having fun on the platforms.

You can also see the boardwalk island in the background, and some of them might show up there!

Sawmill Thrill
Donkey Kong
The stage would start inside the mill with multiple minecarts which would be carrying platforms that the cast can fight on. Throughout the mill certain minecarts will go away and new minecarts will come back, making the layout of the stage fluid to change. All while you're doing this, there will be Buzzsaws in varying positions which you'll have to avoid.

The second section of the stage would see the cast land on a piece of wood. which would be drifting on water and the occasional waterslide present in the level This wood would obviously be bigger than what we see in the actual level so that it's fun to fight on. You can think of this section as the calm before the storm. There would be no buzzsaws to speak of and the only platform you'll need to stay on is the wood. However the roller coaster like nature of the track will still require you to stay on your toes, and there will occasionally be spikes above you you'll need to avoid.

During the third section you'll re-enter the mill. The plank of wood would fall off a waterfall and you'd have to jump back onto a platform that's being carried by a minecart. However now the minecart will be followed by a gigantic Buzzsaw. As the Buzzsaw tears everything it touches, these will become obstacles that you'll have to avoid. While the Buzzsaw won't ever actually catch up to your minecart, if you launch foes into the Buzzsaw it will do a lot of damage. The roller coaster like layout of the tracks will be the most hectic in this section of the stage, and near the very end the track will be gone and the minecart will just be riding over whatever portions of the track the Buzzsaw rips up which the minecart is able to ride on top of. After this, you will escape the mill and will briefly be in a rainy forest, before the track loops back to the beginning.
Koholint Island
The Legend of Zelda
This would be a Travelling stage!

The platform starts in the sky moving around the Island.
you then land in one of 4 locations

Mount Tamaranch

the platform lands in front of the Egg and there is a platform in front and 2 platforms on the left and right

Animal Village

This is a simple layout where it is just like Bridge of Eldin, In the background you can see Animals and Marin singing to them

Kanalet Castle

This part is on the bridge and it is a long platform about the size of FD

Tal Tal Heights

This is the longest one, it is 4 Kalos-esque platforms arranged next to each other and you can see water falls in the back

The Battlefield/Omega variations are just the platforms flying around the island only Marin is on the platform.
This stage is based off the very first area Samus encounters in the Metroid II: Samus Returns remake for the Nintendo 3DS. This stage is iconic due to it being the "welcoming sign" for those starting their journey with Samus/\. The stage would be stationary which means it doesn't move. The entire stage is dyed in a bright yellow/orange/green hue and is largely based on the Surface/Landing Site of SR388. The stage would actually be quite large with a top level and bottom level with creative liberties to make the stage feel unique.

The top level would be composed of a single platforms with various hills and pinnacles you see in the above picture that acts as platforms. This also includes various dilapidated buildings and towers which can be destroyed to have a sense of "stage control". The bottom level would be "under the surface: with subterranean caverns which is a prominent feature in the later levels. This would have a feeling more akin to Great Cave Offense and Spear Pillar and it wouldn't be sirfetch'd to say that it would be a meeting point between those two examples. These would be rather intridcate tunnels but far more simplistic than Great Cave but still manageable like Spear Pillar.

Jutting out from the caverns would be blast lines which players can be launched into thus allow for side KO's but can't do upside KOs unless they managed to get blasted off through an opening on the surface. Finally, below the surface lies basins of lava (every Metroid stage needs lava). Thus, this stage is unable to have bottom KOs.

Also as a fun little added tidbit, the surface section will showcase Samus"s Gunship which will act as a floating platform but, if Samus is on the field, it will behave differently. After the match starts, it will appear from the top and land once Samus does her entrance animation. If Samus performs her Final Smash, the Gunship will vanish from the stage and then reappear under Samus. It will then return in a familiar state as after the entrance animation. If Ridley performs his Final Smash, the Gunship will have vanished after the cinematic ends but will reappear in yet again but far more damaged and on fire. This dire wont damage players.

Castle Dedede
This stage takes place inside the Castle as well as aide KO blast lines. It is designed to be similar to the Dedede Boss fight in that game. The stage is as big as Pokémon Stadium (Brawl) and it has two platforms you can stand on. The background of the stage is dyed in a warm orange sunset glow that an expansive Planet Popstar in the distance. The stage design is rather neutral due to it consisting of only two platforms.

There are a few cameos which acts as stage hazards that will attack players on sight. One such enemy is the Waddle Doo, Bouncy, Buggzy, Driblee, and Blade Knight. Waddle Doo will simply ram their opponents, while the Blade Knight strikes it’s blade. The Bouncy will simply bounce up and dusk and will general try to hug lathe ledges to prevent recoveries. Drinkers will fire out water bombs from a distance while Bugzzy will attempt to close the distance by dashing at opponents. It will then try to ensnare them in it’s mandibles. Following this, it will then dive forward and try to KO the opponent.​
Gigabyte Ruins
It resembles an ancient desert temple at sunset, but overrun by mechanization--everything is metallic, and there are artificial lights all over.

While the original arena resembles a walkoff, this version would have ledges, looking like you're at the narrow top of a mechanical pyramid. This would make it somewhat resemble Great Plateau Tower, though the main platform would be slightly larger. It also has a series of smaller platforms: specifically, a sort of inverse Battlefield where the single middle platform is below the two side platforms.

Occasionally, Susie will fly through the background on her Transporter. If hazards are on, she will fire laser blasts towards the opponents. Similarly, Mecha Knight can also appear in the background, flying past the opponents to slash at them if hazards are on.
Crafted World
This is an agglomeration of worlds from Yoshi’s Crafted World to create a single unifying concept. Much like the game, this is a side-scrolling stage where players move along an automatic moving stage. It will transition periodically between six different phases which are based on six distinct worlds from the game. I liked Mushroomguy’s submission but I wanted to try and explore the locations in the game a bit more.

The first world and the “default” is Sunshine Station’s Rail-Yarn Run. This was the training world for the game and with familiarized people with how to play the game. This portion would function just like the original stage up until after the bridge which would then result in the stage setting up for the next transition in a manner that’s like the game (being crafted together).

Following the default phase, it generally involves snippets of the other five worlds and does import exact appearances from them. If this stage gets voted in, I will more fully flesh out how it would work for the other phases:

Many Fish in the Sea in Yarrctopus Docks

Yoshi Pulls Some Strings in Pastel Pathway

Spring Sprung Trail in Origami Gardens

Spinwheel Shuffle in Cardstock Carnival

Ride the Stars in Outer Orbit

Battlefield and Omega versions would solely be located on Rail-Yarn Run.

Wigglytuff Guild
The stage consists of a single stage platform with two floating platforms on either side. In the background is the Wigglytuff Guild Tent which features the face of Wigglytuff at the top. Pokémon that appear on the stage is either Wigglytuff itself or Chatot if Jigglypuff is on the stage. In addition, the Pokeball Pokemon Wigglytuff can’t be summoned on this stage.

Outlaw Notice Board
The main gimmick of this stage is the “Outlaw Notice Board”. Wigglytuff or Chatot will occasionally appear and will draw a notice on the board. This will require a special action to be performed in order to gain the prize. Here are the following missions that can be completed and associated prizes.

Missing ItemA Substitute doll or similar appears on stage. If someone picks it up and holds it for 10 seconds, a random Pokémon appears, you give them the item, and they give you the reward.
  • Oran Berry (20%)
  • Blast Seed: A powerful explosive
  • Partner Pokémon (Pokeball Pokemon)
Missing PokémonA Pokémon appears in a cage either on stage or flying above it. If you deal 30% damage to the cage, the Pokémon breaks free, walks to the door of the guild, and gives you the reward. Most of the Pokémon are taken from the Pokeball list, but there's also Azurill.
  • Oran Berry (35%)
  • Warp Orb: Teleports the holder back to the stage
  • Partner Pokémon (Pokeball Pokemon with increased damaged output)
Defeat the PokémonA Pokémon appears that you need to defeat, it has 60 HP. Once defeated, a Pokémon appears from the guild and gives you the reward. Once again lots of the Pokémon are pulled from the Pokeballs, but Drowsee, Skunktank, Kabutops, and Dusknoir also appear. .
  • Oran Berry (50%)
  • Iron Thorn: A trap that deals a lot of damage.
  • Partner Pokémon (A Master Ball Legendary Pokémon)

Galar Wild Area
This is a travelling stage, the layout changes depending on the terrain, the transition is just a flat platform.

The Areas:

This part would be just completely flat and you can see Motostoke in the background, in the front you can see and handful of pokemon wandering in the grass.

This one would also be flat, you could see some flying type pokemon in the back.

For this one there would be a giantrock wall on the right side that is angled upwards.

For here the platform is small and surrounded by water, In the background you can see many cramorant fishing and a Gyarados.

The Platform is the rock shown above and it is above the dusty bowl, Ground and Rock Type pokemon would be found, A Runerigus would fly towards the players.

You can destroy the bridge pillars on this one in a fashion similar to Shadow Moses

The layout is right in front of the Tower.

The platform is on the cap and a the terrain gets very tall and rocky.

You land here and you can see a large amount of Eeveelutions standing aorund in the back.

In all of the formations there is a chance that a Dynamax den will appear and it might have a have a laser coming out of it, Occasionally if you land in front of the Dynamax den that is lit up, The platform will descend into a dynamax lair where you can see a random Dynamax Pokemon.

The pokemon will then roar, blasting the platform out of the den and back into the wild area.

Omega and Battlefield forms would just have the platforms flying around the area without landing, A powerless Dynamax den sits on the Platform.

Mystery Island
Animal Crossing
Like in Minecraft World, there are multiple versions that appear in every match. Each version has an unique and different layout than the rest but tend to have similar elements across the board.

Normal Island
It’s a simple island. The only gimmicks would be a small stream in the middle that you can swim in, and two platforms on both sides of the stage.

Mountain Island
Basically, this island would have multiple levels to traverse, similar to Moray Towers. There would be a large three tier mountain center stage. There would be no platforms.

Bamboo Island
This island would be filled with Bamboo (shocker, I know). The bamboo would be sturdier then the average tree and will take longer to destroy. You can knock opponents into the bamboo. By destroying all of the bamboo, three small platforms will arrive onto the stage.

Fruit Island
An island filled with trees with fruit on them. The fruit can be used to restore health or used to attack opponents. Two Platforms would appear over time.

Tarantula Island
A flat island with one large platform in the middle, with one big catch. Tarantulas will appear on the stage randomly and will attack the fighters. When bitten, the fighters will be stunned briefly leaving them wide open to attacks.
New Los Angeles
Serving as the primary city of humans living on Mira after the devastation of Earth, New Los Angeles was primarily modeled after the Earth Los Angeles and serves as a large exploration hub in Xenoblade Chronicles X. This stage would primarily be a traveling stage, starting out on the far view of the city as seen in the pictures above, before traveling within the city to give players a closer view of city life, as seen in the pictures below.

There will also be a day/night cycle featured similar to how there is one in the game.
Deepsea Metro
The stage consists of a single long platform with walk-off blast zones on either side. The stage has two phases: a boarding phase and traveling phase.

  • Boarding Phase: It consists of a single long platform and is where players first start off before the traveling phase.
  • Traveling Phase: The train will pick up the players and the train will set off along the rails.
At this point, the train has two different layers: inside and outside. Players stay outside on top of the train which shows various other stations and locations in Octo Expansion zoom past in the background. Going through the trap doors leads into inside the train. There numerous denizens of the deep can be seen riding the train.

Venus Lighthouse
Golden Sun
The stage consists of three separated platforms with the middle one being the largest. The kiddie platform has a second tier platform that functions as a floating platform and us surrounded by statues but this dies affect gameplay. Both the right and left platform is flanked by a statue that can be destroyed thus opening more space for side KO’s. The background has several elements that gives it a life such as moving clouds and a day and night cycle set against an expansive and fantastical view. The stage has several cameos including Felix, Jenna, Ivan, Garret, Mia, and even Alex, Saturous, and Menardi. The stage is also unique in that, like Midgard, tgerrcsrecdummons. This hsooebdvaftecs certain amount of elemental Djinn see captured.

VenusOne Venus DjinnA large version of the Djinn appears and unleashed a powerful yellow energy attack within a certain radius.
RamsesTwo Venus DjinnIt hurls four boulders to crash and fuse together which travels forward like a Drill Arm.
CybeleThree Venus DjinnThis gigantic wood frog summons a storm of vines to shoot up from the ground in front of it. It has a large radius of effect and will instantly trap anyone caught inside. It has the potential to carry them up the upper blast lines.
JudgementFour Venus DjinnThis heavenly warrior will fly into the far background and then charges up an energy blast. It will fire it which causes it to collide with the stage in a manner similar to the Moon and a blast effect like the Smart Bomb but far larger.
MarsOne Mars DjinnMuch like Venus but deals Fire damage instead.
KirinTwo Mars DjinnThis fire lion-like creature will charge forth for some distance while slamming anyone in its way. It produces a trail of fire behind it.
TiamatThree Mars DjinnThe dragon will land which causes a burst of fire to swell up around it which damages anyone comes into contact with it. It then unleashed powerful flame attacks on either side of itself.
MeteorFour Mars DjinnA gigantic asteroid will collide with the stage. A targeting symbol will appear on the stage floor and will move back and forth before crashing down and doing high amounts of damage.
JupiterOne Jupiter DjinnMuch like the above but it’s comprised of four purple orbs.
AtlantaTwo Jupiter DjinnThis heavenly goddess appears in the sky and will then rain down up to twenty green arrows while targeting a certain area.
ProceneThree Jupiter DjinnThis gigantic bird conjures up a tornado which sucks in opponents. It then fires several lightning blasts that home onto the opponent for extra damage. The tornado then “spits” out the opponents.
ThorFour Jupiter DjinnThor appears within a large glyph in the sky and crashes down to the stage on a bolt of lightning which can deal damage. From there, it unleashed a powerful blast of lightning which does tremendously high damage in front of him before launching the opponent.
MercuryOne Mercury DjinnIt functions much like Jupiter but it spins rapidly.
NereidTwo Mercury DjinnThis youthful goddess appears and causes a section of the stage to swell up with water and form a geyser which launches opponents.
VenusThree Mercury DjinnThis gigantic purple whale appears in the far background and will jump while firing an aquatic laser. It functions somiliar to the Meteor summon bit the targeting symbol won’t move back and forth.
BoreasFour Mercury DjinnA gigantic, mechanical beast will appear and unleash a wintry blast all around it; freezing opponents and launching them.

Beaumonde Arena
Style Savvy
Beaumonde Arena consists of a main platform similar to Final Destination. It also has several platforms that will rise up from the bottom of the stage periodically. These platforms act like the ones on Battlefield. It functions similarly to Minecraft World or Mementos, where depending on a specific choice, the stage takes on a different appearance, or it could change throughout the match. The Screen in the back could function similarly to Pokemon Stadium, where it could display the current score along with some promotional artwork of the characters in battle. There are also multiple cameos that appear including:

  • From Style Savvy:
    • Dominic, the player's benefactor $$$
    • Grace, the player's mentor
  • From Trendsetters:
    • MC Mode, a DJ who works in the contest hall
    • Emmylou, the player's coworker/rival
    • Michaela, the original owner of your boutique
  • From Fashion Forward:
    • Sophie, the player's mentor
    • Adelaide, the main antagonist
  • From Styling Star:
    • Angélique Noir, fashion celebrity
    • Yolanda, one of the up and coming stars the player helps
    • Alina, one of the up and coming stars the player helps
    • Rosie Mayfield, one of the up and coming stars the player helps
Night Walk
Rhythm Heaven
The little boxes one each pillar can be jumped off of to reveal flowers and give you a little boost. The boxes will close after a while. Jumping on the boxes gives a small, little boost when timed to the rhythm of the background music. The stage is rather non-descript but pays homage to its home series. Play-yan himself will occasionally float down from his balloons to jump through the stage himself, in which he will trigger all the boxes, have they not been triggered already.​
Murasame Castle
Mysterious Castle Murasame
The stage consists of a single long stage platform with walk-off blast zones on either side. Located in the direct background are five bushes which, occasionally, a ninja will appear and throws a Shuriken which deals 5-8% damage depending on the frame data. Behind the bushes is the walls of Murasame Castle with the walkways along the top of the walls serving as an additional long platform. In the background looks towers of the massive Murasame Castle.
Astral Plane
Astral Chain

Nintendo Land
Nintendo Land​
The main stage would be a single platform. The background would rotate behind the fighters, showing the hub world. The stage also changes over to some of the various minigames.

Animal Crossing Sweet DayThe stage is based off the first level, Sweet Day Island Tour. The stage is a walk off, with two trees, one on each side of the stage. In front of each tree is a small pressure point, and when a character stands on the pressure point, an item will fall from the tree.
Mario ChaseThe stage is based off the second level, Mud River Run. This stage is also a walk off stage, but the stage is divided by two mud pits. When a fighter is in the mud pit, they are slowed down and heavier.
Pikmin AdventureThe stage is based off the first level, Bulborb Forest. The stage has walls on the side, making it so the only way you can KO an opponent is from the top, similar to Shadow Moses Island.
Metroid BlastThe stage is based off the Training Zone. The stage is made up of two floating platforms, resembling the first part of the Reset Bomb Factory, just without the addition platforms.
Donkey Kong Crash CourseThe stage is three main platforms with two smaller platforms on each the sides that move up and down.
Nintendo Badge Arcade
Nintendo Badge Arcade
In Smash, the default form of Badge Arcade is a single platform. Incredibly bland, I know, but that's before the central gimmick comes into play. Remember how I mentioned how they made almost 9,000 badges?


They're the central part of the stage. Whenever you load the stage, a random selection of badges make up platforms for extra footing. The platforms are able to be jumped through, and don't have any properties you would think they'd have (For instance, the bricks don't break). Every 35-40 seconds, a badge bomb appears and explodes. It doesn't do any damage, but makes all the badges fall off the sides (If only that happened in the real game...) and it changes to a different layout. Here are a handful of potential layouts, but the options are practically infinite.



Home Studio
Art Academy
Hailing from the Art Academy series, we have the home studio, the setting of the Wii U installment of Art Academy. The stage will be a traveling stage a la Delfino Plaza and New Donk City, with a set of platforms taking us to various different locations of the home studio, as well as within some of the paintings themselves. There will be two "studio" locations and 5 painting locations, with generic artistic settings as shown in the paintings in the above pictures. Each different location will have a different set of platforms, and some of the paintings may have different hazards, for example a painting by a lake will have water in it, or a painting in an autumn setting might have mild wind, while some paintings will have new sets of platforms or hazards being drawn a la Pictochat or Mario Maker. The two studio locations will also have a different set of platforms, but the "traveling" set of platforms between locations will always be the same, like in Skyloft or Halberd.​

Pushmo World
Based on the Pushmo franchise, rather than being a static stage, this stage is randomly generated like mario maker and will become bigger to accommodate more fighters

The stage starts out on a flat cloud platform as when pushmo blocks arnt pushed out, this cloud will disappear as the first pushmo block will glow and extend out becoming the new platform, this will periodically change as other pushmo blocks will push out replacing the previous sets, making it a mad dash to the next platform before you lose yours
(Think of it like the beep blocks from mario)

Additionally there is a chance the next block would be a Stretchmo block, meaning the block will begin to stretch out and extend horizontally, sometimes these blocks will be broken by a Crashmo block later down the fight, changing the structure of the arena, making it very dynamic

An Easter egg occurs when character originating from NES games press a certain button combination causing the stage to resemble a 8 bit sprite of the the character doing the code, these vartions dont do Stretchmo and Crashmo obstacles, only the standard pushmo blocks.

The area you start in Miitopia is the same area you start Smash. Although there are several sub areas in Greenhorne, I think the area should take place in Easin Hills. Very simple layout, as stated earlier. Certain Greenhorne characters could make an appearance. These include:
  • Princess and Besmirched Noble's Son.
    • They would skip along Easin Hills, arm in arm. Occasionally, they would lay down with the Besmirched Noble's Son (Who I'll be referring as BNS for now on) having a dreamy look on his face. Then they would continue walking along, this time with the Princess jumping into BNS's arms, similar to the cutscene at the end of the Greenhorne chapter (after saving the Princess's face).
  • Sassy Child and Worried Mother
    • A Mii child would run around Easin Hills, with the Mother running for the child, agitated.
  • King and Castle Guard
    • The King would be sitting on a giant pillow, with the 4 Castle Soldiers carrying the King, struggling to carry him. The King would be chomping on his Royal Roast the entire time.
  • Several Monsters
    • Several Monsters would be walking by and occasionally jump at a fighter to attack. These enemies would include Rock Moths, Goblins, Apple Jellies, Banshees, Cumumlus, Smileshrooms, Moles, Nose Rocks, and Green Snurps.
Now for the next area...
The second area is none other than Neksdor! Like Greenhorne, it would start off in the first area you are in each chapter, with this one being Neksdor Desert. The layout is the exact same as Easin Hills. For the cameos:
  • Prince from a nearby land (Referring to as PFNL)
    • The PFNL would walk by, carrying a lamp, and sobbing. Occasionally, a speech bubble will appear on the Prince, where he curses the BNS.
  • Genie of the Lamp
    • The Genie would fly around. He would then start floating. The player that touches him gets assisted by him, similar to Midgar summons. The Genie of the lamp would assist by blowing an opposing player with wind, attempting to blow them off the stage. He chuckles before disappearing.
  • Desert Celebrity
    • The desert celebrity would walk by and stand there. Similar with the Genie, the player who touches the Desert Celebrity is assisted. This time, the Desert Celebrity would turn the player into gold for a short bit before leaving.
  • Monsters
    • The following monsters would appear: Cacti Stack, Scaredy-Scorpion, Griffin, Lady and Man Murals, Cactus Ball, Venus Mii Trap, Hermit Crab and Lizard Fossils, Hieroglyphs, Blue Cobras, and Mummies. Similar to Greenhorne, they are hostile and attack.
And for the final area...
Realm of the Fey
And the last but not least area is the Realm of the Fey! As always, it would be the default area of the chapter. For the cameos:
  • Fab Fairies
    • The Fab Fairies would jump into the stage and dance. They then go out.
  • Quizmaster
    • The Quizmaster would run in. He then makes several poses, where each pose gives an effect. These range from sleep, to flower effect, to healing. When he leaves, he runs in place for a bit and then runs away.
  • Worried Explorer
    • The explorer would walk around, looking for treasure, and then sighs realizing that he can't find treasure.
  • Roaming Gourmet
    • The gourmet would sit at a table. He then eats some food on his table. He then jumps into the air and off screen after realizing how good his food was. The table then disappears, and the food falls to the ground. The food can be eaten, and it heals more HP than usual. This cameo only appears if food items are turned on.
  • Monsters
    • I think you all know the drill by now. The monsters that appear or Poms, Owlets, Spring Breeze, Snails, Twerkeys, Mouthy Tomatoes, Demon Spiders, and Kind Golems.
The remaining cameos are characters that can appear in any area.
  • Dark Lord
    • The Dark Lord is the way that each stage transfers. That's pretty much it.
  • Great Sage
    • The great sage would walk by and shoot a big energy ball. The Great sage would then give out a Maxim Tomato before leaving.
  • The most rare cameo, the Party Members
    • A warrior, a mage, a cleric, and a chef would walk by the background, and will only appear if there are monsters on the stage. Once they notice there are monsters, they would run to the stage and take out the monsters. But be careful, as the party's attacks would deal damage to the fighters as well.

Chemical Plant Zone
Sonic the Hedgehog
The stage would be largely based on both Act 1 and 2, with more aesthetics drawn from 2. This is especially from the poisonous liquid that’s found on the bottom. The stage would be the largest stage for the Sonic franchise (since Dr. Eggman has such a large personality). It would forgo the traditional loops and, instead, featuring two descending blues slides that travel downward before cross-crossing in the center. They act as passable platforms but also as walk-off ledges. There is a center platform composed of the same metallic platforms from these locations, complete with the clear pipes Sonic could run through.

Players can access this by pressing down on the pipe which will shoot them through the base of the main stage platform. There are four entrance areas, including those on the sides. Players can tilt where to go which will direct to where they end up.

On the far left and right sides, in between the two cross-crossing sections are platforms that move up and down. It’s hard to describe it so here’s a video to demonstrate…


Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Chemical Plant Zone Act 2
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 walkthrough of Chemical Plant Zone Act 2.

These tricky platforms are both a help and a hinders to players, sort of like a guy we all know who sometimes plays the villain or anti-hero.

The stage wouldn’t have too much in the way of gimmicks or hazards but probably the most s it significant aspect would be….

The Purple Ooze. Like water, players will drown in it hit will do continuous hits of damage without hitstun as soon as players enter into the liquid. It has a longer duration before players drown than water and, well, it’s sticky and reduces movement significantly making it harder to get out. Sort of like a certain Eggman we all know of.

I don’t know much in the way of cameos but perhaps we could decide we can include. I would probably say Chaotix as well as Rogue the Bat, Mephiles the Dark, Jet the Hawk, or even Sonic the Fighters as we are using Dr. Eggman from that game.

Battlefield and Omega would be based on the main stage minus the speed tubes function plus it wouldn’t have the liquid ooze but it would still be visible in the far background. A pink light that shines upwards an be seen though under the stage.
Central Highway
Mega Man
There is a stretch of raised highway that is about a battlefield and a quarter long. And about 1/2 of said highway is slightly sloped to the left. Blastzones are pretty standard and it is possible to walljump on the pillars that support the road-though you cannot camp here forever. There are also two street lamps, one in the foreground of the stage on the right (the non-sloped part), and the other in the background of the stage on the left (the sloped part).​
But it wouldn't be Central Highway without some bees.

Occasionally, the Bee Blader will appear to wreck havoc. It will fly in from the left or right side of the stage, and once it reaches the highway, it will stop in place and begin performing a set of a few actions at complete random. It can do multiple of these things at once, all of them at once, or simply choose not to do anything for a minute. It will, however, perpetually hover up and down.

  • Move forward: Just what it sounds like. The Bee Blader moves forward for a few frames before stopping again.
  • Bullets: The Bee Blader splashes bullets in front of him at a downward angle. It's pretty easy to avoid, but if you're hit, you'll be trapped in for 5 seconds while you are dealt 1% DPS. After which you are launched forwards, but never far enough to kill.
  • Missiles: The Bee Blader fires a homing missile that homes in on whoever was nearest when the move was activated. These missiles deal 8% and can kill opponents, but not until they are in the 130-160 range.
  • The Bee Blader has slightly more health than the Yellow Devil did in Smash Ultimate. When defeated, the Bee Blader will explode similarly to the Yellow Devil, but in a more realistic fashion. The explosion does major damage and knockback to anyone nearby, except for the player who landed the final hit.
  • The Bee Blader will not appear if stage hazards are disabled.
This stage has 10 cameos in total, all characters from the Mega Man X series. When the stage starts, there are no cameos-however, throughout the match the characters will teleport into the background of the stage to watch the battle. Sometimes they will also teleport away and, over time, new characters take their places. This is mostly random, but characters like X and Zero have the most priority of appearing.

Warning, minor spoilers ahead for X4. Skip Iris and Colonel if you don't want those.

The greatest creation of Doctor Light and main character of his series, Mega Man X (or just X) is a Maverick Hunter who fights for peace, though he wishes there were a more peaceful way of protecting both humans and reploids. After teleportation in, X will stand with his hands on his hips and watch with a smile on his face. If a KO is made, X will raise his fist to the air in celebration.


The greatest creation of Doctor Wily and partner of Mega Man X, Zero is also a Maverick Hunter who fights for peace-though he is more quick to act than X and doesn't spend as much time wishing for a peaceful solution to the war between reploids and mavericks. Zero will stand with his back to the camera, so we get full view of his glorious ponytail. When a KO is made, Zero shows a thumbs up to his opponent.

The junior Maverick Hunter with the ability to copy the appearance of others, Axl fights with X and Zero to stop Sigma dead in his tracks. Axl will bob from left to right in place, as if imitating a fighting game character, with his guns at the ready. When a KO is made, Axl spins his weapons with his fingers before striking a flashy pose.

Brother of Colonel and former love interest of Zero, Iris is a member of Repliforce who is unfortunately lost in the Final Weapon incident. Iris will hold her hands behind her and watch the battle with great interest. When a KO is made, Iris brings her hands around from her back to reveal a purple crystal-which she will then toss up into the air before catching it and putting it back behind her. She looks very energetic when doing so.

Brother of Iris and one of the two leaders of Repliforce, Colonel is the one who leads the Repliforce to leave Earth, in hopes of living their lives without the humans, and without harming them-but due to seeds of rebellion in the repliforce planted by guess-who, Colonel must be defeated by X (or Zero) in order to stop the Final Weapon from firing at Earth. Colonel will look ahead with not much visible emotion, arms down at his sides. He will politely clap whenever a KO is made.

The CEO of stopping X dead in his tracks to feed him useless information through his earpiece, Alia is the Navigator of the Maverick Hunters who "helps" by letting X know what's going on in any given situation. Alia will be talking to someone on her earpiece, occupied with something else and not focusing on the match at all-but when a KO is scored, she'll seemingly say "hold on" to them before waving and smiling at the screen.

The strangely handsome Douglas is the mechanic of the Maverick Hunters, who proved instrumental during the Eurasia colony incident. Douglas will stand casually and hold a wrench, occasionally tossing it slightly up and making it spin before catching it again. If a KO is made, Douglas reaches his non-wrench fist up, then pulls it back in excitement.

Signas, the leader of the Maverick Hunters, is the impressive strategist behind all of X's most dangerous missions. Signas will hold his chin up with his hand and simply observe the fight, occasionally nodding. When a KO is scored, he'll smile-this is the most subtle victory animation of the X cameos, but make no mistake-Signas truly appreciated that awesome play you just made.

Sigma was once the leader of the Maverick Hunters, but once the Maverick Virus manifested itself inside his body, Sigma felt the need to eradicate humans to make a perfect world for reploids. He now leads the Mavericks and fights with X and Zero every Tuesday whenever he's up to no good. Sigma will cross his arms around his chest, looking stern. When a KO is made, he throws back his head and laughs, as if to say "lol should've teched"


Vile is a maverick who works directly with Sigma, who has a lust for destruction and a kink for reincarnation. Vile will stand in place with determination, very much ready for action, with his knee blaster and shoulder canon locked and loaded. When a KO is made, he actually stomps the ground with his feet-Vile lives for destruction, but he'd rather take part in it himself than watch others have all the fun.

When teleportation in, the hero characters (anyone but Vile and Sigma) will teleport in classic Mega Man fashion. However, Vile and Sigma will have two after-images of their character model warp in, combining to form one image, before they themselves appear where that image is.
Shopping District
Street Fighter
et another iconic Street Fighter stage to accompany Suzaku Castle. This one belongs to the Chinese martial artist, Chun-Li. While Battle Harbor would make sense for Ken Masters, Shopping District is the more iconic stage but also brings an unique flair: a oriental Chinese aspect that is missing in Smash. We don’t have many stages like this but Battle Harbor would be a bit like Delfino Plaza in some regards. Air Force Base or a Shadoloo Base...or even Sagat’s base (forgot the name but the reclining statue stage) would be potential picks.

The stage would take a similar aspect from King of Fighter’s Stadium minus the sidewalls so it would have walk-off blast zones. There would be a secondary platform composed of the awnings found in the district’s shops.

Certain items found in the stage, like Suzaku Castle, can be destroyed. This includes signs, lampposts, the barbershop sign, and laundry line. Cameos would be limited to the characters found in the original stage. The stage would replicate the entire feeling of the SFII stage but remakes it in the typical Smash fashion so it wouldn’t be a Mute City/Balloon Fight situation.

The Battlefield/Final Destination versions consists of an earthen floating platform with the buildings in the background set against the far background. (Sunset sky and mountains)

Now, the elephant in the room...will Smash include the chicken strangle? No, it won’t. It will Include the caged chicken but hitting the cage will free the lucky chicken so it can escape. Replacing the man who is strangling the chicken would be a man who is checking the cage. Releasing the chicken surprises the man.

Clock Tower
he stage would take place on the gear as if it was laid down flat. In the background, several gears can be seen twisting and turning. There is also two solid stone platforms portruding from the wall and a semisolid platform in the middle where at least one player can stand on to avoid the gear's spinning.

It looks something like this.
__ ____ __


Occasionally, the gear the stage takes place on will start spinning. During this event, attempting to grab the ledge will instantly send you off. However, you will regain all of your jumps and movement options. Additionally, depending on whst direction the gear spins, players on the ground will be slid in that direction. The spinning will be foretold by the gear shaking. Several Medusa Heads will also attack the players from time to time by floating along the stage in a squiggly line pattern.

There's one more gimmick you should be aware of... If you select the stage while holding L, the stage will instead become...

Job #112.5: Inverted Clock Tower

The stage functions similarly to the regular variant with the Medusa Heads. However, the entire stage will be upside down! The stone platforms from before will act as the main ground now while the gear on top will act as a ceiling. If the ceiling is touched while the gear is spinning, you will take a colossal amount of damage and be spiked straight down.

Omega/Battlefield: The stage on Omega will resemble a gear with stalagtites hanging from the bottom and the platforms will resemble the stone platform in the center from the normal stage.
Like Living Room, it stats out completely flat, but Tetrominos will rain down from above, altering the layout. there are many different Tetrominos that can fall, and they will only disappear when they create a row.

If you are crushed by one, you will take damage, but also will be launched depending on the direction the Tetriminis is facing.

N. Sanity Beach
Crash Bandicoot
The stage is rather standard and more in line with stages like Final Destination with a flat surface composed of sand. Surrounding the stage platform is water which induces drowning if players stay there for too long. This makes bottom KO’s caused by attacks to be impossible. Occasionally, a Crate from the Crash Bandicoot will appear which all have different properties.

There are multiple hazards in this stage that makes playing on it difficult:

  • The man eating plant is a platform that bites every 5 seconds of its 15 second appearance. The first two will merely trap you and serve as a mild annoyance and make you easier to hit while the third will have it drag you to the depths. It shakes a little so you can recognise when it’s about to bite
  • When big TNT is stood on you bounce a little and it begins the timer, counting from 3 to 0, once it reaches 0 it explodes, it’s quite a big, powerful explosion (albeit not a 1HKO) and reaches to the edge of the main platform. If not activated it disappears after 8 seconds. Occasionally the Big TNT will spawn with Ripper Roo standing on it, as he bounces to activate it instantly, albeit not avoiding the explosion and ending up flying off stage.
  • The lily pad simply sways back and forth, making it tricky to land on. Disappears after 10 seconds.
Cameos also appear frequently on the stage which includes:

  • Coco
  • Tawna
  • Dr. Neo Cortex
  • Dingodile
  • Crunch
  • Nina Cortex
  • Tiny Tiger
  • Dr. Nefarious Tropy
  • Pinstripe Potoroo

Raccoon City
Resident Evil
The stage consists of a single long platform with walk-off blast lines on either side with three buildings that function as both backdrops and platforms much like Onett. The left side consists of the Raccoon City Subway Station which had a second story platform while the right side has a high fence that extends two stories up. This prevents lower knockouts. In between are two buildings; one with three story platforms. In addition, in the background is a donut shop which stands behind a fence. There is also a barricade fence put up in front of the subway station entrance/exit.

Zombies will periodically flood onto the stage and they appear at three different points. The first is from the subway stairwell, another from the donut shop, and the third from the right border fence. If enough zombies congregate to the fence, they will break it down and charge across the stage. They are fairly weak though and several attacks will incapacitate them. The first two entry points will have no effect on the match if broken down but the third will allow low knockback to enter the blast zone. They will erect back up in about 20 seconds after being torn down and then reset.

Several cameos do appear such as Carlos who will appear near the Subway Entrance and eliminate several zombies that enter the stage. If you successful taunt nearby to him, he will also attack nearby opponents. Nemesis will also appear which renders him unsummonable as a Boss Sphere. He behaves much like his Boss Battles in Classic Mode, Smash Dungeon, and Wishing Stars.
Hakurei Shrine
Touhou Project
The Hakurei Shrine is an important location in the touhou franchise.

The main platform is a large pillar slightly larger than Kalos pokemon league and on the platform is the Shrine building where the
dozens of cameos will be, you can stand on the roof of the shrine and there are 2 other trees that you can stand on. Fairies will fly in the background and sometimes on stage to deliver food

With hazards on occasionally one of the Characters will activate a spell card and many projectiles will be fire down onto the stage depending
on the Spell card.

The characters that could activate a spell card are:
(They still stand in the background with the rest but sometimes they do the spellcard thing)

The Rest of the Cameos are:
-The Prismriver Sisters
-Wriggle Nightbug
-Hong Meiling
-Fujiwara no Mokou

Six cameos can appear on the stage, one of them being a Spell card character

The Spell card effects are this:
Shikigami "Ran Yakumo": Yukari appears above the Shrine and Ran Yakumo jumps from platform to platform sending projectiles downwards, You can KO Ran to end it early but if you touch her while she is jumping you will take damage.

Taboo "Lävatein": Flandre appears in the middle of the Stage and a Large beam emits from Flandre and circles around the stage, You can KO Flandre to end it early

Illusion World "The World": Sakuya Stands on the Shrine platform and Time slows as Projectiles slowly spawn and fire at the fighters You can KO Sakuya

"Simple Danmaku for Cornering a Trapped Rat": Junko Hovers above the Shrine and sends rows of Homing Projectiles onto the fighters You can KO Junko

Love Sign "Master Spark": Marisa flies above the Stage and Shoots a large beam into the middle ofthe stage and Star shaped projectiles also fire randomly around the stage You can KO Marisa

Atomic Fire "Uncontainable Nuclear Reaction": Utsuho stands on the Middle Platform a Siren plays and 4 Massive Projeciles are fired from Utusho and smaller homing projectiles are fired from the larger projectiles.

Omega and final destination versions keep the exact same background just the pillar is smaller.

Plant vs Zombies
The stage remains relatively the same throughout each area but retains the idea brought up by Addy …

The stage layout would be a completely flat walk-off stage that rips its layout straight from PvZ but in 3D to fit the Smash style. There's a catch though, just like King of Fighters Stadium. You must get blasted through an invisible wall except the difference between this and KoF Stadium is that you can only be blasted through the left.
There are five areas:
  1. Lawn (Day)
  2. Lawn (Night)
  3. Pool (Day)
  4. Pool (Fog)
  5. Roof
Each area is randomized but, as mentioned, it can be selected via button input at the stage select screen. In addition, while we did include the Zombie Horde as an Assist Trophy, due to limitations, the assist trophy will not be accessible on this stage as the Zombie Horde is a stage hazard/gimmick. I didn’t consider the ones that were brought up in each submission so I will be adding these also to the Assist Trophy. This stage also has an unique aspect where, if Crazy Dave is selected and playable, then the Plants won’t appear as cameos. This is in order to help players be less confused during battle.

Celeste Mountain
The stage itself would be a chunk of earth jutting into the foreground from the mountain, which would thus appear in the background taking up the right side of the screen. The main platform would be about the same side as Battlefield's, and there would be two smaller platforms above it, each slightly tilted.

If hazards are on, occasionally the screen will shake a little. When this happens, a cluster of blue crystal spikes will fall from above and land on the main platform (passing through any smaller ones) and linger there for a moment. They can land on any spot across the platform except for directly on/a short distance from the ledge.

Occasionally, you can see a bird flying through the background. Once per match, you can see Madeline climbing the mountain in the background. Upon landing on a small, safe outcropping, she'll briefly cheer on the battle before resuming her climb.

The stage is very reminiscent of the stage Miiverse but has a light-blue theme and the background has Larry the Bird symbols behind it. Throughout the battle, hashtags and tweets from the player’s linked Twitter account appears in tweet bubbles. This also includes tweets, mentions, and replies by the player’s friends. The stage has a built-in censor that doesn’t feature inappropriate, offensive, and dangerous content as well as images and videos.​

Changes to Returning Stages
Adds in the following new biomes: Nether Wastes, Crimson Forest, and Bastion Remnent.
Adds in day/night cycle, weather; and background elements such as Guardians and the Divine Beasts
Adds in the new Microgames, Wario Whirled, Heads Up, and Alien Ambush
Adding in the following summons:
Fat Chocobo, Shiva, Phoenix, and Knights of the Round
New course elements and cameos as well as an introduction of night versions.
New stage hazards including Icicles and Fighter Flies
M32 Scouts will appear while Metal Face appears less but powered up. Rain occassionally happens and a few more improvements to the design.
New cameos include Amy, Blaze, and Zavok. Enemies appear on the outer edges. Appearance more like with Sonic 1.
New Pokémon cameos who perform a variety of attacks. A Water section has been added.
A plethora of new cameos involving previous characters and Personas. New aesthetics and design features referencing early Persona games. Easily the most updated stage in the game.
New cameos and hazards including Gordon’s and Krackos coming from Wispy Woods
Includes cameos such as Fredrick, Lon’qu, and Cordellia among a few.
More cameos including Abaddon, Legion, and Dracula himself as well as past protagonists like Soma Cruz and Maria Renard
Adds further cameos such as Chinchos, Uproots, and Magmatoes.
Breaking the mansion causes a replacement mansion from Luigi’s Mansion 3. New ghastly cameos are also included
More monster cameos including Dracky, Great Savertoih, and Gold Grabber.
Adds more cameos from modern games such as UFO, Morpho Knight, and Ripple Star
King of Fighter's Stadium
More cameos are introduced: K', Mai Shiranui, Duck King, Alice Nakata, Ramon, and Chizuru Kagura.
Saffron City
Mr. Mime and Machamp appears as new Pokemon that comes out from the Silph Co. building.
Vorash replaces Ridley as a stage boss.
Living Room
Living Room now has variations based on the games which are either randomized or can be chosen using a code like Minecraft World. These includes: Country Home, Desktop, Outer Space

Name and Series
Name and Series
Crash Bandicoot
Anti-ssist Trophy
Super Smash Bros.
Fire Emblem
Balloon Fight
Bottle of Soda
Super Smash Bros.
Fire Emblem
Bomb Rocks
Super Mario Bros.
Cape Feather
Super Mario Bros.
Coconut Gun
Donkey Kong
Dark Stone
Super Smash Bros.
Double Cherry
Super Mario Bros.
Ender Pearl
Gravity Tether
Super Smash Bros.
Goku's Staff
Matryoshka Doll
Super Smash Bros.
Phoenix Down
Final Fantasy
Rock Pikmin
Shield Monitor
Sonic the Hedgehog
Super Smash Bros.
Shock Bomb
The Legend of Zelda
Spirit Stone Flashlight
Fatal Frame
Super Smash Bros.
Baked Beans (Britain) Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
Tavuk Göğsü (Turkey) GolisoPower
Pho (Vietnam) cashregister9 cashregister9
Bánh Mì (Vietnam) airConditioner airConditioner
"French" Fries (Belgium) Mr. Robotto Mr. Robotto
Tacos (Mexico) Mushroomguy12 Mushroomguy12
Macaron (Italy) Janx_uwu Janx_uwu
Aku-Aku (Crash Bandicoot)
Anti-sst Trophy (Smash Bros.)
Armorslayer (Fire Emblem)
Balloon (Balloon Fight)
Bottle of Soda (Smash Bros)
Breidablik (Fire Emblem)
Bomb Rocks (Pikmin)
Bonneter (Super Mario)
Cape Feather (Super Mario)
Coconut Gun (Donkey Kong)
Dark Stone (Smash Bros)
Double Cherry (Super Mario)
Ender Pearl (Minecraft)
Gravity Tether (Smash Bros)
Goku’s Staff (Yuyuki)
Lollipop (Bayonetta)
Matryoshka Doll (Smash Bros)
Phoenix Down (Final Fantasy)
Rainmaker (Splatoon)
Rock Pikmin (Pikmin)
Shield Monitor (Sonic)
Snowflake (Smash Bros)
Shock Bomb (ARMS)
Spinner (Zelda)
Spirit Stone Flashlight (Fatal Frame)
Sprinkles (Miitopia)

Assist Trophies
Name and SeriesDescriptionName and SeriesDescription
Adeleine & Ribbon
Albert Wesker
Resident Evil
Balance Board
Wii Fit
Big the Cat
Sonic the Hedgehog
The Legend of Zelda
Cranky Kong
Donkey Kong
Dan Hibiki
Street Fighter
The Darklord
DJ Adore & Love Posse
Rhythm Heaven
Dr. Neo Cortex
Crash Bandicoot
Dragon Quest
Eggplant Wizard
Kid Icarus
Elite Beat Agents
Animal Crossing
Futaba Sakura
Jena Anderson
Astral Chain
Golden Sun
Jody Summers
Kula Diamond
Kind of Fighters
The Legend of Zelda
Muddy Mole
Mole Mania
Mumbo Jumbo
Super Mario Bros.
Fire Emblem
Space Invaders
Space Invaders
Tifa Lockhart
Final Fantasy
Wave Racers
Wave Race
WZeke & Pandora
Adeleine & Ribbon (Kirby)
Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
Balance Board (Wii Fit)
Big the Cat (Sonic)
Bokoblin (Zelda)
Buzz Bomber (Sonic)
Cranky Kong (Donkey Kong)
Creeper (Minecraft)
Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter)
The Darklord (Miitopia)
DJ Adore & Lose Posse (Rhythm Heaven)
Dr. Neo Cortex (Crash Bandicoot)
Dragonlord (Dragon Quesy)
Eggplant Wizard (Kid Icarus)
Elite Beat Agents (Ouendan)
Flick (Animal Crossing)
Futaba Sakura (Persona)
Jena Anderson (Astral Plain)
Jenna (Golden Sun)
Jody Summers (F-Zero)
Kula Diamond (King of Fighters)
Mona (WarioWare)
Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
Muddy Mole (Mole Panic)
Mumbo Jumbo (Banjo-Kazooie)
Pokey (Super Mario)
Poochy (Yoshi)
Seteth (Fire Emblem)
Space Invaders (Space Invaders)
Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy)
Wave Racers (Wave Race)
Zeke & Pandora (Xenoblade)
Zombie Horde (Plants vs Zombies)
Name and Gen
Name and Gen
Gen II
Galarian Meowth
Gen I/Gen VIII
Gen I
Gen II
Galarian Stunfrisk
Gen V/Gen VIII
Gen VI
Gen I
Ultra Necrozma
Gen II
Gen I
Galarian Meowth
Ultra Necrozma

Name and Series
DescriptionClassic Mode Route?Smash Dungeon?Boss Sphere?Wishing Stars?Boss Raid?
Master Hand
Super Smash Bros.
Crazy Hand
Super Smash Bros.
Death Egg Robot
Sonic the Hedgehog
Demon King Ganon
The Legend of Zelda
The Devil
DJ Octavio
Super Smash Bros.
Ender Dragon
Giga Bowser
Super Mario Bros.
Mysterious Castle Murasame
Resident Evil
Monster Hunter
Rayquaza/Mega Rayquaza
Rugal Bernstein
Fatal Fury
Galleom (Smash Bros)
Duon (Smash Bros)
Rathalos (Monster Hunter)
Marx (Kirby)
Dracula (Castlevania)
Giga Bowser (Smash Bros)
Demon King Ganon (Zelda)
Murasame (Mysterious Castle Murasame)
Ender Dragon (Minecraft)
Nemesis (Resident Evil)
Death Egg Robot (Sonic)
Devil (Cuphead)
Rugal Bernstien (Fatal Fury) (Adventure Mode only)
Master Hand (Smash Bros)
Crazy Hand (Smash Bros)

Mii Fighter Costumes

Red for Brawler
Blue for Swordfighter
Yellow for Gunner
Green for all classes
Skeleton Skull
Super Smash Bros​
Firefighter Hat
Super Smash Bros.​
Zombie Mask
Super Smash Bros.​
Gorilla Mask
Super Smash Bros.​
Superhero Mask
Super Smash Bros.​
Royal Gentleman's Cap & Wig

Royal Lady's Wig

Super Smash Bros.​
Elf Cap
Super Smash Bros.​
Knight Helmet
Super Smash Bros.​
Diving Suit Helmet
Super Smash Bros.​
Gangster Cap
Super Smash Bros.​
Primid Mask
Super Smash Bros.​
Bowser's Mask
Super Mario Bros.​
Pauline Hat & Wig
Super Mario Bros.​
Tingle Cap
The Legend of Zelda​
Darknut Helmet
The Legend of Zelda​
Sylux Helmet
Pokemon Trainer (Male) &(Female) Cap
Ball Guy Mask
Magikarp Cap
Galarian Slowbro Cap
Ness' Cap
Robin (Male) & (Female) Wig
Fire Emblem​
Lyndis Wig
Fire Emblem​
Gatekeeper Helmet
Fire Emblem​
Lyndis Wig
Fire Emblem​
Captain Syrup Bandana & Wig
Pearl Wig
Marina Wig
Garret Wig
Golden Sun​
Reporter's Wig
Rhythm Heaven​
Wrestler's Mask
Rhythm Heaven​
Lappy Mask
Astral Chain​
Kyle Mask
Astral Chain​
Sukapon Helmet
Mecha Joy Fight​
Raiden Wig & Helmet
Metal Gear Solid​
Tails Cap
Sonic the Hedgehog​
Amy Rose Cap
Sonic the Hedgehog​
Servbot Helmet
Mega Man​
Loki Wig
Joker's Mask & Wig
Terry's Cap & Wig
Fatal Fury​
Crash's Cap
Crash Bandicoot​
Mr. X's Mask & Cap
Resident Evil​
Viewtiful Joe Mask
Veiwtiful Joe​
Rayman Mask
Buck Bumble Mask
Larry the Bird Mask
Peashooter Cap
Plants vs Zombies​
Doomshroom Cap
Plants vs Zombies​
Skeleton Skull (Smash Bros)
Firefighter Hat (Smash Bros)
Zombie Mask (Smash Bros)
Gorilla Mask (Smash Bros)
Superhero Mask (Smash Bros)
Royal Gentleman's Hat & Wig (Smash Bros)
Royal Lady's Wig (Smash Bros)
Elf Cap (Smash Bros)
Knight Helmet (Smash Bros)
Diving Suit Helmet (Smash Bros)
Gangster Cap (Smash Bros)
Primid Mask (Subspace Emissary/Smash Bros)
Bowser's Mask (Super Mario)
Pauline Hat & Wig (Super Mario)
Tingle Cap (Legend of Zelda)
Sylux Helmet (Metroid)
Pomemon Trainer (Male) Cap (Pokemon)
Pokemon Trainer (Female) Cap (Pokemon)
Ball Guy Mask (Pokemon)
Magikarp Cap (Pokemon)
Galarian Slowbro Cap (Pokemon)
Ness's Cap (Earthbound/MOTHER)
Robin (Male) Wig (Fire Emblem)
Robin (Female) Wig (Fire Emblem)
Gatekeeper Helmet (Fire Emblem)
Lyndis Wig (Fire Emblem)
Captain Syrup Bandana & Wig (Wario)
Pearl Wig (Splatoon)
Marina Wig (Splatoon)
Garret Wig (Golden Sun)
Raiden Mask & Wig (Metal Gear Solid)
Tails Cap (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Amy Rose Cap (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Loki Wig (Bayonetta)
Joker's Mask & Wig (Persona 5)
Terry's Hat & Wig (Fatal Fury)
Crash Cap (Crash Bandicoot)
Reporter's Wig (Rhythm Heaven)
Wrestler's Mask (Rhythm Heaven)
Lappy Mask (Astral Chain)
Kyle Mask (Astral Chain)
Mr. X's Mask & Hat (Resident Evil)
Viewtiful Joe Mask (Viewtiful Joe)
Servbot Helmet (Mega Man)
Sukapon Helmet (Joy Mecha Fight)
Buck Bumble Mask (Buck Rumble)
Shantae Wig (Shantae)
Rayman Mask (Rayman)
Larry the Bird Mask (Twitter)

All Mii’s Classes
CEO Outfit (Twitter)
Larry the Bird (Twitter)


Red for Brawler
Blue for Swordfighter
Yellow for Gunner
Green for all classes
Skeleton Outfit
Super Smash Bros​
Firefighter Outfit
Super Smash Bros.​
Zombie Outfit
Super Smash Bros.​
Gorilla Outfit
Super Smash Bros.​
Superhero Outfit
Super Smash Bros.​
Royal Gentleman's Outfit

Royal Lady's Outfit

Super Smash Bros.​
Neandratahl Outfit
Super Smash Bros.​
Dinosaur Suit
Super Smash Bros.​
Elf Cap
Super Smash Bros.​
Knight Outfit
Super Smash Bros.​
Diving Suit Outfit
Super Smash Bros.​
Gangster Outfit
Super Smash Bros.​
Primid Outfit
Super Smash Bros.​
Bowser's Outfit
Super Mario Bros.​
Pauline Outfit
Super Mario Bros.​
Tingle Outfit
The Legend of Zelda​
Darknut Outfit
The Legend of Zelda​
Sylux Outfit
Pokemon Trainer (Male) & (Female) Outfit
Ball Guy Outfit
Galarian Slowbro Outfit
Ness' Outfit
Kumatora Outfit
Robin (Male) & (Female) Outfit
Fire Emblem​
Lyndis Outfit
Fire Emblem​
Gatekeeper Outfit
Fire Emblem​
Lyndis Outfit
Fire Emblem​
Captain Syrup Outfit
Pearl Outfit
Marina Outfit
Garret Outfit
Golden Sun​
Reporter's Outfit
Rhythm Heaven​
Wrestler's Outfit
Rhythm Heaven​
Lappy Mask
Astral Chain​
Kyle Mask
Astral Chain​
Sukapon Helmet
Mecha Joy Fight​
Raiden Wig & Helmet
Metal Gear Solid​
Tails Outfit
Sonic the Hedgehog​
Amy Rose Outfit
Sonic the Hedgehog​
Servbot Outfit
Mega Man​
Loki Outfit
Joker's Outfit
Terry's Outfit
Fatal Fury​
Crash's Outfit
Crash Bandicoot​
Mr. X's Outfit
Resident Evil​
Viewtiful Joe Outfit
Veiwtiful Joe​
Rayman Outfit
Buck Bumble Outfit
CEO Outfit
Larry the Bird Outfit
Fall Guy Outfit
Fall Guys​

Dinosaur Suit (Smash Bros)
Firefighter Outfit (Smash Bros)
Zombie Outfit (Smash Bros)
Gorilla with a Cage Suit (Smash Bros)
Primid Outfit (Subspace Emissary/Smash Bros)
Bowser Outfit (Super Mario)
Pauline Outfit (Super Mario)
Tingle Outfit (Legend of Zelda)
Pokemon Trainer (Male & Female) Outfit (Pokemon)
Ball Guy Outfit (Pokemon)
Captain Syrup Outfit (Wario)
Pearl Outfit (Splatoon)
Loki Outfit (Bayonetta)
Terry Outfit (Fatal Fury)
Crash Outfit (Crash Bandicoot)
Ringside Outfit (Rhythm Heaven)
Lappy Outfit (Astral Chain)
Mr. X Outfit (Resident Evil)
Viewtiful Joe Outfit (Vewitiful Joe)
Servbot Outfit (Mega Man)
Sukapon Outfit (Joy Mecha Fight)
Shantae Outfit (Shantae)
Rayman Outfit (Rayman)
Fall Guy Outfit (Fall Guy)

Mii Swordfighter
Chef Outfit (Smash Bros)
Royal (Male & Female) Outfit (Smash Bros)
Santa's Elf Outfit (Smash Bros)
Neandrathal Outfit (Smash Bros)
Knight Armor Outfit (Smash Bros)
Ness's Outfit (Earthbound/MOTHER)
Robin (Male & Female) Outfit (Fire Emblem)
Gatekeeper Outfit (Fire Emblem)
Lyndis Outfit (Fire Emblem)
Garret Outfit (Golden Sun)
Kyle Outfit (Astral Chain)
Great Sage (Miitopia)
Raiden Outfit (Metal Gear Solid)
Amy Rose Outfit (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Joker Outfit (Persona 5)

Mii Gunner
Diving Suit Outfit (Smash Bros)
Gangster Outfit (Smash Bros)
Kumatora Outfit (Earthbound/MOTHER)
Sylux Costume (Metroid)
Galarian Slowbro Outfit (Pokemon)
Marina Outfit (Splatoon)
Buck Bumble Outfit (Buck Rumble)

Classic Mode
All-Star Mode
Smash Dungeon
Wishing Stars - Adventure ModeLocations
  • Dairantoushi
    • SmashSpace
King of the Hill
Foot Race
Treasure Trussle
Boss Raid
  1. Super Smash Bros. 64
  2. Super Mario 64
  3. Wario Land
  4. Pokémon Red & Blue
  5. Fire Emblem: Genealogies of War
  6. Pac-Land
  7. Castlevania Rondo of Blood
  8. Revelations Persona
  9. Dragon Quest III
  10. Banjo-Kazooie
  11. Fatal Fury Special

:starman:Wishing Stars :starman:
Fancy Footwork:starman::starman:2 Green Shards, 2 Red ShardsPerform over 50 successful kicking moves during gameplayGives a +12 attack damage boost to all kicking moves while also increase the attack speed by 2.5x. Increases walking/running movement like .4% after each successful kicking attack.
Install Star:starman::starman::starman::starman:4 of each shardSuccessfully Land a Final Smash while over 100%All stats are increased by 5
Iajustu Star:starman::starman::starman:4 Purple Wish Shards + 2 Black WIshing ShardsDeal 100% total damage with any item.Any item you hold in your hand will not deal damage, but your opponents gain "Iaijutsu" stacks. Drop the item to unleash the damage all at once, with the most recent hit being your knockback.
Thorn Star:starman::starman:Blue Shards (x3), Red Shard (x1)Do a perfect shield 5 times.Your shield deals damage when touched.
Vampyric Star:starman::starman::starman:Black Shard (3) Pink Shard (1) White Shard (1)You get healed everytime you defeat an enemy, the more dangerous the enemy the more you get healed.Do a No Damage Run against Dracula, if Dracula isnt in the game then defeat a 1 on 2 battle with a level 7 Simon and Ricther
Assist Me!:starman::starman::starman:2 Purple Wish Shards, 1 Black Wish Shard, and 1 White Wish ShardDefeat a total of ten Assist Trophies during a match.Summon a random Assist Trophy on your side.
Wishing Stars (Adventure Mode)
King of the Hill
Foot Race
Treasure Tussle
Boss Raid
Super Smash Bros. 64
Super Mario 64
Wario Land
Pokémon Red & Blue
Fire Emblem: Genealogies of War
Castlevania Rondo of Blood
Revelations Persona
Dragon Quest III
Fatal Fury Special

Touhou Project
Astral Chain
Master Class Spirits
Dr. Oak (Pokémon)
Gatekeeper Trio (Rhythm Heaven)
Wandering Trader (Minecraft)
Zenkichi Hasegawa (Persona)
Tung Fu Rue (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters)
Kangaroon (Mole Mania)
Maximillian Howard (Astral Chain)
Cubot & Orbot (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Spirit NameSeriesDescription/UseSpirit Battle
Dr. OakPokemon
Gatekeeper TrioRhythm Heaven
Wandering TraderMinecraft
Zenkichi HasegawaPersona
Tung Fu RueFatal Fury
KangaroonMole Mania
Maximillian HowardAstral Chain
Cubot & OrbotSonic the Hedgehog


Smash Dungeon Enemies
PrimidSuper Smash Bros.
AuroraSuper Smash Bros.
MizzoSuper Smash Bros.
MitesSuper Smash Bros.
ArmightSuper Smash Bros.
GreaperSuper Smash Bros.
BytanSuper Smash Bros.
GoombaSuper Mario Bros.
BooSuper Mario Bros.
Koopa TroopaSuper Mario Bros.
ParatroopaSuper Mario Bros.
KobblerDonkey Kong
Zebsian Space PirateMetroid
Swooping SwitchbugPikmin
Risen InfectedFire Emblem
Tarantula & ScorpionAnimal Crossing
The CellARMS
Shell ChimerasAstral Chain
Moto BugSonic the Hedgehog
MettaurMega Man
PixieShin Megami Tensei/Persona
Jack FrostShin Megami Tensei/Persona
SlimeDragon Quest
The GranadosResident Evil
FariesTouhou Project
PookaDig Dug
Mars PeopleMetal Slug
Goomba (Mario)
Boo (Mario)
Koopa Troopa/Paratroopa (Mario)
Gulpin (Pokémon)
Zebesian Space Pirate (Metroid)
Pigmask (MOTHER/Earthbound)
Risen Infected (Fire Emblem)
Swooping Switchbug (Pikmin)
Tarantula & Scorpion (Animal Crossing)
Duck (Duck Hunt)
The Cell (ARMS)
Primid (Subspace/Smash Bros)
Aurora (Subspace/Smash Bros)
Mizzo (Subspace/Smash Bros)
Mites (Subspace/Smash Bros)
Armight (Subspace/Smash Bros)
Greaper (Subspace/Smash Bros)
Bytan (Subspace/Smash Bros)
Shell Chimeras (Astral Chain)
Moto Bug (Sonic)
Mettaur (Mega Man)
Pixie (SMT/Persona)
Jack Frost (SMT/Persona)
Slime (Dragon Quest)
Buzzbomb (Banjo-Kazooie)
Witch (Minecraft)
Creeper (Minecraft)
Mokujin/Tetsujin (Tekken)
The Granados (Resident Evil)
Fairies (Touhou Project)
Pookas (Dig-Dug)
Mars People (Metal Slug)
Bonkers (Kirby)
Bulborb (Pikmin)
Darknut (The Legend of Zelda)
Devil Car (Earthbound/MOTHER)
Lynel (The Legend of Zelda)
Noivern (Pokémon)
Polar Bear (Ice Climbers)
Reaper & Reapette (Kid Icarus)
Temmie (Undertale)
Tyranitar (Pokémon)
Tyrant T-03 (Resident Evil)

Miscellaneous Information
IsaacWarrior of Vale
Bandana DeeHelper to Hero
OctolingHalf-Octopus, Half-Agent
WaluigiThe Purple Perpetrator
CrashIt's About Time!
StylistTop Class Stylist
Ashleythe Girl Next Door
MedusaGoddess of Darkness
BaristaThe Coffee Loving Canine
JillThe Last Survivor
LeonSpecial Agent
TakamaruAzure Samurai
Galacta KnightStrongest in the Galaxy
Groyvle & Celebi
DJ Octavio
Reimu Hakurei
Officer Howard
Dr. Eggman

Additional Links




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Venus of the Desert Bloom

Moderating your boards and bringing you news
Writing Team
Jul 30, 2007

Waluigi's Pinball
Super Mario Bros.

Bowser's Castle
Super Mario Bros.

Dr. Mario
Super Mario Bros.

Megafruit Paradise

Super Mario Bros.

Sawmill Thrill
Donkey Kong Country

Koholint Island
The Legend of Zelda


Castle Dedede

Gigabyte Ruins

Crafted World

Wigglytuff Guild

Galar Wild Area

Mystery Island
Animal Crossing


New Los Angelos

Deepsea Metro

Venus Lighthouse
Golden Sun

Beaumont Arena
Style Savvy

Night Walk
Rhythm Heaven

Astral Plane
Astral Chain

Nintendo Land
Nintendo Land

Nintendo Badge Arcade
Nintendo Badge Arcade

Home Studio
Art Academy

Pushmo World

Central Highway
Mega Man

Shopping District
Street Fighter

Clock Tower


N. Sanity Beach
Crash Bandicoot

Raccoon City
Resident Evil

Hakurei Shrine
Touhou Project


Game Modes

All-Star Mode

All-Star Mode
All-Star Mode returns from Smash Ultimate, but is more similar to its appearances is Smash 4 and Brawl. You will have one life to get through 9 rounds which have ~10 fighters each, and are roughly sorted by time period. Every numbered and echo fighter is fought, but this time Alph, Alex, Erdrick, Solo, and Eight are also fought. The first round will start with the oldest fighter, Mr. Game & Watch, and the last round will end with the most recent fighter, Byleth. Stages for each round will be based on games that debuted with the characters in that time period i.e. Pac-Maze in round 1 and Garreg Mach Monastery in round 9. Between each round there will be a resting area where you can heal and collect prizes. Prizes will be won after each round, including coins, SP, spirits, snacks, and spirit board Support items. (as well as any new prizes introduced in Infinite). The prizes will start out small, and will increases as more rounds are cleared. There are three difficulties, Easy, Normal, and Hard, with the rewards being better as the difficulty increases. As in Smash 4, there will be a way to see which characters you have cleared All-Star Mode with, and on what difficulty you cleared it in. True All-Star mode will be unlocked once every character has been unlocked, which will be harder as there are more fighters, but the rewards will be even greater.
OrderFighterDebut Game (Japan)Debut Date (Japan)
1:ultgnw: Mr. Game & WatchBallApril 28, 1980
2:ultpacman: Pac-ManPac-ManMay 22, 1980
3:ultdk:Donkey KongDonkey KongJuly 9, 1981
4:ultmario:MarioDonkey KongJuly 9, 1981
5:ultluigi: LuigiMario Bros.July 14, 1983
6:ultlittlemac: Little MacPunch-Out!!December 1983
7:ultduckhunt: Duck HuntDuck HuntApril 21, 1984
8:ulticeclimbers: Ice ClimbersIce ClimberJanuary 30, 1985
9:ultrob: R.O.B.Stack-UpJuly 26, 1985
10:ultpiranha: Piranha PlantSuper Mario Bros.September 13, 1985
11:ultpeach: PeachSuper Mario Bros.September 13, 1985
12:ultbowser: BowserSuper Mario Bros.September 13, 1985
13:ultlink:LinkThe Legend of ZeldaFebruary 21, 1986
14:ultzelda: ZeldaThe Legend of ZeldaFebruary 21, 1986
15:ultsamus:SamusMetroidAugust 6, 1986
16:ultridley: RidleyMetroidAugust 6, 1986
17:ultsimon: SimonCastlevaniaSeptember 26, 1986
18:ultpit: PitKid IcarusDecember 19, 1986
19:ultpalutena: PalutenaKid IcarusDecember 19, 1986
20MedusaKid IcarusDecember 19, 1986
21:ultsnake: SnakeMetal GearJuly 13, 1987
22:ultryu: RyuStreet FighterAugust 30, 1987
23:ultken: KenStreet FighterAugust 30, 1987
24:ultmegaman: Mega ManMega ManDecember 17, 1987
25:ulthero3:ErdrickDragon Quest IIIFebruary 10, 1988
26:ultdaisy: DaisySuper Mario LandApril 21, 1989
27:ultmarth: MarthFire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of LightApril 20, 1990
28:ultdoc: Dr. MarioDr. MarioJuly 27, 1990
29:ultfalcon: Captain FalconF-ZeroNovember 21, 1990
30:ultyoshi:YoshiSuper Mario WorldNovember 21, 1990
31:ultsonic: SonicSonic the HedgehogJuly 26, 1991
32:ult_terry:TerryFatal Fury: King of FightersNovember 25, 1991
33:ultkirby:KirbyKirby's Dream LandApril 27, 1992
34:ultkingdedede: King DededeKirby's Dream LandApril 27, 1992
35:ulthero4: SoloDragon Quest VSeptember 27, 1992
36:ultwario: WarioSuper Mario Land 2: 6 Golden CoinsOctober 21, 1992
37:ultfox:FoxStar FoxFebruary 21, 1993
38:ultfalco: FalcoStar FoxFebruary 21, 1993
39:ultmetaknight: Meta KnightKirby's AdventureMarch 23, 1993
40:ultrichter: RichterCastlevania: Rondo of BloodOctober 29, 1993
41:ultness: NessEarthBoundAugust 27, 1994
42:ultdiddy: Diddy KongDonkey Kong CountryNovember 26, 1994
43:ultkrool: King K. RoolDonkey Kong CountryNovember 26, 1994
44:ultpokemontrainer: Pokémon Trainer:ultsquirtle::ultivysaur::ultcharizard:Pokémon Red and Green February 27, 1996
45:ultpikachu:PikachuPokémon Red and Green February 27, 1996
46:ultjigglypuff: JigglypuffPokémon Red and Green February 27, 1996
47:ultmewtwo: MewtwoPokémon Red and Green February 27, 1996
48View attachment 302869 Bandana Waddle DeeKirby Super StarMarch 21, 1996
49View attachment 302868 Crash BandicootCrash BandicootSeptember 9,1996
50:ultcloud: CloudFinal Fantasy VIIJanuary 31, 1997
51:ultsephiroth:SephirothFinal Fantasy VIIJanuary 31, 1997
52:ultwolf: WolfStar Fox 64April 27, 1997
53:ultyounglink: Young LinkThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeNovember 21, 1998
54:ultsheik: SheikThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeNovember 21, 1998
55:ultganondorf: GanondorfThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeNovember 21, 1998
56:ultbanjokazooie:Banjo & KazooieBanjo-KazooieDecember 6, 1998
57:ultpichu: PichuPokémon Gold and Silver November 21, 1999
58View attachment 302866 WaluigiMario TennisJuly 21, 2000
59:ultvillager: VillagerAnimal ForestApril 14, 2001
60View attachment 302867IsaacGolden SunAugust 1, 2001
61:ultolimar: OlimarPikminOctober 26, 2001
62:ultroy: RoyFire Emblem: The Binding BladeMarch 29, 2002
63:ultbowserjr: Bowser Jr.Super Mario SunshineJuly 19, 2002
64:ulttoonlink: Toon LinkThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerDecember 13, 2002
65:ultzss: Zero Suit SamusMetroid: Zero MissionMay 27, 2004
66:ulthero2: EightDragon Quest VIIINovember 27, 2004
67View attachment 302865AshleyWarioWare: Touched!December 2, 2004
68:ultike: IkeFire Emblem: Path of RadianceApril 20, 2005
69:ultdarksamus: Dark SamusMetroid Prime 2: EchoesMay 26, 2005
70:ultlucas: LucasMother 3April 20, 2006
71View attachment 306056BaristaRhythm TengokuAugust 3, 2006
72:ultlucario: LucarioPokémon Diamond and Pearl September 28, 2006
73:ultrosalina: Rosalina & LumaSuper Mario GalaxyNovember 1, 2007
74:ultwiifittrainer: Wii Fit TrainerWii FitDecember 1, 2007
75View attachment 303753 StylistStyle SavvyOctober 23, 2008
76:ultbayonetta: BayonettaBayonettaOctober 29, 2009
77:ultshulk: ShulkXenoblade ChroniclesJune 10, 2010
78:ultsteve:SteveMinecraftNovember 18, 2011
79:ultdarkpit: Dark PitKid Icarus: UprisingMarch 22, 2012
80:ultrobin: RobinFire Emblem AwakeningApril 19, 2012
81:ultchrom: ChromFire Emblem AwakeningApril 19, 2012
82:ultlucina: LucinaFire Emblem AwakeningApril 19, 2012
83:ultisabelle: IsabelleAnimal Crossing: New LeafNovember 8, 2012
84:ultalph: AlphPikmin 3July 13, 2013
85:ultgreninja: GreninjaPokémon X and Y October 12, 2013
86View attachment 302872 AlexMinecraft: Bountiful UpdateSeptember 2, 2014
87:ultinkling: InklingSplatoonMay 28, 2015
88:ultcorrin: CorrinFire Emblem FatesJune 25, 2015
89:ultjoker: JokerPersona 5September 15, 2016
90:ultincineroar: IncineroarPokémon Sun and Moon November 18, 2016
91:ultminmin Min MinARMSJune 16, 2017
92:ulthero: LuminaryDragon Quest XIJuly 28, 2017
93:ultpyra: PyraXenoblade Chronicles 2December 1, 2017
Xenoblade Chronicles 2December 1, 2017
95View attachment 303749 OctolingSplatoon 2: Octo ExpansionJune 13, 2018
96:ultbyleth: BylethFire Emblem: Three HousesJuly 26, 2019
Classic Creator PeridotGX PeridotGX
New Mode: Classic Creator

Every character in Ultimate has their own classic mode, and that's cool! That being said, the replay value is a bit lacking, because it's the same thing over and over again. The easy solution is to just make Classic Mode random again, but I'm going in the opposite direction: creating your own custom, Ultimate-esque paths.

Classic Modes are rather simple to create. Before anything, you must name it and decide if it's specific to a character or a mii, or if the whole cast can play on it. After that, you're free to customize the seven battles to your heart's content. You can choose what stage the fight is on, the background music, what items spawn, what fighters appear, and how many fighters there are (you can select up to 10, with 5 or more foes treated as a horde battles. You can also give your characters the Metal, Mega, and Mini effects). It's highly recommended that the last fight is a boss, but an earlier fight can be made a boss or the seventh could just be a regular one. After the Classic Mode is created, it appears in a menu where it can be selected from other created classic modes. These are treated as regular classic modes, you can do co-op, use tickets, and get spirits. You can upload them to the internet, and play ones from online (no download required, unless a custom stage is involved). If the mode is exclusive to a character you haven't unlocked/bought, you can't play it, but you still can if there's one as a CPU in the mode. Additionally, if it's tied to a Mii that's been uploaded to the internet, downloading that mii will also give you the classic mode.
Smash Dungeon

Throwing my hat into the ring for a new possible mode:

Smash Dungeon
Somewhat based on the "Tower of Smash" leak for Smash 4 many years back, this would be a single or multiplayer mode in a similar vein to Smash Run and Smash Tour, essentially being a replacement for both. It's a roguelike mode in which you and other players must battle your way through randomly-generated floors, defeating enemies to collect items before making your way to the boss of each floor. Items are similar to those found in Smash Tour, but grant you permanent passive buffs. These can be collected by defeating enemies, clearing challenging platforming sections, out on the ground, or shopping at vendors you can find on every floor. Enemies encountered hail from various Nintendo franchises like Smash Run, and also reintroduces the Subspace Army as foes you can fight. Bosses are also randomly generated, some that are also encountered in Classic Mode, others completely unique to Smash Dungeon. The dungeons can also be themed after various series, such as Mario castles, The Legend of Zelda temples, Eggman's bases from Sonic, dungeons from Persona, and many more. There would also be options, such as a difficulty setting for enemies, a slider for how often they spawn, how often power-ups appear, how many floors there are or if it's endless and players play to see how far they go, etc. Lastly, there would also be online play, allowing players to create rooms like Battle Arenas and play the mode together.

The only issue I can see with this is the multiplayer aspect when playing on one Switch, but I'm sure there can be workarounds for that.

Probably a good idea to repost this before every Spirit Theme Event...

Submitting a Spirit/Spirit Battle

1) The Spirit must be from a game or series that has been on a Nintendo system at some point in time.
2) The Spirit must be relevant and important to the series are derived from.
3) While not always required, it’s preferred the Spirit must have artwork to accompany it instead if in-game sprites. Please provide an artwork of the Spirit for our Spirit Team.
4) All Spirits must have the appropriate information regarding their Spirit info and Battle info. This includes type, class, and ability for Spirits and puppet fighter, stage, music, and conditions for the Battles.
5) If submitting a rather obscure, off-the-wall, or particularly controversial Spirit, you may be asked to defend your reasoning as to why it should become a Spirit before it can be approved.

Submission Process

When submitting a Spirit, please submit no more than ten at a time as submitting a whole bunch in one batch is difficult to process quickly.

When submitting, please tag myself or Ramen Tengoku Ramen Tengoku so either one of us can approve or disapprove of the Spirit. Disapproving of the Spirit means they don’t follow with the above guidelines. Failing to get an approval by not pinging us results in that Spirit not getting evaluated. When disapproved, the evaluator will give a reason as to why.

Once approved, it will be added to our Spirit list both in the doc and our Wikia. If disapproved, you may submit a replacement Spirit that fits the above criteria.

General Submissions are currently closed.

Spirit Regulation

We have a great Spirit list but, looking at it, we have a lot of series bloated up with Spirits and other series not so much. We will no longer have a completely open submission process. Instead, we will have both our usual Spirit Theme submissions as well as Task Submissions. Task Submissions are a set of multiple guidelines in submitting a Spirit that we can follow to help make the Spirit List more expansive for every series.

We will still be holding off on adding Spirits until the wikia is up to speed. Once I get the ok, we will begin our Task Submissions.

  • Name
  • Series and debut game
  • Type and class
  • Spirit ability
If you include a Spirit Battle,
  • The puppet fighter(s)
  • Stage
  • Music (please take a look at the music doc to see if the song is available or if you want to include your own song)​
  • Type of match (stock, timed, stamina, etc)
Here is a list of every Spirit from Ultimate + Sequel

To submit a song, please visit the:
Music Submission Doc

Please take note of the current cap on songs that can be included at any given time. The cap will increase for certain series at the start of the week. Please only include songs from series and games that have had at least one appearance on a Nintendo console.



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Waiting for Latias and Latios to get a theme
Venus Edit: I have received permission by Pokelego999 Pokelego999 to use this post as I’m am going to be losing space within the first two posts as this project continues. Hence forth, this post will be used by Venus.

Timeline & Confirmed Contents
  • E3 Reveal Trailer (53m 8s)​
    • Characters
      • Newcomers
        • Isaac
        • Bandana Waddle Dee
        • Octoling
        • Waluigi
        • Crash
        • Stylist
      • Veteran Updates
        • Mario
        • Donkey Kong
        • Samus
        • Ganondorf
        • Young Link
    • Stages
      • New
        • Venus Lighthouse
        • Castle Dedede
        • Waluigi Pinball
        • N. Sanity Beach
        • Beaumonde Arena
        • Bowser’s Castle
        • Dr. Mario
        • Mystery Island
      • Returning
        • PAC-MAZE
        • Meta Crystal
        • Rainbow Road
        • Poké Floats
    • Items
      • Shock Bomb
      • Double Cherry
      • Anti-ssist Trophy
      • Gravity Fan
      • Dark Stone
      • Matryoshka Doll
      • Bottle of Soda
      • Coconut Gun
      • Armorslayer
      • Breidablik
      • Aku Aku
    • Assist Trophies
      • Creeper
      • Futaba Sakurai
      • Big the Cat
      • Wii Fit Balance Board
      • Jenna
      • Cranky Kong
      • Mumbo Jumbo
      • Bokoblin
      • Eggplant Wizard
      • Dragonlord
      • Kula Diamond
      • Seteth
      • Tifa Lockhart
      • Dr. Neo Cortex
      • Nintendog (Shiba Inu)
    • Pokémon
      • Wooloo
      • Snom/Frosmoth
      • Cramorant
      • Galarian Stunfisk
      • Gengar
      • Sirfetch’d
      • Eiscue
      • Appletun
      • Eternatus
      • Aipom
      • Umbreon
      • Hitmontop
    • Mii Fighter Costumes
      • Garrett
      • Raiden
      • Chef Outfit
      • Diving Suit
      • Gangster Outfit
      • Dinosaur Outfit
      • Knight Outfit
      • Superhero Outfit
      • Firefighter Outfit
      • Crash Suit Costume
      • Pokémon Trainer costume
      • Ness costume
      • Robin costume
      • Bowser costume
      • Joker costume
      • Terry costume
      • Gatekeeper Costume
      • Ball Guy costume
      • Pauline Costume
      • Tingle Costume
      • Kumatora Costume
      • Primid Costume
    • Game Modes
      • Smash Dungeon
      • Create a Classic Mode
    • Spirits
      • Cat Mario
      • Fury Bowser
      • Hestu
      • Zero
      • Adeleine
      • Hyness
      • Ash Greninja
      • Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres
      • Joshua
      • Yuri
      • Elemental Dijinn
      • Alex
      • Doom Dragon
      • Karis
      • Emmylou
      • Alina
      • Launch Octopus
      • Kasumi Yoshizawa
      • Ash Crimson
      • Aku Aku
      • Crunch Bandicoot
      • The Evil Twins
      • Jinbe
      • Bubsy
      • The Enchantress
      • Winnehild, Warbinger
      • Peashooter
      • Football Zombie
  • August Nintendo Direct (6m, 15s)
    • Character
      • Ashley
    • Assist Trophy
      • Kat & Ana
      • Mona
    • Mii Costume
      • Captain Syrup
    • Spirits
      • Demon Head
      • Penny Crygor
      • Gold Digger
      • Supermaker 21
    • Game improvements
      • “And the winner is...”
      • 4th taunt
      • Classic Mode Bonus Rounds
      • Hero selection changes
  • September Nintendo Mini Direct: Echo Spotlight (2m, 25s)
    • Character
      • Medusa
    • Additional Content
      • Medusa’s Palutena Guidance
  • October Nintendo Direct(3m, 45s)
    • Character
      • Barista
    • Stage
      • Nightwalk
    • Assist Trophy
      • DJ Adore & Love Posse
    • Mii Costume
      • Wrestler & Reporter
    • Spirits
      • Empolyee 333-4-591032
      • Muscle Doll
      • The Donpans
      • A Boy & His Crush
      • Screwbots
      • Beary
  • December Game Award Show Reveal
    • Character
      • Jill
    • Stage
  • February Nintendo Direct
    • Character
    • Stage
  • April Smash Direct


Written by Doc Monocle Doc Monocle

The following is a compilation of all the content ever admitted to the hypothetical Smash 6 project.
Contributed to by all of the most dedicated members, this collection summarizes the efforts made to brainstorm the finest Smash Bros. game that never existed! So without further ado, let us have our splendid tour of the ideas presented by these fine minds...

Character Submissions
Developer Suggestion Character: Dillon from Dillon's Rolling Western

Dillon, from the Dillon's Rolling Western series, has been assist trophiy'd twice (once in SM4SH, and again in Ultimate), for generally not being a popular character. But if he was given the chance, he could be an amazing fighter. He could be a defense-offensive character, with the main gimmick of his being his ability to place defense towers (after gaining money mid-battle?). He could also use his claws and roll up into a ball for movement. Also, he would be Smash's first cowboy.
As to why, his series is an underrated one, and is recent. If Dillon got into Smash bros, his series could be popular and likely to be saved as he's somewhat new and likely to be lingering a bit in Nintendo's mind. If he got in, we could get a new juggernaut of a series. He could also be the representative for the DS era, as none of the fighters series originated from the DS. Also, there are no tower defense characters in smash.

Edit... again... how many times have I edited this?: Welp, Issac won. But hey, I'm happy 4 other people voted for Dillon, I thought I was gonna be a solo voter. So that's neat.
Developer Suggestion Character: Takamaru from The Mysterious Murasame Castle
View attachment 297171

Takamaru has kept up a notable fan following in the Smash community for a long time now, especially in the Smash 4 days. His game is no longer Japan-exclusive since the last known time he was considered, acclaimed Japanese game devs have given it their blessing and expressed interest in a revival, and it's one of the few "dead" Nintendo IPs with the distinction of continuing to be given little nods outside of Smash to this day, indicating that they still have the character on their minds to some degree.

In terms of gameplay, Takamaru would bring with him a completely new character archetype: the samurai. Additionally, reflecting on his original game's nature of always being on the move and dodging enemy attacks, he would be a quick, nimble and responsive fighter, his repertoire also putting emphasis on projectiles such as shuriken, pinwheel knives and fireballs in addition to physical attacks with his katana.

did I do it right
My suggestion-Chibi-Robo of the Chibi-Robo! series.

(Keep in mind I've never played a Chibi-Robo game in my life, but I've done my research and I'm a huge Scott The Woz fan, so I know a thing or two about this little guy).
Currently a Mii Costume in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Chibi-Robo debuted in 2005 in Japan, in the game Chibi-Robo! Plug into Adventure! It's a game where you, Chibi-Robo, are a little robot helper who goes around a family's house, performing cleaning and other various tasks. However, you'll have to keep your charge up by plugging into a wall, or else you'll lose some Moolah (Chibi-Robo!'s in game currency). It's a charming game that has gained a cult following since its release. However it did not do very well financially-in fact, none of Chibi-Robo's adventures have hit it out of the park in terms of sales, or even gotten a single. Chibi-Robo has unfortunately not been able to stay afloat all these years. Poor guy.
So, if he doesn't sell well, why the hell should he be in Smash Ultimate 2? (Or whatever we end up calling it-we should do that sometime, decide on a name, it could be fun!)
Well, it could finally give Chibi-Robo a chance to be successful. The main reason his games haven't sold well is poor marketing or, in Zip-Lash's case, not being a good game. Of course your obscure, cult-classic Nintendo IP won't sell very well if its a Wal*Mart exclusive DS title. He's the perfect character to appeal to casual audiences-cutesy, simplistic both in appearance and in gameplay. Revealing him at E3 could gain a lot of traction for his series-and imagine if we announced the original game being ported to Switch during the E3 presentation, which would release later that day? That way, instead of breaking out Dolphin, Smash fans can buy the game themselves. This could give Chibi-Robo the second chance he deserves, his developers may come out of hiding to pick the series back up-and if they don't, Nintendo can pull a Mario Party 9 and make it themselves! (but like, good).

So, how would he play? Glad you asked!

I imagine he would have a gimmick of having to charge after a while. His battery life goes down with each attack (he loses more depending on how much damage the move does), but charging with Down B charges him back up. If he loses all his charge, his attacks will be weak and near useless.

As for his Up B, he could use the Chibi-Coptor item from the games, which would propel him up and have a hitbox at the top.

His Neutral B could be the Chibi-Blaster, which would be a laser shot that provides small hitstun and not much damage, but it goes really far and is relatively fast.

For his Side B, he could drive forward in the car from Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol. He can jump, speed up by holding forward, speed down by not pressing a direction, turn around by pressing back, and jump out with B or A.

Up: Chibi-Robo does an uppercut and follows up by hitting the airbone opponent with his plug.
Down: Chibi-Robo throws his opponent on the ground and scrubs them with a toothbrush.
Forward: Chibi-Robo spins his opponent around like a lasso, before letting them go.
Backward: Chibi-Robo turns around and stabs his opponent with the prongs of his plug, zapping them away.

For his normals he could use household objects like mugs, silverware, a squirter, batteries, and the aforementioned toothbrush.

For his Final Smash, he brings out a vacuum from the game (it's the third item on this Wikipedia article and I don't know how to pronounce or type it, Venus please help). He can walk around with this, and anyone caught in range will be sucked up. When a few seconds pass, Chibi-Robo will throw down the vaccum, causing it to explode, and anyone caught in the vacuum will be launched far. If the Final Smash fails to suck up anyone, Chibi-Robo will let out a sad robot noise and hang his head in disappointment before returning to the action.
(I feel the need to say again that I have never ever played a Chibi-Robo game and if anyone want to suggest something I can fix, please let me know.)
Yep, that's why I think Chibi-Robo should be the first new character in the sequel to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Developer Suggestion Character: Waluigi from Super Mario

View attachment 297190
The funny lanky guy in purple himself if not, is probably one of the most requested characters for Smash as a fighter, he has been an Assist Trophy 3 times and not being a fighter for Ultimate was so controversial that it made headlines. He has a pretty big fanbase as well being a meme on the Internet. Back in 2018, Reggie himself was aware of the character's popularity. (Sorry if there wasn't much.)

As a fighter, he would be bit fast and nimble kinda like from the Mario/Sonic Olympic Games but easy to launch. His moveset would reference the sport, karting and party game spinoffs he has been in as well dancing. For example his Neutral Special would have him serve a tennis ball with his racket or maybe have his Side Special be like Wario's Bike but with the Waluigi Racer instead? The Final Smash would be his Wall-luigi from Mario Strikers which could work.

(I like the idea of him using his long limbs as well sport equipment to fight with, and dancing!)
Developer Suggestion Character: Ray Mk III from Custom Robo
View attachment 297253

Though I have ideas for all sorts of 1st party characters, it was a bit difficult to think of one that matched all the current crieteria outside of the ones already mentioned. However, I think I've found one that fits.

Ray Mk III is the most recognizable character from the Custom Robo series. He appeared as an Assist Trophy in Brawl and, after a complete absence from Smash 4, was given a Mii Costume in Ultimate. For his play style, he'd be a small lightweight character with multiple zoning options and very impressive, unique mobility. Regarding his mobility, that would be what makes him stand out from other characters, and I think it could take some inspiration from mechanics of older characters that we haven't seen in newer characters for a very long time.
Finally, regarding popularity, although Custom Robo is fairly niche and hasn't seen a new game since 2006, it does have more titles to its name than some pre-exsisting series and its representation in Ultimate after its absence in 4 shows that there is at least enough demand to be given the Mii Costume treatment. Plus, having a more unusual character reveal at E3 alongside more well know characters would show how deep we'd be willing to go for the fans.

Also, Venus of the Desert Bloom Venus of the Desert Bloom , I would like to join the developer partner list, if that's alright!
Character Suggestion: Saki from Sin and Punishment.
View attachment 297263
Saki first appeared in Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS, and while his Assist Trophy was notably absent in Smash Bros Ultimate, he instead received a Mii Costume. He is the protagonist of the first game of the Sin and Punishment franchise, and is the father to the main character of the sequel game Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. Sin and Punishment is a rail shooting game, and while Saki isn't too popular of a choice nowadays, he was relativly popular one back in the Brawl days, as the Brawl Dojo mentions several people requested his inclusion.

For his playstyle, I would see Saki as a lighter and faster character, relying on him using his Dolphin Gun for a projectile attack that could combo his opponents or use it with a stronger Melee attack that would have powerful knockback.
Seeing as how we don’t have any more submissions, I will include my second one but I will remove it if we get new submissions:

Nintendog & Nintencat (Nintendogs)

While we do have a dog (and duck) and a cat (fire cat) on the roster; including the Nintendog and Cat could bring in a character who is slow upon start-up but, once they get going, become powerful fighters who focus on speed and unorthodox attacks. This could include taking baths, squeaky toys, doghouses, and healing treats. Nintendogs have been a part of Smash since Brawl and, while the series hasn’t been touched in some time, it’s still a popular series with tons of fans around the world.
Character suggestion 1: Waluigi (Super Mario)
View attachment 298479

For a character that was solely created to give Wario a doubles partner in Mario Tennis, Waluigi has really made a name for himself. Initially a commonplace on many "Worst Mario characters" lists, he has gained a massive cult following over the years, due to his zany personality, whacky design, and his status as a bit of a loser.

I think it'd be a bit of an understatement to consider Waluigi one of the most demanded first parties for Smash as of current. Dude had some notable support in Brawl and 4, but things really picked up for Ultimate when his Assist Trophy deconfirmation sent notable shockwaves around the net. I'd argue he's essentially become the new Ridley, purple coloration and all. Assuming this slot is gonna be a Ridley-style insanely popular first party, Waluigi was like the only choice that made sense to me.

As for how he'd play in Smash, I'd expect a wacky, awkward character to match his personality. He's also been described as a bit of a "cheater", maybe there's a way to implement that in somehow. When it comes to his moveset, perhaps he could represent the Mario spin-offs like Party, Kart, and the sports games, assuming this is where he's prominentally hailed from. Or perhaps his personality alone is enough to make an archetype?

Anyways, I'll do my echo choice once I get off work.
Character 1: Rex and Pyra from Xenoblade

Xenoblade is a large-ish new IP from Nintendo, and despite selling really well only has one character to represent the games. Why? Because Sakurai wanted Rex in, but couldn't due to time issues. Now that we have a sequel, it would be a perfect time to add the iconic duo.
And while there might be some complaints about another "anime sword fighter," Rex is generally wanted enough and well liked for more to not have a problem with it.

A way Rex and Pyra could work is that Rex does most the attacking, but Pyra does the Special attacks and on rare occasions assist with Rex during what he's doing. Rex and Pyra aren't Ice Climbers, they don't have separate health to make things confusing, Pyra can just sometimes up air when Rex up airs as an example.
Character 2: Ninten (Ness echo)
View attachment 298482
I don't see Mother/Earthbound getting another full on unique character, but an echo that allows all 3 protagonists would be pretty cool. I haven't seen gameplay or know the plot of this game, but from what I heard he would have a teleport up special and slightly different moves all around.
This is a bit of a controversial Echo choice, because some people are 100% sure that echoes must be from the same series as their base character. I think it's really not a hard rule, just that most reasonable echoes come from the same series. There are only 2-3 exceptions… and here's one of them.

View attachment 298487
Blaziken is a third generation Pokémon, and the final evolution of the fire starter, Torchic. Blaziken is a very popular Pokemon - in the google poll, it was crowned the fifth most popular Pokemon from Hoenn, beating out titans like Mudkip. Metagross, and Deoxys. Speaking of Hoenn, we still don't have a character from the region, and while getting a fully unique character from the region might be asking a bit much, an Echo should be doable.

As for how Blaziken would work? Blaziken could acttually get away with being one of the least unique echoes, that's how good of a fit it is. Blaziken is a very fast Pokemon, and most of it's attacks use it's legs (but it does also use it's arms). That's also a pretty decent description of Captain Falcon (Blaziken's even doing the knee in it's Sugamori art!). That being said, there should be a few changes, mostly animation wise. Obviously the enter stage animation and Final Smash need to change, and Falcon Punch and F-Smash should be changed to kicks. Up Special should be swapped out for a completely different move, albeit one copied from another character: Sky Uppercut (reskinned Shoryuken)
Character 2:
Birdo (Yoshi Echo)

Birdo is a supporting character in the Super Mario series. She first appeared as a boss in Super Mario Bros 2, However she would go on to be portrayed as a hero rather than a villain, often being portrayed as Yoshi's love intrest. Because she was now Yoshi's love intrest she was given a redesign to make her look more like Yoshi, even having her own version of Yoshi eggs! Because of this she would fit perfectly as a Yoshi echo. Only thing that should be changed his her neutral special, as she lacks a tongue.
Character 2
Woah, who's that rad dude with the 'tude and the board?

Funky Kong hails from the totally righteous Donkey Kong series. He first appeared in the game Donkey Kong Country as a tubular NPC who ran Funky's Flights, which would let players travel anywhere they wanted to on the gnarly world map. He would keep selling bodacious items until 2018, where he became a playable character for the very first time in Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze!

How would he play? Glad you asked!
This epic member of the Kong family would play almost exactly like his best friend/possible younger brother Donkey Kong, due to their similar, awesomely muscular body types. However, Funky would come with one radical difference-for some moves, he'll shred on his surfboard or use it as a weapon.

Why should he be in Smash?
Well, first of all, he's a surfer, which is really cool. Second, outside of Dixie, he's really the last member of the DK Crew who should be added into Smash Bros. And finally, Funky is a fan favorite character who would make perfect sense as an echo of Donkey Kong, whose popularity was heavily bolstered by DKC Tropical Freeze's Switch port.
View attachment 298483

As we know from Skyward Sword, Ganon is the embodiment of evil that was influenced from the curse uttered by the Demise, a king of demons. His curse was such that it would follow the reincarnated the three forces: Link, Zelda, and Ganon throughout history. Ganondorf is one just aspect of my his evil which took human...errrr...Gerudo form. We have tons of amazing content from the 3D era of Zelda but nothing from its more 2D era. The one actually aspect we have in character form is Zelda’s A Link Between Two Worlds appearance.

Ganon as a character would be entirely appropriate for Smash given just how much impact this force of evil has had in the series. It’s driven much of the plot of the series and influenced the events in many of the games; most notably in Breath of the Wild with Calamity Ganon. This Ganon, however, would drawn from the original game, A Link in the Past, Link’s Awakening, Oracle series, Four Swords, and A Link Between Two Worlds.

Gameplay wise, he would be very unique with what I call a beast warlock. Ganon would be even larger than Bowser with a more upright posture and has extremely long range that rivals even Sephiroth thanks to his long limbs and his spear. All of his attacks hit hard and some have superarmor though he does have some start up lag. His spear and raw strength isn’t his only good points as he can utilize powerful arcane spells. This includes producing homing Blazing Bats, create an orb of lighting that shoots different directions, teleportation, mouth blasts, ground pounds, and transforming into a bat. while it’s enticing to also allow him to summon common Zelda enemies, that might be pushing it.
I’ll be joining in

Character 1: Lugia
This Pokémon from the Johto region has some potential to be in Smash, and Lugia is one of the most popular Pokémon in that region. Lugia would also mark the second Legendary Pokémon to be in the game, after Mewtwo. Lugia would of course have it’s size reduced a bit, but if it can work for Ridley, it can work for Lugia.

Lugia can use some moves like Areoblast, Wind Gusts, Dragon Rush and Extrasensory.
Character 2: Dixie Kong

Dixie kong is perhaps one of the few characters heavily requested in the brawl days that still has yet to join the battle. Many will argue she deserves her own character spot, however with a similar build and similar abilities to diddy, echo fighter seems like it would fit dixie well. After all, she was going to play similar to him when she was considered for Brawl as diddys partner. Instead of the jetpack, she can use her hair to recover similar to DK's up b. There can be many aesthetic changes such as shooting bubble gum instead of peanuts alongside new taunts and idle and victory animations. Even though im partial to funky, dixie is far more iconic and deserves to finally get in after all this time.
WARNING: Wall of text

The original pure character candidate was going to go to Celica from Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, but for the sake of avoiding candidate redundancy, I instead went with...

Character 1: Scizor (Pokémon Gold and Silver)
View attachment 298491
Scizor is a fairly popular Pokémon from Johto; so much so, it's popularity was even acknowledged in its trophy description from Melee. It's a Bug/Steel-type Pokémon (National Dex #212) with the hardness of steel; it gained a Mega Evolution in Generation 6. It uses its spot-marked claws as smaller heads to scare away predators; it can't fly very far with its small wings, but it can flap them at high speeds to regulate its body temperature. It evolves from Scyther when said Scyther is traded with a Metal Coat.

Scizor was a Poké Ball summon in Melee and reprised its role in Ultimate. And that bums me a little, because Scizor's a Pokémon I believe to be made for fighting games (an honor it would eventually earn in Pokkén Tournament). I genuinely believe that if the team behind Melee had at least some more time to work on entirely new fighters, we could've gotten it as our Johto rep instead of :ultpichu: (along with a certain schoolgirl detective instead of Dr. Mario but that's another story).
Intro: Scizor pops out of a Poké Ball

Stance/Idle 1: Scizor stands upright, occasionally clacking its pincers
Idle 2: Scizor does an X-pose with its pincers
Idle 3: Scizor stretches out and flaps its wings

Notable Palette Swaps:
  • Scizor (default)
  • Shiny Scizor (yellow-green)
  • Scyther (green)
  • Manga Scizor (grey/black)
  • Shiny Scizor from Orre (yellow/black)
  • Pinsir (brown/white)
  • Vikavolt (blue/yellow)
  • Genesect (purple)

Walk: Scizor floats along the ground almost motionlessly
Dash: Scizor dashes as it flutters
Damage: Scizor will turn its head, barely fazed
Jump: Scizor jumps high off the ground and uses its wings the second time, having slightly less height the than the first jump
Crouch: Scizor puts one of its pincers on the ground

Weapon of Choice: Scizor’s learnset as of Gen 8

Normal Attacks
Jab: Fury Swipes; Scizor slices twice (4%) then keeps slicing rapidly (1%-2%, small knockback)
Forward+A: Scratch; Scizor attacks with a pincer as it flutters along (3%, small knockback)
Down+A: Scizor kicks lightly along the ground (4%, small knockback)
Up+A: Slash; Scizor slashes in an upward 45o arc (6%, small knockback)

Aerial Attacks
Air+A: Scizor swiftly spins around and slashes four times (8%, small knockback)
Air Forward+A: Scizor slashes downward (7%, small knockback)
Air Back + A: Steel WIng; Scizor flashes it wings behind itself (8%, OK knockback)
Air Up+A: Double Hit; Scizor slashes upwards twice (9%, OK knockback)
Air Down+A: Scizor falls downward, putting its legs together like a sword (11% with a meteor effect, OK knockback)

Dash Attack: Fury Swipes; Scizor rapidly slices the opponent five times with its pincers (10%, OK knockback)
Edge Attack: Wing Attack: Scizor rams the opponent with its wings as it climbs back up (6%, small knockback)
Get-Up Attack: U-Turn; Scizor hops back up with a backflip kick (7%, small knockback)

Smash Attacks
Forward+A: Bug Bite; Scizor violently snaps one of its pincers (22%, medium knockback)
Up+A: Fury Cutter; Scizor slashes upwards with both pincers (21%, medium knockback)
Down+A: Bug Buzz; Scizor emits a loud buzzing from its wings, creating a downward shockwave (19% with a meteor effect, medium knockback)

Grab Game
Grab: Scizor grabs the opponent with one of its pincers
Pummel: Scizor squeezes the opponent with one of its pincers (2%)
Forwards+Throw: False Swipe; Scizor throws the opponent with its pincer (9%, OK knockback)
Down+Throw: Take Down; Scizor slams the opponent on the ground with both of its pincers (13%, OK knockback)
Back+Throw: Reversal; Scizor throws the opponent behind itself (10%, OK knockback)
Up+Throw: Iron Head; Scizor tosses the opponent up, then headbutts them (15%, OK knockback)

Special Moves
B : Bullet Punch
; Scizor rapidly punches the opponent when B is held (4%-5%), finishing with a powerful punch when B is let go of (10%, OK knockback). the first part of the attack weakens the longer B is held down.
B + Forwards : X-Scissor; Scizor flashes forward and slashes the shape of an X, which can hit up to four opponents at once (15%, OK knockback).
B + Up : Aerial Ace; Scizor flutters high up, then furiously slashes multiple times as it moves forward (18%, medium knockback)
B + Down : Swords Dance; by holding B, Scizor summons two swords spinning around behind itself, which hit multiple times (5% each hit, small knockback). It then slashes with both pincers (15% each, OK knockback).

Final Smash: Mega X-Scissor; Scizor Mega Evolves into Mega Scizor, slashing furiously (20%) and finishing with an X-Scissor that covers nearly the entire stage (38%, devastating knockback)

Gimmick: N/A

1: Scizor does an X-pose
2: Scizor puts its pincers next to its face, making it look like it has three heads
1+2: Scizor shuts each of its pincers

1: Mega Scizor performs a Bullet Punch
2: Scizor hurls up a rock and breaks it
3: Scizor, floating a bit, comes down and raises one of its pincers in the air

Applause: Scizor folds its arms and disappointedly flaps its wings
Icon: The Pokémon series icon
Boxing Ring Title: The Unfazed Slicer
Star K.O.: Scizor lets out a harsh noise from its wings
Victory Music: https://youtu.be/m9_ozzyG3uo
Kirby Hat: Scizor’s wings

Classic Mode: Through the Fire and the Flames (faces opponents whose attacks use fire, its 4x type weakness)
Round 1: :ultken: on Suzaku Castle (Ken Stage Type A)
Round 2: :ultfalcon: on :porttown: (Fire Field (Brawl))
Round 3: :ultcharizard:on Kalos Pokémon League (Victory Road - Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire)
Round 4: :ultroy::ultrobin: on :castlesiege: (Edge of Adversity)
Round 5: :ultridley:on :norfair: (Vs. Ridley)
Round 6: :ultbowser: on Find Mii (King Bowser - Super Mario Bros. 3)
Final Round: Rathalos
I designed Scizor's moveset to be similar to its Pokkén playstyle while assuming it was introduced in Melee. It would be a character who rushes head-on into opponents, dealing a flurry of rapid and powerful blows.

My Echo candidate, on the other hand;

Character 2: Morgan (Fire Emblem Awakening)
View attachment 298492
Morgan would be an Echo of Robin using some of their custom moves from Smash 4. They're part of the reason why I dropped Celica; people often see her as a potential Robin Echo, but she can't learn all of the same magic that Robin can. So for the position of 56ε, I felt like Robin's own child was a better fit.
Intro: Same as Robin’s

Stance/Idle 1: Same as Robin’s

Idle 2: Morgan stares at his/her book for a second.

Idle 3: Morgan holds up his/her sword to his/her face and closes his/her eyes

Notable Palette Swaps:

Male Morgan

  • Male (default)
  • Brady (Brown)
  • Owain (Yellow)
  • Gerome (Red)
  • Inigo (Blue)
  • Laurent (Black)

Female Morgan (alternate costume)
  • Female (default alt.)
  • Kjelle (Purple)
  • Cynthia (White)
  • Severa (Yellow)
  • Nah (Red)
  • Noire (Green)

Walk: Same as Robin’s
Jog: Same as Robin’s
Dash: Same as Robin’s
Damage: Same as Robin’s
Jump: Same as Robin’s
Crouch: Same as Robin’s

Weapon of Choice: Same as Robin’s

Normal Attack
Jab: Same as Robin’s
Forward+A: Same as Robin’s
Down+A: Same as Robin’s
Up+A: Same as Robin’s

Aerial Attacks
Air+A: Same as Robin’s
Air Forward+A: Same as Robin’s
Air Back + A: Same as Robin’s
Air Up+A: Same as Robin’s
Air Down+A: Same as Robin’s

Dash Attack: Morgan jumps forward, swirling air around his/her sword and using it like a drill (14%, OK knockback)
Edge Attack: Same as Robin’s
Get-Up Attack: Same as Robin’s

Smash Attack
Forward+A: Same as Robin’s
Up+A: Morgan casts Elfire above his/her head (21%, medium knockback)
Down+A: Morgan jabs his/her sword on the ground and creates an electric shockwave (23%, medium knockback)

Grab Game
Grab: Same as Robin’s
Pummel: Same as Robin’s
Forwards+Throw: Morgan blows the target up with Fire (16%, OK knockback)
Down+Throw: Morgan casts Thunder on the target (15%, OK knockback)
Back+Throw: Same as Robin’s
Up+Throw: Same as Robin’s

Special Moves
B : Thunder+
; one of Robin’s custom moves from Smash 4 (5% for Thunder, small knockback; 13% for Elthunder, OK knockback; 16% for Arcthunder, OK knockback; 21% for Thoron, medium knockback)
B + Forwards : Fire Wall; one of Robin’s custom moves from Smash 4 (8%, OK knockback)
B + Up : Soaring Elwind; one of Robin’s custom moves from Smash 4 (14%, OK knockback)
B + Down : Flux; Morgan sends out an orb of darkness that can be controlled freely and hit targets multiple times (2%-4%; about 17% total, OK knockback)

Final Smash: Pair Up; “Time to even the odds!” Same as Robin’s, but Morgan summons an illusion of the opposite-gendered Morgan.

Gimmick: Same as Robin’s

1: “Your flank’s exposed! (Male)/“Just as planned!” (Female) Morgan flips through their book.
2: “Have another! (Male)/ “Predictable...” (Female) Morgan cockily shakes their sword a little.
1+2: “Game over!” (Male)/ “This ends here!” (Female) Morgan holds their sword upwards while levitating their tome.

  • 1: “One step at a time!” Morgan levitates their sword and tome.
    • 1a: “Don’t worry, I’m catching up.” (Vs. Robin or Chrom)
  • 2: “Hmph, amateur.” Morgan strikes a pose resembling M!Robin’s Ultimate render.
  • 3: “Now to focus on getting wiser!” Morgan sheathes their sword, sits on the ground, and reads their book.
    • 3a: “At least you weren’t a roach” (Vs. Lucina; male only)
    • 3b: “I…might’ve cheated a little.” (Vs. Lucina; female only)

Applause: Morgan claps their hand right in front of their face.
Icon: Fire Emblem series icon
Boxing Ring Title: Tactical Prodigy
Victory Music: https://youtu.be/4g3o60I2Lpw
Kirby Hat: Morgan’s hair (male or female)
As an Echo, Morgan would be mostly the same as Robin, but with completely different specials and other different attacks.
I think the addition of a fourth mii would be a waste of resources. That being said, we're well overdue for a real magic user, so...
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Kamek is the main antagonist of the Yoshi's Island series, also making consistent appearances in other non-Yoshi Mario games, such as Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Super Mario Party.

What would he do in Smash? Kamek would be the first true magic user in Smash, using his staff as a melee weapon for a few attacks, but mostly using it to cast spells. He could also be a "summoner", creating various enemies from Mario's history, and then buffing them how he sees fit (both abilities seen in NSMBW).
I'm probably gonna get some flack for this, but here goes:

Character 1
Edelgard von Hresvelg
View attachment 298495

Now before you mention it, yes, she is "aNotHur Fiy Emblerm rep", but HEAR ME OUT. Edelgard's signature weapon is not a sword, but rather, an axe. For those not paying attention, axes are a bit underutilised in Smash. This would make her a slow yet powerful character to play as. Think Byleth, except the only weapon they can use is the axe.

As for why Edelgard? Well, like it or not, Fire Emblem is considered one of Nintendo's main franchises, with Three Houses being a massive success. With it, Edelgard has quickly become one of the most popular characters in the series, due to her complex nature and motives. I feel like if Three Houses were to get a second rep, it should be her.
Fighter 1: Impa

Not just any impa, but the impa design from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. People have been clamoring for an original Zelda newcomer for over a decade now, and Impa seems like the perfect fit. Imo the reason more Zelda newcomers haven't been added is because many only appear in one game despite being popular (Skull Kid, Ghirahim, Midna) and they may not be seen as important enough considering they are more one off characters. In the case of the current age of Zelda, the champions are all cool, but its hard to make a case to pick one over the other. With the new game recently released, Impa looks to meat the criteria perfectly for smash. Impa has appeared in some capacity in almost every mainline Zelda game, she would be another addition to the cast of female fighters, and most importantly her moves has immense potential. Many have thrown around the idea of her being a sheik echo, but I don't think that would work. Even though they are both ninja style fighters, impa plays very differently than sheik in her many appearances.

As far as what she would do, I picture a fusion of sheik and joker with a hint of greninja. She would of course use her dagger in normal attacks. I think the thing about her with the most potential is her ability to create phantom versions of herself. The potential is absolutely here for something awesome. Perhaps there can be a meter that depending on how full she can summon clones of herself. This would work like joker rebellion gauge and clouds limit break, where if the meters full she can summon four clones, if the meters half she can summon two, and if its only a quarter of the way full she would summon one. Every time a clone is summoned the meter completely empties. This would create an interesting dynamic, do you use the clones now or wait till you can get more? They could do less damage and can be swatted away with one hit for balancing reasons.

For anyone who's not sold I linked a video showcasing her moveset in the game below. I recommend checking it out as it really demonstrates how cool this character could be in smash.

My votes for Pokéball Pokémon

1: Cramorant
2: Snom/Frosmoth
3: Galatian Stunfisk

Also Fighter 2: Dark Bowser (14E)

Originating from Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story, Dark Bowser would be an Echo of Bowser. This will also be the first time he would be playable. Also he could be the first Mario and Luigi RPG series Rep.
Character 1


Ashley is a character from the WarioWare franchise, She is a witch and can cast several spells along with her companion Red. Wario was separated into his own series and has yet to get a second character. Ashley has already made an appearance as an Assist and since Wario land is MIA Ashley seems like the next logical character

Ashley would be a caster and could even combine the frantic gameplay of WarioWare, Ashley's spells would also be a combination of more traditionally spells in a game (Fire, Thunder, Sleep) and more humorous spells that relate to WarioWare and even the greater Wario series as a whole.
Character 1


Krystal | Nintendo | Fandom

Krystal is a character from the Star Fox series. She is a magical staff user and a telepath and would likely use these attacks in her moveset. She has been a major character in multiple entries in the Star Fox series, including Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Assault, and Star Fox Command. She has made an appearance as an Assist Trophy in Ultimate and has been one of the most highly requested characters for the past several Smash games. She has also been one of the cameos on the Lylat Cruise stage.

She would be the first Star Fox representative with a completely unique moveset rather than as a clone or semiclone of a pre-existing Star Fox character. She would have a lot of potential for a fun character to play on the roster and would give us another magic user.
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Character 1 - Lyn
Lyn is the sole survivor of the Lorca tribe, a nomadic group of people from Sacae. The daughter of the princess of Caelin and the chieftain of the Lorca, Lyn lived a carefree life in Sacae until a gang of vicious bandits attacked. After defeating her bandits and building up a small army in the process, she would later ally with Elliwood and Hector to thwart a plot that would destabilize all of Elibe, and the entire world.

Outside of the setting, Lyn is a very popular character, especially in the West. She was the first Lord Western players saw beyond Marth and Roy in Melee, and won Fire Emblem Heroes' first Choose Your Legends poll (Through a technicality; If both Ike designs are counted together he edges her out by about a thousand votes. Still, first place females and seconds place total is pretty darn impressive).

Lyn would be the first "normal" katana user in Smash (Sephiroth is discounted from this status because Masamune is just so frickin' long and works differently than a normal katana as a result). She would focus on quick strikes to rack up damage, backed up by a unique quirk to her sword attacks: Endlag cutdown.
Usually her attacks have almost no startup lag but high endlag, but actually landing a hit decreases the endlag. This encourages Lyn to get up close to deal damage. This is notable because most swordfighters rely on spacing to some degree, making use of their long disjoints, so Lyn being a rushdown swordfighter helps her stand out against the crowd.
Character 1


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Giovanni is the leader of the criminal organization known as Team Rocket (and later Team Rainbow Rocket). Team Rocket is a powerful underground organization dedicated to capturing powerful and rare Pokémon to take over the world, by any means necessary. Besides being the boss of one of the greatest criminal empires of the Pokémon universe, Giovanni is also the Gym Leader of Viridian City’s Gym in the Kanto Region.

Giovanni would finally give Pokémon an official villain in Smash. Giovanni could represent the criminal organizations in the Pokémon games. Giovanni continues to be relevant and popular in the Pokémon universe with his continuing appearances in the main series, spin-offs, anime, etc. Giovanni could be given a shirtless alt from the anime.

Giovanni has a lot of potential with his moveset. He could use one, two, or three Pokémon. Giovanni could even go toe to toe in boxing gloves against the other fighters. For my main idea, Giovanni would definitely use at least some Pokémon in his moveset. I would say his Final Smash would be using his criminal organization and their Pokémon as backup (like from BrawlFan1’s Video).
Character 1
The papery, flat version of Mario that originates from the Paper Mario series, it's, well, Paper Mario! He's here to represent a genre of Mario that Smash has yet to cover, and is here by popular demand! But wait... he's not alone it seems...
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That's right, coming all the way from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, all of Mario's partners have come to join him in battle! Boasting a mechanic of swapping out partners to take advantage of new attacks and abilities, reminiscent of the first two Paper Mario games, and with plenty of other abilities, moves, and references sprinkled throughout the moveset, together they make...

Paper Mario & Pals!
Character 2 - Alph
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One of the three playable characters in Pikmin 3, it's Alph, head engineer of the S.S. Drake! Though he was previously an alternate costume for Olimar in Smash 4 and Ultimate, him being upgraded to Echo fighter status would allow Olimar's unique Pikmin-based gameplay to have a bit of a twist on it. Specifically, the Pikmin Alph could use would originate from Pikmin 3 - replacing Purple and White Pikmin for Winged and Rock Pikmin. Alph was actually set to be a clone of Olimar in Smash 4, but was relegated to a costume for time constraints... yet he's still a costume in Ultimate? For some reason? This would be a chance to make that idea a reality.
Thanks for adding me! I'll make a submission for Character 2.

would be an Echo Fighter of Lucario, with similarities between the two often being compared in the Pokémon fanbase. The main difference would be the lack of the Aura mechanic (much like how Marth and Roy's Echo Fighters, Lucina and Chrom, lack the sweetspots), with his attacks having an electric effect instead and damage based on Lucario's averages. Zeraora is a pure Electric type Pokémon, of which we have two already, but he seems different enough to warrant a spot in addition to being a Mythical Pokémon. He's also Alola's fifth most popular Pokémon. My ideas for his special moves would be variations of Lucario's from Smash 4, with Electric effects instead and renamed to go with it.
  • His Neutral Special, Electro Ball, would be a variant of Piercing Aura Sphere with electric effects instead.
  • His Side Special, Plasma Fists, would be like Advancing Force Palm , again with electric effects.
  • His Up Special would be Wild Charge, a variant of Extreme Speed Attack.
  • A variant of Stunning Double Team named simply Thunder Wave would be his Down Special and would probably remain intact.
  • A Cinematic Final Smash involving Z-Moves would probably make sense given his home region.
I can also picture him being somewhat faster. This would make him an Echo like Ken or Dark Pit, with several altered characteristics, which is better than ones that are virtually model swaps in my opinion. Thoughts?
Character 2